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  1. quokka

    TWB Ch 6

    Thanks mate
  2. Happy Australia Day to all the Aussies on GA.

    I hope you all had an awesome day..


  3. As we neared the end of our last flight, Mum whispered to me, “Look out your window, and welcome home,” Mum said in Cook Island Maori, and I stared out the window as I saw the island below, and a reef that forms a large clear water lagoon, and I smiled broadly. Once we had arrived, we went through customs, and as we stepped outside, the air was fresh, with a slight breeze and the sun was just nice and warm. “Come along boys, your Grandmother has arranged for us to tag along with the resort bus, and from there she will meet us with the outrigger canoe, to get us to our family home,” Mum sa
  4. I suggest to Mum that I take my brother on a train ride into the city, and she was very agreeable to that suggestion, and with a wallet of money, Fraser and I caught a taxi to the nearest train station just 3 ½ kilometres away, where we boarded the next train to the city. Although the train ride was just 35 minutes long, Fraser loved every moment of it, and once in the city we spent about half an hour looking around, before I noticed Fraser starting to get tired, so we headed back to the train station. Once we were on the train, Fraser leaned against me, “Sing Whistle song to me plea
  5. quokka

    TWB Ch 4

    I’ve been on the ferry to the zoo at Sydney and had no problems with sea sickness.
  6. When we arrived at Jaffa Marina, which is a new development, while Uncle Rangi remained with the yacht, we went for a long walk to stretch our legs, and to get Hunter tired, so that he will sleep well in his new surroundings. At 6 am, with everyone else still asleep, I quietly motored out of the marina, before pulling up the sails, as we began our second day at sea, and Uncle Rangi appeared about half an hour later, with a cup of tea for me. “Good morning nephew, any problems getting out of the marina?” he said to me as he handed me the cup. “Nope, all good, I checked the weather for
  7. Sorry folks... My computer just died, so more delays with posting chapters of TWB :(


  8. The posting of the next chapter will be delayed by two days, until Thursday Evening (My Time).

    sorry about this, but I’ve had to travel up to Perth to attend a funeral.


    1. Philippe


      I’m sorry to hear life has taken someone dear to you but likewise happy to know that current events now allow you the chance to say farewell in person; may you find comfort as you grieve with those that share your loss.

  9. quokka

    TWB Ch 1

    Thanks for your feedback. I have been on the Indian Pacific and the Ghan, and I enjoyed both trips, as the environment can change very quickly as we go along the railway line. An interesting fact that not many would know is that there is an old Ghan line that is no longer in use, that is east of the current Ghan line, which was due to the large number of washouts occurring during wet weather.
  10. “Probably not, I will ask our neighbours to look after him during the days, until after the funeral is over and done with, then we can decide what to do after that,” Mum replied. A few days later, Mum and I travelled up to the airport to collect my Uncle Rangi, who was quite a solid built man, who would easily drop someone in a tackle, and he nearly squeezed all the air out of me as he gave me a welcome hug. “Hello little sister, it is good to see you again after such a long time,” Uncle Rangi said before giving Mum a tight hug as well. When we arrived back home, I went next door to
  11. Coming soon...

    “Finding Simba”, part three of the Kilimanjaro story.

    1. chris191070


      Yeah, so looking forward to this.

    2. chris191070
    3. quokka


      Love it, lol

  12. I was now very curious on what was been said and why Jacob’s parents were calling us. “Yes that should be fine, what time do you want him to be there?” Mum said in response to some information, as I continued to listen to one side of the conversation. “Very well, I will have him there at 7 am, goodbye till then,” Mum said before ending the call, and she took a sip of her tea before taking a seat at the kitchen bench. “It appears that you have been invited to go sailing tomorrow morning, and we have to be at the yacht club by 7 am,” Mum informed me. For the rest of the day, I was exc
  13. Seven years with GA...

    50 stories & over 3,260,000 words...

    How Time Fly’s...

    1. chris191070


      Congratulations on your GA anniversary and your 50th story.

    2. quokka


      I originally wrote six years when it is seven years...

    3. Reader1810


      Happy GA-versary! :wizard:

  14. quokka

    Re updates

    You mention in the comments that the text is larger, some how the text is smaller, which makes it more difficult for me to read Preston, aka Quokka
  15. Chapter 1 All of my life I have had a fascination of trains, I guess mainly because my father was a train engineer in his younger days, and also that he took us on many train journeys as we were growing up. Although I was born in the suburb of Frankton, just out of Queenstown, in the lakes district of the South Island of New Zealand, I had only spent my first three years there, before the family moved to Australia. My father is was born and brought up in Port Lincoln, in South Australia, which is where we settled after the move from New Zealand, while my mothers parents are from the
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