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  1. In memoriam: Old Bob would have been 90 today!

  2. I hope you are okay

  3. Hope you're having a wonderful day where ever you are!!! :)

  4. Bob!!!! I hope you're having a great birthday! :)

  5. Happy Birthday bob~! :hug:

  6. Happy Birthday, old bob, I hope this finds you well!

  7. Happy Birthday Bob!

  8. I hope you have a happy, happy birthday, Bob!!!! :)

  9. Hope you're doing well, Bob :)

  10. In his stories, as in his life, GhostRyder was primarily a soldier and his death should be commemorated like that of a warrior. "Der gute Kamerad" ("The good Comrade"), also known as "I had a comrade", is a traditional lament of the German Armed Forces. The text was written by the German poet Ludwig Uhland in 1809. In 1825, the composer Friedrich Silcher set it to music. "The Good Comrade" plays an important ceremonial role in the German Armed Forces and is an integral part of a military funeral. It is also used to some degree in the French Army, particularly in the Foreign Legion. When the song is played, soldiers are to salute, an honour otherwise reserved for national anthems only. Here is the English translation of the song : I once had a comrade, You will find no better. The drum sounded for battle, He walked at my side, In the same pace and step. A bullet came flying towards us, Is it meant for me or you? It tore (swept) him away, He now lays at my feet, As if he was a part of me. His hand reaches out to me, Meanwhile I am reloading (the rifle). "I cannot shake your hand (farewell), You must remain in eternal life (heaven), My fine (precious) comrade." I you want to listen the song : http://lalegion.de/joomla/mp3/8_ich_hatt_einen_kameraden.mp3
  11. old bob

    Remembering My Brother

    Life is really unfair, but the memories remain and that's the good side of our own journey from birth to death.
  12. As time flies, I have to bring my affairs in order and I devote to this work all my free time. Readers of my story will unfortunately have to wait some time, sorry for that.

    1. joann414


      Take care of you and your own. We'll be here ):)

  13. As time flies, I have to bring my affairs in order and I devote to this work all my free time. Readers of my story will unfortunately have to wait some time, sorry for that.

  14. Congratulations on your blog! receiving a salary increase is always a pleasure. But what I like most about you, is your joy and especially your surprise. In reading your blog, I welcome your mood and your sense of reality. This reconciles me with mankind !
  15. The older I get, the more days goes by quickly. People of my age, at least the ones I know well, are all very busy. In 1948 (65 years ago ! ) We were 148 to finish our high school and to successfully pass our exams. Today nearly a hundred disappeared. We, the "survivors", we usually meet us each autumn at a luncheon in the Geneva countryside. 3 weeks ago, we were 25 around the table and 22 bothered to send us a letter of apology, stating that they were still alive, even though they were often no more able to move. 32% of survivors, it is still a nice score! Having 85 years today has nothing to do with the old men of the same age I was watching when I was 20. Some of us are still professionally active, transmitting to employees or younger associates their experiences and knowledge. The most active of us, including myself, are solicited by long-time customers and are happy to still "respond to the demand." Others, although they are retired, work as volunteers in charity associations or participate in historical studies doing "a work of memory". Despite our age, despite some physical weaknesses, we all still want to live and to enjoy life. I wondered what is the reason of such a positive attitude. Searching on the Web (in this regard, I noticed that more than 30 of us had an email address and therefore were successfully adapted to modern means of communication) I "met" a psychoanalyst who gave me some elements of response. According to Erik Erikson’s "Eight Stages of Life" theory, the human personality is developed in a series of eight stages that take place from the time of birth and continue on throughout an individual’s complete life. He characterizes old age as a period of "Integrity vs. Despair", during which a person focuses on reflecting back on his life. Those who are unsuccessful during this phase will feel that their life has been wasted and will experience many regrets. The individual will be left with feelings of bitterness and despair. Those who feel proud of their accomplishments will feel a sense of integrity. Successfully completing this phase means looking back with few regrets and a general feeling of satisfaction. These individuals will attain wisdom, even when confronting death. Well, I think I am one of them!
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