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  1. chris191070

    Chapter 1

    Interesting beginning. I'm not sure if I'd camp out in the cemetery.
  2. chris191070

    Chapter 4

    Awesome chapter, the lodge sounds amazing after it's renovation.
  3. chris191070

    Chapter 12

    I'll be glad to see TJ become Tristan's guardian. He'll get better support from TJ than his parents. Jeff is gonna struggle without sex.
  4. chris191070

    Chapter 12

    What a touching chapter. The rescued become the rescuer. The two children will have a great life, filled with love and happiness.
  5. EVENT Every Virgo enjoys nude teachers LIBRA
  6. BEAUTY Big Ed and Aunty try yoga EDWED
  7. I'm amazed Jamie didn't tell Silas everything. Jamie is in a good place but he needs to work on his excuses for going out.
  8. chris191070

    Chapter 11

    Great chapter with some sadness at the passing of Dad. The boat went down well with its new captain.
  9. REBUF Regular eating brings unnecessary flatulence FARTS
  10. STEEP Some teenagers enjoy extra porn ASWIP
  11. Great chapter. Kevin seems to be growing up, he has a good friend in Steve. They certainly worked through the problems. With a satisfactory conclusion.
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