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  1. AquariusGuy

    Chapter 13

    what he said
  2. AquariusGuy

    Chapter 13

    Thank you, it will not be TJ but he could be set-up for the future. I can tell you the person is known to us and no it's not Baron but he will be helping.
  3. AquariusGuy

    Chapter 13

    Yes Bob is being an asshat. The apple didn't fall far from the tree.
  4. AquariusGuy

    Chapter 13

    So based on what I found out it's 18... I can tell you I arrived at the decision of who it would be a bit ago. I can tell you it won't be TJ. No Kevin and Jeff have not gotten their goodies back... Bob better watch out or Tristan could take his too.
  5. The two men ran and embraced each other “You didn’t tell me you were coming.” Mack said “Well babe, it was a bit of a surprise” Rory said smiling “How did you know where to find me?” Mack question “Well Jackson reached out to me and he and TJ offered to fly me out here.” Rory said “Jackson and TJ, thank you so much” Mack gushed “That was a sweet thing you did boys” Bob beamed “It was nothing.” I said “Yes, TJ and I discussed it and we agreed Mack has done so much for everyone the past few weeks and he deserved a little r&r” Jackson said “On that note Mack, you guys have full use of our apartment in the city. We have arranged an evening for you tonight for you to go out and enjoy yourselves.” I said “I don’t know what to say” Mack said tearing up “Mack you’ve been great to us; go have some time with your man.” I said “TJ and Jackson, thank you for arranging this. I’ve missed having Mack around” Rory said “The driver is waiting to take you into the city; here I’ve prepared these to go meals for you” Kaiden said “How did you figure out they were leaving right away? I just asked you to set a plate?” I questioned “Jackson” Kaiden said “I think they should get on the road. It may take them a bit to make it into the city” Jackson said “Yes, sometimes getting into the city at any hour can take time.” Bob replied “Have fun and don’t think about us at all” I said The two men walked hand in hand towards the stairs “I packed a suitcase for you Mack; it’s by the door” CC said “Um thank you?” Mack said “She had some help” Kevin said “We found her standing in your closet and decided to help” Jeff said “Oh thank god; no offense” Mack said looking at CC while everyone laughed After they made it out the door we all sat and had lunch “That was a good thing you guys did” Bob said “I agree, Mack has done a lot for you guys” Grayson said “He has and we decided he needed a reward. We asked him to be our permanent nanny as the kiddos love him” I replied “What you are taking him from the center?” Bob said “Yes, he told me he is on the road a lot and he misses Rory and he was thinking of quitting. We discussed him working for us and since Rory is a writer and columnist he can work from anywhere.” Jackson said “So why doesn’t he travel with Mack?” Beau asked “Yeah if he can work from anywhere” Lucas added “The facility prohibits it” Bob said “So you expect the folks who work for you to let their personal lives suffer? That seems unfair” Trace said “We agree which is why we’ve given him an out.” Jackson replied “You can’t side step our business and organization to suit your needs” Bob said angrily “Robert calm down” CC said “You want something to relax you?” Emma said “Emma, I wouldn’t if I were you” Kevin said :”Yeah remember what happened last time?” Jeff added “You boys are no fun” Emma said “As for the boys hiring Mack, I will release him from his obligation to our business” CC said “You need full board agreement” Bob retorted “Not in this instance” CC said “This trip was designed to have them see if living in the city is what they want.” Jackson said “Oh you aren’t staying here” Tracy said “Dad, we love the city and wanted to closer to you and pop” Jackson replied “We’ve also started a new private security firm that Kaiden is going to run.” I replied “What about BHI?” Bob said “They will still exist but I have zero confidence in their ability to protect my family” I said “We also want to make sure our brothers have protection as well” Jackson said “So making decisions without talking to everyone?” Bob challenged “When it comes to my family I will protect them. I’ve talked with my brothers at length about changes and where everyone will be living.” I said “Trace are you coming into the city?” Jack asked “We are looking at the options and haven’t decided.” Trace said “Honestly Jack, we want to be in the city but also want to have a place to relax on occasion” Grayson said “Ok, let’s shift the topic; TJ are you accompanying Cam to meet with his mother?” CC asked “Yes and Grayson and Trace will as well. We need to figure out what his father is up to” I replied “When is the meeting?” Beau said “Tomorrow over lunch; we are going into the city to the Cooper home.” I replied “Aren’t you going CC” Bob said “I am and just as a distraction” CC replied “I need to go check on the kiddos” I said standing up and leaving with Jackson trailing behind “It seems we ruffled some feathers” Jackson said “It does seem that way babe but we are doing the right thing, right?” I said with uncertainty “Honey don’t question yourself; we talked with Mack and if Rory agrees they will come live with us.” Jackson said “Sometimes I wonder if I don’t take everything into consideration” I replied “I know but we did this together and Mack will be wonderful as our nanny. I hope we can find some folks to help him; we do have quite the abundance of children” Jackson said “Yeah, yeah” I said pushing the nursey door open to find Tristan sitting on the floor reading to the kids and they all looked at him like they fully understood what he was saying “Brudder!” Tristan shouted when he saw me “Hey Tristan, is everyone behaving?” I asked “Hi daddy, yes everyone doing good” Katie said “Good to hear” Jackson said “I reading them Peter Wabbit” Tristan said “That was my favorite story” Jackson said “Mine too” Tristan beamed “Babe, you think you can stay and I can take Tristan and talk?” I asked “Sure” Jackson said getting on the floor