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  1. A bit shocked to see Tristan's High School Journey in several of the categories for Top Reads... Thanks to everyone who read the chapters.

  2. An excellent chapter as as always Dodger.
  3. Between changing jobs and moving, I feel like I am getting pulled in so many different directions. 

  4. Tristan's POV As I pulled up to the house in Rhinebeck, Dom and Justin let out a gasp. "This place is huge," Justin exclaimed. "I love the woodsy feel," Dom chimed in. "TJ and Jackson wanted a place out of the city everyone could go to relax, and this is their place," I said. "Is this where we are staying?" Dom asked. "No, my grandparents bought a place not too far away, and we are staying there," I said gloomily. "Are you going to be ok?" Xander said, touching my arm. "It
  5. These story's will be on off about the families holiday times. We will check in on them periodically.
  6. I've been working on a little something that is themed off this up coming U.S. holiday... we will see our crew in a flash back. 

  7. Thank you for all your encouragement in the chapters. We are sure to see them in the future.
  8. I actually contemplated a shot ringing out when TJ took the stage... but I chose not too. thank you for all your support and PM's on this journey.
  9. Thanks for the kind words. I am hoping to bring them back. Just not sure when.
  10. Thank you for all your encouragement along the way. Greatly appreciated.
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