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  1. quokka

    NF Chap 15

    “Will you be joining us too Lord Edwin?” I asked politely, “Sadly no, I have to catch a flight back to Switzerland, then onto Edinburgh for business, but I want my friends to have a very good time while onboard your yacht, do you have any extra crew?” Edwin replied. “Yes my brothers are here also,” I replied. Once Edwin had left, with a bulky envelope in my hand, which no doubt contained a lot of money, I had Nathan give the guests a tour of the yachts guest areas, which is most of the starboard side below decks, all of the main deck and also the fly deck. When they arrived back in t
  2. quokka

    NF Chap 14

    While Edwin is trying to help out with increasing business for Anton, he is not aware of the precarious situation he has put Anton in regarding the safety of Anton’s crew and yachts, with the threats still current. Which will become apparent in coming chapters.
  3. quokka

    NF Chap 14

    “Yes, and together we can have a larger slice of the cruise market in southern Tasmania. I am already negotiating with an existing yacht cruise company based out of Strahan that has two vessels and another cruise company based out of Hobart, and I have plans to start using the main yacht, for circumnavigation trips around Tasmania in 14 days,” Edwin informed me. “Well, I am sorry to ruin your plans, but I prefer to have the bookings managed in house, so the staff and crew all know what is going on at all times, so there are no stuff ups… well most of the time anyway,” I responded. “What d
  4. quokka

    NF Chap 13

    During dinner that evening, Edwin was often looking in my direction and gave me a smile every time our eyes met, which often made me blush a little. As well as Edwin and James, and all of my staff, there are also the four officers of the yacht dining with us, so it was quite a lively table. After a very enjoyable dinner, we thanked our host for dinner, and we all headed back to the island for the night, with a light shower, which had most of us fairly damp by the time we arrived at our cabins, and I had a shower to warm up before preparing for bed. The following morning I was up earl
  5. quokka

    NF Chap 12

    The middle aged man is not Lord Edwin, it is one of his staff.
  6. quokka

    NF Chap 12

    Two days after we had completed the boardwalk extension, with two sections leading to four metres from the waters edge, at thirty metres apart, Simon, his crew and I headed for Hobart onboard the Duchess, to pickup a purchase that I had made earlier in the week. After some research, I found a company in Hobart that builds floating pontoons, and I had ordered one that is to be three metres wide and thirty four metres long, and is secured with steel cables to the two concreted posts at the end of the two boardwalks, and a walkway from the end of each boardwalk goes to the main floating pont
  7. quokka

    NF Chap 11

    Right idea, but wrong people.
  8. quokka

    NF Chap 11

    To clever for your boots Mr Anton-Cloche
  9. quokka

    NF Chap 11

    “That is great news that Vic and Rita are joining us, when will they be coming?” Sarah responded. “In about a week, once they have sorted out a few things back at their home in Canada. I am also in the process of trying to track down Toby and Alex, to see if they would like to rejoin the team,” I replied. “I know where they are, I have been keeping in touch with them. They are currently in New Zealand, working as tour guides,” Sarah informed me. “Excellent, get in touch with them please, and offer them a job onboard the Trimaran as deckhands and stewards, and if need be, you and Oscar may
  10. Just posted three photos on my album, first one in a farm near Northampton, the second and third are of Kalbarri
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