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  1. Mancunian

    Chapter 6

    A touching chapter to read with a touch of teenage love and the growing relationship between Jeff and Toby that also includes Ron and other friends. Jeff is getting as much from this as Toby is, I think it's helping to heal his heart from losing his wife Claire. Fate has brought them together at the right time as both needed the right person in their lives. Jeff needed someone to give his life purpose and meaning to carry on living his life to the full and Toby needed someone to give him stability, love and guidance, a mutually beneficial relationship that can only grow.
  2. Mancunian

    Chapter 5

    I haven't got a clue as to who Richard Ellsworth is but I do know that I love the out pouring of love for Toby, I hope that he and Ron have a future.
  3. Mancunian

    Chapter 4

    Judging things by the reactions of the school staff Toby is a good student and well liked, that says a lot about the lad and it's all good. It just goes to prove that what goes around does come around, he got the good deal and his parents got what they deserve or at least some of it I personally think they deserve worse. Oops does that make me bad?
  4. Mancunian

    Chapter 3

    Jeff comes across as a very caring guy, Toby is lucky to have met him and I'm sure that he knows and appreciates that.
  5. Mancunian

    Chapter 2

    While Toby now seems to be in a good place I'll bet that some counselling would help so that this episode in his life doesn't cause him problems later. I'm enjoying the read, but then I like your stories and the way you tell them.
  6. Mancunian

    Chapter 1

    Yes suicide is an easy way out, but the road that leads someone to it is very often hard and difficult to say the least, I'm sure there are many more suitable adjectives could be used to describe the arduous path. We should never judge a person for having that state of mind without first fully understanding their circumstances, there is always something that causes a person to lose their dreams, faith, hope and self worth. As my father used to say, 'Never judge someone until you have walked a mile in their shoes.' This is well written and deals with an emotive and sensitive subject, it's
  7. Mancunian


    A lot of people can't understand why anyone would commit suicide and I can see where they are coming from, unless you've been through what they have or worked with people in that situation you can't understand. I agree with @Anton_Cloche this does happen more we we would admit and that is a sorry state of affairs. Anyone in that situation needs help and understanding.
  8. Mancunian

    Chapter 17

    What can I say, the whole story has been a great read and I love the ending.
  9. Mancunian

    Part 5

    Thank you for the comments @Anton_Cloche. Even though John/Christian has had many good times in his life he has had many challenges, unfortunately he still has more challenges to come and we will see how those challenges affect him. This particular story is getting close to it's conclusion but it does continue in The Boot, decisions are yet to be made regarding a further follow-up on separate to The Boot. Thank you for your kind comments regarding my father's work. His stories have without doubt inspired me to write the stories that I am currently working on which is challenging as I
  10. Mancunian

    Chapter 29

    If i'm reading Alan's mind correctly it goes something like 'I love it when a plan comes together' and his plans are going well. The way he's going all of Clarion will benefit from him moving there.
  11. His knees were getting damp kneeling on the wet grass, he was sure that there would be mud patches when he stood but he didn't care as he stared at the slab of marble in front of him. He read the inscription that bore the names of his birth parents, their dates of birth followed by the date of death. Below that the words read, 'Gone but forgotten. You will live on in my heart. Love John.' Christian was now eighteen, school was over and University was in his immediate future. Although visits to his birth parents grave had become fewer he never forgot them and his love for them was still as
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