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  1. SidLove

    Chapter 16

    As they left the bar, Aidan noticed how Aaron and Jenny couldn’t take their eyes off each other. That hour-long dance had definitely worked in his brother’s favor. He exchanged looks with Rick who smiled at him secretively. At least it wasn’t bothering him. They were heading toward the parking lot when Aaron suddenly announced, holding Jenny gently by her forearms, “Hey guys, listen.” Rick turned his wheelchair looking curiously at him. “Rick, do you mind if I drive Jenny home in my car?” he asked cautiously. Aidan looked down at Rick who obviously was speechless. Jenny seemed baffled too by that. She opened her mouth to say something but not a word came out. She instead turned to Rick, begging for advice. However, an awkward silence prevailed. Aaron expectantly looked at each of them for a reply. Aidan came to their rescue. “You know what Aaron, it’s getting late and I’m sure Jenny has to rest. Maybe…” Rick held his hand to stop him mid-sentence and said, “I think we should let Jenny decide what she wants to do. I trust Aaron will bring her back to your place safely.” It took Aidan by surprise, and he turned to Jenny curious to know what she’d say. Aaron smiled at her. “Jenny?” She nodded slowly and said with a hesitant smile, “Okay.” “Cool.” Aaron’s grin couldn’t have been any bigger at that moment. “I’ve parked on the other block. We’ll see you guys back at Aidan’s then.” He waved and guided her in the opposite direction. They walked together down the street, Aidan realized how perfect they looked together. He smiled down at Rick as they both turned around continuing on their way to Aaron’s car. Rick kept stealing glances up at his boyfriend while pushing his wheelchair keeping up with Aidan’s pace. It made Aidan wonder. Did they look as perfect to others when they went to places together? Maybe. Maybe not. Aidan hadn’t missed the odd looks some people gave them when they went out together. Did it bother him? Not really. But initially, it did make him feel a tad bit uncomfortable. He hadn’t forgotten how his best friend Corey had frowned at him for dating Rick. But that was when he’d realized that none of it mattered because he loved his boyfriend so much that he couldn’t care less what anyone else thought about them. Rick had become a part of his life before he knew it. None of it seemed weird. It felt good; it felt so right to take Rick in his arms, going to sleep together every night. That feeling was incomparable. He opened the passenger door and settled Rick in. Aidan found it hard to take his eyes off the guy. Rick blushed and averted his eyes. The guy was adorable. He didn’t even know how beautiful he was—inside and out. Aidan always thought his first love was the guy he’d met in high school—with whom he’d had his first time. Thinking back now, it came off as only an infatuation to him. Because he knew deep in his heart that he’d never loved anyone as much as he loved Rick. No matter what anyone thought, Aidan was certain that they were perfect for each other because no one else mattered to him more than the guy in his arms. He leaned closer and brushed his lips against Rick’s cheek. “I love you so much,” he whispered. Rick looked up smiling shyly but his eyes stopped to look at something behind Aidan, and the sweet smile was soon lost. Aidan followed his gaze and saw a bulked up African American man standing in front of his car. He had his hands in the pockets on his hoodie, and he stared at them with dark eyes. The man was huge, and everything about him screamed danger. Suddenly, a tall, lanky dude appeared behind him. “Can I help you?” “Where the hell is his fucking sister?” Jenny! Aidan looked at Rick, and he looked pretty freaked out. Probably, he knew this man. He turned to the guy again and said, “Obviously, she isn’t here with us.” Suspicion grew within him by the second. Something about this was terribly wrong. He watched the two men exchange looks—the big guy looking daggers at his friend. The skinny guy seemed as if he’d shit his pants. He stammered as he replied, “She came with them. We saw it.” Fucking hell! Aidan realized they were being followed the whole time and they’d