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    Spike texted he’s gone on a “decluttering course”. Replied his room’s gone way beyond “decluttering” - it needs an emergency response hazmat team

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  1. Today is your GA-versary Zombie!! :) :hug:  

  2. says the green-with-envy penguin, forlornly flicking through a mail order catalogue looking for fake-wing flipper extensions...
  3. penguin might be munching party leftovers and licking plates “clean” but as the bear already pointed out Penguins Birthday is over, how sad.. SNATCH!!!
  4. Hmm, I‘m feeling peckish time for a snack
  5. back to business as usual then *grabbit*
  6. happy birthday penguin! have a great day ...and don’t gobble all the cakes
  7. bad zombie *smack!* and snatch! :
  8. reclaims the precious while northie is looking for inspiration...
  9. how to have an argument while avoiding abuse and being hit on the head...
  10. purloins the pretty from the pigged-out penguin
  11. James Herriot (Alf Wight): “Always use plenty of lubrication“  :funny:

    1. Reader1810


      I read James Herriott and my mind went directly to All Creatures Great and Small. Shows where my mind’s  at. ;)

    2. Bard Simpson

      Bard Simpson

      Me too; All Creatures Great and Small. The lubrication was presumably for birthing animals or fixing engines.

    3. Zombie


      It was said by Herriot / Wight to Peter Wright who joined the practice as a boy straight from school, then qualified, then became a partner with Herriot and he still works there as a vet. And, yeah, it’s all that arm shoving up cows’ rear ends... :o  :puke:  :lol:

  12. Call Your Doctor Day? don’t think so more like ER/A&E emergency admission
  13. 🎶 While strolling in the park one day, All in the merry month of May June, A roguish An evil pair of eyes they took me by surprise, In a moment my poor heart they stole I SNATCHED it away! Oh a sunny smile an evil scowl was all she gave to me Instrumental phrase And of course we were I was as happy as could be Instrumental phrase So neatly I raised my hat And made a polite remark (“Aaaaahahahahahah!”) I never shall forget that lovely afternoon, When I met her SNATCHED my at the fountain in the park 🎶
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