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  1. Is the weekend here yet?

    1. Show previous comments  1 more
    2. joann414


      Heck no! "screams in frustration"

    3. K.C.


      Want me to hack into the international time clock and turn the dial forward? LOL

    4. joann414


      Pretty please, Kc. I'll be nice to you for at least thirty minutes.:P

  2. Oh no!!! The powers to be are all around us.

    1. AquariusGuy


      yeah its called electricity.

  3. Never really cared for them.. I love the fruit pies..
  4. One must beware of the vultures flying above

  5. "Life keeps repeating her lessons until we learn them."

  6. "Ding Dong the witch is dead....the wicked witch is dead!"

    1. Zombie


      What, another one?

    2. joann414


      lol Zombie. "but I'm still here."

    3. CassieQ


      Nope, I'm still kicking :P

  7. "Trying to earn your love is just like trying to learn the art of Alchemy."

    1. C J

      C J

      Earning something means that your entitled to it.

    2. Magicstate


      mmm, Timmy, now there's a recipe...a few grams of gold a few ounces of love, just what is the recipe ?

  8. I immediately fell in love with not only the story but the characters as well..You painted a picture of two people falling in love even though they were total opposite..I look forward to reading more of your work...
  9. harcallard

    Vent #1

    There are many things which individuals do I do not understand.. why say something and make it public, I guess for those who really care, and then run away like a frightened child when someone asks you something about it.. To be honest, in the end, no one really cares one way or the other only the individuals involved.
  10. Cup of Tea...Piece of Cake

    1. AquariusGuy


      placing orders are we?

  11. It amazes me how people brag about doing their jobs but in turn they do absolutely nothing.

  12. It amazes me hoe people brag about doing their jobs but in turn do absolutely nothing.

    1. Show previous comments  1 more
    2. C J

      C J

      OK, well what are hoe people?

    3. harcallard


      i forgot how to type....


    4. C J

      C J

      Oh no! D=

  13. It has been over a month since I have written in my blog. In 7 weeks or less, I will be turning 45, and before any of you younger members say anything, that is not old and you will be there before you realize it. I have come to realize several things when I simply rid myself of negativity and people who seem to have it seeping out of their pores. I wish I had of learned all of this many years ago and I know my life may have been hard but it would not have been because I couldn't deal with certain issues caused by this. (1) That everyone you come across in your life will not automatically f
  14. By the pricking of my thumbs, Something wicked this way comes.....

    1. podiumdavis
    2. comicfan


      Oh, loved the story and the movie.

    3. harcallard
  15. I have to agree with Yettie One on this one...I am too jealous and if you stop and think about it, if you need someone else to spice up or add and element of adventure to your sex life, then there is something wrong with it in the first place. I have never understood why people are so afraid of monogamy.....
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