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  1. AquariusGuy

    Chapter 2

    They are and so will Grandpa Frazier Emily's Dad. We will see TJ interact with all of them in some sort of way as they help guide him.
  2. AquariusGuy

    Chapter 2

    I wanted to honor Ron somehow as he has been a great friend for the last 15 ::cough:: years. I didn't want to make him some rando and I this was my way to honor him and his husband.
  3. AquariusGuy

    Chapter 2

    It seems that way.... BUT I got a few tricks up my sleeve that will play out later.
  4. AquariusGuy

    Chapter 2

    He is someone I came up with last minute but as I was waiting for an XRay today I decided where I am taking him. Will he be a good ex, bad ex or an Oscar Mayer wiener?
  5. When my audition ended I didn’t know what to think. We had to go through 5 rounds of audition and people were removed in each round. When we finished they told the remaining performers we would hear from them soon. We had to clear the room for the next group, as I was getting my stuff, I noticed a man in the back doing the same, except he seemed more in a rush. As I stepped back into the hallway to meet mom, I saw her talking to the same man from the auditorium. When he saw me coming he hugged Mom and left. I asked her who that was and she replied just someone I know. I checked my phone and saw encouraging messages from my brothers and grandparents. I messaged them back letting them know I was finished and I wasn’t sure if it went good or bad but I made all five rounds and danced my heart out. We soon left for the hotel where I showered and changed. Dancing under stage lights makes you unbelievably sweaty. We had lunch at this hole in the wall Mexican restaurant called Cancun near Central Park. The food was expensive but it was the best Mexican I have had in a while. We also played tourist in New York City, everything was decorated for Christmas and it looked magical. We visited Time Square, the Hershey store (who doesn’t like chocolate) and a few other shops that mom wanted to look at. We then headed over to Rockefeller Center to visit the Nintendo store. I wanted to buy something for Beau and Grayson as Christmas was rapidly approaching. They carry things you can’t buy in local stores just here and online. Mom took me to skate at the ice rink in Rockefeller Center. That was a blast. I asked her to join me but she declined. We went back to hotel dumped our purchases and then walked around Central Park and visited the Zoo and Carousel. I hadn’t been here in a while. Dad brought me here years ago and I was surprised that such a quiet and serene place existed in the middle of the hustle and bustle of NYC. “TJ you make me so proud. You have some much potential.” Mom gushed “Thanks mom. What are you planning for this evening?” “oh just a little surprise.” We headed back to the hotel and rested for a bit, Mom said we had dinner plans at 6 pm. We left the hotel and took the subway to Ruth’s Chris Steakhouse. The subway reminded me of us living in Maryland and being able to take the Metro whenever I wanted to Washington D.C. or over to Virginia. I had always wanted to go to Ruth’s Chris but we never went. I had the Cowboy Steak Oscar style, because who doesn’t love crab cakes or asparagus. Once we were done we took a taxi over to Broadway. Once we arrived at the theater, Mom told me we were there to see Mean Girls. It was awesome to see it on Broadway as mom and I love to watch the movie. It’s funny to think that some of the girls at my school in Maryland probably were made from plastic and behaved just like the girls in the movie. I really enjoyed the show and could see myself playing any of the characters. I think it would be funny to flip it and make it a show about gay guys because honestly we can be just as bad. After the show ended we caught a taxi back to the hotel and packed our bags as we had an early flight. We woke up at 6 am and went to have the buffet breakfast. I enjoyed the breakfast and I ate more than my share. We were off to the airport by 730 am. After getting through security we made our way to our gate. I put my headphones in as I didn’t want to talk. I played some music, browsed Facebook to see what my friends were up to. I really hadn’t made any friends in Ohio as I really didn’t want to be