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  1. (Zombie) 🎶 Driving along in my automobile 🎶 spots Toad Crossing sign spots hypnotoad on the crossing... Accelerates... (Zombie) 🎶 Driving along in my automobile 🎶 *singing happily*
  2. penguin quick? penguin clever? penguin brutal? And while the red mist of rage descends on the escaped hybrid lab experiment-gone-wrong...
  3. jason clarke happy dance GIF
    :funny: :joe:

    1. Zombie


      Nope, sneaky trick’s not gonna work trying to hypnotise me to give you the shiny :thumbdown: :funny:

    2. Slytherin
  4. All this fighting *puts the penguin on the naughty step*
  5. *prises the precious from the crow’s claws*
  6. sneaky penguin has its own sneaky snack stash
  7. This, coming from a disturbing (disturbed? ) hybrid cat/bird creature (presumably a lab experiment-gone-wrong that managed to escape and now passes itself off as a penguin) that has a pet toad it claims has hypnotising powers
  8. Interesting item just caught my attention on the local ITV news about a retired dentist, Dr James Hull, who has contracted four different kinds of cancer (bowel, pancreatic, liver and skin) since 2010 and survived them all despite being told by doctors that he was unlikely to survive. When he later questioned doctors he was told he was just “lucky”. But he didn’t accept that and believes there is something about the white cells in his blood, the T cells, that is unusual. He has been funding research, started in 2018, by six universities looking into not just his white cells but those of other survivors of aggressive forms of cancer (he can afford to - he made a lot of money out of dentistry: https://en.wikipedia.org/wiki/James_Hull) https://www.itv.com/news/2020-01-28/i-m-trying-to-find-the-cure-for-cancer-says-man-who-fended-off-disease-four-times/ “Dr Hull is funding a study by six universities to investigate why some patients with advance cancer remain well after treatment. The team are particularly interested in those who've had aggressive forms of cancer who've remained free of the disease without treatment for five years or longer.” The email address is: cltsstudy@continuumlifesciences.com
  9. Well it’s Wednesday already over here so Daddy should keep the precious on his special day. Very very bestest wishes to Daddy and Mrs Daddy for today/tomorrow and for many more happy years together
  10. Clear sky. Venus next to crescent moon fabulous sight :) and Neptune next to Venus if you’ve a telescope 

  11. Hmm fried blood clots for tea, yum yum :)  *licks lips*


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    2. Slytherin


      Spike!! :funny:



    3. Slytherin
    4. Zombie


      and you’re a VERY naughty bear! :angry: :gikkle:

  12. that cat/bird is bad to the bone
  13. Gone Now this is still mine I believe
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