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Dear G A

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Thursday 30/8



Dear GA

It is late Thursday morning, I have no idea where the past few days have gone. My anxiety levels have been up and down a bit this week, having to deal with government red tape, grrr, they are impossible sometimes.

I have just finished another one of my stories, and already had many requests for a book two, I'm not sure if I can or not, I will have to think about it some more.

meanwhile, I have gone back to the one unfinished story, and I am hoping to find a suitable conclusion for it, but at the moment I have non...

well that is all for now.


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Take your time with your writing. Your readers aren’t going anywhere. We look forward to when you have some more of your fantastic stories to share with us.

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Hi Preston,

You can work through things, just do it at your own pace and in the order that you prioritise and try not to let anyone push you too hard. Take one day at a time and conquer it, you have it in you and you are strong enough, you don't realise it yet.

Chas xoxo

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