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  1. I think you’ll find every day is donut day for a certain greedy gobbling gluttonous gizzard...
  2. while the penguin pecks the pickings...
  3. BBC World Service (radio) - on now (mid-day): Orgasms and Sexual Pleasure

    Should perk up Aunt Mildred as she gets the roast potatoes out of the oven...

    1. Bard Simpson

      Bard Simpson

      Lie back and think of England Millie!

    2. Slytherin
  4. or we could strap the penguin in nice and tight next to those bears ...and then push the start button
  5. *while the glare bear dreams of stare-scaring innocent creatures...* tipitoes in... SNATCH tipitoes out...
  6. “I'd just like to point out that E.C. Escher has been dead for almost 50 years.” Then his work is still within copyright. “Neither of them is losing profits here” No, but their estates could be “Basically: Nobody cares” Tell that to the beneficiaries... “GA is not going to get in trouble for someone sharing linked images (droughtquake isn't uploading them to GA, they're not hosted here) in a forum thread. “ Tell that to the lawyers “That's not how any of this works.” Tell that to the judge. Better still, tell the CJEU they got it wrong...
  7. I had already corrected that But it would make no difference if it was a knicker elastic website
  8. No. You’ve posted a link to a gallery website.
  9. You use terms like “sharing a photo” but that’s not correct - this is about reposting. And that is publishing. Which is precisely where this all kicked off in 1735
  10. and of course they want to be able to flog you pics of your favourite pics as you leave through the museum shop... And, of course, this an excellent practical example of precisely why the law protects copyright in photographs of paintings
  11. No, Wayne, the law is clear whether in case law (precedent) or code But if you choose not to see it then that’s fine too
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