been waiting there in the parking lot expecting Jenny to tag along with Rick and Aidan. “Where is she?” the big guy asked. Impatience was apparent in his tone. Aidan refused to let the man’s size and demeanor intimidate him even for a second and asked, “What do you want from her?” “We got some dues to settle with her. She and this punk put my guy in prison.” He must have picked up the perplexed look on Aidan’s face because, in the next moment, he clarified, “Victor. I’m telling you, he was one of my trusted guys, but if he starts talking, it would be the end of my gang.” “Hey, nobody put him in prison.” Aidan raised his voice realizing the whole deal now. “He got arrested because he tried to kill his own wife.” He smirked. “Do you think I care about any of that?” The man exchanged a funny look with his skinny accomplice and said, “Listen, why don’t you just let me talk to Vic’s girl?” Aidan closed the passenger seat’s door and ignored the light call of his name from Rick’s mouth. He bent and started to fold the wheelchair down as he said, “Sure. Whatever you say, man. But the next time you decide on a meeting place, pick an appropriate time and place. We can have my lawyer around, and you can say whatever you want to Jenny and…” He put the folded wheelchair in the back. “And by the way, also let us know in advance, so there are no surprises, okay? G’night!” His head was boiling in anger by the end of it, and he literally pushed the man-giant to get to the driver’s seat. It was too late to realize what a big mistake it was because it ticked the man off and he put his arm on his shoulder, made him turn swiftly and punched Aidan’s face. It happened so fast that Aidan had no time to think or act. Aidan fell backward, his head first hitting the car hood and then hard on the ground. His vision blurred for a few seconds and a sharp pain erupted. He didn’t need to check to know that his nose bled. His fist flew that hard. “Aidan!” He heard Rick’s terrified scream echo through the secluded parking lot, followed by the sound of his car door unlocking. The man above him bent over and held him by his shirt to pick him up. “You little shithead, do you even know who I am? I’ll blow off your head and dump your body in some trash. Nobody will ever find out.” “Let him go!” Rick begged, and Aidan looked at his boyfriend trying to get out of the car. “Or what?” he spat out. “You crippled bastard, you can’t do shit.” The offensive language against Rick triggered Aidan’s anger, and he threw his fist across the thug’s face with all the energy he could coax. Before he could take another shot, though, the big guy punched him back. This time, he did not stop. The fist kept coming at him. The guy swore loudly and kept calling him names as he hit him. He could hear Rick’s begging over the name calling. After a while, he hardly had any sense left. Aidan was thrown against the car, and the man banged his head against the hood so hard that it left an obvious dent. Suddenly, it all came to a stop. “Zig, someone’s coming.” He heard someone say. The last kick to his belly made him cough up blood, and he moaned. He blinked hard and found Rick dragging his weight across the ground toward him. Aidan grunted, coughed again and felt a bit light headed. He knew he was about to lose consciousness. But he had to make sure his boyfriend was safe. Rick called out as he sat near Aidan’s head and helped him to rest it on his lap. “You’re going to be okay. I’ve called for help. Stay with me. Please, Aidan.” He turned his head up to look at his boyfriend’s face. His cheeks were wet, and he shook uncontrollably. Aidan wished he could hug him and tell him it was going to be okay. He brought his hand up, wanting to touch Rick but he couldn’t. Rick took the hand and brought it to his lips. He kissed it and said, “I’m here, Aidan. I’m here.” Aidan opened his mouth to say that he loved Rick. However, he couldn’t find his voice to utter those words. His throat hurt from the beating it had endured. All that came out was a grunt, and it all suddenly faded away. Rick kept repeating “No, no” over and over again in his state of panic. The last thing Aidan heard was his man yelling out his name before it all turned black.
  2. SidLove