trading places with Tristan We walked out of the nursery and into the library and I closed the door “So, you have quite the connection with the kiddos” I said “I do brudder.” Tristan said climbing into the chair opposite of where I was sat down “How are you doing? Do you miss your brothers?” I asked “Well, I miss my brudders but I don’t miss my daddies” Tristan said “Tristan, you know your daddies love you.” I said “They don’t” Tristan replied bawling his eyes out. I got up and pulled him into my arms hugging him “I love you Tristan and so does Jackson and babies” I said trying to sooth him “They don’t want me and they will never make noises again” Tristan said between sobs “You don’t mean that” I said “I do, they not listen to me and they love my brudders more.” Tristan said “I don’t think that’s the case. I remember what you told me they said and that wasn’t very nice. Your Grandpa Bob is working with them to make things better.” I said “Grandpa Bob no help” Tristan said “What do you mean?” I said curiously “I tell him what they said and he told me I shouldn’t be listening and mind my own business” Tristan said “Well that wasn’t very nice; I do love having you around.” I said hugging him “You and Jwackson are more my daddies” Tristan said “We love you bud” I said “I wove you more T2” Tristan said “I love you to infinity” I said “I wove you double infinity:” Tristan said giggling “We will be here all day” I said giggling too I sat in the chair holding him. Grayson stuck his head in the room “I was looking for you” Grayson said “Well you found me” I said smiling “Do you mind if I come in” Grayson asked “Sure” I replied “I’ve been thinking about the conversation from earlier” Grayson said “Which part?” I asked “The whole where are we living and stuff” Grayson said “Yeah and after our last conversation we told you live where you want too” I replied “Well yes we understand but are you really going to help us get live in help and security?” Grayson asked “Yes Jackson and I are. We’ve been discussing it for a while and we want everyone to be safe and have help. Kaiden has an excellent plan and has been working on vetting a group of people for you, Trace, Beau and Lucas to choose from. We are not making those decisions for you but giving you a list of qualified candidates. We are also looking at their personal lives as we don’t want to create the situation that Mack had” I said “Good, I just wanted to make sure we had some part in the decision” Grayson said “We would never make those decisions for you.” I said “That’s good and I was a bit worried” Grayson said “You never have to worry, T2 is a good brudder” Tristan said “I know and I wanted to make sure” Grayson said ruffling Tristan’s hair “Ok let’s go see the kiddos” I said “My brudders” Tristan said shouting and leapt from my lap and ran from the room “He definitely love the kids” Grayson said laughing “He defiantly does” I said We had an uneventfully evening and Tristan and his issues with Kevin, Jeff and Bob were weighing on my mind. I also was thinking about what Cam’s father was up to stopping our developments with the tower. “Babe, did you sleep? You look exhausted” Jackson said “I’m just worried” I said “Honey, it can’t be that bad. We can overcome Cam’s dad and as far as Tristan, I love having him around.” Jackson said “I love you more everyday” I said We went to the nursey and found Tristan and kids playing on the floor “Morning brudder” Tristan beamed “Morning bud, how long have you been up?” I asked “Before the sun daddy” Jamie said “Well we are going to get breakfast and bottles and be right back” Jackson said “Oh bottle service” Mattie said chuckling “Wow” I said walking out “Our boy things we offer bottle service” Jackson said “Yeah that’s crazy” I said We grabbed some bagels and the put the bottles together and went back to the room and feed the kiddos. Around 10:30 Grayson, Trace, CC, Cam and myself got into the SUV and the driver took us into the city. We arrived at the tower that housed the Cooper apartment. “Wow, just look at this place” I said “Park Avenue living” Grayson said “Don’t forget you guys could have a place here too” CC said “Ah Ms. Carmine, it has been a while” the door man said “Glen, how are you?” CC said kissing his check “I am doing well CC, family is doing great.” Glen said “I am glad things are well, who has arrived?” CC asked “You would be the last, everyone was certainly excited to have you here” Glen said walking us in and calling the elevator. “Thank you Glen” CC said We traveled up to the 110th floor and when the door opened it was similar to the apartment we lived in but the entrance was more elegant. CC approached the door and it flew open “Well as I live and breathe Aunt CC” the man beamed “Hello Wyatt” CC replied giving him a hug and kiss We walked in and the view was amazing. There were a bunch of people sitting around talking and the room went quite when we walked in “Well Caroline, I am so glad you are here” Madeline said standing up “Hi Mom” Cam said stepping around everyone “Hello honey” Madeline said embracing her son “Let me introduce the rest of this group; this here is Tristan Micahel, my nephew; this is Grayson Michaels my nephew and this is his husband Trace” CC said “Welcome to my home” Wyatt said extending his hand “Thank you and please call me TJ” I said “TJ, welcome to the loft” Another man said “Hello, and you are” I said “Oh where are my manners, I am Ben Cohen” he replied “Ben and I have been friends our whole life” Wyatt said “That is really cool” Grayson said “We are so happy with what you guys are doing with that tower” Wyatt said “I wish our dads were still around as they would be helping you fight” Ben said “Well Baron is helping as much as possible” I said “Yeah, we were suspicious about his involvement but CC set us straight about everything” Wyatt said “I well let’s sit and have lunch. I didn’t know what anyone liked so I brought in a variety.” Ben said We grabbed some plates and fixed our food sitting down. “Your father is running for Mayor” Madeline blurted out causing everyone to stop what they were doing
  6. AquariusGuy

