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  1. chris191070

    Chapter 2

    Poor Richie, it’s obvious Dick has serious control issues.
  2. chris191070

    Chapter 10

    Great chapter.
  3. chris191070

    Chapter 12

    Awesome chapter. It made me laugh when Brandon Dad had to tell them about the window and what the neighbours heard.
  4. chris191070

    Chapter 16

    So cute Paul teaching Zampa to hunt. Harris and Corbin should talk to each other. Timothy seems an interesting person, he’d better not hurt Karen. Can’t wait to meet Harlan.
  5. chris191070

    Chapter 9

    Awesome chapter.
  6. chris191070

    Getting to Know You

    Beautiful chapter. I’m glad Max is going to live Don and Louis, he deserves happiness. Max is right at home on Badger.
  7. chris191070

    11:50 From Seattle

    A beautiful story.
  8. chris191070

    Chapter 15

    So Stefano is on his way to Hailey. Who is Robin? Why does Luca want Paul and Corbin to go away? Many questions to be answered.
  9. chris191070

    Chapter 20

    Awesome chapter.
  10. chris191070

    MS19 - Brainlock

    What a powerful short story.
  11. chris191070

    Chapter 4

    Tracy is an interesting character. Jimmy is just an ass. Jack needs to conquer his feelings and decide wether he needs friends like Tracy. I’m disappointed by Jack’s parents casual homophobia.
  12. chris191070


    Awesome chapter. I’ve always loved Harley. A great bike trip, and Ozzie gets his first tattoo.
  13. chris191070

    Chapter 1

    Wow what a sad chapter to start this story with. So we know that Richie is named after his father the great detective and that his best friend is called Gabe. I look forward to finding out what happens to Riche, Andrew and Melinda.
  14. chris191070

    A Mourning Storm

    I look forward to re-reading this fantastic story.
  15. chris191070

    Aussie Pioneers

    An awesome story from @quokka about two brothers Edwin and Archie. They are sent to Australia by there parents with very little money, we learn about there life as they develop there farming community. A truly wonderful story, highly recommended as a read.

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