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  1. AquariusGuy

    Chapter 8

    Remember this is fiction and I’m known (I think I am at least) to throw curve balls. Expect the unexpected
  2. AquariusGuy

    Chapter 8

    We will have quite the interaction with him. They don't own the building so what the hell....
  3. “So this one time TJ was staying at our place and we had told him that we had our parents coming over for dinner. He had come up from swimming in the pool and went to take a shower; he came out with his towel around his neck naked as a jay bird whistling. What caught his attention was my mom dropped her coffee mug.” Brooks said “Hey I forgot they were coming; as you told me a few days prior. A reminder would have been nice.” I said blushing “Needless to say our mom’s talked about TJ all night.” Miles said laughing “Dude even our dad’s admired you; that boy is hung like a horse my dad said” Brooks said “Hey, well I can’t help it” I said “TJ we know you had started working out and you really blossomed and are quite the stud. Jackson is a lucky man” Brooks said “Our mom’s asked if we had a threesome with you.” Miles said “Your parents are something else” I said blushing “You really are a good looking guy TJ” Brooks said “What I admire was you staying faithful to Jackson. I’m not sure I could have gone five years.” Miles said “It wasn’t easy and I had a whole lot of offers.” I said “TJ, you went without sex for five years?” Christian said “My balls would have hurt” Cody said “You know guys there are two children here.” I said motioning to Tristan and Jamie “Daddy I know you and daddy have sex” Jamie said proudly “Jamie!” I said out loud “What’s wrong?” Brooks said concerned “Nothing” I said trying to cover “I know Cody and Christian like to make noises when they watch me” Tristan said and everyone was confused “What Tristan means is have sex” I said for clarification “You’ve heard us” Cody said blushing “Yes, think the neighborhood hears too” Tristan said “Ok enough of this talk” I say “How are the other babies? Where did you find a surrogate?” Brooks said “I’m not sure you’d believe me” I said “Try us” Miles said “Well I am I guess you’d say genetically mutated. I have the ability for telepathy and teleportation amongst other things. One of those things is I can conceive and have a baby.” I said taking a gulp “Wait you had seven babies?” Brooks said shocked “No, I had four and Jackson had three” I said “Wait Jackson too?” Miles said “Yes. My brothers and Jackson’s brother too” I said “Wow.” Miles and Brooks said “Kind of crazy and cool” Brooks said “I wondered how you got here so fast.” Miles said “Yeah Tristan can teleport too” I said “No wonder he’d disappear sometimes” Christian said “Yeah he likes to visit me, just like Jamie” I said and Jamie coo’ed “You is my brudder and my favorite person” Tristan said “I love you too little man” I replied After we sat and talked about things I decided it was time for us to head back home. We said our goodbyes and I took Tristan and Jamie and we went back to the mansion in Pennsylvania. “Hey guys” I said as I we walked in “Hey babe” Jackson said “Welcome back Teej” Beau said “Well look who came back” Emma said starring at Tristan “Tristan why did you blow up Emma’s house?” Kevin said angrily “She wanted my brudder to smoke and that bad for babies.” Tristan said “That is no reason to blow up someone’s house” Kevin said “Would you prefer I dropped one on her?” Tristan retorted. I didn’t know he was this sassy “Young man, this is inappropriate.” Kevin said “Tristan, buddy calm down” I said handing Jamie to Jackson and picking up Tristan. I was getting this feeling he was going to do something to Kevin “Daddy, I do what I want” Tristan said “Young man no you do not” Kevin said “Ok daddy” Tristan said but I could tell it was laced with sarcasm “We need to figure out what Tristan did to put a hold on Emma’s house being rebuilt” Bob said “I think it might be as simple as an apology” I said “I don’t know; it’s something I’ve never seen before” Bob said “Bob I am so sorry about Randy” I said “Water under the bridge; it has really had me thinking if I really loved him or the idea of having someone to replace Rylan” Bob said “You deserved someone” I said “Thanks TJ; you should rest as you are due soon” Bob said “I guess I should; join me babe?” I said looking at Jackson “Listen Jamie, you stay with your siblings.” Jackson said making me laugh. Jackson handed Jamie to Mack Jackson and I went to our room and sat in our chairs looking out over the wilderness and mountain views. “Babe, with Paul and Liz out of the picture do we still get all of the properties?” I asked “I think so but you’d have to ask dad; what are you thinking about?” Jackson said “Well you know how he bought the former Trump Tower and renamed it Manhattan Tower?” I said “Yeah I do” Jackson said “I was thinking we should do something with it; I want to rename it Matthew Shepard Tower and then I want to take the space that was occupied by the Trump Family Organization and demolish it and make it a space for the Trevor Project and we could call the area the Laverne Cox Hall or something. Then take the Penthouse and demolish it and make it into a facility to house homeless LGBTQI teens.” I said “Wow babe I love that idea.” Jackson said “They would be their rent free.” I said “It might get others to vacate and we could make space for other LGBTQI businesses” Jackson said “Yes, that would be awesome” I said “We can