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    DSA Chapter 14

    And v close to the Isle of Wight from a earlier story.
  2. “Who set up the website, My Lord?” Isaac asked, “Good question young Isaac, it was actually Lord Lucas Durham who organised that, and it has the promotions video, that you just saw, plus a lot of photos, a list of all the entertainment venues, sport and recreation facilities, deck layout plans of all the public access areas, plus layouts of the four levels of accommodation, and the costs for each cabin. Now you know Nathalia dear, why the space port terminal is being built, next door to the Bermuda Airport,” our grandfather replied. “Yes, I see that now Martin, and I was wondering are we heading for Ganymede? Mum asked, “Yes, we are, but it is a little slower than the shuttles, so it will take us six days instead of just over three days to get there,” Grandfather replied. For the journey to Ganymede we all enjoyed what the Galileo offers, and it was a very restful trip, and Isaac, Sam and I enjoyed checking out the 18-hole mini golf course, the giant chess board and the 6.5 metre high spiral and the fast straight waterslides and splash pool in the Serenity gardens, plus the basketball and tennis courts and soccer pitch in the sports and recreation centre, plus watching lots of movies in the giant cinema, all of the Sci Fi movies of course. When we arrived at Ganymede, Isaac went to visit his family, while we went to the place to see our uncle, the Emperor, and we stayed there for nearly 2 weeks, before our parents decided that it was time to return to Earth, as Lord Lenegan had informed us that there was already a great number of bookings for the first three space cruises, starting in under two weeks’ time. I went with Grandfather, to go and visit the Otterman family, and it was like they were long distance old friends, between grandfather and Mrs Otterman. Isaac agreed to remain as my protector, and he would return to Earth with our family, while Grandfather would remain on Ganymede. Now with a full complement of crew on board, we set off for home on Earth, were the Galileo will start doing its cruises, with one cruise every 8 days, allowing the crew four days rest between every cruise. It was decided that for safety reasons, the Galileo will be parked at the Sahndrol Islands, when not on a cruise. With still two weeks remaining of our school holidays, my parents agreed to allowed for me and Isaac to travel on the Galileo cruises for two trips, to fill in the time for us, and to keep me safe, with Lord Durham agreeing to accompany us for those two trips, and with the Royal suites and lounges on the Space deck and deck 1, with them having restricted access to those levels, it would be a safe place to stay and rest for the journeys. We can also go into the VIP and Executive lounge areas, plus the upper deck of the Serenity Gardens Promenade, under escort with Lord Durham, when he is available. As we were passing the Moon, with just two hours left of the journey, Mum received a message from Lord Durham, informing us that he had arranged a media conference in the airport, after we have landed at the new Spaceport Terminal, and that he would be waiting at the Spaceport boat jetty, to transport us to the main airport terminal. Now completed, the terminal includes a covered walkway that leads to a bigger and more improved boat mooring jetty, with an undercover shelter, with seating, and an identical one built 1.8 kilometres away, located between the old and new Airport terminals, and a ferry service is being established, to ferry passengers from the airport terminal, to the spaceport terminal. When we landed, the whole family plus Isaac and two security officers walked down to the jetty, where Lord Durham was waiting for us on board the family motor yacht, and we made the short distance to the new Airport Jetty. Once at the airport jetty, we walked the short 300 metres to the new terminal, where Airport security escorted us to a lobby area, where a small group of media are waiting for us. “Good morning, as you have seen on television and on newsprint, over the past two weeks, there has been some advertising that is promoting the world’s first holidays in space, thus allowing people here and now to be able to get into space, without having to go through a rigid training programme to be a crew members on a space rocket to the moon. We are providing a three-day holiday, that takes people of Earth out into space, firstly orbiting the Moon, before heading to Mars, where it orbits that planet a few times, before returning towards Earth where the Space cruiser orbits our home planet a few times, before landing back here at Bermuda. Over the past few weeks, you may have noticed some building works happening over on the peninsular that was once an airport runway, and that is now the new Space port terminal, and the departure point for all trips into space. The space vessel you may have seen three weeks ago is the Space Cruiser named Galileo, which is currently at the Space port, where it is preparing for its maiden space holiday flight in a few days’ time. Harbour jetties have been constructed at the space port, and also alongside the Airport, between the old and the new terminal buildings, which will transport the passengers to the space port, in preparation of their holiday. Now any questions?” our mother said confidently. “Yes Ma’am, I have a question for the Crown Prince if I may,” one reporter asked, “You may ask but it will be up to me on whether he will answer it,” Mum responded before turning to look at me a smiled as she gave a slight nod. “Your highness, Sir… will you be returning to Winchester College to continue your education, or has the assault by a customs official at Heathrow, changed all of that?” the reporter asked, and I looked towards Mum. “Go ahead, but keep it brief,” Mum whispered to me, and I nodded my head in understanding before facing the media again. “I shall not be returning to England because of security risks, so I shall be remaining in Bermuda, but I will also be spending some time in space as well,” I responded. “Sir, if I may, was it your decision or your parents to send you to a top private school in England?’ another reporter asked, “I requested to continue my education there, and together we selected that college, but because of what happened, that is not possible anymore. One last question?” I replied. “Sir, would you be allowing us, that is the media present, to experience a short trip in your space cruiser, before the first guests begin their holiday?” a third reporter asked, and I smiled. “You will have to ask her Serene Highness that question, as I am not old enough to make that sort of decision?” I replied. “Yes, they can, but it will have to be right away, and they must submit to a body screening scan, there will be no film or photographic devises permitted, and that includes mobile phone and tablets, and they must provide identification proof that they reside in Bermuda, and are a member of a media organisation on Bermuda,” Mum said to me telepathically. “It appears that Her Serene Highness has said yes, but it must be right away, and for only those present here now, you cannot bring any recording equipment of any kind, including mobile phones and similar devices, we will keep them secured for you during the trip, and you need to provide Identification,” I announced to the media group. “Sire, may I ask, are you telepathic, as it appears just now that you and Her Serene Highness were speaking telepathically,” a reporter asked, “Sorry, no more questions, now you need to choose right away if you are coming with us or not, and if you are please follow the two security guards down to the jetty,” I replied. With a total of just six members of the media attending the press conference, we would all be able to travel in the motor yacht at the same time, and a few minutes later we arrived at the other jetty at the Space port, and after a short walk, we entered the main doors into the new terminal, where more security officers from the Galileo were waiting for them media, who had to hand over all of their electronic equipment, including their mobile phones. After all of them had been scanned, and found not to be carrying any hidden forbidden items, the members of the media were led to where they passed through a large box that read their body temperatures, and scanned for any viruses or health issues that may be a risk to the crew of the cruiser. From there, they headed to the elevators and taken to the upper level, which is really just a large semi enclosed area for the cruiser to land in, where the side walls on all sides, are just 4 metres high, which is just below the floor of the lowest level of the cruiser, where the main entry hatch is located. The security officers led the four men and two women up the stairs to the cruiser, where they passed through the security screening once more. While this was all happening, our family just stood back and waited for the process to be completed, and followed the media guests inside. “I will leave my son, to give you a basic tour of the passenger areas of the cruiser, enjoy the trip,” mum said to the media guests, before she and my brother followed dad to the elevator to head upstairs. “Good luck son,” mum said to me telepathically as she walked away, and I just smiled. “Right, let me start by saying welcome to the Space Cruiser Galileo, named after the famous Italian Astronomer. Does anyone know what other things he was apart from an astronomer?” I said as I started the tour.