    Chapter 14

    Nope.. no breaking up the guys over something like that. No ways.. I won't let that happen Thanks for reading!
  3. SidLove

    Chapter 14

    So true. Once they have your trust, they start showing their true colors.
  4. SidLove

    Chapter 14

    You will get a glimpse of Jenny's back story in Chapter 15 - which is now up Hopefully it will help you understand her better.
  5. SidLove

    Chapter 14

    No, no, thank YOU Charles for reading. And of course, letting me know how much you love these characters. Hope Aidan and Rick's story ahead keeps you interested till the end
  6. SidLove

    Chapter 14

    I think Victor will get what he deserves. More of Jenny to come in the upcoming chapters I think she deserves a happy life too. And yes, let's hope they never speak of moving out ever again. But you have to understand Rick has always felt like a burden to people. Or rather, people in the past have made him feel like a burden of their lives - his mother, his step father, and Victor too. So, it's difficult for him to wrap his head around Aidan's genuine offer for help.
  7. SidLove

    Chapter 15

    “Hey, it’s me. Can I come in?” Aidan asked after he knocked on the door. Once he had Jenny’s permission, he opened it and entered. She lay halfway on the bed with a book in her hand. When she saw Aidan, she smiled and quickly sat up. Placing the bookmark on the opened page, Jenny closed the book and placed it on the nightstand. “Hey, what’s up?” “Just checking in on you,” he replied as he sat on the edge of the bed. Jenny smiled. “I’m so much better, Aidan. Will you stop worrying about me so much?” He grinned and shrugged. “I guess I’m kind of a worrier. Have absolutely no idea when I turned into my mom.” That made Jenny giggle, and he loved that sound coming out of her mouth. Aidan looked at her. She looked well, now that a few days had passed since the incident. Her otherwise flawless skin had started to get its color back. The bruises on her body faded away, and the wounds healed slowly. She stopped taking any more medicines for her pain which was a really good sign. However, Rick worried himself about what was going on in her mind. He’d told Aidan that she was unusually quiet which was out of character for her. Rick had always told him his sister was a lively person who simply loved to talk. While at his house, Aidan had hardly seen her coming out of her room except for daily meals with them. Rick was dejected that he couldn’t get through the wall she’d built up between them. The more he tried to get her to open up, the more she drifted and confined herself within the four walls of their guest room. Aidan hated to see Rick suffer like that so, he offered to help. “But how are you really doing, Jenny?” She narrowed her eyes. “Did Rick put you up to this?” she asked. He shook his head. “No, nobody put me up to this. I’m just…I hardly know you because we’ve barely had any real conversations. So, I might be crossing a line when I ask. But it’s not just me who’s worried about you. Rick is too. He can see that you’re hurting. And it’s like, you keep pushing him away when all he wants to do is help you. That affects him too, and I can’t see him like that.” Jenny sighed. She crossed her legs and gazed at Aidan with sad eyes. “You’re a good man, Aidan. Rick used to talk about you all the time before he moved in with you and I knew you treated him well. But now I know for sure that he is in good hands.” Aidan couldn’t help but blush. “Thanks, I guess.” She smiled uncertainly and looked down at her hands. Fidgeting with her fingers, she spoke after a whole minute passed. “I haven’t been able to talk to Rick or you, for that matter because I’m embarrassed.” “Embarrassed? Why embarrassed?” “Because…” she said, looking up at him with tear-filled eyes. “It was all my fault.” “No,” he said and scooted closer to her. He reached out and stroked her upper arm as she cried. “None of this is your fault, Jenny.” “Well, it is.” She sniffed. “I’m the one who married Vik even though I knew what kind of guy he was. But damn, I was so young when we married. I was stupid and reckless. He proposed, and I fell for him. I kept ignoring his flaws as if they didn’t matter. But when I…” She bit her lip to stop herself from crying, but a sob broke out anyway. When she managed to recover herself, she continued. “I miscarried twice because of his beatings. That’s when I saw him for the monster he was. I’d fallen out of love and sought help from people around me. Divorce was the only option left. But I was broke. I’d started to save up to pay for a good lawyer. But then Rick came to live with us, and my husband wanted to throw him out. But he had nowhere to go. The only way to keep him at our place was for me to pay a rent amount on Rick’s behalf. I work as a nanny for three kids, and it doesn’t pay me extravagantly. I had to dig into my savings to take care of him too.” “Did you ever tell that to Rick?” Aidan asked, already knowing the answer. “How could I? He already felt like shit with Vik around.” Aidan didn’t know what to say at that moment. He continued to soothe Jenny as she let out her tears. She and Rick cared very much for each other. She’d silently endured a lot of pain and