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  1. Mancunian

    Chapter 6

    A touching chapter to read with a touch of teenage love and the growing relationship between Jeff and Toby that also includes Ron and other friends. Jeff is getting as much from this as Toby is, I think it's helping to heal his heart from losing his wife Claire. Fate has brought them together at the right time as both needed the right person in their lives. Jeff needed someone to give his life purpose and meaning to carry on living his life to the full and Toby needed someone to give him stability, love and guidance, a mutually beneficial relationship that can only grow.
  2. Mancunian

    Chapter 5

    I haven't got a clue as to who Richard Ellsworth is but I do know that I love the out pouring of love for Toby, I hope that he and Ron have a future.
  3. Mancunian

    Chapter 4

    Judging things by the reactions of the school staff Toby is a good student and well liked, that says a lot about the lad and it's all good. It just goes to prove that what goes around does come around, he got the good deal and his parents got what they deserve or at least some of it I personally think they deserve worse. Oops does that make me bad?
  4. Mancunian

    Chapter 3

    Jeff comes across as a very caring guy, Toby is lucky to have met him and I'm sure that he knows and appreciates that.
  5. Mancunian

    Chapter 2

    While Toby now seems to be in a good place I'll bet that some counselling would help so that this episode in his life doesn't cause him problems later. I'm enjoying the read, but then I like your stories and the way you tell them.
  6. Mancunian

    Chapter 1

    Yes suicide is an easy way out, but the road that leads someone to it is very often hard and difficult to say the least, I'm sure there are many more suitable adjectives could be used to describe the arduous path. We should never judge a person for having that state of mind without first fully understanding their circumstances, there is always something that causes a person to lose their dreams, faith, hope and self worth. As my father used to say, 'Never judge someone until you have walked a mile in their shoes.' This is well written and deals with an emotive and sensitive subject, it's going to be interesting reading.
  7. Mancunian


    A lot of people can't understand why anyone would commit suicide and I can see where they are coming from, unless you've been through what they have or worked with people in that situation you can't understand. I agree with @Anton_Cloche this does happen more we we would admit and that is a sorry state of affairs. Anyone in that situation needs help and understanding.
  8. Mancunian

    Chapter 17

    What can I say, the whole story has been a great read and I love the ending.
  9. Mancunian

    Part 5

    Thank you for the comments @Anton_Cloche. Even though John/Christian has had many good times in his life he has had many challenges, unfortunately he still has more challenges to come and we will see how those challenges affect him. This particular story is getting close to it's conclusion but it does continue in The Boot, decisions are yet to be made regarding a further follow-up on separate to The Boot. Thank you for your kind comments regarding my father's work. His stories have without doubt inspired me to write the stories that I am currently working on which is challenging as I still do not consider myself a writer.
  10. Mancunian