there. I didn’t fit in. The drama class was full and I was stuck with a bunch of classes I didn’t need. I took cooking classes even though I knew how to cook… why not get an easy A. The other reason I hate it was mom was shadowing the Principal. She is set to take over next year when he retires. She was the Vice Principal at my last school but not over my grade. They rotated them so they followed your class from freshman year to senior year. The school system was super happy when she applied as she was well qualified and an alumni of the school. I can’t get away with anything as the teachers have no problem telling her if I don’t participate or am missing homework. We boarded early but sat on the tarmac for a while waiting our turn to depart. “You know Julliard would be missing out on one of the best if they don’t accept you.” “I really don’t want to go anywhere other than there and I don’t know what I will do if I don’t get in. Grandpa always tells me not to put all my eggs in one basket, but I for this I am.” “I am sure you impressed the instructors as I have seen you dance. You made it through all the rounds of audition.” “Ladies and Gentleman we have been cleared for take-off” saved by the pilot. Yeah, I know we don’t have to be quiet but mom stopped to listen and I took the opportunity to put headphones in and listen to music. Once we had started to ascend I fell asleep. I woke up as they were clearing trash. We landed safely and mom let me drive home from the airport. It was lunch time and there was a fresh coating of snow on the ground and traffic was light. Mom hates driving in the snow and I don’t mind it. The roads were pretty clear as we head back to our home just outside Cincinnati. We stopped for lunch at Wendy’s as it was in and out with the drive through. Once I got home took my suitcase and headed up stairs to unpack and hide the gifts. I was greeted by all my posters of JC Woolery. I can’t believe I actually touched his hand and spoke to him. I will probably never see him again but I got some material for… you know what I mean. Beau and Grayson both arrived home around 3 pm. We all go to the same school, Beau is a junior and Grayson is a freshman. They both wanted to hear all about NYC and if I saw anyone famous. I left out meeting JC as the story was embarrassing and I didn’t want them to make fun of me. Since it was Friday and winter break started next week, we sat on the couch and watched tv. Mom said dinner would be delayed as we had company coming. Around 6 the doorbell rang. Mom asked someone to grab the door. We all looked at each other and could smell a set-up. Grayson being the youngest went to answer the door. The next thing we heard was a shout of “Grandpas!” It was then I knew my grandpa’s had made the trip up from Florida. They retired from and moved from Cleveland, Ohio to Orlando, Florida as they both hated the cold and snow. My dad was adopted by my grandpa’s at the age of 4. He had no other siblings, so the grandpa’s doted on him and then us when we were born Beau and I ran to the door and hugged them. Mom came from the kitchen and greeted them. “Ron and Tony, it’s good to see you” “The pleasure is ours, we miss seeing the boys and what better time to come than the holidays. I could do without the snow though.” Grandpa Ron remarked. “You boys are looking really good. Why don’t you go get our bags from the car.” Grandpa Tony said. “I trust our packages arrived?” “Yes a few days ago and I hid them from the boys.” “Excellent. I also hope you made your famous meatloaf.” “I certainly did along with some mash potatoes, gravy and green beans.” We had dinner and conversation centered on my audition, NYC and what the grandpa’s had been up to. I learned at that Grandpa Ron had taken up fishing and purchased a boat and that Grandpa Tony was baking and cooking up a storm and feeding the retirement community all kinds of foods and sweets. Grandpa Tony is famous for making soul food and taught Dad how to cook and I learned from him. Not only am I great at dancing but I can whip up a whole buffet of food. We settled in for the night and as I lay on my bed I watched the snow fall. We were supposed to get a blizzard overnight and they were calling for two feet of snow. Right before I drifted off my phone buzzed, it was my ex Sebastian.
  6. AquariusGuy

