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  1. quokka

    Erupt Ch 12

    “I will have to look at getting one of these for when we do other camping trips,” I commented, “Good luck with that, this is a one-off Jonas special, something that I designed and built myself. But I may consider lending it out to good friends on an occasion, if I’m allowed to join them on future camping trips,” Jonas replied smiling. I chucked at this comment, “we will see how it goes for this trip shall we,” I replied, and Jonas appeared to be happy with that response. A few hours later,
  2. quokka

    NF Chap 19

    Looking at possible book four with this series…
  3. Happy Australia Day to all the Aussies on GA… have an awesome day Guys and Gals….

  4. quokka

    Erupt Ch 11

    Landing on the Skeena River at the western end of town, I found what I was looking for, as marked on the map, the Helicopter Tours Base, where I could get Avgas for my plane, which is located right on the river, and I pulled up alongside the riverbank, and two men appeared to catch our mooring lines and to secure them. We managed to find accommodation at the lodge across the railway line from the river, but it was a 350-metre long walk around to get there, and we checked in and set up our
  5. quokka

    Bro Epilogue

    The main character was. That is why he wasn’t living with his Uncle and Aunt and youngest brother.
  6. quokka

    Bro Ch 6

    Yes, there will be a book two for this story. Epilogue has just been added.
  7. quokka

    Bro Epilogue

    Over the next few months, we settled into a routine of spending weekends at the Castalia house, with both of my brothers, as well as going out on picnics. Edgar had returned to doing painting again, which he had stopped doing after the death of our parents, and he even entered one of his newest paintings to the local art competition, where he received third place for his oil painting titled “Brothers Together” and second place for his oldest painting titled “Family”. The newest painting was
  8. Dear Readers,

    Due to been very busy, I have not been able to do much writing over the past two weeks, and as a result, I have now caught up to my writing, with the posting of chapters on all three stories.

    Please be patient, while I put head down and bum up 😇 to to get some more writing done, so I can post more chapters.

    I had originally planned to end two stories as they are now, but decided against it, so give me a week, and I should have at least one or two chapters per story ready for posting.

    Regards Preston

    1. chris191070


      Your readers will be waiting with anticipation for the next chapter of your amazing stories 😀 

  9. quokka

    Erupt Ch 10

    “Be careful up there,” Emmanuel said as we set off towards the mountain, and over the next five hours we hiked around the West, North and East side of the mountain, staying well away from the rock slide area, and we had a total of six sensors installed by the end of the day. We arrived back at camp just before dark, tired but happy that we had managed to complete the task. After a quick wash up, Dr Judith was on the sat phone to George at the university, while, I was finishing off the calib
  10. quokka

    BF Chapter 33

    No, sorry
  11. Today, I celebrate six (6) years of been with the Gayauthors community.

    56 Stories, 997 chapters & 2.556 million words…

    How time flies so fast.

    1. Daddydavek



    2. chris191070


      Congratulations 👏 

  12. quokka

    Bro Chapter 1

    Thanks mate. 🤗🤗🤗 😀😀😀
  13. quokka

    Bro Ch 6

    “I guess being Autistic, something in his mind also remembered that day, and when he had developed the skills to do painting, he did this as a reminder of that happy day,” I said to my friend. “Wow, that is so… weird,” George said as he struggled to explain how he felt about all of this news about me having another brother. I had a very unsettling night of rest, waking in the morning, feeling very tired and groggy, I was about to jump into the shower to get ready for school, when I remember
  14. quokka

    Bro Ch 5

    That would be all good, if my brain worked that way when I am writing, but sadly it isn't. For some strange reason, the words come to my head as I am typing,. I have tried to think of the story in my head, and record it, but sadly all I get is a blank space with flickering, like a television that isn't working...
  15. quokka

    Erupt Ch 9

    I had made sure that Emmanuel and I had the very best equipment for this trip, with a quick set up, good quality four-man tent, so we have plenty of room inside, as well as light weight camp stretcher cots, to keep us off the cold ground. Between Emmanuel and I, we carried all of our own camping equipment, while the guides and porters that I had employed, would be carrying most of the research equipment, food, and the rest of the team’s camping gear, leaving them to carry a day pack of wate
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