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Doctor/Amy/Rory, Finn/Rachel/Brody and Sam/Dean



I am just so sad.


The recent episodes of Glee and Doctor Who are the reason for it. (BTW If you havent seen the episodes and dont want to spoil your own surprise, you should not read this. It will contain a bit of MANY spoilers... maybe)


So, Doctor Who. Season 7. Episode 5. Angels take Manhattan <_<


Amy and Rory are gone :( And the way they went, it is just so sad. So unfair to them :( Okay, they arent anything like Rose or Martha or Rose or Donna or ROSE! but they needed an exit that was with a bang! They have been the longest companion for Christ's sake!


I was actually looking forward to this episode, for two reasons - The exit and the weeping angels. Those angels scare the shit out of me. But just like the exit, the angels were a disappointment :( Okay there were moments, like the Statue of Liberty taken over and her teeth ... :unsure:


Nonetheless, I like Doctor Who very much. The start of this season was awesome, I thought., Just this episode... I guess, I was expecting too much from Moffat. I will miss Amy and Rory and I will especially never forget Rory for being such a great husband to her, waiting outside the Pandora's box for 2000 years... THAT one still gets me.


BTW I wonder why they kept coming back to the graveyard.. I believe, it was a hint, for the season finale? Maybe Amy and Rory will be back. Or was it just so that the Angels could zap the couple back in time.


Anyways, i am so looking forward to Jenna coming this December. She is gonna be the next companion and the first peek we got of her in the first episode of this season, she very much impressed me :D


Now Glee, Season 4. Episode 3.


I hate to say this, but I LOVE Brody. He is hot. He is gorgeous. he is a gentleman and he is so sweet.


But he is breaking up our Finchel :angry: And I dont like that at all. He can be with me instead... :P


Seriously, Murphy knows how to play with our heart :,( But the ending was very much predictable haha.. I was just waiting for Finn to turn up. First when Brody rang the doorbell and Rachel went to get it, I thought it was Finn.. Then, they were eating the pizza together and I thought Finn would come. BUT he came after the damage was done :( I hate Rachel for kissing Brody...


However, I dont really blame her. It was really unfair that Finn left her to go to New York by herself. I know it was her dream and all, but I thought he loved him! I can bet serving in the army isnt Finn's real dream and he still went just coz of his bio dad's wish (I dont remember exactly what happened there..)


Okay he went. i agree he was making a sacrifice for his love. For Rachel. So that she can pursue her own dreams.But then he didnt even call her? Kurt would tell Rachel that Finn called HIM but did he never miss her? It was really mean on Finn's part. So I kinda understand Rachel kissing Brody. And I am not gonna thrash Brody either because he is just acting on his crush and Rachel was letting him. Plus, he is a cutie :hug:


Anyways, the next episode is gonna be named "The Break up" or something... and it is so depressing to think of these two breaking up, if it happens. Knowing Murphy, he is gonna do it :P It is a shame that they almost got married at one point of time.


Oh well... Let's see what is in store next. Also, SUPERNATURAL begins tomorrow! I cant wait to see the gods of hotness on my screens starting from tomorrow. Sam and Dean are awesome. And I hope Season 8 is gonna be coming up with more better storylines. Something like the First five seasons..


90210 is starting next Monday. But I am really not looking forward to it. However, Thursdays are gonna be more interesting with Vampire Diaries coming back next week!! guitar.gif


WoW! Blogging does help... My mood is all better now ^_^

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I agree that Brody is super hot. Haha. And I am intrigued with this Dr. Who haven't seen any episode of it but i was advised it's worth the time. :).


Another thing that I agree on this blog is that sam and dean are the God of Hotness haha.

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I miss supernatural before the Angels with father issues :P


(Although with a dad like chuck, it is probably what you expect)


I agree Sam and dean forever.

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