  3. A short time later, we all boarded the helicopter, for the very short flight across the harbour, and we landed on the parking apron to the side of the former airfield, and moments later the URP shuttle landed on the landing bay. “By the way, we are having some work commencing shortly, to make this a proper Spaceport terminal, for all URP space craft to land on. Building material has already been sent to New Zealand, and the construction of the building modules, that will create the two-level terminal is nearly completed, and will be shipped over to here while you are away on your holidays,” the Ambassador announced. “Why were we not informed about this from Ganymede, Lucas?” my mother asked, sounding a little annoyed, “Because Ma’am, it is to be a surprise for you from the Emperor,” Lucas replied. “Oh, ok, I guess that is alright then, but I still would have liked to have had some input into the matter,” my mum responded as the Ambassador said farewell, wished us a happy holiday, and he walked over to the shuttle and entered. When the shuttle was just going out of visual range to the North-East of us, we heard another space craft approaching, but this one is far bigger than the standard two deck URP shuttle, as it slowly came down over the airport, and landed softly on the landing bay. We all stared at the huge space craft, which looks to be about 8 decks high, and it was cover most of the area of the landing bay, so I estimated it to be nearly 700 metres long and a bit over 100 metres wide, but that was just a guess, as we watched as a wide side door open and stairs were lowered. We were all very surprised to see our grandfather, Dr Marten Lenegan appear at the doorway, before coming down the stairs to greet us. “Hello son, how are you keeping? I hear you have had a little bit of drama today?” our grandfather asked our father, “Yes Dad, the second kidnapping attempt this fortnight, and that is why we asked for a transport to collect us,” Dad replied, as they shook hands. “Hello Nahtliya, my how beautiful you are each time I see you,” our grandfather said to our mum, “Hello Marten, this is a nice surprise to see you, maybe you can fill us in on what this new space vessel is about?” our mum said to grandfather, who smiled. “So, Ambassador Lenegan said nothing about it?” our grandfather asked, and both of our parents shook their heads no. “Hello grandsons, how you have grown since I last seen you, and this must be the protector,” Grandfather said to us. “Yes Grandfather, this is my protector, Isaac Ottremyn,” I said making the introduction, and this caught my grandfather’s attention. “Any relation to…” my grandfather began to ask before Isaac interrupted, “Yes My Lord, he was my father, he passed away a few years back, so it is just my mother and little brother and I now, and they live at the capital,” Isaac responded. “I see, I will make a point of going to see her when I get back to Ganymede, I had enjoyed many meals with your parents when we were on the homeworld,” Grandfather said, as he gave Isaac a friendly pat on the shoulder. “I am sure she would look forward to proving you with another enjoyable meal, my Lord,” Isaac said, as he gave a slight bow of the head. “So, grandfather, can you tell us a bit more about this monster ship that you arrived in?” Toby asked, and Grandfather chuckled at his enthusiastic enquiry, “I can do just that, she has been built for a very special purpose, I introduce to you the Star Cruiser – Galileo, designed as the very first luxury cruiser for holidays into space,” Grandfather announced. “We better get moving so we don’t cause to many air traffic problems,” Mum suggested to her father-in-law, “Quite right dear, let’s all get onboard and we can get started on your holiday,” Grandfather said as he turned and led the way back on board. As we entered the Star Cruiser for the first time, we were met by 6 armed guards, who snapped to attention as we entered. “Do you have anything to declare family?” Grandfather asked us all, and we all responded no, before we passed through a security scanner, and our luggage went through a similar system that most airports around the world have, to check the inside of all luggage. “As you see, everyone has to pass through security, before they can get any further inside, and if anyone attempts to force their way through, then the whole ship goes into security lock down, until whatever the threat is had be neutralised. This way please,” our grandfather announced, as he led the way through a set of heavy-duty doors, that brought us into a large foyer, with stairs and elevators. “The Galileo is 120 metres wide, 650 metres long, 34 metres and 10 decks high, she has a total of 91 permanent crew plus a team of 24 entertainers, who are on rotation. This ship is just like one of those ocean cruise ships that are a plenty of on Earth now, and there are a total 198 guest cabins split over five decks, and does not include the 6 Royal suites, that are reserved for URP and Sahndrol dignitaries, including this family, plus two staff cabins. We have 28 VIP guest suites, 28 Executive Suites, 102 standard cabins and 40 economy cabins, so we can accommodate a total of 396 guests in total, and while you are enjoying your holiday on board, we will be starting to promote the new space holidays, for starters, to every major television station in the 23 countries of North and Central America, 24 countries of Western Europe, 11 countries of South-East Asia and 14 Oceania Countries. Once a few trips from these countries have been completed, then we will consider expanding the advertising to other countries on Earth,” Grandfather announced to us, as elevator took us upwards, and stopped on deck 3. “Isn’t that a bit bias to be only selecting the richer countries in the world?” my father asked. “It may seem that way, and in a way it is true, but considering that the cost of an economy ticket for a three day cruise into space, from Earth to Mars and return, will cost $1420 a day per cabin in Economy, and $1960 a day per cabin for a Standard Cabin, I think that it will be out of the price range of many of Earth’s citizens,” Grandfather replied. “Have you already made the promotion advertisement yet? Mum asked, “Yes, we have actually, we did it while travelling here from Ganymede, including doing orbits around Jupiter, Mars, the Moon and Earth, and we will show it to you all once you have settled into your suites and had a good look around,” our grandfather replied. “Grandfather, I am surprised that it doesn’t have more guest cabins, considering the size of the Space Vessel,” I commented, “That is because we concentrated on providing very comfortable guest cabins and crew cabins, plus plenty of recreation space, entertainment facilities and sports centre,” Grandfather replied. When we stepped out of the elevator on level one, we stepped into a lavish lounge area, and we didn’t have to walk far to get to our suites, and I was very impressed with how nice they are. Isaac was allocated once of the staff cabins, and he thought that his cabin was just as good as the suites, even thou they are a lot smaller. “When you have finished exploring the ship, you will find me in the VIP Lounge, on deck two, section F1” our grandfather said, before leaving us to settle in. We had no idea what he meant by section F1, but during the next two hours, we eventually worked it out, as Sam, Isaac and I carefully explored the whole ship, with the first letter, F meaning forward, C meaning centre and A meaning aft, and the numbers 1, 2 & 3 being the three areas, with the 1 at the front and 3 at the back of each section. As we sat down for a late lunch, in one of three cafés located on the Serenity Promenade, on deck three, a large screen television come to life, with our grandfather stepping into the picture. “Welcome to the Space Cruiser Galileo, the first every space cruise ship that will take passengers on a lifetime three-day journey, from Earth to Mars and return. My name is Lord Martin Lenegan, one of the original crew members of the Deep Space Mission, onboard the Star Explorer, more than fifteen years ago. It is my privilege to give you a tour of our facilities on board the Star Cruiser Galileo, which will be doing regular holiday tours… as you see like the Ocean cruisers on Earth, it has all of the luxury accommodations, entertainment and recreation facilities, to keep you busy for the journey… we hope that you have enjoyed this tour of the Galileo, and that one day you will book a holiday with us soon. The website is galileospace.com, where you have all the information that you need, to consider a space holiday with us,” the promotion said. “So, what do you think?” our grandfather asked us, “It is very well done, and I think it won’t be long before we get booked out for months,” our mother replied. “Do the holidays fees cover the costs of running these holiday tours?” our Dad asked. “Yes, only just, we don’t want to be charging too much, or we won’t get any passengers at all, as I mentioned earlier, the costs for a three-day cruise to Mars and back, is $1420 a day per cabin in Economy, $1960 a day per cabin for a Standard Cabin, plus $4380 per day for an Executive suite, and $5740 per day, for a VIP Suite,” our grandfather replied. “Which is just from $4,200 to 17,200 per Cruise,” our father stated, “Yes, that is correct,” grandfather replied, “Wow, that is a lot of money to spend, for just three days,” I commented, and I saw Isaac nod his head in agreement. “Yes, it is, but it is probably the one and only time that the passengers will get to go into space, Grandfather responded.
