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  1. Gary L

    Black Widow

    Being part of a decade-long running saga is one thing, but pulling off an individual masterpiece is another. Having Read this bit bit has been a real pleasure, awaiting episodes and all the epilogues (!), but now it's time to get down to some serious stuff and read from start to finish. great drama and gifted story-telling. Enjoy, I will
  2. Gary L


    Another great episode in a wonderful series. It's a shame back in 2011 people didnt leave more comments...... 😈
  3. Gary L

    The First Christmas

    This is a great read. Like a verbal photograpH album. Thanks!
  4. Gary L

    The First Christmas

    My partner was one of the last to have to do military service in post-Franco Spain. One night all hell broke out! Guns issued, sleeping on bed in uniform, phonelines cut etc.. Some fascists were trying to bring down gov and impose a dictatorship once more. 1981. Today's youngsters know vIrtually nothing of even recent past because people, here at least, seemed scared to tell it like it was.
  5. Gary L

    If It Fits

    I think this is a pivotal book in the series. There is a before - JP and Stef who never quite get there - and an after - together, finally. Bored with work I started rereading last night and completed this morning. Although written six years ago, there is still a freshness througout. great read
  6. Good read, as usual, thanks mr D. Am I the only one who doesn't like Nathan?
  7. I have been really enjoying this story. I, too, have been on a similar course and thye can be life-changing. 👏
  8. Gary L

    Chapter 2

    Whilst on black puddings.... I never ate them in uk but at 45 I arrived in Spain and they are national and regional specialities, meat/onion/rice - based etc. Im making myself hungry at 05.50! A bit early to cook one! Story lookinG good 👏👏
  9. Gary L

    Any Day

    Exactly! There are some great growing up gay stories around (see Dodger's great saga), but many just fit into one or two moulds. This story is an original. I love it
  10. Gary L

    Any Day

    That this has been the hit of the summer can be in no doubt. Over a hundred reactions within days to various chapters. Why do so many of us love this? Great characters, really good story with more tWists than the roads going up the valleys. The tale is beautifully written and the star for me is the Welsh dresser. I lodged at university with a Welsh-born AngliCan priest. We shared an enormous 19th-century gothic style vicarage with a huge Welsh dresser and polished oak table in the dining room. They were his pride and joy. anyway, great 5***** story and THANK YOU!
  11. Although Mark has shown us book after book that he has a good turn of phrase ( to say the least), what amazEs me is the way he gives sUch emotional depth to complex characters and has managed to do this consistently. And then the final part is putting his characters to the test in his complex storylines, such skill and imagination. Black Widow was a really great read, thanks, Mark
  12. Gary L


    One small thing, when writing about a king and his thoughts, perhaps "gonna" strikes the wrong note. But it could be me......
  13. Gary L

    The Truth Be Told

    Some last sentence! Wow! Awaiting next installment with bated breath. 🤗🤗🤗🤗
  14. Well said, wildone. Perhaps Robbie could escape back to Europe! spain even! Many of you will know this, but some not, in 19th century great English novelists like, Dickens, Trollope etc. published their still famous works in fortnightly episodes and received hudreds of letters about the charachters, their disLikes and petitions for the hero to finally marry the tragic heroine etc.. Sound familiar? We just have a comment box and save the price of a stamp. Finally, a break, yes, but retirement NO!
  15. I really enjoyed rereading this. I have never been to NO but the wonderful descriptions made me feel as if I knew it at first hand. Great read
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