    Chapter 12

    With my torn rotator cuff it’s been hard to write. I’ve been doing what I can but use my good days for my work work. Maybe if I get inspired I’ll do a chapter.
  7. was supposed to have my shoulder surgery today but due to the COVID restriction changes and the need to be tested and everyone and their mother being tested my results were delayed pushing my surgery till the week before Christmas. 

  8. AquariusGuy

    Chapter 12

    I am making y'all think.... Tristan is going to have a bond with TJ and Jackson's children. There will also be another surprise down the line... Kevin and Jeff will have a struggle with Tristan and that will lead to some interesting things. Bob is going to be the one to try and whip the two into shape and is using their inability to procreate to his advantage.
  9. AquariusGuy

    Chapter 12

    So we found out that Kevin and Jeff had used TJ's DNA to make a clone which resulted in Tristan. When TJ came back Jeff and Kevin had a fight over what they did. TJ has "custody" of Tristan for now. Mack was introduce a few chapters back. Kaiden was introduce in Book 3 and his development in this story. Chapter 1 contains a run down of folks. Rory was introduced in this chapter as Mack's Boyfriend
  10. AquariusGuy

    Chapter 12

    That would have been great... I didn't even think about that.
  11. AquariusGuy

    Chapter 12

    Tristan is going to teach TJ and Jackson about being parents. As for Jeff... see my reply to Wesley. I am not sure how fast they will get it back.
  12. AquariusGuy

