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    Spike texted he’s gone on a “decluttering course”. Replied his room’s gone way beyond “decluttering” - it needs an emergency response hazmat team

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  1. It flies!

    Ingenuity is the first aircraft to fly on another world!

    This is a signal achievement by NASA that ranks alongside the Wright brothers. The idea of aerodynamic flight in just 1% of Earth’s atmosphere seems crackpot sci-fi, but engineering brilliance has achieved it with two counter rotating blades spinning at two thirds the speed of sound. Well done the whole NASA team!



    1. Bard Simpson

      Bard Simpson

      I bet the battery life is short when generating that amount of power. The solar recharges will take a while too.

  2. *spots stealing opportunity while Marty is in A&E *
  3. and ya’ll thought they was evil bloodsucking vampire critters
  4. poor fly murdered by the evil penguin!
  5. Clo and friends enjoying the entertainment...
  6. So sorry about your loss, Chris. My thoughts are also with you and your family. We know the day will come but we are never prepared
  7. penguin doing what she does best ...being evil
  8. We wants it! *SNATCH... gobble* and this and now the pretty thing is mine...
  9. Hypnotoad was reprogrammed way before LPW45 you gotta keep up
  10. thats right and since Hypnotoad is mine I give the orders around here
  11. Zombie


    I2 is a significant number in human activity throughout history and one example is music - the twelve notes of the musical scale. This derives from the harmonic series and I was planning a post on this but got distracted by the mathematics. The harmonic series is what’s called divergent, which means there is no finite end so it is a form of infinity. And there are, so far as I understand it (which is not very well ) an infinite number of infinities. One puzzle called the “ant (or worm) on the rubber band" supposes an ant crawls along an infinitely-elastic one-metre rubber band at the same
  12. I suspect “Queen Clo” was a tricoteuse in a previous life...
  13. poor Chris been swimming in the cold sea for 4 hours let’s get him inside into the warm SNATCH! *shoves Chris back in the sea *
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