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    Spike texted he’s gone on a “decluttering course”. Replied his room’s gone way beyond “decluttering” - it needs an emergency response hazmat team

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  1. We’ve all heard about “method acting”, but what about method writing? Meaning you try to immerse yourself completely in the character(s) and / or the narrator in order get into their mindset (behaviours, emotions, speech patterns etc) which you want to be different from yours, as the writer, in order to create an authentic and interestingly varied “cast”. Is this something any of you have tried, or do regularly? https://www.bbc.co.uk/news/entertainment-arts-35379361 Btw I can’t post this in Writer’s Circle because I’m not a writer so it has to go here...
  2. poor kitty give it some prunes and pop it on the toilet
  3. while the plushie is distracted by birdie’s tricks... *swipe* : :
  4. Good grief, that dastardly duck has deployed the Hypnotoad to let it keep the crown in its clutches *Edit: can flippers clutch?? * So here’s some sneaky snaps of the covetous critter sweeping up the mess after it has just “tidied up” its snack cupboard... and, oh yeah, it stole that “crown” from a cute little toddler’s Lucky Bag
  5. Wales goes back into lockdown for two weeks on Friday and Hallowe’en has been cancelled Which means these friendly funsters won’t be allowed out to bring joy and happiness...
  6. prises the pretty from the crow’s claws and now... ...I think we need some GRATUITOUS HORROR!!
  7. in case there was any doubt (there isn’t) it was bad to the bone from birth
  8. You can use the pumpkin Zombie avatar now, I found a better one :funny:

  9. I love my set top box PVR :) 

    It watches for me all the TV shows I’ve set to record

    then it deletes them 

    ...to make room for more shows I’ve set to record

    Saves me so much time :lol: 

  10. 🐻 —————-> means is mine!
  11. and yet again the pest proves its moniker
  12. and it makes a delicious meal with freshly picked spaghetti
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