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  1. northie

    Hill of Candles

    Intriguing story. Strong echoes of John Wyndham for me, though with added humanity and empathy. Rural highland Scotland and Eastern belief systems made for a very different flavour of story. One which held my attention - very much so. This is a story which will bear rereading. Thank you.
  2. northie

    My garden again

    More photos from my tiny, containerised garden. Studies of flowers mostly, sometimes insects.
  3. For an example of substantial revising while keeping the old comments and everything else associated with the original story, have a look at @WolfM or @Carlos Hazday (who helped with the revisions) might be able to talk you through what they did.
  4. What it is to have a mathematician as an editor... Minding my own business, I submitted new Eric chapter 3.14 to @Parker Owens for red penning. What did I receive back? Eric chapter 3.Pi  🙄😁

    pi GIF

    1. Slytherin
    2. dughlas


      Hurray! A new Eric chapter and pi.

  5. Hmm... three and half months later, it's time for another update. Progress is being made (Chapter 14 is mostly done) but I'm obviously not going to make March or April for the start of Book 3. Although it's dependent on the level of remaining restrictions, I expect most people in the Western hemisphere to be out and about during the summer this year, me included. So, I've decided that Eric will return in September. Is that definite? Yep, all other things being equal. I know where I'm going with the story and the main characters, so even if there's a chapter or two still to be written by t
  6. With wind chill, it's meant to be -5 or -6 degrees Celsius tomorrow. 🥶🥶 Fur-lined, heated shiny to me. Firmly attached at all times.
  7. northie


    Unfortunately, having Parker Owen as a dear friend somehow hasn't resulted in me suddenly becoming a fan of math(s). 😏😄
  8. I'd completely forgotten about @Parker Owens were-fowl. 😉😄 What a wonderful flight of fancy and such a bizarre series of prompts set by @Cia.
  9. Bravo! I join Gary in chuckling aloud at the middle offering. The snorts were particularly loud at 'I danced the briefest tarantelle' - such a perfect description of that nanosecond before the inevitable. Aren't we mean? Nature nearly always returns to love in your poetry and it gladdens my heart. 'Upon white whimsied drifts has nature writ;' is a wonderful line, suggesting those drifts somehow and giving such pleasure in its speaking.
  10. The crown is mine.

    lebron james king GIF

    Ignore all other pretenders. Including the overgrown puffin. @Valkyrie

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    2. Valkyrie
    3. wildone


      Val, you need a good spanking :P :joe: 

      chicken spank GIF by happydog

    4. Valkyrie


      I'd prefer if Thor did it... :P  

  11. New Year, new full-on lockdown.  Joy. 😒 Stay safe, everyone.  

    1. ancientrichard


      :kiss: :kiss:

      At  least we can still meet here :)

  12. snoopy new year GIF

    Let's hope 2021 is an improvement on its older sibling. Happy New Year!

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    2. Headstall


      Cheers to that! :wizard: 


    3. Daddydavek


      Happy New Year!

    4. chris191070


      Happy New Year 

  13. Certified footage from last year's bash... 😲🤨😂 To quote a phrase: the shiny is miny.
  14. 🤨😲 I am not party to this spurious 'agreement'. So the shiny is now mine.
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