    Chapter 1

    Thank you Ron. You have provided a lot of inspiration over the years.
  7. AquariusGuy

    Chapter 1

    Thanks Wesley... I have chapter 2 written just trying to firm it up.
  8. AquariusGuy

    Chapter 1

    I have really been thinking about it... is this your way of throwing your name in the hat?
  9. “I know you’re going to kill it Mini… just do your best like you always do” “But dad… you promised to go with me… I need you there.” TJ said with tears running down his face “I have faith mini… you’ll kill it. I am with you always” I watched dad fade away and woke up with tears streaming down my face. Why did he have to go fight in that stupid war and break his promise on coming back? “Tristan James… if you don’t start moving we are going to be late” mom shouted through the door “I’m moving” but I really didn’t have the strength too. I miss my dad more than anything. I’m his name sake and he promised to take me to New York for my audition… I started crying harder laying there; hoping mom wasn’t still standing outside the door. There was a knock at the door, all most so quiet I didn’t think someone was there until it came again. “Teej you ok?” it was my brother Beau. He always seemed to know when I was upset. “Yeah I’m fine” I replied as the door opened Beau stuck his head in. “You don’t sound it and don’t look it either. Still dreaming about dad?” It’s kind of crazy how Beau always knew what was going on and sometimes it was downright scary. I felt the bed dip as he sat down and then leaned in for a hug. “I wish I could go with you and Mom to New York, but she said it was too expensive for all of us to go. “ After dad died we had to pick-up and move as living in Potomac, Maryland the house was too expensive for mom to keep. She kind of sprung it on use about a week after the funeral that we were moving back to her home state of Ohio. Geez thanks mom… the state of BORING. Beau and Grayson weren’t too happy either but Mom insisted she’d have a better support system with Grandma, Grandpa, Uncle Murray and Aunt Kelly. Murray and Kelly really have been in my life since I can remember and they have been mom’s friends since kindergarten. Beau finally let go of the hug “Feel better bro?” “Yeah thanks for that B” I looked at the clock and jumped out of bed and dashed across the hall to the bathroom and showered faster than usual… if I didn’t get a move on Mom surely will kill me. I got dressed and grabbed my suitcase and as I headed down the stair I heard Grandpa… “You know Emily you should cut the boy some slack, you up rooted them and moved across the country in the middle of his senior year and expect the boy to adjust and move on. You know how much TJ looked up to his dad.” “I know dad… I’m not being heartless I just want him to have his dream and go to Julliard. He’s wanted to go there ever since his father took him to New York when he was 5 and showed him Broadway. That boy has a gift and I want to help him realize his potential.” Mom said with tears in her eyes. “Ok enough mushy stuff. I am going to take the boys and head to the home… Have a safe flight you two. Beau and Grayson let’s get a move on, Grandma’s making lunch and I know how you both love to eat. TJ knock em dead.” Mom drove us to the airport as she didn’t want me to get us lost. We made our flight and we were off to New York. I closed my eyes and dreamt of dancing on Broadway. The dream took a quick turn and I had just finished a show and was exiting the stage when standing there was my idol JC Woolery; the winner of America’s Got Talent. That boy had the looks, the talent to sing and dance and did I mention he was a Greek god? I woke with a start as mom just shook me and said we’d be landing at JFK Airport soon. Murray had said to use LaGuardia as he comes to visit friends out here, but mom said she knew better. JFK was a mess and I heard mom mumbling that she should have listened to Murray. We finally made it to the luggage area and got our bags and headed for a taxi. We made it to the hotel and then went to dinner. After eating we went back to hotel and I changed my clothes and went right to sleep. I was exhausted. “You are going to crush it mini… love ya” beep beep I hear the alarm. “Morning sleepy head, did you sleep ok?” “Yeah just nervous.” “Just remember your dad is always with you and you got this sweetheart. I just know you do” We had breakfast which I just picked at… nerves is what mom said. We made it to Julliard with some time to spare and I sat on the couch just outside the auditorium where the auditions would be held. I started to pace as my nerves were getting to me and then all of a sudden I see my Greek god JC Woolery coming out of the auditorium covered in sweet and shirtless. As I am starring the door opens again and hits me right smack in the face and I fall to the ground. “Are you ok?” JC asks while offering a hand to get up “Yyyeah” oh great now I stutter… I grab his hand to get up and feel some kind of electricity pass though my hand. God I hope that’s true, I’ve dreamt about JC for a couple of years and the things I would do to him. I don’t even know if he’s gay though. He dodged the question a lot on the show and keeps his Instagram just on his dance moves. “Tristan Michaels Jr???” some lady calls out “Um here” “Would you kindly join us in the room please, the others are waiting” JC gives me a weak smile and I turn to mom who just smiles and I brush myself off and enter the auditorium. Here goes nothing.
  10. TJ Michaels is dealing with the loss of his father, finishing High School and then going off to college. Before his audition he meets the boy of his dreams dancing and singing sensation JC Woolery the winner of America's Got Talent. This story will follow the boys as they discover their love for each other. Some characters names maybe familiar to you from Ronyx's Dancing on a Star. While they will make some appearance the story is focusing on TJ and JC. You don't need to read his story for this one to make sense.
  11. Great chapter. I share the same thought that Stephanie is pregnant. One of these days Don is going to do something worse that he can’t try to redeem himself for. Final thought... please don’t let it be Alex that beat Nathan up. I kept waiting for him to mention it.
  12. Happy Mother's Day to all.

  13. So much truth in this...


  14. On telework indefinitely.... was told could lift June or later. 😯

  15. Happy π day

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