  4. “You can come out now, we are inside cargo bay of the shuttle,” my father announced from the door of the cabin, and we followed my father upstairs, and towards the back of the yacht, where we stepped off the yacht, where the senior officer of the shuttle greeted us. “Right boys, we need to get the prince to a safe location, which means, returning to the Navy base at the Sahndrol Islands. We need to contact your parents and get them to collect you from somewhere,” Dad said to my friends, “The airport would be the best place that I can think of, Father,” I suggested. “Commander, arrange with the airport for clearance to land for a short while, so we can drop off some passengers, then we will head to the islands,” my father said to the senior officer, who did as requested, while the boys used their mobiles to contact their homes. Once the boys were safely inside the airport terminal, we set off for the Sahndrol Islands, this time landing at the Naval base where Ambassador Denham resides and where there is accommodation available for us, and we ended up staying there for nearly two weeks, before we received word that it was viewed that the threat was now over. Just as a precaution, we and Ambassador Durham, hitched a ride with the Canadian Navy to Nova Scotia, before we flew to Montreal, then onto Bermuda on a commercial airline flight, but flying in business class, much to Isaac’s horror. When we arrived at Bermuda Airport, we passed through customs quickly and a car from New Zealand Embassy drove us home. Returning home, with just six weeks of holidays remaining, our family decided that it might be a good idea to head out to space, where it is a lot safer for the family, and so Mum contacted Ganymede, to request for the closest space vessel to come and collect us, and take us to the Space Research and Training Academy on Mars. Mum was informed that a brand-new vessel, that has just completed space flight trials between Mars and Jupiter, is currently at the academy, and will be sent to collect us, arriving at 11 am Bermuda time, and will land at the Space landing bay just off from the airport at Bermuda, and we were informed that the URP shuttle based at the Sahndrol Islands, would be escorting the new ship as it approaches Bermuda. With the Ambassador staying with us overnight, he spent a lot of time communicating with the Capital at Ganymede, as well as speaking to someone locally, which I was not sure what it was about. At dinner time that evening, Ambassador informed our family that he suspects that there is someone at the Airport, who is tipping off the group of people who attempted to kidnap us two weeks ago, and that he had some plans in place to try and catch them. He said that after breakfast tomorrow, two undercover police officers will arrive, and they would be dressing similarly to Isaac and myself, and will travel with the Ambassador to the Space Landing pad, leaving at 9.45 am, where the URP shuttle will make and approach, and briefly land. Meanwhile the Bermuda Police have a new 16 metre vessel that will be dispatched from Hamilton, on what will look like a routine patrol, around the North side of the islands, while a visiting Royal Navy Offshore patrol boat that is based in Portsmouth, will do a patrol from around the South side of the islands. With no flights in or out of Bermuda from 9.45 am till midday, Ambassador Durham has also chartered a helicopter which was shipped to Bermuda, having flown out from Orlando, Florida, and landing on ship already in transit and 450 kilometres east of Florida, bound for the Mediterranean. Just as the ship was passed 175 kilometres due South of Bermuda, the Sikorsky helicopter took off from the ship and landed safely at the Bermuda Airport, with just 140 kilometres of fuel remaining. Ambassador Durham was not only paying for the charter of the helicopter, but also the service of the chopper pilot for 8 hours a day, from the time he left Orlando. The helicopter will have a police officer who has light aircraft pilot training and two officers onboard, to monitor events from the air. When the two very young-looking officers arrived the next morning, we were surprised that they were even old enough to be in the police force, which I guess was a good advantage for us. As per plans, at 9.45 am the Ambassador and the two police officers who are pretending to be Isaac and I, headed off in the family motor yacht, heading for the landing bay on the other side of the harbour, and less than five minutes later, the URP shuttle arrived and landed at the Space Landing bay as planned. At home, the family eagerly watched from inside the guest house which is closer to the water than the main house, and much to our surprise, Ambassador Durham was correct, as a speed boat appeared from the direction of the causeway to the north of the house, and it was on an intercept course with the speed boat. As this was happening, the police patrol boat, which had travelled to behind Rouge Island in Ferry Reach, late yesterday afternoon, was now speeding up and heading for the causeway, to intercept the speed boat if it reverses its course. Meanwhile the Navy patrol boat was approaching the Castle Roads passage, blocking any exit chances from that direction. Once the speed boat was clearly heading for the family yacht, we heard via the radio, from the police officers that were monitoring evens from our home, that the helicopter has a clear view of everything from a height of over 1,000 metres, were the sound of the chopper is very faint. When the URP shuttle took off again, the family yacht changed directions, and headed East towards Well Bay, just behind Nonsuch Island, and hopefully by the time they arrive there, the speed boat would have worked out that they were being chased, and all would be good. After passing north of the stationary Naval destroyer, with the speed boat just a few nautical miles behind them, with them not looking at slowing down their chase, the Navy went at full speed to try and cut them off, with their two rigid dinghies also deployed, so go around behind them. What we had not expected was the sound of automatic gunfire starting, first from the speed boat, then from the patrol boat, with return machine gun fire, and unexpectantly the speedboat turned and was heading straight for the navy patrol boat, weaving in and out to try and avoid the machine guns, while they continued to fire at the navy ship. What seemed like hours, of gun battle, was really only about fifteen minutes, and when the speed boat caught on fire, as it continued to head for the navy ship, the men onboard jumped off their speed boat, and the Naval patrol boat had to quickly run to avoid a collision. Once the speed boat had rushed past the patrol boat, they followed in pursuit, now that it was well alight and without any driver, and heading for the south west end of Nonsuch Island, meanwhile the two rigid dinghies, picked up the five men that were in the water, putting an end to the threat on our lives, just as the speed boat exploded just a few hundred metres away from shore, which made Isaac, my brother and I to jump in fright. After the yacht returned to the house jetty, the police prepared to leave property, and a short while later the helicopter arrived and landed on our front driveway, where the remaining police officers climbed out, and the pilot headed into the house at my parent’s invitation. Because the helicopter had to wait for another cargo ship that is West bound from the Mediterranean to Florida, who would allow for the helicopter to hitch a ride, the pilot would be staying in our guest house, as our guest, which he was very pleased with, as he wanted to spend some time exploring Bermuda, before heading home to Florida. When the Navy patrol boat moored at our jetty, and the senior officers came up to the house, we were informed that the Bermuda Governor, had requested a more permanent presence of the Royal Navy, especially now that the UN compound is situated here, and so the Navy would be staying on for a while, with Coney Island being suggested as a possible new Naval base for the Royal Navy, or maybe back to the original location of Morgan’s Point. Because of all that has been happening, the new vessel was made to delay its arrival until 11.30 am, just over half an hour before the next flight international flight arrives from New York, which has been delayed by 15 minutes. The family and Isaac had already packed and are ready to spend some time in space, and with the attempted abduction drama ending just half an hour after it began, we had nearly an hour to settle our nerves, before the helicopter will fly us directly to the Space landing bay. Ambassador Durham informed us that he would be leaving just before the other ship arrives, and that the shuttle would arrive about fifteen minutes before. “Tell me Lucas, do you know anything about this new ship that is coming to collect us, as it sounds very mysterious,” my mother asked the Ambassador. “Well Ma’am, all I know is that it is a special kind of ship, I have not seen any pictures or plans of it, so I have no idea what it looks like, I guess we will just have to wait until it arrives,” Lucas replied, giving a big grin, which hinted that he knew much more than he was saying.
  5. “Have you had a good morning, little brother?” I asked Sam, “Yes, and stop calling me little, I am almost as tall as you,” Sam replied, with a frown on his face, and Isaac laughed. “Sam is just telling Mason off, for calling him little brother, when they are almost the same height,” Isaac explained, and the others joined in with the laughter. “This is going to take some getting used too, with you three speaking telepathically,” Anthony stated, “ Let’s try something… Anthony, Oscar and Micah, close your eyes, and try and clear your mind of everything… clear it, so that all you can hear is the sound of my voice… the trees rustling in the breeze and background noise of students playing basketball… breath steadily in through your nose, out through your mouth. Ok now that your mind is clear, and keeping your eyes closed, think of one thing… think of that bird that you can hear calling for its mate… just concentrate on the sound, nothing else, just that one sound and my voice…” I said to my friends. I looked at my brother Sam and Isaac, and they too were concentrating, which I was hoping they would do, before I closed my eyes, “Ok, let’s give this a try… Our minds together, we seek to connect with our Earthly friends… Boys, do hear me?” I said telepathically and I heard a gasp, and I smiled. “One of you heard me, keep concentrating on my voice, and think of just one word… and concentrate on that one word… now in your mind say that one word,” I said to my friends. “Watermelon” came a reply telepathically, and the voice sounded like it was Oscar, as Sam and Isaac laughed, which ended the experiment. Now with everyone having their eyes open, because of the laughing, I turned to Oscar, “Why watermelon?” I asked, “Sorry, it is my favourite food,” Oscar replied and I smiled. “Your