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  1. SPANK Some people are never kissed BOARD
  2. chris191070

    Chapter 167

    Great chapter. So the Academy starts to fill with the children of previous students. Time is passing buy. Gerry joing the board of Directors is good for the Academy and College because they'll need someone when Adam is no longer around.
  3. I'm not surprised about the breakup, they have both had difficult childhoods. Puppy has spent a sheltered childhood and wants to explore the world, so to speak and if Dave is gonna be jealous by everyone that Puppy spoke to the relatioship was never gonna work.
  4. Eventful chapter. I'm not sure about Hunter, but Puppy seems to like him, so time will tell. I'm glad Mr Watson saw sense and is letting Puppy and Cindy see each other.
  5. Nathan and Gleason make a cute couple. Simon is gonna turn out to be a great friend to both of them.
  6. chris191070

    Chapter 166

    Same as previous chapter.
  7. chris191070

    Chapter 1

    Interesting start to the story.
  8. chris191070


    Wow, it seems Liam is famous for what he did. He's worried about the upcoming trial and potentially prison.
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