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  1. chris191070

    Chapter 11

  2. chris191070

    Chapter 11

    Well hopefully now that mummy is out of the way things will start to get better for Drew and Cole.
  3. chris191070

    DA Ch 16 - Boom

    Great chapter. There is evidently something important on the airbase for people to try and blow it up especially with so many airman around. Can't wait to see what happens next.
  4. chris191070

    Chapter 11

    Great chapter
  5. Great chapter. I'm happy that N'than and Smeeth can live in peace. It's to bad the general got away, but N'than has a good heart and I don't think we'll see the general try anything again after his meeting with the shark.
  6. chris191070

    The Choice

    Another fantastic chapter in the life of our loveable Noah. The conversation with Charlie was beautiful, Noah's innocence shows, but we also get get to see that he is growing up into a fine young man. His relationship with Sky is beautiful. I can't wait to see how Noah tells Timmy about Sky being his boyfriend.
  7. Are the chapter updates anything important?
  8. Wow what a chapter. We learnt a more from this one though, we now know that there's a spell that only Chris is powerful enough to perform which would wipe out all humans. The meeting between the elves, vampire's and werewolves is a go.The demon's made there first major attack and took 10,000 people from Detroit. Let's hope they get the Alliance sorted. Can't wait to see what you have planned next.
  9. chris191070


    Great chapter. I love that Elias and Rayne are getting closer together and shared there first kiss, it was sweet. A great dinner date for Bailey and Harlan, I'm pleased Shawn turned up to sign for them, it made the evening go well. It's interesting that Bailey has told Harlan the truth whilst Harlan has chosen white lies, I wonder if he'll ever tell Bailey the truth.
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