heard him telepathically?” Anthony asked sounding a little disappointed that he didn’t hear anything. “I did, and when he said, boys, do you hear me, I heard Mason say that,” Oscar replied. “Well it appears that Oscar will become part of the protection team,” I said to Isaac who smiled and nodded his head, “We will try again in a day or two, and in the meantime, try and learn some relaxation techniques, as it helps with the telepathic process,” I said to Oscar, who agreed to do so. “I think we should include Micah in the team, he is well built and may come useful if anyone try’s to attack you,” Sam suggested, “I agree with you brother, so now I have a designated Protector and a protection team, I am sure that will keep my parents happy,” I said to everyone. I was glad when the first day was over, as one of the family vehicles arrived at the school to collect us, with a staff member driving, as our dad said would happen from now on. For the rest of the school year, I had no problems with the school bully or his mob, but they did start picking on other more weaker students, and they soon backed away when we and others started to protect them. On the last day of school for the term and school year in early July, when the weather is starting to get nice and warm, I had arranged for Anthony, Oscar and Micah to spend the weekend over at our place, with us staying in the guest cottage together, after they and their families had passed all the security checks, and Dad had spoken face to face with each of the parents. The only condition the boy’s parents put on the weekend visit, was they were not to go into space, which was agreed on, which was fine, as I had an even better surprise planned out, having permission from my parents and Ambassador Durham, for a shuttle to collect us from the airport, and take us to the Sahndrol Islands for a day. I had informed the lads to bring swimming gear, as we would be doing plenty of swimming over the weekend, with it all to begin on Friday afternoon with school ending just before lunchtime. With their weekend luggage with them, we all climbed into the vehicle, and set off for home, and once we had arrived, I led the lads to the two-bedroom guest cottage, with each bedroom having two single beds. Anthony and I would share one room, while Oscar and Micah would share the other one. Once settled in the cottage, I showed them around the 2 acre property, before showing them around the main house, which is a lot bigger and grander than their own homes, with Micah living in a 3 bedroom villa on the north side of the airport on St David’s Island, Oscar lives, in a 3 bedroom villa in Shelley Bay, while Anthony is the closest as he lives in a four bedroom house in Harrington Sound, which isn’t that far from my home. During dinner, with my friends and family, Dad looked at me to hint that it was time to tell my friends about our excursion tomorrow. “Guys, I have planned a little day trip for us tomorrow, so we need to have breakfast at 7am, so we leave here by 7.30 to get to our transport for the day,” I announced. “Not into space?” Anthony asked, “No, we agreed with each of your parents, not to take you into space, but we will be using a URP shuttle, to take us the Sahndrol Islands, which is about 1,200 kilometres East-North-East of here, which will only take about twenty minutes to get there, and we will have a few islands all to ourselves, but two islands are off limits, as a Canadian Navy base is located there,” I announced. “Wow, that sounds cool,” Oscar said telepathically, as he had been trying hard since first learning that he can speak to us telepathically, and he was getting better at it, and I turned to him and nodded my head to let him know I heard him, before looking at the others. “It is fairly remote, so we will have to take supplies with us, and we will have about 5 hours to spend there before we return in the mid-afternoon,” I added. The following morning, we headed off towards the airport, but not by road, but by our 33 metre motor yacht, as an old disused section of the airport, has been the landing ground for the URP shuttles, as it is far enough away to the south of the terminal and main runway, to not interfere with airport operations. The land peninsular that contains the former smaller runway, is 240 metres wide and 720 metres long, with a deep gully dugout, 340 metres from the main runway, to separate the main airport from the URP landing ground, which is used when not required to land at the UN Compound. The thirty metre wide and 4 metre deep gully, which has water running through it from the bay that surrounds it on three sides, also has a fence on the landing ground side of the gully, as an extra security barrier, and about 250 metres South of this fence, is a cleared area beside the old runway, that leads to a small boat landing, where we can step off the boat, and walk to the shuttle when it arrives, and in this case, it was landing, as we were about one hundred and fifty metres away from the boat landing. The four of us had a great day exploring the Sahndrol Islands, and were fairly tired by the time we landed back at Bermuda, where the family boat was waiting for us, with Dad at the helm. With the trip home being just 2 ¼ kilometres in distance, we were expecting to be home very shortly, but this was not to be the case. “Mr Lenegan, there appears to be a fast boat heading in our direction at fast speed,” Anthony called out, “Yes, I have seen it on radar, hold tight boys, we are going to be making some tight manoeuvres. Isaac, close and lock the saloon door, and call the shuttle for some assistance,” my father responded, as he made a sudden change of direction, having cleared the southern point of the landing ground, Dad headed South-East towards open water. About ten minutes later, we raced past the north side of Horn rock, and a few minutes after, we turned once more, following along the inside of the reef around the islands, heading due East and then North, and increasing above our cruising speed of 30 knots, to try and escape the fast boat that was chasing us, which looked to be about doing the same speed as us. When we passed St David’s Head, Dad changed course again, heading out to sea, and now heading in a North- East direction. “Sir, the shuttle is on its way, but it will be at least another ten minutes before they arrive,” Isaac informed my father, just as the sound of gunfire could be heard, and we all automatically ducked down low. “Understood, Mason, take everyone below and take the Sat phone with you, call the Bermuda police, tell them where we are, that we are being chased by an unknown fast boat, and tell them that the Crown Prince is under attack with shots fired,” my father instructed. As we went further out to sea, the rough the conditions were for us, and so we all sat down on the floor of the forwards master bedroom, with our backs to the couch, and our feet against the bed, to help stopping us from being bounced around too much. I knew that the yacht had a range of about 500 nautical miles, so I was guessing that my father was thinking of heading for the direction that the URP shuttle is coming from, and that the rough seas would be enough to deter the pursuers from following us. After nearly ten minutes of been tossed around, the yacht suddenly hit something hard, and screeched to a stop, after a few seconds.
  6. “Mother, I just realised something, all of my former school mates at Winchester College, will know who I really am, which means, I cannot go back there, as it will be to unsafe,” I said, as we travelled by boat back home, “That is true, and what about your former school here on the island, although, I think we have a better chance of looking after you here at home,” my mother replied, and I just groaned when I realised this. For the next nine weeks, Isaac and I continued to be tutored, until we were given a two week break, before the commencement of Term Three, were we would be attending Warwick Academy on Bermuda, with Sam already attending the school since he was six years old, and where I attended school from the age of nine, till when I started at Winchester College last year. I was hoping that my former old friends, who I had seen very little of since starting at Winchester, would be supportive and protective of me, and on the first day of school, I nervously stepped out of the car, after a 20 minute drive from home, and Isaac was at my side. “Head up high sire, deep breaths, and stay calm, and you will get through your first day back,” Isaac said to me, and I did as he suggested before smiling and giving a nod of my head, before waving goodbye to my father, and setting off through the school gates. “Mason Lenegan and Isaac Otterman, reporting in for first day at school sir,” I said as I approached the counter, and one of my former teachers was standing in the reception area talking to one of the other staff members. “Well Mason, welcome back, or should we be addressing you Sire?” Mr Archerson said as he approached, “Mason is fine sir, and this is my protector, Isaac Otterman. Protector, this is our Mathematics teacher and Deputy Principal, Mr Archerson,” I responded, making the introductions. “So, is Protector a title of some kind, as well as your job?” the teacher asked Isaac, “Yes sir, it is both, but you can call me Isaac,” my protector replied in much improved English. “Sir, I must inform you that if Issacs sees any threat to me, he will respond instantly, and with as much force as required,” I informed the deputy principal. “As long as it is not deadly force, and that there is no serious injuries, I think we can allow that, to a certain limit, do you understand me, Mr Otterman,” and Isaac looked around him before realising that he was the one the teacher was speaking too, and he blushed a little at his error, and I gave him a little nudge in the ribs, before we both began laughing. “Off you both go, good luck on your first day, and don’t hesitate to let my know if you have any problems,” the deputy principal said to us, as we left the administration area. As we walked through the hallways of the academy, I pointed out different things to Isaac, and when I heard my name, I stopped. “Mason, my good friend… sorry, should I call you something more formal?” the familiar voice of Anthony Gibbs, my closest friend when I was attending the academy a few years earlier. “No, Mason is fine, I want to keep it as casual as possible. Anthony, this is my protector, Isaac Otterman, even thou he is half Earthling and half Sahndrolian, this is his first time on Earth. Isaac, this is by best friend when I was attending this academy before, Anthony Gibbs,” I said making the introductions, as a large crowd gathered around us. “Oh, oh, watch out the school bully has arrived, let us deal with him Mason and Isaac,” another of my friends, Oscar stated, and immediately a circle of students surrounded us, while other stepped towards the approaching bully and his so-called friends. “Rack off Henderson, you and your pack of hounds are not wanted around here,” I heard