    Chapter 12

    Tristan will be spending more time with TJ... can't say more than that.
  13. AquariusGuy

    Chapter 12

    Welll ummm... it can't be hard.... if it ain't there They definitely suffer from an ID10T Error
  14. Jackson and I both glanced at each other as I paused reading. “What do you think he did?” Jackson asked “I am not sure; what could be worse than him making him impotent.” I said “Well I could think of a few things but you should try to go find Tristan.” Jackson said as the door to the nursery flew open hitting the wall “Where is he” Kevin seethed “I haven’t seen him since dinner; what’s wrong” I asked “He’s dead meat” Kevin said and dropped his pants and underwear. “Oh shit” Jackson gasped “Wow, I didn’t know he could do that” I said starring at Kevin “Yeah look at me; I have no penis” Kevin said shaking “Well I can see that and what’s interesting is he didn’t give you a vagina” I said “No shit; he’s grounded until he’s dead” Kevin fumed “Kevin, I would take a level headed approach. It appears you cannot win with him” Jackson said “He is going to fix this or else” Kevin said “Let me talk to him or see if I can fix it” I replied “Fine” Kevin replied angrily and stormed out “I’ve never seen anyone without a penis” Jackson said laughing “I think you mean without anything; you’ve seen a vagina before” I said with a smirk “I guess you’re right about that; you need to find Tristan” Jackson said “I have a feeling I know where he is; please continue the story with the kiddos” I said and vanished I reappeared near the lake house in Deep Creek and walked down to the lake. I saw someone sitting on the deck chair starring out at the lake and walked down there. “Tristan?” I said as I approached “Yeah brudder it’s me” Tristan replied sadly “Mind if I sit?” I asked “It’s your spot” Tristan replied “Little man, talk to me; what is going on?” I questioned “Daddy doesn’t like me” Tristan said sadly “What that’s not true” I said “I overheard him and daddy talking one night about how he had me created to be you as he felt he messed up and when you returned he realized he should have.” Tristan said tears falling “Oh my; that’s an awful thing to hear” I said pulling him out of the chair and onto my lap “He told daddy that he was right about jumping to conclusion about you being dead and that they got caught up in being kidnapped and weren’t thinking.” Tristan said “I love you no matter what little man. You’ve wormed your way into everyone’s hearts. Jackson and I love you like you were our own” I said and Tristan started to cry harder and I wrapped my arms around him and held him. “What am I going to do brudder?” Tristan said “I have an idea but I need to talk with Jackson and Mack first” I said “Why Mack?” Tristan asked “His father or mother worked for the fertility lab and they may be able to tell how we are connected.” I said “I can tell you that… I am a clone of your DNA; that is why we look similar” Tristan said “What? That is crazy” I said “Daddy wanted a new version of you and wanted to make sure that it would be you and not someone else. They had access to your mom’s embryo’s and dad’s sperm and offered to make a new one but they couldn’t guarantee it would be you.” Tristan said “How do you know all this?” I questioned “There are things I know that I shouldn’t” Tristan responded “How can you be burden with so much info?” I said “It sucks brudder” Tristan replied “I agree with you there. You know I miss coming here to the lake; it was my favorite spot” I said “I know and I knew you’d come here for me” Tristan said “I have so many great memories here with my dad” I said and tear fell “Don’t cry T2, you make your daddy proud every day.” Tristan said “Thanks buddy, you would have loved him; he was a great guy” I said “I know he loved you and your brothers more than anything” Tristan said “I’m going to talk with your dad; you can stay with me and Jackson for a bit” I said and hugged him “I want to stay with you forever” Tristan said “We will work this out; I promise” I said “I hope so brudder” Tristan replied We both teleported back to the house and into my room and found Jackson sitting in the chair reading “Jackson, could you tuck Tristan in; I’m going to talk with Kevin and Jeff” I said “Sure; I am reading one of your Grandpa’s stories and the funny thing is it sounds a lot like my dad and pop and all their friends” Jackson said “What story?” I asked “Dancing on a Star” Jackson replied “I’ve read it too and now that you mention it does sound like them but he never uses real names. Wonder if it is a coincidence” I say “Heck of a coincidence; don’t you think?” Jackson asked “Yeah but my dad