talk to Pop in the morning.” Jackson said “Sounds good, how about some cuddle time?” I asked “mmmm, you were reading my mind.” Jackson said We stripped and cuddled in bed and we were out fairly quickly. When I woke up he was still snuggled in close. I love looking at him; I always wonder how I got so lucky. I did a quick look around the room and we were alone; I smiled devilishly and got under the covers and found what I was looking for. I started licking the head of his penis and then began to blow him “Oh my good Teej” Jackson said breathlessly “mmmm” I moaned “Fuck, I’m going to nut” Jackson said and I greedily swallowed and licked him clean “Hope you enjoyed that” I said kissing him “It was a nice way to wake up” He said smiling and then returned the favor “Fuck J” I said as I shot my nut and he cleaned me and came in for a kiss. We were getting pretty hot and heavy and both came again from kissing. We took a nice leisurely shower and got dressed and went to grab some breakfast and then went to the nursery. “Good morning Mack” I said “Good morning TJ” Mack said “How was everyone last night?” I asked “They were all pretty good last night” Mack said “Good morning Katie” I said picking her up and she was smiling and Jamie just looked at me “Good morning my children” Jackson said looking at them all “Dude that sounded creepy” I said and Mack laughed “I was thinking the same thing” Mack said “Good morning boys” Kat said coming in “Good morning” I said “Kat could you hand me Jayson?” Jackson said sitting down holding Mattie “Sure” Kat said “So what brings you in this morning?” I asked “I had to come see my grandchildren” Kat said “I am sure they love when you visit” I said smiling “I know they do because I’m going to spoil the hell out of them” Kat said picking up a smiling Karson “You know she’s in here every day right?” Mack said “Spilling secrets are we Mack?” Kat said laughing “Sorry ma’am” Mack said blushing “It’s quite all right” Kat said “Good morning Jackson and TJ” Helen said coming in “Good morning grandma” Jackson said “Good morning little ones” Helen said picking up Hunter and sat in the rocking chair “Here’s JR Ms. Helen” Mack said “Thank you Mack.” Helen said and smiled “Do you guys all secretly come in here?” I asked “We do” Helen said “Normally it’s all us grandparents and great-grandparents” Kat said “Babe we need to come in here more often” I said “No, then we couldn’t be in here” Jack said smiling from the door “Good morning Pop” Jackson said “Good morning, your dad and I were over with your nephews and were making our way here” Jack said “Awe man, the boys beat us” Tracy said I started to feel some serious discomfort. “Are you ok TJ” Mack said and I shook my head no “TJ, hand me Katie and go with Mack” Jack said “Jackson, let’s trade places” Tracy said I was doubling over in pain and felt the tears coming. Jackson picked me up and carried me following Mack to the medical center in the house. When we arrived Mack told the nurse standing by to alert Bob and CC. “Babe it hurts” I said “It will be ok” Jackson said squeezing my hand The door flew open and in came Emma, Bob and CC “Is he in labor?” Bob asked “It’s a day to early” Emma said I felt the bed shift and Tristan was at my side “Brudder, take my hand” Tristan said and grasped his hand and felt a flow of energy and the pain was subsiding a bit. “Jackson, please move” Nicky said appearing and Jackson slid and Nicky grasped my other hand “What’s going on?” CC said “I’m not sure.” Bob said “Something must be wrong as they are healing him” Emma said That was the last thing I remember before I passed out. When I woke Jackson was on the bed with me and I could tell he’d been crying. I kissed his nose and his eyes fluttered open “You’re alive” Jackson said “No shit” I said and laughed “You’ve been out for a week” Jackson said “A week? No way.” I replied “Yeah apparently your appendix burst and Tristan and Nicky were keeping you alive until the Doctor could get here and operate” Jackson said “Is the baby ok?” I asked “Babe, you mean babies.” Jackson said “Yeah me.” I said feeling tired “You are going to be exhausted for a while and need to heal.” Jackson said “Thanks” I said and fell asleep again When I woke again I found Tristan and Jamie in bed with me. “Brudder?” Tristan said with tears “Hey little man” I said “I thought I lost you.” Tristan said crying harder “I’d never leave you” I said “You can’t promise that.” Tristan said I pulled him closer and hugged him “I love you Tristan” I said “I wuv you too brudder” Tristan said “How are you feeling?” An older man I’d never seen said “Um fine; who are you?” I asked “My name is Doctor Lowery” he replied “He fixed you brudder” Tristan said “Your appendix burst and things were touch and go” Dr. Lowery said “Thank you doctor” I said “Well I did the surgery but I think this little guy and the other truly saved you” Dr. Lowery replied “Thank you Tristan” I said kissing his forehead “Thank you Unca Twistan” Jamie said “Where is Jackson?” I asked “He is talking with his daddy” Tristan said Jackson walked in carrying a baby and Jack was trailing behind him with one “Babe, meet our second daughter Jillian Helen and her brother Robert James” Jackson said “What awesome names” I said “TJ, Jackson told me your idea and I’ve been working on making it happen but we’ve got a bit of a hold-up” Jack said “What’s the hold up?” I asked “Barron Trump” Jack said
  4. I was just told we are on permanent telework until July 2021 :blink::o