Anthony say, “Yeah, Henderson, just go and dig a hole and sit in it,” we heard another boy say, which had the group laughing. “You think you are all funny, well I will get pretty boy one day, you just wait,” the bully responded. “Henderson! Did I just hear you threatening the Crown Prince?” a man’s voice said out loud, and the protective group that surrounded Isaac and me opened up, and we saw Mr Archerson approaching. “He’s not a prince, he’s just a poor little rich boy… Sir!” Henderson responded. “Tell me Mr Lenegan, what is the punishment in the UK and Bermuda, for causing harm to a protected person?” the deputy principal asked me, and I saw Isaac smile. “A minimum of 18 months, in the two regions that you mentioned, but much harsher elsewhere in the Empire that I represent,” I responded, as I looked over in the direction of Henderson, who I could see was deciding if he should challenge me so more or make a dash for it. “What is the Empire’s punishment, if I may ask please sire?” Mr Archerson asked me, “At least three years minimum of hard labour in the mines,” I responded, which was sort of true. “And where are these mines, if I may ask?” Mr Archerson asked me, and by now Isaac had a huge grin on his face. “I can answer that one, if I may sire,” Isaac started, before turning and walking up close to Henderson, “The mines are on a remote moon, just a bit away from my home of Ganymede, which is a large moon of Jupiter, where if you make one mistake and damage your work suit, you can run out of air within minutes and suffocate, as many have done so before,” Isaac replied, and we saw Henderson swallow loudly and his eyes showed real fear. “Now Mr Henderson, we don’t want to send you off to a far-off place, where you will not see your family for a very long time, do we?” Mr Archerson said to Henderson, who shook his head no, as he swallowed again, before slowly backing off then sprinting away from us, followed closely by his bully mates. “I hope that what you just said, is all made up?” Mr Archerson asked, when they disappeared out of sight, “No sir, a lot of what my protector said is true,” I replied, “Well, I think he and his friends got the message loud and clear, don’t you think?” Mr Archerson said before turning and heading back to administration, and Anthony and his friends all cheered. “So, my good friend, how was it at that posh college in England?” Anthony said to me, as he slung an arm over my shoulder like he used to do when we were younger, “It is ok Isaac, he is my best friend, he won’t harm me,” I said to my protector, who I saw flinch when Anthony moved his arm. “It was alright I guess, but I was only there for one term. I was on my way there for the start of this term, when I was assaulted at Heathrow airport, so I have been recovering from that injury. Issacs and I have been tutored at home since we came back to Bermuda, after the assault, as my parents had me transported back here using a URP shuttle, which is faster and a lot more comfortable,” I explained. “So, you still live in that house near Tucker’s Point in St George’s Parish?” Anthony asked. “Yes, we are still there, but now that I am the Crown Prince, which is a fairly recent thing, security at home is a lot stricter,” I replied. “Shame, I would like to hang out and get to know you again, I have missed you buddy,” Anthony said, “That is good to know my friend, as I may be relying on you and my protector here, to keep me safe,” I said, “You can count on it,” Anthony responded. “Good. Once you have be cleared by security, I will be training you three times a week,” Isaac said to Anthony, who looked a little shocked at this news, “Mate you said you wanted to help, and to do that, you need to be trained, so decide now, if you want to continue, or we just be friends during school times,” I said to Anthony. “No, I want to help, I just didn’t expect to be trained in… What am I going to be trained in?” Anthony replied, asking the question to Isaac, who smiled, “Wait and see my new friend, you will soon know,” Isaac answered, “Somehow, I feel like I have been tricked into this, but I still agree to go ahead with the training,” Anthony said, looking a little worried. “Take it easy on him, he hasn’t had the training that we have had on Ganymede, so take it easy on him, ok?” I said to Isaac, who smiled and nodded to me that he understood, and we saw Anthony look from me to Isaac, and back to me, curiously. After three classes, it was finally lunch break, and I was glad to be able to rest from all of the studying, as Anthony, Oscar and Micah, joined Isaac and me to sit under a tree to enjoy our lunch. “I wonder what food we have packed for us?” Isaac said to me, as he glanced into his lunch box and screwed up his nose, and I just laughed, “I know, you are not used to Earth food yet, at least it is good for you,” I replied, “Hey, you guys are talking to each other silently, by um… what’s it called,” Anthony asked, “Telepathy, and yes we are, sorry, I sometimes find it easier to speak in our native language by telepathy, as I am still learning English,” Isaac replied. “Yeah telepathy, that is it. Can anyone learn to be telepathic, or is it something that you learn from where you come from out there?” Oscar asked, as he pointed up towards the sky. “It is just us Sahndolian’s who can speak it, usually from the age of ten or eleven, but if you like we can teach you some of our language, which is called Drol,” I replied, “Are you allowed to teach them our language?” a new voice asked, and it took me a few seconds to realise that it was Sam’s voice, and I soon saw him approaching. “You are right, I better check with mum first,” I responded, and Isaac nodded his head in agreement, “Sorry, my brother, Sam is approaching, and he was listening in to our conversation,” I explained to the group, and moments later, Sam sat down beside me, smiling.
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    DSA Chapter 9

    Serine is a Royal title
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    DSA Chapter 9

  9. “Once again, I wish only to speak to you, and what is his native language?” the officer said, as the other officer indicated for Isaac to follow him to the next counter. “Maybe you should look at our passports, before you start getting too heavy-handed officer,” I suggested to him. “Right, that is it not more speaking until I ask you a question, got it sonny?” the officer said to me, with his face close to mine, and I glanced over to Isaac who showed that there was fear in his eyes. “Stay calm and pretend that you do not understand, just use mixed hand gestures,” I said to Isaac, and I saw him nod his head slightly in understanding. “Don’t look at him, look at me sonny, now where is your god damn passport,” the officer demanded, as he shoved me against the counter. “Is there a problem here Officer Torres?” a lady said as she approached, “I am trying to inform this officer that he needs to look at my passport before he gets to heavy handed, and as a result of his roughing me this way, I have dropped the passport at my feet, as is my friends passport,” I said directly to the lady. “Don’t look at her, I was speaking to you not her,” the man said to me as he shoved me hard against the counter, and pulled my arms tighter behind my back, and the lady bent down and picked up both passports, and when she saw the UROP logo on a Diplomatic passport, her eyes opened up wide, and she opened up my passport and then looked at me. “Officer Torres, did you bother to ask for this young man’s passport before you started verbally abusing him, and shoving him, because if you had, you would have noticed that he carries a diplomatic passport, as does his friend, now release them both at once, and both of you report to my office upstairs immediately,” the lady said. The officer yanked my arm upwards harder before releasing me, and as he did, I could feel something bad happen to my shoulder, and I collapsed to the floor in agony. “Are you alright sir?” the lady said to me, and I tried to move my left arm, but it would not move, “No, he has busted my arm or shoulder,” I replied as I clenched my teeth to try and relieve the pain. “Right, Officer Torres, you are hereby suspended from work duties until further notice, log off and go home,” the lady said to the officer, who growled at me before storming off, as Isaac rushed over to me, to try and help me as best as he could. “Hosp… hospital, now!” Isaac said to the lady, and seeing Isaacs concern for me, she called for a medical team to this area of the airport terminal. Pulling out my mobile phone out of my jacket pocket, Isaac searched the directory and called a number, and in Drol he said that I was hurt and that he needs more help, and he listened for a moment, before putting the phone to my ear, “Hello,” I croaked, “Sire, where are you? as I was held up in the aircraft,” I heard Lucas say over the phone, 1st class customs,” I replied before things blacked out. When I came too, I could hear Lucas, “Prince Mason, who did this to you?” I heard him say, “Officer, Officer Torres… she sent him home,” I replied, before losing consciousness again. “I don’t care if you sent him home, I want him arrested and charged with assaulting a protected person,” I heard Lucas say to the female customs officer, “Protected? Why is he a protected person, when he looks to be only about thirteen years old,” I heard the lady say. “Lady” I called out softly, and I indicated for her to come closer… I am the Crown Prince Of Sahndrol, these two are my protectors, do as they say, or there will be hell to pay,” I said slowly, and I saw the ladies face go white, from shock at what I had said to her, and she looked at Lucas who smiled and nodded his head to confirm what I had said. “I want this area clear of all persons except yourself and these medics that are approaching, you are to detain that officer who assaulted the Crown Prince and charge him, as I said before, now do as I say,” Lucas said, and I smiled, before everything went black again. When I woke up again, I was warm and I was in a room, and looking around the room, I realised that I was back home in Bermuda in my own bedroom. “Hello Sire, I am so glad to see you awake,” Isaac said to me, and I groaned as my shoulder ached. “Stay still son, I will get some more medication for you, then I will bring you some soup to eat, as you have been asleep for over two days now,” I heard my mother say. While recovering from a torn shoulder ligament, which will take six to eight weeks to heal, I learnt, that the officer who had injured me, had lost his job, and was charged with causing my injuries and is currently spending 18 months in Prison, the officer who detained Isaac was reprimanded, demoted, and allowed to keep his job, but was on probation for a period of two years. After a week, I was permitted to leave my bedroom, and I would have my arm in a sling for another 6 weeks, so my father arranged for a tutor from my old school to come and tutor us, so we didn’t fall behind in our studies, and this gave Isaac more