didn’t know yours in school I think” I replied “Maybe so, but I am going to ask him. So Tristan, are we going to your room?” Jackson asked and Tristan looked at me “Could you set him up a bed with the kiddos? He needs to be away from the others for the time being” I said “Oh no problem; the babies get their first sleep over and they aren’t even old enough to know” Jackson said “Trust me Ja-wack-sin they know I’m coming and they excited” Tristan said “Try to keep it to a low roar” I said smirking “No promises” Tristan replied smirking as well I left him and Jackson and went in search of Kevin and Jeff. I found them in their room and they appeared to be in some heated discussion. “Hey guys, I found Tristan.” I said “That’s good. Where is he” Kevin said abruptly “He’s ok and with Jackson; I wanted to talk with you both” I said “He is not getting away with this” Kevin said “Listen, he is feeling like you don’t love him anymore” I said “See you big asshat I told you he was picking up on your feelings” Jeff said “Oh my feelings huh; you said you felt the same way” Kevin countered “Look both of you; obviously something is going on and I think it is everyone’s interest if Tristan stay with me until he isn’t flying off the handle” I said “Flying off the handle? He has your stupid personality and is so damn head strong” Kevin said at me “Look I’m not the bozo who cloned me. Did you ask if anyone knew I was safe? You really think Bob and CC would not have searched for me? You of all people should know that they would” I said “You think you are really something special; that my dad would look for you?” Kevin laughed “Enough!” Bob said coming into the room followed by CC “We could hear you guys down the hall” CC said “I will have you know Kevin; I did know where TJ was when he ran away. That is why I tried to stop you.” Bob said angrily “That is why everyone tried to stop you; but no, you were too caught up in losing a patient.” CC said “You really should have known better Kevin. Tristan can pick up on all these harsh feeling and he is taking it out on you both.” Bob said as his eyes narrowed on Jeff “I uhhh” Jeff stuttered “This ends now; you both will stay as you are until I decide things are fixed. Tristan does not deserve any of this. He can stay with TJ and Jackson until further notice” Bob said “But dad” Kevin said “Don’t you butt dad me young man; you both deserve this” Bob said “I agree” CC said “For how long” Kevin whined “For god sakes Kevin, you can go a few days or weeks without sex; it won’t kill you” Bob said and curtailed my laughed “Kevin and Jeff, you have both behaved irresponsible. I am surprised Tristan hasn’t dropped a house on you both yet” CC said “He wouldn’t dare.” Kevin said “Oh I wouldn’t put it past him” Bob said “Look at poor Emma, she can’t rebuild her house as refuses to see she was wrong. No matter where on her land she tries the house crumbles. Tristan is one strong individual.” Bob said “TJ, I trust he came back with you?” CC asked “He did and I left him with Jackson” I replied “Ok, let’s leave these two and go check on Tristan.” Bob said “You two better get your acts together” CC said and then followed us out “I hope for Tristan’s sake we can work things out” I said “Me too; I would like Tristan to stay with you in the meantime” Bob said “I agree; this has gotten too out of hand. I will deal with Emma and Bob you got the other two” CC said “I think you got the easy one” Bob said “He is your son” CC said laughing We arrived and I opened the door. In the bed with Tristan was Mattie, Jamie and Katie all snuggled up. “I think they are bonding” Bob said with a huge smile “I would say so” I replied matching his smile “We are going to have quite the group when they are older” CC said “Let’s leave the to sleep” Bob said pulling the door I walked back to the bedroom to find Jackson snoring with his ipad on his chest. I moved the tablet to the nightstand and climbed in beside him. We woke up the next morning snuggled up together “How did things go?” Jackson asked “Not so good; Bob has to talk with them and mediate” I replied “From what Tristan said he doesn’t ever want to go back” Jackson said “You know deep down I know he should but my gut feeling is things will get worse before they get better.” I said “Well how worse could it get?” Jackson asked “Babe that is something I don’t even want to think about. Apparently he’s going after Jeff too and Bob said they could use some time off from sex” I said “Yeah it was a rhetorical question.” Jackson said “Last night Bob, CC and I checked on the kids and they were snuggled up with Tristan” I said “All of them?” Jackson asked “No, just Mattie, Jamie