  5. So my guess is Connor somehow tells Don about Robbie and Nathan.
  6. AquariusGuy

    Chapter 7

    Said building was renamed... I have a plan for it and demolition is not it.
  7. AquariusGuy

    Chapter 7

    In terms of enemy... maybe a few. In the one story I mentioned how Trump tower was purchased... let's just say we will see an enemy surface.
  8. AquariusGuy

    Chapter 7

    Pissing off kids is never a good idea. Poor Emma Back on top? I thought you were a bottom.
  9. AquariusGuy

    Chapter 7

    Tristan is going to be a little hot head. He will give everyone a run for their money. Randy did find the Karma bus... Jamie is definitely going to be trouble as he is just like his father.
  10. “Why is there black smoke?” I said “Oh no” Bob said getting scared “We need to get out of here” CC said hurriedly grabbing Tristan “TJ you need to stay with Emma” Bob said “Come Rusty and Mark, grab my hands” Mary said and they vanished. Everyone else did too but Emma and I. The pounding on the door increased like they were trying to break it down but couldn’t. I heard someone pounding on the window but the glass wouldn’t break. Emma was looking at me the whole time. I swear I saw the door bend but it didn’t break; same with the windows. What was going on? “TJ, I can’t believe what is happening” Emma said “Me either, I want whatever your door and windows are made from” I said “It’s not the door and windows keeping them out; it’s you.” Emma said “Me? I’m not doing anything” I said “Your subconscious is; it’s protecting us.” Emma said “This is just weird.” I said “It is but we need to confront who is on the other side before they do something terrible. TJ, I need you to trust me.” Emma said “I do.” I replied “Then I am sorry for what I am about to do.” Emma said as she slapped me in the face. Once she did that the door flew open and in walked Randy. “What the fuck.” Randy said looking at us “Hello Randall” Emma said “You” Randy said pointing at me “Hey Randy” I replied “You know what I did” Randy said angrily “I do and you are going to pay for it.” I said and Randy laughed “You think you and this old hag can stop me? Hell Margaret didn’t even know what hit her.” Randy said letting out a sinister laugh “You won’t get away with this” I said “Oh you’re going to stop me?” Randy said “You bet your ass I will” I challenged “Who do you think stopped you from getting into the house?” Emma said “Your family is a bunch of freaks and I’m not stopping till they are dead.” Randy said “What do you mean we’re freaks” Bob said stepping from behind the wall in the kitchen “Bob uhh what are you doing here?” Randy said “TJ told me to come back” Bob said “What did you hear?” Randy said “Enough to know that you really are a piece of shit; we’re through Randy.” Bob said angrily. At the moment Randy brandished a gun and pointed it at Bob “Well, let me take the leader of this fuckery out” Randy said and fired a shot. It was as if time slowed down; I saw the bullet moving in slow motion and before it hit Bob it reversed course and hit Randy. “What the fuck just happened” Randy said falling to the floor “You see Randy not everyone is as dumb as you.” Emma said Randy fired the gun again and the bullet did an abrupt turn and hit Randy again. “If I were you I’d stop firing the gun.” I said “You Faggot.” Randy said and fired again and this was his final shot as the bullet changed trajectory and hit him right in the heart. “Bob, should I heal him?” I asked out of concern “No, let the man with internal homophobia die.” Bob said and Tristan reappeared “Brudder, are you ok?” Tristan asked “Yes, I saved everyone I think” I replied “What exactly happened?” Bob said “It appears TJ was saving anyone Randy tried to hurt.” Emma said “You mean he stopped those bullets?” Bob asked “Yes he did and he even prevented Randy from coming in.” Emma said “Well I did until you slapped me” I said “You slapped my brudder” Tristan said angrily “Yes, I needed to break his concentration. I am sorry about that TJ” Emma said “So Randy killed Margaret.” Bob said “He killed Rylan for Margaret and after she wrote him off he killed her.” I said “Bobby, I think deep down Randall loved you but he had his own self-hatred and was living everyday with what he had done.” Emma said “My sister would have henchmen; she was friends with the wrong people.” Bob said “She definitely was and she was jealous of what Jillian and you had personally.” Emma said “So how did you figure out who killed him?” Bob said “I had a feeling for years Margaret was involved and I had access to her memory and I scowered it looking for clues when I came upon her and Randall completing the task.” Emma said “I really thought he loved me.” Bob said “Bob like Emma said deep down he did but he couldn’t let it get out that he killed Rylan and Margaret.” I said “Killing a Senator is not good for ones resume. I actually talked with Randy at Margaret’s funeral as he had been friends with Margaret for years.” Bob said “This is going to sound strange but I get the feeling you are going to find someone Bob.” I said “Ah it finally kicked in” Emma said and started to waltz around again “T2, Let’s dance” Tristan said “Anything for my brother” I said smiling at him “What kicked in Emma?” Bob said “The boy’s intuition and ability to see the future” Emma said smiling “Oh like we need another Emma” Bob said rolling his eyes “Emma is fun” Tristan said “Yes, I am my little friend. You could learn something from this boy Bobby. Have a cup of gin and relax for a change and stop being up tight.” Emma said “Emma you know I can’t” Bob said “Bobby you never were a free spirit; I know just what you need.” Emma said and walked off “TJ, just be careful.” Bob said “Bob I can tell she’ll never hurt me. In fact, if you don’t want to get stoned; I suggest you leave.” I said. Just then Emma returned with a couple of joints “Now the fun begins.” Emma said “No pot for my brudder.” Tristan said “Come on a little never hurt anyone.” Emma said trying to light it but couldn’t get anything to light “Having trouble Em?” Bob said laughing “Every time I light something it goes out instantly” Emma said “No smoking near baby” Tristan said and crossed his arms “Young man, respect your elders.” Emma said lighting a match and all of a sudden there was a flash and Emma was covered in soot. “What happened?” I said “Never talk down to kids” Tristan said glaring at Emma “You did this?” Emma said “Yes. I said no smoking and you still trying.” Tristan said “Young man, this is my house.” Emma said All of a sudden the house imploded and we were standing in the rubble. “Not any more” Tristan said “What just happened?” Bob said looking around “I think Emma is pushing Tristan’s buttons and he leveled her house.” I said “Brudder, we need to go” Tristan said and grabbed a hold of my hand and we vanished. “Where are we little man?” I said looking around “We in my room” Tristan said proudly “Are you dad’s here?” I asked “No, but look out the window” Tristan said with a smile. I looked out the window and there on the pool deck Cody and Christian were fully enjoying themselves. “Tristan that is private.” I said “If it’s private no do it on the deck” Tristan said. I couldn’t deny that logic. We went down and I opened the door and I’ve never seen two people run that fast. “Boys, it’s ok. It’s just me and Tristan.” I said “Doesn’t matter; we need to cover up” Christian said “You don’t have anything I haven’t seen before” I said “What are you doing here?” Cody said pulling up his shorts “I was with Tristan and he brought me here.” I said shrugging “Oh Congratulations on the babies” Cody said “Thank you.” I said “Brooks and Miles are in town visiting. Should I call them?” Christian asked “Sure; I’d love to see them” I said and he disappeared into the house “He’s still shy being naked around people.” Cody said “He’s got nothing to be shy about; he’s a very handsome man.” I said “He really is” Cody said dreamily “My daddy told you no dicks on the deck” Tristan said and I laughed “He said what?” I asked “What he means is no sex on the desk” Cody said blushing “So not the first time huh?” I said and Cody blushed even more “No” He said looking at his feet “It’s ok Cody, you’re both teens with raging hormones.” I said “B and Miles are on their way” Christian said “Chris daddy gonna be mad at you” Tristan said crossing his arms “Hey buddy, this is just between us” Christian said “No daddy gonna know.” Tristan said pointing and sure enough hidden amongst the bushes was a camera. “Oh shit” Cody and Christian said “Who knows maybe they will love it and jerk” I said shrugging my shoulders “Daddy not a jerk brudder” Tristan said looking at me “Not what I mean buddy; I will explain later.” I said “B is here” Christian said checking his phone as mine rang “Go get them and let me answer this. Hey Kevin” I said as their faces went pale “So I heard my son made a house implode and now you’re at my place.” Kevin said “Yes we are here and are chatting with Cody and Christian; Brooks and Miles just got here.” I said waving at them pointing to my phone “I figured but I need you to talk with Cody and Christian about having sex on my deck.” Kevin said “I think Tristian might have saved us from that conversation” I said and told Kevin what he said “My boy is definitely looking out for us” Kevin said “That he is. You don’t mind if we are here do you?” I asked “Not at all; I just know Emma is angry as for some reason they can’t get the house to rebuild.” Kevin said “She really angered him so maybe he’s got some kind of hold on it?” I said “That’s a possibility. Go visit with the boys and I’ll see you later.” Kevin said “Thanks Kevin. Talk to you soon” I said and ended the call “What did Kevin want?” Cody said nervously “Nothing Tristan hasn’t covered already” I said “So they saw us?” Christian asked “They must have; you know he’s only looking out for you?” I said sincerely “Yeah, It’s just embarrassing” Cody said “You guys got caught again?” Miles said chuckling “You two need to calm those hormones.” Brooks said “There has to be a story here but anyhow; how are you both” I said “We are doing pretty well. This week is the first time in months we could get away from the club” Brooks said “Yeah running it has been really interesting.” Miles said “I heard about what happened” I said “The city tried to shut us down but between Bob and Kevin.” Miles said “I am glad they could help you both out.” I said “Brudder” Tristan said holding Jamie “Where did he come from?” I asked “How you have baby and not know where he come from?” Tristan said “Daddy I came see you” Jamie said “Jamie you aren’t to supposed to leave” I said sternly “Katie tell daddy I have your brother.” I said “I heard you babe; wondered where the bugger went” Jackson said “So guys this is Tristan James Michaels the 3rd also known as Jamie” I said “What an interesting name.” Miles said smiling “Yeah I needed another TJ in my life” Brooks said laughing “I wonder if he’s going to be anything like his dad” Brooks said wiggling his eyebrows “Dude, I’m never going to live that down am I?” I said turning pink “Hell no” Miles said laughing “Sounds like a story” Cody said “There definitely is” Brooks said “So this one time…..”
  11. AquariusGuy

    Chapter 6

    I should use it in my rejection letters I'm writing. Sorry your proposal isn't what we were looking for but bless your heart. or You couldn't follow the directions of my request but bless your heart for tryin
  12. AquariusGuy

    Chapter 6

    I know what it means....
  13. AquariusGuy

    Chapter 6

    well bless your heart @Wesley8890
  14. AquariusGuy

    Chapter 6

    why thank you
  15. AquariusGuy

    Chapter 6

    While waiting for the next chapter please enjoy this musical recorder session by a 3rd grade class. Their greatest hits include: Mary had a little lamb (she was hungry), Hot cross buns (I didn't know buns could be cross and who made them angry) and twinkle twinkle little star (words by Jamie about people's tinkle's)
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