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  1. I am wondering if Andrea wasn't projecting the situation with her husband onto Brian and Jonah's relationship. I suspect her husband was cheating with a younger person. I do sorta understand the whole age thing... I had someone pursuing me who had just turned 18 and I was old enough to be his father. It took me a bit to wrap my head around it but wouldn't have worked as we were in two different states. Great Chapter. I can't wait for more.
  2. AquariusGuy

    Chapter 8

    Them being a package deal was all around... you get both of them. They are supposed to have dinner and we shall see how that conversation goes... the dick pic was a conversation starter?
  3. AquariusGuy

    Chapter 8

    Yeah awkward to say the least.... now the whole family knows.
  4. AquariusGuy

    Chapter 8

    The picture of the Penis's was from Justin and Julian. We could have a dickcussion or something. How about a letter that I DICKtate to someone?
  5. AquariusGuy

    Chapter 8

    Sometimes I change things based on comments. It tells me that things are predictable and I chose to go another way. So don't feel bad.... any other chapter comments? Nothing about his picture message?
  6. Jack’s POV Tracy followed me into the office and Jake and Josh were sitting on the love seat so Tracy and I took the two wing backed chairs that faced the couch “Do care to explain what is going on?” I asked trying to maintain my temper “Tristan gets to do what he wants with no repercussions” Jake said “Yeah and he killed our dads” Josh said “Woah, what are you talking about?” Tracy questioned “He drove them away and he probably made them overdose” Josh replied “Nothing of the sort happened” I said “You can’t be sure that he wasn’t involved.” Jake said
  7. AquariusGuy

    Chapter 7

    Grandpa Jack taking his belt off may be a miss-direction. We don't know yet what will happen and will someone intervene? The twins Jake and Josh are pre-teens and they think they are invincible... will someone (Jack perhaps) put them in line or will someone else do it? I dunno maybe Tracy? Inquiring minds want to know.
  8. AquariusGuy

    Chapter 7

    Yes you did say he didn't break the window BUT now we know he was framed. The whole twins thing is going to be rather interesting... He's in for a surprise. Congratulations on beating @Wesley8890 to being the first comment. This was a sneaky post that I didn't even know was coming.
  9. AquariusGuy

    Chapter 7

    So the relationship is convoluted. Tristan is a clone of TJ that Tristan father Dr. Kevin Campbell created when TJ ran away. TJ and Tristan consider themselves brothers but when Kevin, Jeff and Bob left Tristan, Jake and Josh they were taken in by TJ and Jackson with CC being their legal guardian. So Tristan and his brothers have become sons to TJ and Jackson BUT they don't have to be to be consider grandchildren of Jack and Tracy. Jack and Tracy are accepting of the boys and sort of made them their honorary grandchildren. @NimirRaj explanation works just as well. I can say some cleaning up wi
  10. I watched as the group practiced for their upcoming show. I had no idea that Justin and Julian both danced. This seemed like a huge set-up my thoughts were interrupted by Sarah the Theater Manager. “Enjoying the scene” she asked sitting down “Uh yeah” I croaked out my eyes not leaving the twins “Take it there is someone or something up there you like” She said chuckling “What makes you say that?” I asked “Well one you haven’t made eye contact and second well how to put this delicately, how much to attend the circus?” She asked laughing I looked down in horror and
  11. AquariusGuy

    Chapter 6

    He did break it but... someone Wait till you see what they did.
  12. AquariusGuy

    Chapter 6

    There are a lot of folks in schools who think they are dictator's and think they are bullet proof. She is going get knocked back and there may be some drama with her in the future (hint hint). Yes he is going to see the twins again and his tutor is going to be temporary for now. We will know the results of the investigation sooner than later as someone steps forward with some information and maybe some video proof of who broke the window... despite a confesion. Hayley Mills is an old school Disney icon and one of my favorites (couldn't you tell). From Pollyanna, to Parent Trap I, II
  13. AquariusGuy

    Chapter 6

    it is and they do.... but how exactly did Tracy know this.
  14. AquariusGuy

    Chapter 6

    Yes one of her movies... but my favorite is Summer Magic. I've been listening to the sound track. Yes Tristan handled himself very well.... was that why Tracy invited him to the school?
  15. TJ’s POV I heard a cracking sound and turned my head to see the school stained glass that said “Respect is for those who deserve it, not those who demand it.” Within a blink of an eye it went to thousands of pieces and fell to ground. I grasped Tristan’s hand as I knew he needed to be grounded before things got worse. “Calm down and let me sort this out” I said to Tristan telepathically and I got no response. “Mrs. Graves, this is getting out of hand” I said “Out of hand” Mrs. Graves shouted “Which one of you broke my window?” “Now did you see either one of us go ne
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