and Katie” I replied “Well I hope things went ok” Jackson said “Me too; let’s shower and go check.” I replied After our long shower and love making session we walked over to the nursey. Tristan was playing with all the kiddos as they were sitting in a circle rolling a ball around. “How did this happen?” I said astonished “I’m not sure. We fed them and when they were done and I was cleaning up I turned around and they were all in a circle and rolling the ball.” Mack said “They are moving through their milestone fairly quickly” I said. “That they are” Mack said and left the room “So when is our surprise coming?” I said “He should be here this afternoon. He told me it was going to be hard keeping it from Mack” Jackson replied We sat and watched the kiddos playing with Tristan when Cam and Grayson came in “Hey guys” I said “Wow they really are advanced” Cam said looking at the kids “I was just as surprised” I said “So not to be rude but I wanted to get down to business. We heard from Baron this morning and he said his mother is taking care of everything. She also reached out to Madeline to set-up a meeting as well.” Grayson said “What do you mean take care of everything?” I asked “Unbeknownst to me my grandparents and the Trumps were really good friends. My dad is friends with Donald’s kids which is why Baron hired him. Melania and my mother are going to put my father in the hell hole he belongs in. Melania loves my mother and she had someone following my dad for years and they have enough dirt to get my father to back down” Cam said “What about the others?” I said “Well here’s the interesting part; Baron controls everything as he is Melania’s executor. Even though she is alive he has her proxy for everything. When Donald died he didn’t leave the children much of anything and left it all to Melania and Baron. They have been gracious enough to take care of them. From what I’ve heard Jack is working on getting all their financial ties severed and none of them will have a money vault to stand on.” Grayson said “So things are back on track” I said “That they are; we should begin renovations soon. I have a contract being drafted to hire John and I am working on getting him affiliated with a good firm. Apparently the poor kid gets rejected because of his surname” Cam said “Well keep up the good work guys. At least we got some good news” Jackson said “We will let you know if anything changes” Grayson said and he and Cam left “We things around here are always interesting” I said “That they are; got a text that our guest is on his way to the house. The driver said they should be here about lunch time” Jackson said We watched the kids interact with Tristan and he had a huge smile on his face the whole time. I left the room and went to tell Kaiden to set an extra place for lunch. “Hey TJ, got a minute” Bob said before I reached the kitchen “Sure Bob” I replied “I had a long conversation with Kevin and Jeff and things are not going well. How would you and Jackson feel about becoming his guardians?” Bob said “I’m for it but I would need to talk with Jackson” I said “Please do and let me know” Bob said and walked away “Hey Kaiden, we need an extra place for lunch; we have a guest coming.” I said “No problem; I have extra” Kaiden replied “Is Cam staying?” I asked “Yeah” Kaiden replied blushing “That’s cool. Are you official yet?” I asked “I’m not sure. I think because my life is all over the place I should wait” Kaiden said “Look, I will expedite getting the cook here and we will need you to head security.” I said “Bob told me I am exclusive to you and Jackson since we don’t have a history” Kaiden said “I know it’s been mentioned. We will accommodate you and Cam” I said “I appreciate it” Kaiden said At the moment the doorbell rang and I walked to the door and opened it. Standing there was a beautiful man with short blond hair and the bluest eyes. He had cute glasses and was dressed line khakis and a button down shirt that really brought out his eyes. “You must be Rory. I’m TJ” I said sticking out my hand “You are correct; nice to meet you TJ” Rory said and he had impeccable smile “Jackson told me that Mack doesn’t know you are here. We set a place for you for lunch which is in just a few minutes” I said “I can’t wait to surprise him” Rory said “Come in and let’s head to the dining room” I replied Kaiden sent out the family alert that lunch was ready. Mack and Jackson were talking and Mack didn’t see Rory standing there. “Mack, you have a visitor” I said Mack turned around and got a huge smile “Rory!” Mack shouted
  15. AquariusGuy

    Chapter 11

    it may take a bit
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