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  1. northie


    @Howzat Thank you. You are very kind. It's difficult to see how two utterly different views of the world might intersect ...
  2. northie


    Yes, because it's such an essential and integral part of our lives, we forget just how alien it is to those who've never experienced it before. Without Andy, Eric would never have taken this step, I think.
  3. northie


    There's little in the way of motorways in Herefordshire. Both it and Shropshire (the other half of the border with Wales) are very rural. I wouldn't be surprised if it took 3 hours from some parts to get to Cardiff. Depending on where you are in the county, Birmingham would be easier to get to.
  4. northie

    Images no longer featured?

    And for me. Chrome, Android tablet.
  5. northie


    Ish ... London's further away, but Cardiff is hardly next door.
  6. northie


    What does Eric know of London and the folk who are mad enough to live there? A later chapter makes it clear how little he's travelled, even close to home. Which, in my head, is Herefordshire by the way. West, forming part of the border with Wales.
  7. northie


    Yes, I can't see Eric going for flights of fancy. Thanks for changing your comment.
  8. northie


    @Carlos Hazday It's more another slant on a thread you had in your story topic. A character reads GA's stories; realises he and his life have been spied upon (in @dughlas's word, 'voyeur') so I reckoned that there should be a topic (on the alternate GA) discussing privacy. So. not Eric meeting CJ et al. I think even you might have trouble setting that up.
  9. northie


    And in this alternate universe, @Carlos Hazday's characters and Eric will contribute to a topic on privacy issues.
  10. northie

    Never Too Late by northie

    Those won't disappear. How could they for someone who has spent his life denying who he is? Almost everything that happens to him brings these thoughts to mind.
  11. northie


    @droughtquake What seems patently obvious to longtime computer users like us, doesn't to those who have never previously had any online experience.
  12. northie


    [Original reply removed as the comment it quoted has changed.]
  13. northie


    It does. A lot of the first book was spent waiting for things to happen. Now progress is being made.
  14. northie


    Yes, it should open up new worlds, but it'll also reinforce the feeling that he's missed so much. Good and bad.
  15. northie

    Followed stories

    If you go to your profile and look for your followed stories (bottom LH), there is an option to see all. I just tried it and got five pages of titles.

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