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  1. unlike penguins which can’t fly
  2. greedy penguin stuffed itself ...until it burst Now it’s in hospital feeling sorry for itself ...so it won’t be needing THIS *snatch*
  3. *reprograms the toad to deal with the sneak*
  4. I got so excited about your post I accidentally deleted it :(

    Loved the parking sign 💕 - can you repost? :) 

  5. the Evil One caught on security cameras making a quick getaway after yet another dastardly heist, clutching its stolen booty (chocolate bunnies *licks lips* ) and hoping its pathetic attempt at disguise will confuse law enforcement *picks up phone - “Officer Dibble? Yes, I want to report a serious crime. I’m afraid it’s the usual suspect. That’s right - it’s The Penguin again. It’s been stealing more snacks...*
  6. Good Penguin of the Month? or Naughty Penguin of the Month? So let’s have a look at its behaviour insurrection stealing crowns poisoning babies It’s a tricky one...
  7. Zombie

    Status Updates

    Just posted one and still showing “No Recent Status Updates” on Forums page ipad 6 iOS 14.3 Edit - it’s working now!
  8. No One Page GIF

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    2. Reader1810



      Looks like you had a tough night, LBO. 

      Just sayin... :whistle:

    3. Bard Simpson

      Bard Simpson

      Even Zombies must respect Social Distancing laws?

    4. Timothy M.

      Timothy M.

      And tumbleweeds too

  9. ooops, Wesley’s rubber penguin “duck” is about to be “accidentally” sucked down the plug hole...
  10. I must apologise for using an out-of-date video in my previous post, because the penguin has obviously progressed on to more advanced self-improvement-biscuit-guzzling videos
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