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What a difference this year has made.



It has been over a month since I have written in my blog. In 7 weeks or less, I will be turning 45, and before any of you younger members say anything, that is not old and you will be there before you realize it. I have come to realize several things when I simply rid myself of negativity and people who seem to have it seeping out of their pores. I wish I had of learned all of this many years ago and I know my life may have been hard but it would not have been because I couldn't deal with certain issues caused by this.


(1) That everyone you come across in your life will not automatically fall over heels in love with you.. They wont like you for superficial reasons as the way you look, talk, dress.. etc... or even worse they will believe what someone else says about you.. rather shallow indeed.. and this is okay because those type of people are not the ones you really need to have around you in the first place.The way I see it is.. It's their loss. After all, you really cant judge someone's true feelings or reactions by merely typing on a key board. Now, if you Skype etc.. then you can.


(2) If you make a mistake or offend someone, do your best to make amends. I have tried to do exactly this. I have tried talking to them. Some have listened and other's have refused to because for whatever reason they seem to have to justify their reasons, have not listened. This is also fine as well. You simply walk away when you have done all you can do.


(3) Dont get yourself involved in someone else's drama...If your not involved dont get involved.. if it isn't your business stay out of it. If people are so dishonest and are not willing to involve you or let you in, then its probably not worth knowing after all. I don't care what anyone says.. "What is done in the night will be known in the light".. Wrong is wrong no matter what anyone tells you in the disguise of confidence.


(4) Get rid of unnecessary expectations of people. This will only lead to heart ache and problems down the road..Don't expect just because you do some thing for someone, that they will in return do the same for you no matter what it is.... I have learned in life that there are people who are takers and there are those who are givers. Do it because you want to do it.



(5) Dont worry about what people say about you...I know people can hurt you with words, but only if you let them..you are the only one who can give your power away to them.. My favorite saying and one I have been using is "It's none of my business what you think of me." This is so true because if something is not your business, then you don't worry about it. My grandfather use to say.."When you are in your 20's you worry about what people say, when you are in your 40's you don't give a care, and when your in your 60's you realize they weren't talking about you in the first place."


(6) Dont read into things or jump to conclusions.. in other words, don't let your mind run wild and think things which may not be true until you have proof to say other wise.


(7) Straighten out your priorities.... generally everyone is the number one priority... then family , religion or whatever order you have yours in.. you have to take care of yourself and yours and help others when you can.. Don't expect to be #1 on someone's priorities.


(8) Be yourself and not what someone else want's you to be. Be real with your self and others and do not deal with fake people. Deal only with those who tell you something to your face. For those are the one who hold any form of worth. Do not do anything you don't agree with to get to another place in life.. its not worth in in the long run. Never let anyone bring you down or allow them to be rude to you.


(9) Find whatever it is in life in which you enjoy and those as well...sweep negativity out of your life and take one day at a time..




I hope the rest of my life will be more peaceful than the first half..It just takes sometime to think things through and decide what is important to you and what isn't you get rid of. I want to send out a shout to my friend Edward for taking the time to listen to me vent and bitch....there are also so many who have helped me along the way and there are so many and you know who you are and I want to thank you from the bottom of my heart. May everyone have a great day.


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