of a chance to learn a lot more about life on Earth, before being bombarded to much with questions from the other boys at the school in England, if we ever get there. By the end of the second week, after much discussions with my parents, it was decided that I would remain at Bermuda, and return to my old school, as soon as my shoulder is healed enough to not cause any pain. Isaac’s English was improving, and he was slowly getting used to being on Earth, where things are so much different than on Ganymede. It was in this same second week of recovery when the news broke in the media in the UK, about me being assaulted, with the Border force officer claiming wrongful arrest, and saying that the person hurt was accidental, and that I was not a protected person. After some convincing, I arranged to have a media conference at the UN Building, the following morning, and that my mother would accompany me. The arranged media conference would also include the New Zealand Ambassador to the UN, and URP Ambassador Lucas Durham, who would fly over to Bermuda in the early hours of the morning, from the Sahndrol Islands. When the time arrived for the media conference, four of us entered from a side entrance, “Please stand for Serene Highness, Princess Nahtliya Lenegan, her son the Crown Prince, Lord Mason Lenegan, His Excellency the New Zealand Ambassador and His Excellency the URP Ambassador,” someone called out as we entered, and I was surprised to see that everyone in the room stood. Once on the small stage area, I motioned for everyone to sit. “For those who do not know me, my name is Mason Lenegan, Crown Prince of Sahndrol, many of you have met my father’s former crew mate from the Star Voyager flight into deep space, Ambassador Durham, and my mother, who filled in for my Uncle with Royal duties while he was not available. I am here today to clear up some misinformation, that has been broadcasted by the media in the United Kingdom. A week ago, I arrived at Heathrow airport, along with my protectors, and while at the Custom’s counter, the former Custom’s officer, started getting verbally and physically aggressive to me, and I suggested that he look at my passport, before starting being heavy handed. When a Customs supervisor arrived to enquire about the disruption the former custom’s officer was causing, I explained everything to her, and when speaking to this lady, the former custom’s officer, once again pushed me hard against the counter, as the lady supervisor picked up my fallen passport,” I explained and I pulled out my passport from my jacket, to show them the front cover. “As you can see, it is a legal URP Diplomatic Passport, and when the supervisor saw this, she ordered the former custom’s officer to release me as I have a diplomatic passport. This is when the former Custom’s officer shoved my arm high behind my back, which caused a torn shoulder ligament, and I collapsed to the floor in pain and soon after I blacked out. This is what really happened at Heathrow airport, and was presented at the court hearing, along with security camera footage, which caught everything that happened. The former Custom’s officer, is saying these false accusations, to try and get a review of his sentence, which is 18 months, which I consider a very light sentence, considering that I am only 13 years old, and thus I am a minor, as well as being a diplomatic protected person,” I stated, before stepping back, and my mother approached the podium. “Ladies and Gentlemen of the press, my son has presented you with the truth of what really happened, so I suggest that you pressure those media companies who published total lies, and in the meantime, I will be asking our Ambassador here, Mr Lucas Denham, to speak to the UK Ambassador, to see if a more suitable punishment be made on this person who harmed my son, and will have his arm in a sling for at least six weeks. “I will not be taking any questions, that is all we have to say, thank you for your time,” my mother said, and she led me out of the room, followed by the two ambassadors. “Serene Highness, I too will be asking the UK Ambassador for a harsher punishment, since your son is also a NZ citizen,” the NZ Ambassador said to my mum, once we were out of the press conference room, “Thank you Ambassador, for all of your support in this matter,” my mum responded.
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    DSA Chapter 8

    Wait and see...
  11. “Serine Highness, a message from Ambassador Durham on Earth,” the co-pilot said as he approached and handed Nathalia a note, before heading back the way he came. “A message from Lucas, informing us that Isaac has been accepted into Winchester College in England, and that he and Mason will have adjoining rooms,” my mother announced to the family, as we gathered in the executive lounge of the shuttle. Isaac was with us, and he was still a little nervous being present around royalty, but he was slowly relaxing into his new role as my protector. We were now in our second day of the journey back to Earth, with one day to go till we arrived at Bermuda, where we would land at the UN Complex, like the way we left, and the boat should be waiting for us, to take us back home. An earlier message from the Ambassador two days earlier, just before we left Ganymede, informing us, that he had booked flights for Isaac and myself, leaving Bermuda just two days after we land, so we would have very little time to unwind from the long journey, and that he had order all the school uniforms footwear and books that Isaac needed for school. “What is this school like, that we will be attending?” Isaac asked me, “Well it is one of the oldest schools in England, with over 600 years of operation, and it has just 700 students aged from 13 to 18 years. We have six classes each week day, with sports and other activities after that. As boarders, living away from home, we each have our own small bedroom, with a single bed, deck, chair, and wardrobe space, and we share a bathroom,” I explained. “What is a week day?” Isaac asked, and I realised that Isaac had a terribly lot to learn and get used to. On Earth, because of the way the Earth rotates around our sun, we have 7 days in a week, five of those are days that we study in classrooms, and the other two days are called the weekend, where we have sport and social activities, and a thing called chapel, which is like a religious gathering. One day is when we are on Earth, there is a period of daylight and a period of darkness just like on Ganymede, but the amount of time is a bit different. There is a total of 7 days in what we call a week, and there are 4.3 weeks in a month, and 12 months in a year. During that year, there are four seasons, Summer, when it is hot and dry, Autumn when some trees have leaves that change colour then fall off, then there is winter, which is when it rains the most and is often very cold, and spring, which is when is nice and warm, new life arrives after winter, where trees and plants grow new shoots, and animals have new offspring,” I explained. “What are animals?” Isaac asked, “Oh, boy do you have a lot to learn, animals are…” I was stumped for words to describe them. “Isaac dear, Animals are creatures, that roam the Earth, some are free to roam wild, while others are kept as pets and others are kept for livestock, which is what we eat,” my mum explained, “You kill to eat these animals?” Isaac screeched in shock, “Yes dear we do, well not all humans eat animal flesh, which is called meat, but a large population do. Some people like those in Sahndrol eat fruits, nuts, roots and grains, and they are known as vegetarians, as they choose not to eat meat,” Mum explained. Mother, we better check to see if Ambassador made any arrangements for our dietary needs, as I feel that Isaac may not want to eat meat,” I said, “Yes, good point son,” she replied. When the journey was finally over, we felt the shuttle bump a little as it landed on the roof of the central UN Complex, and as we exited, Lucas was there to greet us. “Welcome back to earth, I hope you all had a pleasant journey,” Lucas said to us. “It was long as usual,” I grumbled, and Sam gave me a dig in the ribs with his elbow, and I frowned at him, “Lucas, this is my appointed protector, Isaac Otterman. Isnyl, this is Ambassador Lucas Durham, a former crew mate of yours and my fathers on the Star Voyager and now Ambassador representing the Empire on Earth,” I said making the introductions, “Nice to meet you Ambassador,” Isaac said in much improved English. “Welcome to Earth for the first time Protector, we hope that you enjoy your time here on Earth,” Lucas responded in Drol, and I smiled at the way Lucas addressed Isaac. “Why did he address me that way?” Isaac asked, “Because if you are in danger, and you are acting to protect me, he has to obey your commands,” I replied. “He is telepathic too?” Lucas asked, and I just smiled and nodded my head, as we headed downstairs to the awaiting boat, and on stepping outside, Isaac stopped still as he saw plant life, saw birds, a blue sky and the ocean for the first time. “I… I cannot describe it, I… it is beautiful,” Isaac said, as tears fell down his cheeks. “That it truly is, my friend, come along, we have a boat ride to take now,” I responded, as we walked to catchup with the rest of the family. The next two and a half days, were crammed full of activities, as I tried to get Isaac to try out as many activities as possible, as well as teaching him all about the different things that are on Earth. In the evenings, I showed Isaac a number of nature documentaries, so he has an idea of what other creatures there are around the world, I showed him an educational globe of the world, and told him as much as I knew about most of the countries around the world. I taught him as much as I could about some of the history on Earth, about some of the different cultures and some of the war conflicts that resulted in hundreds of thousands of deaths. When it was time for us to leave Bermuda and head for England, Lucas informed us, that he would be joining us, to make sure that we arrive safely at the college, and get settled in, and we caught a cab to the airport, to catch our flight to London. “Your form of transport is very strange, do other parts of this world have this too?” Isaac asked me, as we travelled to the airport, and I chuckled at the question, and Lucas looked at me from the front seat, “I will tell you later Lucas,” I said to him, “Yes, all over the world we have, what are called cars or vehicles, but they have other names too, depending on their size and shape. That is called a bus, which transports large groups of people on a set route, we are in what is called a taxi or cab, where we pay the driver to take us to a specific place, those other cars can be called a jeep or off road vehicle,” I explained. “This is all very confusing, so much information to digest, I think is the right word,” Isaac said quietly, “Yes that is correct, and yes, you have a lot to learn, but be patient, and it will all become natural to