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  1. northie


    My random chapter read for today. And it was great. Kept me reading straight through (and that's no mean achievement ). Dissing donors in the fine art world is like committing professional suicide. Was the skiing holiday really that great?
  2. Glad to have you join the ranks, Wayne. Congratulations! 🍾
  3. northie

    Seventh Wonder

    @spyke Thanks for your wonderful comment which has made my day.
  4. northie

    Seventh Wonder

    Yes, in a way, it's a skeleton you can flesh out with your own experience or fantasies...
  5. Oh, dear. The puffin isn't feeling very well. *chortles* Better retrieve the shiny then. *nods* Bye! Mine.
  6. A love story in 48 words? Find it here: https://gayauthors.org/story/northie/shrunk-to-fit/7

    1. Ron


      Took me 177 words.:P If you would like to check out my attempt you can find it in 'A Prompting' Chapter 6.

      Not including a link, I'm not trying to bust into your advertisement. 0:)  :thumbdown:

    2. Headstall


      Took me 227 words... I'm such a failure. :P  I'm not as unobtrusive as Ron... https://gayauthors.org/story/headstall/headstallsreflections/8  

    3. Ron


      Ha! I just noticed @northie that you read my much shorter than @Headstall attempt :gikkle: back in 2017. I gave you a :thumbup: for your comment. You to Gary! Thanks.

  7. northie

    Seventh Wonder

    1 six-pack. Not mine. Ever. 2 perfect arse cheeks. I wish. 3 failed diets. Yep, flab – that’s me. 4 fluent languages. One. Maybe two soon. I’m improving. 5 courses. Couldn’t swallow any. 6 seconds to answer a question. Utter disbelief. 7 rubies in our rings. Mine and his.
  8. *This rascally Brit sidles past the stuffed pseudo-despot and reclaims the shiny.* Mine. Where it rightly belongs.
  9. I loved The back field. I too get pleasure peering at whatever's in the lawn that isn't grass. What the neighbour's think, I don't know. I know your faun. And as ever, you bring everything back to love, and wonderment, and nature.
  10. northie

    Ups and Downs

    They are. And others in society assume they're OK. The last few months have seen a change. Will it last?
  11. You may have missed the title, Richard. It's a black-headed cardinal beatle.
  12. northie

    My garden again

    More photos from my tiny, containerised garden. Studies of flowers mostly, sometimes insects.
  13. Thanks for your great review. I'm glad Eric's story spoke to you. His adventures continue in


  14. northie

    Chapter 1

    Great to have you back, Sam. I too have known the 'You on for a gig tonight?' kind of phone call.
  15. Hmm... my poetic tendencies are sporadic to say the least. Sounds a great idea though, given how many poets we have on GA.
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