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  1. Sorry for the lack of chapters... I've debated going on hiatus as I've had some personal things going on and the last thing hit kind of hard and my spark for writing went out.... I should know in the next day or two what I am going to do. 

  2. AquariusGuy

    Chapter 54

    I'm a little surprised everyone glossed over the gay president Maybe I wasn't clear enough
  3. AquariusGuy

    Chapter 54

    Yes Hunter and Tristan were doing some damage control on behalf of the family. There are always people in the world who want to stop those from doing good.
  4. AquariusGuy

    Chapter 54

    I thought about ending the chapter on that... but decided to make it slightly longer
  5. AquariusGuy

    Chapter 54

    Maybe they did, maybe there is mole or maybe someone has bugged their place.
  6. AquariusGuy

    Chapter 54

    Hunter gathered evidence and Tristan was our pyromaniac. What's in the files will be upsetting to all mentioned. It begs the question how the Senator knows.
  7. "An Aircraft carrying Senator Marshall Caruthers exploded over the Atlantic Ocean this afternoon. The FBI and the NTSB are on the scene investigating the cause. The plane's manifest shows there were twenty other people on the plane with the Senator," Wyatt Anderson said. "President Bennett has lowered all U.S. Flags to half staff. He and the First Gentlemen are offering their prayers to Caruthers family and all those on board. We are expecting the President to speak later this evening," Mic
  8. AquariusGuy

    Chapter 53

    I raise my glass in a toast…. Slowly lowers glass. Too soon?
  9. AquariusGuy

    Chapter 53

    These people are burnt a crisp. There may or may not be someone else earth side who objects to a few things.
  10. AquariusGuy

    Chapter 53

    I haven’t written it yet but this part has been in my head. I’ll see what I can do
  11. Air Traffic Control - New York, NY "We have an unresponsive aircraft," Charlie said to her boss. "What plane is it," Leon replied as he continued to monitor the rest of the air traffic in and out of the airports. "It's Alpha-Delta 4520 that is en-route to JFK," Charlie said as she continued in an attempt to reach the plane. Flipping through his screens, Leon noticed the plane registration showed it belonged to Senator Marshall Caruthers. "Charlie, see if any other aircraft in the a
  12. AquariusGuy

    Chapter 52

    Not every episode ends in death. Some do and some don’t. There even a few military ones.
  13. AquariusGuy

    Chapter 52

    There are 160 episodes and I have a few or so contenders for it to play out.
  14. AquariusGuy

    Chapter 52

    It’s an interesting show.
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