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  1. “Is she going to be alright?” Liam was upset at seeing Beccy fall and called for Gary knowing he was a doctor, but with Gary's last words before they were whisked away he became more upset. Danny and JJ tried to comfort him with little success and were relieved when Kate approached and spoke, “Liam honey please try to calm down, I'm sure that she will be okay and that's because you did the right thing. It was you that told Gary what happened and got help when it was needed.” Kate kne
  2. This is a very realistic feeling story. It contains humour and drama, a bit of sorrow balanced with joy and captures the moment brilliantly. It draws you in to the point that you want to be Simon's friend, I enjoyed reading it and I hope many others will too.
  3. DIDDY Dad inferred Don did you WATCH
  4. There was a flurry of activity as furniture was moved, cleaning took place and seating was rearranged to accommodate guests in the knave that had become an oversized lounge. In the dining room tables and chairs had been scrubbed clean and covered in pure white linen, the tables prepared with centre pieces and adorned with good quality cutlery that resembled stainless steel. Each place setting had a wine goblet and tumbler made from clear plastic resembling glass as well as side plate, cup and sa
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