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Prep and Execute



Okay, so it has been a busy month. Oh yeah today it just day one. LOL. Let me explain. First, Happy Birthday Mark. Now I screwed up and didn't get his gift out in time it seems so he didn't have it today. The joys of dealing with many different postal services. But that just begins it.


This month I have family birthdays - my sister-in-law, and my father. Various other friends, oh and any international gifts I plan to send for Christmas I was told by the post office to make sure were in the mail not later than the 15th. My Thanksgiving cards are bought but I haven't had two seconds to write them out yet. However all my Christmas gifts are bought. I just have to wrap.


I am in the process of finishing Accidents Happen, sorry to my readers, work has been nuts and my father took a fall so didn't get a chance to write as i wanted to this week. I have Seeon back from my beta, needs to be redone and then for a change I'm going to ask if he wants to look it over again to makes sure it all makes sense before it goes to my editor, if she has time at all. Then there is Jonas who is still in the overhaul stage trying to get that ready for when Accident is over. I really have to thank Andy for all his hard work on that with me. He has shown me new ways to write. Oh yeah I have two other stories I wrote in my notebook. (I'm not sure about other writers but I always carry one to jot things down in. Well wrote two stories on my break on Monday) Those two stories I have to get time to type up.


Did I mention I sketched out my idea for Nanowrimo? Somewhere I have to find time to do that because, oh yeah, that story is going for the Anthology next year. If I can get it completed that means I just need to find an editor and beta and that is one less thing on my plate to worry about.


Oh yeah, I have a few beta projects to complete as well. So I do apologize for being a bit behind. Sometimes the best laid plans go a bit astray, but I do have lots to get out and it probably going to happen almost all at once. Thanks for caring though.


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You're becoming me... but with a full time job too. Damn Comic! You need to slow down hun, or you will burn out. Or at least stop pressuring yourself to have it all done now now now. Please? I don't wanna see you have a meltdown.

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I'm keeping up so far. IF it gets to be too much, well I have time on the novel but lets see what I can do.

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