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Vent #1



There are many things which individuals do I do not understand.. why say something and make it public, I guess for those who really care, and then run away like a frightened child when someone asks you something about it.. To be honest, in the end, no one really cares one way or the other only the individuals involved.


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Life is never perfect and I daresay few of us are the soul of perfection.  I know I.m not and don't expect others to be.  When I feel someone is flawed, I take a look in the mirror, and you know what I find?  Flaws.  So, other's actions are to be expected, not overthought.  It makes life easier.  In the long run, you are probably making your own shoulder's lighter.  JMO.  Hugs.

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Some "personalities" do just what you say.  They reveal some sordid aspect of their lives, then become indignant when a reporter inquires or writes about it...even to the point of filing a lawsuit.  So they seek an outrageous solution to their outrageous conduct.

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