sacrificed a great deal when it came to making some selfish choices. Jenny could have easily sent her brother back to Missouri and continued with her life. She had her own problems, after all. Jenny knew exactly how much harder her life would become and she still chose to go that path. Because, obviously, she loved Rick to pieces. He handed her some more Kleenex as she wiped her new set of tears. “I can’t say that I know exactly how you feel. But Jenny, everyone makes stupid decisions at least once in their lives. I’ve made so many in my life that I’ve stopped keeping a count of them. So, there’s nothing for you to be embarrassed about.” She nodded, and Aidan bent down as he searched in her eyes. When she looked up, he smiled sadly at her and said, “You know you made a bad decision. You fell and stood up. It’s hard, I know. But you gotta start walking now. Move on. Live your life. That’s how it’s supposed to be. That’s how…” He held her hand and pointed at her palm. “You will bump into that guy who’s going to make it all worth fighting for. I see it so clearly on here.” She grinned through her tears and wiped them off with the back of her hand. “I didn’t know you were into palmistry.” “Just one of the hobbies I’ve picked up. It’s our secret, okay? Don’t tell Rick.” He winked. Aidan had totally made it up, but from the looks of it, the trick had still worked its charm. “Thanks, Aidan.” She sniffed. “I feel better now.” “I’m glad to be of assistance, ma’am.” He took a little bow and grinned. “But I have a much better plan to help you.” “What’s that?” “We’re heading down to a gay club in WeHo, and you’re coming with us.” “Yea, I dunno…” He held his hand up. “I am not taking a no for an answer. You’re coming, and that’s final.” When she frowned at him, he said, “Please, Jenny, I’m in a mood to celebrate. My portraits of Rick have been accepted by one of the top art galleries in the city, and I’m excited. It’s a happy day for me and your brother. So, please, say yes. Please,” Aidan literally begged. He knew she wouldn’t say no to the puppy face he made. “Erm…Aidan,” Aaron suddenly said from across the table. “I wanted to talk to you about that…thing I told you about.” His eyes shifted from Rick to Jenny and finally settled on his elder brother. When he’d called that evening to make some brother-bonding plans, Aidan invited him to join in as well. “Sure, what’s up?” he asked, looking curious and confused at the same time. “I mean, in private.” Aaron glanced at Jenny and Rick uncomfortably. “Sorry guys, I hope you understand.” Rick waved dismissively and smiled. Aidan leaned in to give him a kiss on the cheek. “I’m sure this won’t take long,” he said, before following his brother out of the bar. As soon as they stepped out on the street, Aaron swiveled around to face him and almost yelled, “What the hell were you thinking?” Aidan quickly recalled the last conversation that they’d had in the bar and realized Aaron hadn’t spoken much ever since they got there. “Huh?” He failed to recollect what it could’ve been that had offended his brother. “You called me to a gay bar? When you knew Rick’s hot sister is gonna be hanging with us?” He threw his hands in the air and huffed. “Now she probably thinks I’m gay!” Laughter bubbled out of Aidan. Aaron had joined him at bars, gay or not, on multiple occasions without a damn care of what anyone else thought. So he hadn’t given it much thought when he had invited him that evening. What amused him was that his brother had a crush on Jenny and that it mattered to him what she thought. “Stop laughing, dude. I’m serious, it’s embarrassing. The way she looks at me…I know she’s made up her mind that I’m into dudes. You ruined my chance with her.” Aidan patted his brother’s back as he tried to control his laughter. “Oh, God, Aaron! You’re imagining it. I’m sure she isn’t judging you at all.” He chuckled. “I can’t believe you have a crush on Rick’s sister.” “Can you blame me? She is so fucking hot! It should be a crime to be so fucking hot and still be available.” His grin faded in that moment. “Wait, she is available, right? Or am I jumping the gun here?” He didn’t know how to answer that. “It’s complicated. I don’t want to get into details, but…she’s in the middle of a divorce. You may want to tread carefully here if you like her so much.” “Oh, that’s tough.” “In all honesty though, she’s super nice, and she deserves a better person than her ex.” “Like me, maybe?” he asked eagerly. Aidan chortled. “Yeah, yeah.” He rolled his eyes. “But even though we’re brothers, I wanna say this. If you hurt her, like ever, I’d hunt you down and kick your ass.” Aaron started laughing thinking his brother was kidding. A raise of his right brow set things straight, and Aidan watched his brother compose himself before nodding. “Anything that ultimately hurts my boyfriend will have to face me. And I don’t care who it is.” “Chill, bro.” “No, I’m saying this because those two in there have suffered enough and I’d hate it if my little brother were the reason to cause them more pain.” “Okay,” Aaron said and pulled him into a hug. “Okay. I won’t do anything stupid. Don’t worry.” Aidan sighed, and they both got back in. “Is everything okay?” Rick asked as they took their seats opposite