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Ebook Review: Locked By Anyta Sunday



Recognize that name?! Yes, Anyta Sunday was once a very active author on GA, and now she's a successful eBook author. I recently had the chance to read her latest fantasy title and wanted to share my review here as well!


My Review




So it's been quite a few years since I was heavy into fantasy. I enjoy it, but my convoluted plot reading skills have rusted. I had a hard time getting into Locked in the beginning, switching from what read as contemporary to fantasy to some mix of the two... but in no way like I was expecting. By the time I reached the ending scenes of the book I couldn't read fast enough and I'd sequestered myself in a room and hushed my children as they interrupted me, begging for just a few more minutes to be left alone with Rye and his friends and foes.




Locked is definitely a fantasy tale rife with magic, mayhem... and dragons! Are they evil? Good? A mix of the both? Considering the dragons are also people (though in no way is this a shifter-like theme) for me they fell into both. I loved how they were humanized in some ways and beastified (I can't think of another way to put it) in others.




Above all, I loved the themes of the story that come into play again and again. Good isn't all good and evil isn't all evil. Everyone has their motivations and everyone has choices to make. But... how many people in the story are making their own choices or are being led to making them for a greater purpose? And is that greater purpose good for them and the realms or is their a mastermind villain behind the scenes when we're focused on the more obvious one?




Those questions and more plagued me as I read, keeping me wondering to the very end... and beyond. I'm still not sure who is really the bad guy and who isn't. I'd love to read more, which will happen since Locked is just book one in the Telluric Realm series. My only word of warning to readers is to make sure you can read this in a place with no distractions because the tale is told through many different point of views, which means you really have to pay attention if you want to catch the subtle clues and connections lacing the story.




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