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  1. chris191070

    Aqu Chapter 15

    Awesome chapter.
  2. chris191070


    Awesome chapter. Great to see them become boyfriends.
  3. chris191070

    Aqu Chapter 14

    Awesome chapter
  4. chris191070

    Chapter 17

    Rory is in trouble. I don’t trust Kiyo.
  5. So only 47 days to the new CJ story
  6. chris191070

    Chapter 4

    So Woody has his webcam and Jon’s I’d. Jon deserved to get stopped because he’s such a dick.
  7. chris191070

    Aqu Chapter 13

    Awesome chapter
  8. chris191070

    Fresh Start

    Awesome chapter, not looking forward to saying goodbye to the boys.
  9. chris191070

    Chapter 17

    Awesome chapter. Mother is pure evil and needs dealing with like Ben
  10. chris191070

    Aqu Chapter 12

    Awesome chapter
  11. chris191070

    What the hell is that?

    A great story, I think they should have it valued before they decide what to do with it.
  12. chris191070

    Chapter 14.2

    They make a cute couple, I wonder what’s portant to stop there make out session.
  13. chris191070

    Part 2

    Fantastic chapter. Love the new stereo equipment, can’t wait to see who wins the bets.
  14. chris191070

    Aqu Chapter 11

    Awesome chapter
  15. chris191070

    Aqu Chapter 10

    Awesome chapter

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