you, like it is at home,” I replied. “I think it will take me many rising moons to digest all of this information and all of the incredible things that I have seen so far,” Isaac whispered. “We are going to a place called an airport, and we will be flying in an aircraft, which is like a shuttle, but it is much slower and a little noisier, than a shuttle, and it will take us from Bermuda to England, which is where the college is that we will be attending,” I explained. “Why didn’t we just fly directly to this place where we are going, and why is so far away from your home?” Isaac asked. “Because we needed to spend a few days getting you used to your new surroundings, breathing the air, and being in open spaces where there is no need for airlocks and shuttle bays, and to teach you as much as possible about life on Earth, before we commence college,” I replied. Lucas had arranged a Diplomatic passport for Isaac, identical to his and mine, allowing him easier processing through the airport, and when the aircraft began to take off from the Bermuda Airport, Isaac’s hand was clasped over mine, and the look on his face was of horror, he was not enjoying this at all. When the plane began to level off, I felt his hand loosen a little, “You can let go now my friend, we are in the air now,” I said to Isaac, who let go and looked over me, towards the window beside me, “So much blue, it is hard to describe it, oh what is that white stuff,?” Isaac said as we passed through some clouds. “They are called clouds, which consist mostly of moisture, and when they are heavy enough, the clouds release the moisture, which is called rain, and it drops to the ground, the blue that you can see is what we call an ocean, it is all water, that is salty, and the oceans can be very deep,” I explained, “Oh!” was all he said in reply. We chatted for a lot of the flight, mostly telepathically, so no one else would hear us, and as we prepared to land, and the plane was going lower, the effect of the air pressure to the ears made Isaac look horrified, as if he was about to die, and guessing that the air pressure was the cause of his look, I smile. “Relax, it is just the air pressure, yawn a few times and it will help to equalise the pressure in your ears,” I said to Isaac, who did as I suggested and he was soon smiling again. “What caused that, I was so afraid,” he said to me, “When the plane goes up to large heights and then back down again there is a changing of the air pressure, so that is why you have to yawn, to try and equalise the air pressure in your ears,” I explained. “Oh!” was his only response, as he clutched onto the arm rests again as we dropped lower and lower, and I noticed that he had closed his eyes tight, so I just put my hand on top of his, to let him know that he is not alone, and I relaxed as we came into land at Heathrow. “Am I glad that is over, I would prefer not to fly this way ever again, it is to frightening,” Isaac said to me as we walked along the gangway towards the terminal, and after we collected our bags from the baggage collection area, we headed to the 1st class passengers area of customs and quarantine. “Anything to declare today sir?” the border control officer asked me, “No, both of us just have a large suitcase each,” I replied, “I only asked you sir, as you are first,” the officer said, as he signalled a colleague to join him, “My friend here speaks very little English, he is still learning,” I explained.
  12. “Ow, let me go, you, you…” “Would you like to continue with what you were going to say and end up expelled from the college, or will you remain silent,” the headmaster said interrupting the boy, as the lady let go of his ear and exited the room. “Well Hargraves, what do you have to say for yourself, you know you are in quite a lot of trouble,” the headmaster said to the boy who was rubbing his very sore ear. “I will apologise to Ms Elliot when I leave sir,” the boys said eventually. “Maybe you could leave him with me headmaster, I am sure some time with me at my former home would sort him out?” Lucas said to the headmaster, and all three smiled broadly at the threat. “Your former home sir? Where may that be?” the boy squeaked out nervously. “You tell me Mr Hargraves; you are the one who was caught with your ear at the door?’ Lucas said and he looked at the headmaster who indicated for him to continue, as he sat down to enjoy the moment, as did the two masters. “Look at me boy, when I am speaking to you,” Lucas boomed, making the senior student jump in fright. “All I heard sir, was something to do with a Mason and Isaac, and the only Mason I know is the new boy Mason Lenegan, I think is last name is, sir,” the boy replied, and Lucas began to pace back and forth in front of the boy, who was clearly shaking in fright. “You know headmaster, I have just had a brilliant idea, why not make Mr Hargraves here, the two boys in question’s head protector, that way if anything should happen to either one of them, it will be him that will get the blame,” Lucas suggested. “I like the idea Mr Durham, but can he be trusted?” the headmaster asked as he looked at the other two masters, “I am not sure sir, his grades have been slipping a little this year,” the undermaster replied. “Hmm, true, but maybe a little bit more responsibility may help him to improve,” the Headmaster responded, as the students head moved from one speaker to the next. “Please sir, whatever it is, I can be trusted, not matter what it is,” the boy squeaked again, “Do you have tight underpants on, boy? You seem to be squeaking all the time?” Lucas asked the boy with his nose just inches away, and the boy swallowed, and all three masters briefly laughed at the joke, “No sir, Mr Durham sir, it’s just my voice, when I get very nervous,” the boy replied, as Lucas stepped away. “You helped to carry those crates up here, what do you think is inside them Hargraves?” the headmaster asked, and Lucas could see that he was enjoying this. “I don’t know sir, maybe lead, by the feel of it,” the boys replied, “Lead… What on earth… would the college want with lead?” one of the masters asked, as he smiled at the way he said it. Which brought chuckles from Lucas, and the other two masters joined in. “I’m not sure sir, but it was extremely heavy,” the boy replied. “Ok Mr Hargraves, we have a very special and top-secret job for you, that you must not speak of to anyone, not teachers, staff, students, parents, family or friends, not one single person, and not even your pet monkey if you have one. Do you understand me Mr?” Lucas said to the boy who swallowed hard again, before nodding his head. “Good, now that is cleared up, let me introduce you formally to Ambassador Lucas Durham, a representative of the United Republic of Planets and the Sahndrol Empire,” the headmaster announced, and once again the boy swallowed and his eyes went very wide is shock. “Take a seat Mr Hargraves, before you fall down,” Lucas suggested, and the boy obeyed. “As you said before, you heard us mention the name Mason and Isaac, and you are correct Mason is a year 8 student at this college. What you do not know, and this is to remain top secret is that Mason Lenegan is, His Royal Highness, Crown Prince of Sahndrol, and Isaac is his appointed protector, while they both attend this college” Lucas announced, and the student’s face went ghost white. “Wow… Sir… that is one that came out of the blue, so to speak, I have only met him a few times last term, and he seems like a quiet kid, but he can stand up for himself no problems. Comes from Bermuda, if I remember right,” Hargraves said eventually. “That is correct, his family does live there, not that far from the new UN complex actually, it is a nice place to visit for a holiday,” Lucas said smiling, and the headmaster cleared his throat to get Lucas back on track. “Yes anyway, Isaac who is also half Earthling like Mason, is a little rusty with his English, and may slip into their native language which is called Drol, the Crown Prince is assisting him with getting him back into speaking English as they travel back from Ganymede. They should arrive back on Earth a few days before school commences next week. Now here is the bit that might be beneficial if you do a good job of protecting the Crown Prince and keeping their identities secret. As a reward, you will have the opportunity of taking a trip into space, maybe just to the Lunar Station on the moon,” Lucas announced, “Wow, that is incredible, and yes sir thank you, I will do my very best to keep them both safe,” Hargraves responded. “Good, now after class times, and when you are not playing sports or sleeping or doing home studies, you will be required to keep a close eye on them both, understood?” the headmaster said to the senior boy. “Yes sir,” Hargraves said smiling, “Any questions?” the Headmaster asked, “Just one sir,” Hargraves said before looking over in the direction of the two crates. Lucas smiled and he walked over to one of the crates and unlocked it, before pulling out a 10-ounce bar of gold, and he placed it in the boy’s hands. “That answer your silent question Mr Hargraves?” Lucas asked and the boy nodded his head as he stared wide eyed at the bar in his hands. “How much?” Hargraves asked with a squeak, “You are holding ten ounces, but not a word to anyone about this understood,” Lucas said and the boy nodded his head again as he handed the gold back to Lucas, who returned it to the crate, closing the lid and locking it again. “You may need to feed him some oil to stop the squeaking noise, headmaster,” Lucas said, which made the boy blush deeply and the four men laughed. “This is my business card, if you have any questions, just call me, I will usually be on Sahndrol Islands in the North Atlantic ocean or at the UN complex, which is either one or four hours ahead of London, enter the number and list it as Durham, then destroy the business card,” Lucas said to the student. Hargraves accepted the card and immediately entered the number into his phone before handing the card back to Lucas with a big grin, and Lucas just shook his head, “Things are just going so fast these days,” Lucas commented as he put his business card away. “Thank you Hargraves, you can go now,” the Headmaster said, and the lad stood up and faced Lucas, “Ambassador, you can trust me with this job, I can do it,” he said, as he shook hands, before leaving the office. Once the senior boy had left the office, Lucas smiled, “Well that went well,” he commented. “Yes, very entertaining thank you Ambassador, I haven’t laughed that much in one day, in a very long time,” the headmaster replied, with the other two men nodding in agreement. “Well I must be off soon, I am staying in London for a night, then back to Bermuda, to make sure their arrival runs smoothly,” Lucas said. “Shall I call a cab for you Ambassador?” the Headmaster asked, “No thanks I have a Limo nearby waiting,” Lucas replied. Once settled into his hotel suite in London, early that evening, Lucas sent a message to Sahndrol Island, which was re -transmitted out into deep space.
