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    Spike texted he’s gone on a “decluttering course”. Replied his room’s gone way beyond “decluttering” - it needs an emergency response hazmat team

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  1. I thought you’d already got it? *takes in the confusion… *
  2. more tricksy comments to hide the horrible truth…
  3. …but beware of the poisoned food offerings
  4. with all this smacking it’s time for some snatching *snatch!*
  5. Zombie


    With just 149 shopping days left till Christmas some keen-eyed observers may have noticed that The Penguin (“I’m not really evil… well, maybe just a bit… OK, you got me… a lot!”) has kindly sent me details of my Christmas “present” - a “Hatch Your Own Spiders Terrarium” I’m sure it was an entirely innocent oversight on her part but, on closer inspection of the packaging, it’s clear that some important details weren't mentioned… I thought you should be aware of these “details” just in case you might be sent the same “gift” from other “well-wishers”… “What’s in the box?” “Venom antidote. Those spiders sure do love to bite. Any one of them could bite you and you’d be dead in minutes. But not any more with this life-saving antidote!” (thoughtfully included - like batteries aren’t ) ”Spider net. Spiders have a habit of escaping. This net is perfectly designed to round up those critters” “Warning” ”These spiders are aggressive. Really aggressive” ”Spiders have tiny sensors that can recognise fear and often act upon it!” ”Scientists have discovered that spiders are capable of hostile, strategic attacks!” “Watch them work together to escape - better look out Timmy!” Regular readers will know that this thread is intended to be a “go to” source of reliable factual information about spiders. Stay safe …and always be on the lookout
  6. I found your Christmas present! I can't guarantee I won't set it on fire before you get it though.  :unsure: :P  

    May be an image of 2 people

  7. The pleasure of YouTube (and its curse ) is stumbling across stuff you never even knew existed But where there’s a specialist interest there’ll be YouTubes So, this thread is for those YouTube vids that are, er… weird or wonderful To kick off… Ever wondered what it would be like to drive the world’s first gas turbine car from more than 70 years ago on a race track? Nope, me neither But Georg Mayr-Harting, an obsessed and talented twenty five year old Austrian engineer, did. And because the original is in the London Science Museum, and will never be driven again, he had to build his own An exact replica using original engineering plans and original parts including a Rover gas turbine engine and he wants us to share in the pleasure he obviously gets from driving it flat out on a race track https://www.hemmings.com/stories/2020/06/28/the-worlds-only-turbine-powered-rover-jet-1-replica-built-by-a-25-year-old-who-tracks-it
  8. Nobody wants this ? Then I’ll have it *SNATCH!*
  9. Congrats Tom and Matty!


    At last Tom Daley, together with his partner Matty Lee, gets the Olympic gold medal he’s sought for so long

    …and although they’re “best friends” and living together they’re not sleeping together

    apparently :gikkle:



    1. clochette


      Tom does some great crochet and knit things too

    2. Zombie


      Yes, and I bet Tom doesn’t twist his stitches when purling :gikkle:

    3. clochette


      Aww he made a little knitted case for his medal so as not to bang and scratch it with both the union jack and the Japanese flags on each sides. He's so funny and his relationship with Matty is so nice

  10. Hello!

    How are you?

    …you do not want to hear how they are :angry:  :funny::funny:

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