him. He must have noticed the long faces and the changed mood in both of them. “Oh, yeah.” Aidan smiled and looked at his brother to nod at him. “Everything’s cool. Just some work stuff that Aaron needed my opinion on.” He cleared his throat and noticed the missing person next to Rick. “Where’s Jenny?” “I’m here!” Jenny appeared from behind them and went around to get to her seat. “I had to use the ladies room. What did I miss?” As the music grew louder, everyone welcomed a couple of Go-Go boys with an exciting cheer. The two took their positions by the pole and entertained their crowd for the rest of the night. The trio listened as Jenny narrated a story of one of her friends who had worked at a shady strip club once and got ripped off by the employer who never paid for six months. Aaron didn’t miss an opportunity that evening to flirt with. He slipped in some cheesy jokes in the middle of their conversations, and she apparently found them funny too because she couldn’t stop laughing. Either that or the girl had mastered in fake laughing so much that it sounded genuine. Aidan doubted that was the case though. As he observed her more closely, Aidan could see why Aaron was so smitten by Jenny. It was a surprise he hadn’t noticed it before, but Jenny and Rick had familiar features. Blonde hair, blue eyes, long lashes. Unlike Rick though, his sister looked sun-kissed and had a button nose. All in all, she looked like a model out of a fashion magazine with a slim waist and well-endowed breasts. Awfully good genes, he thought to himself with a smile, looking at his cute boyfriend and his hot sister. “What’s that smile for?” Rick looked at him slightly confused. Aidan looked back as the curious eyes were now all on him and he blushed. If only he knew what I was thinking. He chuckled. “Nothing, I just remembered a funny thing my client said today,” he lied. “Care to share?” Jenny probed. He shrugged. “Later, maybe.” Aidan turned to his brother and said, “Why don’t you ask Jenny for a dance? They’re playing some really good songs tonight.” “Oh, yeah, Jenny? Would you care for a dance?” Jenny was caught off-guard, and she stammered when she said, “Oh, I don’t know about that.” Aaron stood up ready to hit the dance floor. “Come on, it’ll be fun.” She glanced at her brother sitting who gave a huge grin. “Go!” he said. “I know you love dancing to these beats and you’ve got an enthusiastic partner in Aaron. In fact,” Rick turned to Aidan and said, “Why don’t you go and join them as well?” “Believe me, you do not want to see me dance.” Aidan laughed. “Yeah, I’m with him on this one,” Aaron said with a straight face. “Aidan dances like a dad dancing at prom. It’s actually embarrassing.” Jenny laughed out loud, and Aidan narrowed his eyes at her. “I’m sorry, but I can’t help imagining it,” she explained. “Oh well…a man cannot be good at everything.” He pouted. “Aww,” Rick said reaching for Aidan’s hand on the table. “I love you no matter what, you know that.” The wink that followed gave him goosebumps, and he smiled softly. Aidan took hold of Rick’s hand and brought it up to his lips. “I love you too,” he said before kissing it tenderly. “All the more reason now to go dancing, Jenny,” Aaron said grabbing their attention again. “We should leave them alone for a while.” “You’re probably right.” Jenny ruffled her brother’s hair and followed Aaron to the dance floor. Aidan and Rick ate the rest of their dinner in silence, enjoying each other’s company and occasionally checking up on the dancing couple on the floor. They seemed to be having a good time too. Aidan smiled as he saw Aaron leaning closer to Jenny’s ear, whispering something and whatever he said made her laugh too. It pleased him to see her happy like that. And it made him happier knowing that his brother was the reason behind it. “Is it just me or is Aaron actually hitting on my sister?” Rick asked, looking amused. Taking a bite, he said carefully, “I don’t know. Why? Does it bother you?” “No, not at all. I just find it…weird, maybe? A little bit. But anyways, I know he’s a nice guy.” Aidan took a sip of his beer and cleared his throat. “That’s actually what we talked about earlier when he pulled me away. He likes Jenny, that’s for sure.” He gave him an uncertain smile. Rick nodded. “That’s sweet. But…with all that’s happened with her, I don’t know if she’s ready to start seeing other men. I don’t want him to end up hurt because my sister doesn’t reciprocate his feelings, you know?” A chuckle forced itself out from Aidan, and he shook his head. “What?” “Nothing, it’s funny how you are more worried about him getting hurt than her.” “What’s so funny about that?” “Because when we were talking,” Aidan said pointing back toward the door, “I actually threatened to kick his ass if he ever hurt Jenny.” Rick laughed. “You did not!” “Did too.” “I’m sure that won’t be necessary, though. Aaron is a sweetheart.” “So is your sister.” He gazed at the dance floor again and smiled. “But yeah, he is the best brother in the world. I cannot imagine my life without him.” After a moment of watching the two, Rick finally broke the silence. “There’s no point worrying, I guess. They’re both old enough to make the right decisions.” “I can’t agree more.”
  8. SidLove

