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Okay this is literally what I have as my check list this week.


1) Complete Chapter 29 of AH - Done. In fact it is one of the longer chapters. I'm nearly done with 30 now. Thank goodness.


2) Complete work on Seeon - We have successfully broken him up into chapters, expanded upon areas that were weak, and he is going for his last look over by the editor now that the beta and I have cleaned him up. Hopefully I will be posting chapter 1 later today. Remind me that prompts are supposed to be short stories. This thing kept growing, and growing, and growing. Three days and 47 pages later, a Seeon is born. :lol:


3) Try and get past the midway point on Jonas - I am up to Chapter 6. I have no idea if that is midway or not.


4) Finish 2 beta projects - Well those are both done, but I understand one of my regulars has his anthology completed and it needs a going over so one more project was picked up.


5) Nanowrimo - Okay, Granted we are presently five days into the month and the supposedly the novel. I um, well, I have only five pages done. With everything else going on I just haven't had time.


6) Complete Thanksgiving Cards - I bought them, that has to count for something right?


7) Wrap up and mail November Birthday gifts - Well one person is complete and partially wrapped, my father's is bought, and I haven't a thing yet for my sister-in-law and hers is on the eighth. Would I be a bad person if I just ordered something off Amazon and had it delivered? laugh.png


Oh well. Wishing all of you a good day. Keep your chin up and keep going.


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