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    Spike texted he’s gone on a “decluttering course”. Replied his room’s gone way beyond “decluttering” - it needs an emergency response hazmat team

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  1. when will this evil stop? *swipesies * safe now
  2. I’ve just enlarged it to get a closer look i wish I hadn’t
  3. Thanks. I wasn’t aware of this Blue Pie Records 1957 recording. I knew he had recorded Deep River early in his career (your 1927 version) and also in an old British movie which is the version I posted above. However, I’ve checked and that movie, The Proud Valley, was in fact made in Britain before WWII (so obviously not 1957) and is clearly very different (with orchestra and Welsh male choir) from your 1957 piano accompaniment version. It’s interesting how his voice had deepened by 1957 - or maybe he preferred to sing in a lower register - but listening to all three I prefer the 1927 version.
  4. has LBO stopped breathing?? *doesn’t swipe *
  5. Conspiracy! Conspiracy!! Even more wicked and evil than the Pork Pie Plot!!!
  6. Poor Napoleon and the final ignominy… not to die a glorious death in battle as Emperor, but to be killed by wallpaper https://www.openculture.com/2021/02/discover-scheeles-green-the-arsenic-laden-color-that-may-have-contributed-to-napoleons-death.html
  7. blank screen “this video is not available” is this the same?
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