    Chapter 13

    You seriously made my day with this comment. So surprise surprise - chapter 14 is up, Charles - just for you Thanks!
  9. SidLove

    Chapter 13

    Thank you for that. I am glad you love these boys. They are imperfect but lovable Yes, now that the Rosses are fixed, let's fix the Mahoneys
  10. SidLove

    Chapter 14

    9-1-1 sent help immediately to Victor and Jenny’s house, and by the time Aidan and Rick arrived, the area had been secured. A couple of cops led a handcuffed Victor out of the house as they both entered. He did not look happy at all to see either of them there, but they couldn’t care less. Rick hurried inside to check on his sister who seemed to be in bad shape. Jenny sat on the couch in her tattered lingerie. It broke Aidan’s heart to see the multiple bruises and open wounds on her body. She cried and moaned in pain as the paramedic tended to her. Aidan looked down at Rick. “Jenny?” Rick called out, his voice seemingly cracking because of the horrendous sight in front of them. She looked up. “Rick…you came…” He wheeled his chair closer to her and touched her carefully. “Of course, I came. You’re my sister, and you called me for help. How could I not?” “I wasn’t sure.” Her voice broke with every word she uttered. “Victor didn’t let me finish talking to you. I didn’t know how much of it you heard and…” He stroked her arm. “We heard enough to know you were in trouble and called 9-1-1 for help.” “You did?” She looked surprised. “Ma’am, we’ve got to get you to the hospital,” the paramedic spoke. “Is she going to be alright?” Aidan asked. The paramedic looked up, his handsome face looking worried. “It’s hard to say. Her husband beat her up pretty badly, and we don’t know if there are any internal injuries.” Jenny nodded and looked at Rick. “Will you come with me? I’m so scared. I don’t want to be alone right now.” “You don’t have to ask.” He made soothing sounds as Jenny leaned forward to rest her head on his shoulder and cried. Rick held Aidan’s hand and asked the paramedic, “He’s my boyfriend. Can he accompany us too?” “I’m sorry. Immediate family members only are allowed to accompany the patient.” He looked apologetically between Aidan and Rick. “That’s okay, Rick. You go on ahead. I’ll bring my car and see you directly at the hospital. We’ll need it later to get you home anyway.” On their way out, the police officer assured them Victor was going away for a long time. They’d charged him with domestic violence, attempted murder and also resisting arrest and assaulting a police officer. It was highly unlikely he’d get out of the charges that easily. ***** Aidan and Rick returned back home at around two a.m. looking completely disheveled and tired. It was only after the doctor assured Rick his sister was going to be alright, that they both heaved a sigh of relief. Aidan had to calm his very anxious boyfriend until that very moment. The doctor, however, wanted to keep Jenny at the hospital overnight for observation. It turned out to be a task for Aidan to convince Rick it’d be best they go back home, rest for the remainder of the night and come back to the hospital bright and early next morning to see his sister. After a hell of a lot of argument, he dejectedly agreed. Without a word, they both undressed and went to bed together. Aidan held his boyfriend close. Rick’s body was unusually cold, and he shivered in his arms. “Are you alright?” he whispered. “Yea…just…don’t let me go, okay?” Aidan didn’t say anything. He simply held him closer and kissed his blond hair. It didn’t take long for his eyes to start feeling heavy due to exhaustion. It had been a long day for both of them after all. He thought Rick had dozed off too. But soon he sighed, and Aidan blinked several times to rid himself of his sleepiness. “It’s my fault, you know? What happened to Jenny?” “No, Rick…Victor is a vicious