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  1. It appears that Elisabeth is handling the grieving process in a positive way which is healthy, I hope that I'm right and that it is not a case of her trying to ignore it. David however appears to be locked in grief and anger a very unhealthy cycle, he needs to find purpose in life again and is in serious need of professional help without it it is likely to create problems that are more likely to perpetuate the cycle between anger and grief making it more difficult to face and deal with. You describe his pain and anger well so I hope you also have plans for a solution for David in the following chapters.
  2. Tearjerking is the only way to describe this chapter. We all react in different ways to grief and this brought to the fore, it may appear that David is grieving more but we must remember that we can't imagine what Elisabeth is feeling or going through internally physically, emotionally or mentally. Like many of us here I have suffered loss but this situation is something that I could never imagine or want to experience. Both David and Elisabeth need professional help and support, I hope that they receive it.
  3. With the apparent lack of damage to the Honda I'm seriously wondering if two cars were involved in this 'accident' as something much bigger and heavier would be needed to inflict that amount of damage to a Mercedes. One thing I don't understand is why the detectives have not declared it a crime scene and called in specialist crime scene investigators? Surely that would be one of the first things to do, especially as this obviously is not your typical accident.
  4. Interesting and intriguing characters are being introduced. It's definitely a 'whodunnit' with lot's more to be revealed and I'm guessing more characters to join the story. Celia comes across as someone who enjoys revelling in other peoples misery because she doesn't have the perfect life she expects, I don't think I like her.
  5. What a way to start a story, the impact on the senses makes you sit up and not want to read but you do because you can't stop. Brilliantly descriptive in the way it relays events and introduces what promises to be a compulsive read.
  6. Mancunian

    Chapter 1

    A well told and in some ways scary story of old age and dementia. I like the way you have ended it without a conclusion for Charlie, it will keep the story and Charlie in our minds for longer and hoping that Charlie will be okay.
  7. I think it's that you are a good story teller who keeps us guessing.
  8. Gareth has an accident which leaves him with amnesia. This is his story from the moment he recovers consciousness to when he regains his memories. It's interesting, intriguing and in some parts complex, but then life can be complex and it is a good read I recommend it.
  9. By this I mean another story behind this story, aspects that are yet to be revealed and may be contrary to what we already believe. In this case I don't mean that it's anything sinister, but something more to see and understand.
  10. A brilliant but unexpected ending to the story and we still don't know all the details of the 'accident'. I think there are still a few loose ends but that also means there are opportunities to continue into other stories. Nicely written and thank you for all of your hard work.
  11. As @drsawzall said the plot thickens and to be honest I was completely off track, I hadn't pegged Gareth as gay until the kiss, I was thinking that he was outwardly anti gay trying to hide being secretly gay. Well one thing is for sure I would never make a detective, lol. 🤣
  12. I'm starting to think that the Gareth now is very different to the Gareth before the accident and it's the memory block caused by amnesia that is the key to his problems.
  13. Another interesting chapter with a few surprises and questions that still haven't been answered, I guess I need to keep reading. 😀 Yes there are a few errors of grammar and spelling but I'm reading past those as I do with many stories on here. I'm sure that some still exist in the stories that I have written.
  14. Another chapter that raises as many questions as it answers in my opinion, I also wonder if there is some hidden agenda in this story that we are yet to stumble on.
  15. I get the impression that there is more to the accident than has been said, I will be reading on to find out if I'm right.
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