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'Syncopation' by Anna Zabo



Syncopation by Anna Zabo

My rating: 4 out of 5 stars

In music, syncopation is the idea of cross-beats, a rhythm that stands out against whatever else is going on. Yes, it can be a cause of musical conflict or tension, but syncopation is also an important part of the musical whole. Those different, independent beats often enhance whatever else is going on. They add strength.

This is where we meet Ray van Zeller and Xavier Damos. Ray's band is going through tricky times. So is Xavier, in a different way. Xave answers an audition call as a drummer for Ray's band and excels. There's no question he's going to be good for Twisted Wishes, but only if he and Ray can get past some joint ancient history.

Plus, Xave got burned in his previous post. He swears not to get involved with any of his bandmates this time. Lead singer Ray lacks self-confidence off the stage. Having a musical know-it-all in the form of the band's new drummer doesn't look likely to improve things but beggars can't be choosers. There are concerts to get through. Concerts that have to reach the level their record label expects. The catalyst that finally brings the two men together comes from a surprising direction.

Domino/Dominic, guitar, and Mish, bass guitar, make up the rest of the band. A family who look after their own. Both characters star in their own book later in the series.

Anna Zabo revels in describing performing, the joy of making music, especially in front of enthusiastic audiences. Their writing also includes drama, kink, rivalries, and unapologetic queerness.

I'm a musician. Novels with music at their core are something I enjoy. Syncopation is no exception.

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