man. How are his actions your fault?” He could feel Rick’s head slightly shaking near his neck. His eyes were still closed, but there was a hint of tears forming at the edges. “He always beat her up even when I was around. I just feel if I hadn’t listened to Jenny and had called for help back then…none of this would have happened. She said she had it under control…” Aidan stroked his back slowly. “There was no way you could’ve seen this coming.” “Yes, I could have,” he spoke strongly. “I knew what was happening behind their closed door and I decided to stay quiet. I thought she loved him. I didn’t think my sister’s happiness was far, far away from that asshole. I was much more concerned that I would be thrown out of a home if I said a word against him.” “I’m sure that’s not true.” “But…it…is…” he said between the sobs. Aidan had to cradle him like a baby to calm him down. For a long time, Rick cried in his arms before giving into a restless sleep. Aidan kissed his forehead one last time and closed his eyes. The next morning as they drove to the hospital, Rick remained silent through half the ride. It made Aidan uncomfortable as he didn’t know what to say. He knew Rick was worried sick about his sister and he could only imagine all the thoughts running through his boyfriend’s head at that moment. As if he’d read Aidan’s mind, Rick said out aloud, “I’ve been doing a lot of thinking,” he said, still looking out the window. “I guess I’ll move back in with Jenny. I have to make sure she’s okay. She can’t be left alone right now.” He processed it in his mind, repeating it to himself over and over again to allow it sink in. “You want to move out?” he asked after a few minutes and took a turn, exiting the freeway to get to the Sunset Boulevard. Rick turned his head finally and met his eyes. He looked so pale, Aidan noticed. “No, but I have to. Besides, with Victor out of the picture now, it’s safe to return.” “The hell it is,” Aidan almost yelled. “I know what the cops said last night, but I don’t want to take any chances when it comes to your safety. And now, Jenny’s too.” He shook his head vigorously. “There’s no way in hell I’m letting you go.” “But, Jenny…” He raised his hand and cut him off. “Jenny is going to come stay with us. We’ve plenty of room for her. So don’t worry, okay?” “No, no, way.” “Yes, way.” “No, Aidan. You’ve already done so much for me. My life problems…you didn’t sign up for this.” “Listen,” Aidan said strongly, knowing he had to make Rick see the reality of the situation. “This is not up for discussion. Tell me this…can you assure me that when you go back to that hellhole, Victor will not come back and he will not go back to his old ways? Rather, I’m afraid that guy may be more vengeful toward you both after what’s happened.” “I…” Rick’s voice faltered. “Thought so, end of discussion.” Surprisingly, the argument didn’t progress any further and Aidan was glad. Apart from Rick’s safety, he also had his own selfish reasons to not letting the guy leave. Since Rick had moved in, he’d become so used to having Rick around that the mere thought of him moving out scared him. Jenny didn’t seem to bow down easily to the idea either when Aidan asked her, and it took a lot of convincing on his and Rick’s part to get her to say yes. The doctors ran some more tests before they announced she was good to go back home. They prescribed her some painkillers in case the pain did not alleviate. It was almost time for dinner when they brought her home. To say she was stunned by the neighborhood was an understatement. She kept repeating how beautiful everything was around there. “You live here?” she asked, her gaze sizing up the house through every corner. Her reaction pleased Aidan, so he smiled at her. “This place is huge. And it’s just the two of you living in here?” “Technically, Aidan owns this place, and he lives here. I’m just