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  1. Gary L

    Chapter 46

    This story keeps getting better and better. How do you keep it up? And Gap Year, too! Well done, and I hope you get an Easter Break. Love from orange-blossom filled Valencia, and hay fever-filled, gary!!
  2. Hi Carlos, I have been vicariously enjoying the comments of others whilst being unable to add my own praise - my pre-historic ipad doesnt allow me to add comments or even likes. So, using work computer is a risk worthy of taking to congratulate you on another well-developed, and developing, piece of the saga. A v clever spin-off but actually totally integrated at the same time. Ritch has come a long way since the telephone calls with CJ, missing his brother. As every, 5*****
  3. Gary L

    Boss Nanny

    Really great story HIGHLY RECOMMENDED!
  4. This really is a delightful story / like a modern/day comic opera. Love the language,, characters - everything. Well done! Mrs G. 5 *****
  5. Gary L

    Western Skies

    A very nicely paced piece of writing, as always. There are loads of good stories on this site - some sexmad, others not, but few seem to get into the heart of their characters. You certainly do and i think it's a reason why you have a huge following.
  6. Some good dramatic writing going on here. Totally agree with ReaderPAul.
  7. Gary L


    Great start and, as ever, nicely written.. Eager for more!!!
  8. Gary L

    Chapter 1

    Good start. Im hooked. V fond memories of your great country. Two weeks of wonder. Thanks
  9. Hi all, Ive been reading this site for a couple of years now and has been a godsend during various periods of sick leave. I have had various articles published in the past during my time as a university prof teaching ethics but for the past 17 years have been living as a British "ex-pat" in Valencia with my Spanish partner. The one-night stand that has lasted since 1999. As a small "ice-breaker" challenge, two statements are true, one is false. Behind each is a story waiting to be told: 1. I worked on the Hollywood blockbuster, Robin Hood, Prince of Thieves 2. I knew
  10. Gary L

    Gap Year

    Another great installment of this amazing saga sooo gooood
  11. Gary L


    Found this today. Up todate now reading between US election count. A really good story. A change from youth, beauty and/or riches which seem to dominate on this site. really good story-telling? Thank you PO. 🤗
  12. Gary L

    Chapter 1

    Mark, how do you keep it up? Im totally hooked already. A great way to celebrate my birthday reading about young Will. 🤗🤗🤗
  13. Gary L


    Good riddance!
  14. Being part of a decade-long running saga is one thing, but pulling off an individual masterpiece is another. Having Read this bit bit has been a real pleasure, awaiting episodes and all the epilogues (!), but now it's time to get down to some serious stuff and read from start to finish. great drama and gifted story-telling. Enjoy, I will
  15. Another great episode in a wonderful series. It's a shame back in 2011 people didnt leave more comments...... 😈
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