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So I don't know how much occult stuff would be frowned upon to talk about 💀

But part of the reason I made this blog was to talk about Allan as well as writing and other stuff 😈

So when I have sex with my incubus lately he will wait for me to start imagining a scenario before engaging.  Then I feel impressions on my body, for me it's an almost soreness between my legs as if he's slamming me.  And several times when I'm about to climax he'll stop me, and I'll even feel my cum get pushed down.  Sometimes when I do cum he'll only let me cum a bit, then the rest gets pushed back down.  And then the next time I cum a lot more comes out 🤔

I should be doing more I reckon, like cutting out porn and trying to practice soul travel or whatevs.

Anyway this is how sexual activity occurs between me and my incubus at the moment 🖤👻


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