here on a temporary basis.” Aidan’s head turned to him briskly. Rick didn’t realize how harshly that statement affected Aidan and he continued to talk to his sister. “But that’s pretty much the same reaction I had when I first came here.” She took a seat on the couch. “Everything around screams money. I feel a little intimidated right now.” Rick chuckled. “Right? You’ll get used to it,” he said. “But don’t get too used to it either. Because when I get a job and can rent out a place for us, something tells me it won’t be this lavish.” Jenny smiled. She reached out to hold his hand and squeezed it. “I’m sure it will be a happy place wherever we move to. No matter how big or small it is.” He smiled back and suddenly, they both turned to look at Aidan. Confused, Rick asked, “Why are you still standing there?” Aidan came back to his senses and realized he was still standing in the doorway. Pulling himself back to the present, he cautiously trod towards the couch and sat with them. Soon, the previous night’s incident came up while Jenny was talking and Aidan couldn’t help but ask, “What happened exactly?” Jenny exhaled heavily. “Ever since Rick moved out, Victor became so suspicious of everything. He accused me of talking to you behind his back…he even accused me of…” She cringed and looked away, “…of having an affair.” “What?!” “That isn’t even the worst part.” “What is the worst then?” Aidan asked. She refused to look at either of them. “He thought…he thought I was…sexually involved with Rick,” Jenny yelled and broke into endless tears. “Can you imagine? He thought I was having sex with my own brother.” “Fuck! That asshole…” Rick looked at Aidan, abashed. “It’s not true, I hope you know that.” Aidan patted his back. “Don’t worry. Even if I didn’t know how much of a twisted man he is, I wouldn’t believe it for a second.” Rick smiled sadly and consoled his sister as she cried. When she recovered, she said, “It was horrible. He went all crazy last night and wouldn’t stop yelling at me. I couldn’t take it anymore, and I slapped him.” “Atta girl!” Aidan exclaimed, with a big grin on his face. “He deserves much worse, but you’ve got my respect, Jenny.” She shook her head. “But that’s what unleashed the monster in him. I regretted it the second I did it. He beat me up so badly…I cried and screamed at him, I kept apologizing, but he was too far gone.” Nobody spoke for a while. There was only the ticking of the clock that could be heard inside the living room. “I wish he goes to jail and never gets out.” Aidan glanced worriedly at Rick and then told Jenny, “I hope so, too. But, Jenny, have you ever thought about, you know, getting a divorce?” Jenny gave a curt nod, her eyes cast down. “I don’t have any money. Victor always grabbed my wages. I’ve already applied to a few lawyers to take my case pro-bono but haven’t got anywhere so far.” “I’ve just the guy for you.” Aidan stood up and took his cell phone out of his pocket. “Rick, you remember Brandon?” He received a nod. “His brother is a divorce attorney and one of the best, might I add. Jenny, I’ll ask him to take your case up pro-bono. It shouldn’t be a big deal for him.” He did not wait for Jenny’s approval and dialed Eugene’s number. He spent about ten to fifteen minutes explaining the situation and got a positive response from Eugene. Happily, he cut the call and turned to the impatient looking duo still sitting in his living room. “He said he can’t take your case personally because he’s rammed full with a busy schedule, but he has a great team of attorneys working under him. He said he’ll get the best one out of the lot to take your case. He thinks you’ll do well with the case and get a good amount of damages and alimony.” She grunted. “I don’t want anything from him. I only want him out of my life now. I think I’ve had enough.”
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