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  1. Very nice and some v witty dialogue. Thank you. Gary L
  2. Gary L


    I really think this works out well. It shows that the author can not only do mega-sagas but also a stand alone shorter piece which srill has depth. Many congratulations!
  3. Gary L

    Chapter 2

    A delightful read. My father's family lived in a world like this. Thank you
  4. Gary L

    Chapter 25

    I had neVer thought of that!
  5. Gary L

    Chapter 25

    Im going back to the gun room to stay sane. Tomorrow in Spain we are allowed to walk by the sea for the first time in six weeks! ViEwing our hero's beloved Mediterranean. 🌈
  6. Gary L

    Chapter 25

    Wow, I'm the first to comment! Great rhythm to the chapter, so much detail and emotions. Thank you.🌟🌟🌟🌟🌟
  7. Gary L

    Chapter 75

    Great read, again. What betterway to pass the lockdown in Spain than reading Mark's epic series. And now, time to revisit the British Navy 🤓😈😈😈😈😈😈
  8. Gary L


    When these events took place I was aN eleven-year-old aNd I have hazy memories of watching the drama in the Sorbonne. What I think is really great is the way Mark seamlessly, or so it appears, combines historical facts with a fictitious family. Many congratulations
  9. Gary L

    Chapter 3

    Nearly nine years later, confined to "house arrest" in Covid-19-afected Spain, i have revisited this great writer. Mark, I so enjoy reading your work, thank you. Un abrazo
  10. Gary L

    Chapter 2

    Am really enjoying this during quarentine in Spain. Love the humorous tone. Good work!
  11. Treating myself rereading 133 chapters of this great "family" saga. I'm really enjoYing this journey Thank you Mr Dodger. 💤💤💤💤💤💤 time for bed .....
  12. Another good chapter mr Dodger. I am now rereading from chapter one. It's really interesting to see how you have developed the characters over this long period. I can see both change (ie development) and continuity, a sign of a really good craftsman/person. Its Tuesday night here in Spain and a sh**ty day at work... And then Robbie appeared! Thank you x
  13. I was enjoying the story until the episode with comments generalising about how women feel or act. Perhaps the author was describing the views of his character but it felt pretty sexist to me. I live in middle class Spain. Our next door neighbour has been threatened physically and legally by the father of her child (whom he had wished to have aborted), my partner's cousin was murdered by her ex for trying to reject the role for women he had learned, and rEcently I had to listen as a female neighBour was hit and broke her arm....
  14. A fascinating mixture of Emotions in another excellent chapter - well done. I find Robbie and his troubles" as intriguing now as I did many months ago when we discovered him in the UK. THANK YOU Mr Dodger. Happy New Year from sunny Spain 😎
  15. Gary L

    Chapter 1 Mired

    I emotionally identify with Hank ( I always thought that the older brother in the parable of The Prodigal Son got a tough deal) but in the way I mess things up I'm another Chase. I'm hooked already. 😄 Happy New Year and wishing you health in 2020. Gary L
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