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Sooo... Approximately 3 weeks ago I traveled to New Jersey for a face to face interview with a Vice President of a department I wanted to work in. The Director, Associate Director and the hiring manager all loved me and were really excited. Then the interview came. I arrived early to meet with the three decision makers prior to my interview. Everything was solid and good. The VP thought I was late because his secretary didn't know I was there over an hour early to meet the others. I didn't get a good read from him and he seemed put off. I was told by the hiring manager I would hear from him by Friday March 23rd. That day came and went. Three weeks went by with nothing and not a peep from any one. Today I come in and find a very generic email telling me I wasn't selected for the position. I reached out via email to get some feedback on the interview so I can be prepared for the next one. I didn't get a single answer or acknowledgement from anyone. I was thinking maybe I have higher standards because they are corporate folks, but my supervisor told me I should hold everyone to the same standards.


I have had so many interviews; I've become the subject matter expert in interviews for my call center.


I've been told my experience isn't relevant and that customer service people don't do well outside a call center. I would beg to differ on that one. I talk to on average 900 people a month and get yelled at, cursed at and called so many names. I want to challenge people who say my job isn't relevant or is easy to come do my job for a day. I know they would not last long at all. Being in customer service you have to be able to put it all aside and listen to people rant all day. It is quite and interesting experience.


Just I'll just go crawl under my rock and continue to be disappointed.


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Just be sure you are not disappointed in yourself, Edward. The performance of the corporate types is what's disappointing. It's not that they are better than anyone else, but they should meet a higher standard of professionalism in their work. It's part of their leadership responsibility. When they are unprofessional, they are a big disappointment. When they fail to meet a time commitment, they are a big disappointment. When they communicate such an important decision in such an impersonal way, they are a big disappointment.


Get out from under that rock; make room for someone who belongs there.

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Do not be disappointed. This company certainly has a problem of management and all its staff probably suffers from it.

Do not abandon your efforts. Perseverance is the best of virtues.

Try again and again. The success is down the road.


Good luck !



It is not necessary to be hopeful in order to try, nor to be successful in order to persevere (William of Orange).

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