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  1. Currently considering my options but definitely going dark for the now.

  2. Back home after an unplanned and unexpected absence, it looks like there is a lot to catch up on and I need to get back some writing.


  3. Mancunian

    Maybe Later

    Attraction and possibly love can hit, or trip you over at any time, lol. Do we get a follow-up? I'd love to know how far it goes, relationship not sex, lol.
  4. Mancunian

    Chapter 1

    A sweet story of Christmas make believe, oops I didn't mean to sat that there may be an elf listening. It's a sweet Christmas story as seen through the eyes of a child with hope and love in his/her heart (yes I know his name is just Jack but I'm trying to be politically correct here), just what we all need as Christmas approaches.
  5. Mancunian


    Given all of the circumstances and what was possible within those circumstances Orson being Elias's guardian is the best outcome. Now if Greg needs to fill the campsite I'm sure that there are a few of us at least that send a couple or more of our characters to camp out, though for mine it would be a long journey, lol 🤣. But seriously just get Greg to advertise in the gay press or contact some of the local authorities, surely they would have knowledge of people that could benefit from the respite? Each chapter is a pleasure to read, I hope there are plenty of them. 😀
  6. SLAPS Steve loves Andy's playful spankings KINKY
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