  13. “I have… chose the… name Isaac as my Earth name, mother,” Isaac said in English, “That is a nice name Isaac, now I have packed everything that you are taking with you, and it is a three day journey to Earth, leaving tomorrow, so go wash up as we have a banquet to attend,” Mrs Otterman said. As my newly appointed Protector, Isaac sat beside me at the head table, where I sat next to my uncle, with my mother seated on the other side of him, and my father and brother seated beside her, and I had Isaac continue to speak in English so he can get back in practice, and by the end of the evening, he was getting back to reasonably fluent English, which I was pleased with. I discovered that in England the date today is the 10th of January, so I had only six days before I am due back in England for the commencement of classes. On Earth, Ambassador Lucas Durham was making a trip to England to make the arrangements for the inclusion of a new student to the Winchester College, along with 460 ounces or 13.02 kilograms of gold bullion, that is worth $1,060,000 NZ or £520,700 UK, to pay for school fees for Isaac to enter the school. Having arrived by Sahndrol shuttle from the islands, Lucas had arranged for a Limousine to collect him at Heathrow Airport, after passing customs, with a Diplomatic passport, so his two heavy 6 ¼ kilogram crates had to remain unopened, as he was driven south towards Winchester, Hampshire, which is a 80 minute journey by road. Lucas had contacted the college earlier, to arrange an urgent meeting with the Headmaster, Second Master and Under Master of the college. Dropping Lucas off at the front entry to the college, along with his two crates, he was met at the front gate by the Head Porter, and Lucas presented his passport as Identification. “I have an appointment with the Headmaster for 1600 hours, can me direct me to his office and can you mind these two heavy crates for me please,” he asked the Head Porter, “Very well sir, they can be store inside my office, where they will be locked away safe. Please follow me,” the Head Porter replied, after assisting with the heavy crates. “What may I ask is the Untied Republic of Planets have to do with this private school?” the porter asked Lucas, as they walked through the very old hallways, of which are dating back to the late 1400’s. “I represent the parents of one of your students,” Lucas replied smiling, and the Porter stopped walking, and he looked a little shocked. “One of your people is in our school?” he asked, “That is correct, but I would like you not to spread that news to anyone but the headmaster, who will be informed shortly, and he is half Human and half Sahndrolian,” Lucas said. “Very good sir, follow me please,” the porter said as they headed up some stairs, and a few minutes later the porter knocked on a big heavy door. “A Mr Lucas Durham to see you, headmaster,” the porter said, “Yes thank you, he is expected,” the headmaster said, as Lucas was allowed to step inside and the door closed behind him. “Now Mr Lucas, what is this business that is so urgent? I asked the other two senior staff to wait until I have spoken to you first,” the headmaster asked as he indicated for Lucas to take a seat. “Sir, maybe this may give you an insight on who I represent,” Lucas said as he retrieved his diplomatic passport and placed it on the huge desk in front of him. “Diplomatic, I see, and…. Well this is a big surprise. Does this mean that one of my students is actually from your homeworld?” the headmaster asked. “That is indeed correct Headmaster, but his is also half human, even though he was born on Sahndrol. His father is like myself, one of the original crew of the Star Voyager expedition into deep space those many years ago,” Lucas said, “I see, and your visit today is because there have been some changes of some kind?” the headmaster asked. “There has indeed headmaster, your student is a year eight student, so he only joined the school at the beginning of first term, and I am here to make an unusual and special request, that goes against the usual standards of the school. “Your student, the person I am representing is the Crown Prince of Sahndrol, and as such it has been decided by his Imperial Majesty, that he should have a protector. A boy of the same age as the prince, who will be at his side most of the time day and night,” Lucas announced, “I see, and what does the Emperor expect us to do to allow this to take place. “His royal Highness the prince, would very much like to continue his studies here at this college, but if you are not permitted to allow an extra student into the college as his undercover protector, then we will have to find another private school that will permit this to happen. His Imperial Majesty has also authorised a forward payment of 280 gold billion bars, currently worth 520,700 English pounds, to cover the first two years of tuition fees for the Princes protector, to attend the college,” Lucas said, and the headmaster coughed when he heard the amount. “Well, that is indeed a generous amount of gold, and how would you be delivering this as the tuition fees?” the headmaster asked, “It is already here at the college sir, I brought it with me, and they are in two large crates located in the Head Porter’s office,” Lucas replied. The headmaster picked up his telephone and dialled a number. “Yes, get four senior boys down to the Head Porter’s office and get them to carry the two heavy crates that were delivered there, and have them brought up to my office right away,” Lucas heard the headmaster say. “Very well Mr Durham, I guess we can allow this, as it is very special circumstances, but in our conversation, you have not mentioned the boy’s name?” the headmaster said, and before Lucas could reply, there was a knock on the door, and the headmaster called out for them to enter. Two men entered the office and closed the door behind them. “Mr Durham, this is the college Second Master and the Under Master. Gentlemen, this is Mr Lucas Durham, Ambassador of the United Republic of Planets, based here on Earth,” the headmaster said, and Lucas saw both men stagger a little at this news. “Excuse me Headmaster, but what is this space ambassador doing here at our school? one of the men asked, and Lucas chuckled at being called the space ambassador, “I may be the space ambassador as your call it, but I am 100% from Earth, and one of the original crew members of the Star Voyager flight. As I was saying to your headmaster, I am here on behalf of his Imperial Majesty of Sahndrol, as his nephew, the Crown Prince, has been a student at this college for the past term,” Lucas announced to the two men, of which one sat heavily in the chair behind him while the other missed his chair altogether and ended up hitting the floor with a loud thump. Lucas tried not to laugh as he went to assist the man to his feet, before he took a seat. “Thank you, err, Ambassador,” the man said. “Now before these men entered my office you were about to inform me of the student’s name,” the Headmaster said to Lucas, who smile, and once again before he could answer, they heard the sounds of heavy footsteps approaching, and one of the master’s stood up and opened the door, where four senior students looked exhausted from carrying the two heavy crates. “Whatever is in here sir, it is extremely heavy,” one of the boys said as they carried them inside the office, placing the against the back wall about two metres in from the door. “Not a word to anyone about these crates, do you understand,” the headmaster said to the students. “To late sir, I had a group of class mates following and taking it in turns carrying these crates,” the most senior boy replied. “Damn, ok that is all thanks, you can go now,” the headmaster replied. As the boys looked over towards the stranger, who was standing near the window facing away from them. Once the door had closed again, the two masters were staring at the two heavy crates. “What on earth are…?” one of the masters began to say, “That is payment for allowing the crown prince to have his protector attend the school,” the headmaster explained. “Payment? Are you saying that in there is gold?” one of the masters exclaimed. “That is correct sir, payment for two years of college tuition and boarding, for an extra student, plus a bit extra,” Lucas replied, and both men whistled in amazement. “When we are done in here, Mr Finch, can you please contact one of the Armoured Security firms, and arrange for these two packages to be transported to the bank for safe keeping please,” the headmaster asked. “Your student, the Crown Prince is Mason Lenegan, his protectors name is Isaac Otterman, who is a little rusty with his English, but he is quickly learning the language that his late father began to teach him,” Lucas announced to the three men. “Lenegan. Yes, I have him in my English class, quite a bright young man, I would not have suspected him. I believe he lives in Bermuda with his parents,” one of the masters said. “That is correct, now I request that his true identity and that of his protector remain top secret, no one outside of this office is to know who Mason and Isaac really are for their own safety, is that understood?” Lucas said to the three-senior staff in the room. There was a bit of noise happening outside the office and a knock on the door, and the headmaster called for them to enter. “Excuse me for the interruption sir, but I found this senior boy, who would know better, listening at the key hole,” a lady said who had a firm grip on the school boys ear.
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