    Chapter 29

    If i'm reading Alan's mind correctly it goes something like 'I love it when a plan comes together' and his plans are going well. The way he's going all of Clarion will benefit from him moving there.
  11. His knees were getting damp kneeling on the wet grass, he was sure that there would be mud patches when he stood but he didn't care as he stared at the slab of marble in front of him. He read the inscription that bore the names of his birth parents, their dates of birth followed by the date of death. Below that the words read, 'Gone but forgotten. You will live on in my heart. Love John.' Christian was now eighteen, school was over and University was in his immediate future. Although visits to his birth parents grave had become fewer he never forgot them and his love for them was still as strong as when he was a child. Over the years he told them of his new parents, how they loved him and cared for him, even after he came out. Time may have made his loss easier to bare but the tears still stung his eyes and he still got that knot in his stomach along with the lump in his throat. As he rose and glanced around the cemetery he had one thought in his mind, 'I hope I can make my parents proud of me, all of them.' As Christian turned toward the cemetery gate he spotted his 'Uncles' Michael and young Edward. They weren't his real uncles but good friends of his father and his Uncle John. Raising his hand to wave they spotted him and made their way over with smiles on their faces. “Hi Uncle Michael, Uncle Edward, I didn't expect to see you.” “Hello, we didn't expect to see you either, oh dear judging by your appearance it's been an emotional visit.” Michael had a quiet sympathetic tone as he spoke. “Yes it's always emotional visiting my birth parents, they still have a special place in my heart.” “They always will, the same as Edward does in mine, we never forget people we love. Would you like to come with us? I'm here to share some good news with Edward that I'd be happy to share it with you too.” They made their way to the last resting place of Edward Langford, Michael's late partner and chatted about Christian's plans for university. Uncertain of what career he wanted to follow he planned to study social sciences and business management, but that could change if a particular career path appealed. Arriving at Edward's grave side Michael knelt, young Edward and Christian joined him. Young Edward smiled and Christian was surprised as Michael told of his good fortune winning the lottery, tears streaked Michael's face as he told of his plans to fulfil Edward's dream of opening a home for teenagers discarded by their families. When they rose they headed for Christian's home to meet Phillip and Emily, Christian had suggested that that they ask father for financial advice to achieve the dream. In the years that passed Christian studied hard gaining several Diploma's. At graduation Phillip and Emily were there to celebrate with their son, accompanied by John and Ethel Watson and young Edward and his family, unfortunately his Uncle Michael had passed away. The celebrations preceded Christian taking a long holiday in Canada with his 'friend' Simon. There they spent some days in Stanley Park followed by nights out in the Davey Street area of Vancouver. Then they decided to take in some of natural beauty of surrounding British Columbia. Driving along the Sea to Sky Highway, Highway 99, they passed through Pemberton stopping to take in a farmers market and spend some time horse riding. There they stayed the night in a motel before moving on to Squamish where they stoped to take a ride on the Sea to Sky gondola, the views from the top were breathtaking. The next stop was Whistler were they stayed overnight. The next morning after breakfast they went on a guided trail tour in the hope of seeing bears. They did get some pictures of bears and their cubs in the wild after being told to remain calm and quiet and not get too close so as to be safe. The trip was going great, their intention was to head further north, they wanted to meet some of the First Nations population, learn about them and how they had been treated over the years. But the next morning, as the saying goes 'the other boot came down.' Christian had a call from his father asking him to return home immediately. He wasn't told why, but he knew it must be important. Simon did most of the driving to get back to Vancouver as quickly as possible. On arriving at the airport he was told that the earliest possible flight was the next day, there was one seat left in business class. Normally Christian would take economy so as not to spend unnecessarily but this was important so he paid for the ticket using the credit card given him for emergencies. It was planned for Simon to follow on the next available flight, however after a chance meeting in a bar Simon stayed on till the end of summer. When Christian arrived home the sight of his father shocked him, in a short space of time he had aged twenty years so he knew the news was not good. He discovered that his mother had been having dizzy spells for sometime which she hid from those around her. The last dizzy spell had caused her to collapse while out with friends, naturally they called an ambulance before calling Phillip. Blood tests and scans had been done to find out what caused her to collapse. Several tumours had been found in her brain which caused pressure resulting in the dizzy spells and subsequent collapse. The cancer was too far advanced for any treatment. The following two months were hard for Christian, all he could do was watch as his mother's condition deteriorated and his father sank further into despair. Christian knew nothing of how to run his father's business and knew that his father was in no shape to run it himself, this led him to convince his father to promote his two most senior staff and leave the running of the business to them for the time being. They had a good income from the business and ample reserves from savings and investments which meant they had no financial worries. Christian needed his 'friend', his lover, by his side and tried to contact Simon several times, each time his call was forwarded to an answering service. Simon was too busy leading the high life using a credit card that Christian left him with, he had distractions of his own bedding any available man he met in Vancouver. Realising that Simon was ignoring him he made the painful decision to block the card from any further use. The morning of October fifth Christian and his father went to Christy's Hospital to be told that Emily's condition was deteriorating fast, they gave her no more than a few days. In the early hours of October seventh Emily passed away. Phillip was inconsolable, Christian was little better but he tried to remain strong for his father. He made a call to the only people he felt he could turn to, his ex-foster parents Uncle John and Aunt Ethel. Along with his childhood crush and friend Christian they came to the hospital to give support and arranged the funeral of Emily Edwards. Christian was now running the Watson's funeral business and gave Emily the 'send off' that befitted a kind, loving and gentle wife and mother. The morning after the funeral Christian was sat at the kitchen table with a strong black coffee and breakfast in front of him, it wasn't being eaten, he was pushing it about the plate using his fork. When the front door bell rang it made Christian jump, he got up to open the door but his aunt Ethel, who had stayed overnight, told him to sit back down and went to the door instead. Christian heard what sounded like a scuffle and shouting coming from near the front door, quickly he went to look down the stairs what he saw turned his stomach. Looking dirty, ill, weak, feeble and older than his years was Simon trying to get past his aunt. “Simon what do you want?” “Christian, I'm so sorry it took me so long to get home I was delayed in Vancouver, by the time I managed to get a flight you had cut off the card so it took me longer to get back. I need you Christian, I love you and you need me to help you with your loss.” Christian almost weakened, only almost. “No Simon it's not me you need or love it's the money you think I have, I must have been a fool not to see it before but the credit card statement tells me what you spent my money on I now know the truth.” Christians anger rose as he ran down the stairs. “Get your sick, filthy, stinking ass out of here and stay away from me and my family or so help me.....” “They're not your family they are the people who took in a lost orphaned waif, you're nothing without them, you're nothing without me. YOU'RE NOTHING.” At that point four men came running from the office below the apartment, dragging a kicking screaming Simon to the next street. On seeing a police officer they dumped him on the ground in front of him and reported him for attempted illegal entry, causing a disturbance and behaving in a threatening and violent manner causing their employers son to fear for his safety. Simon was arrested and taken to the police station. He was later released without charge but warned that if he went anywhere near Christian they would arrest him and make sure he went to prison.
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