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  1. Congratulations on another magnificent story, dear friend. I hope you too receive a standing ovation. Bravo!  🥰

  2. Hi Val. Just came across this image in a tweet.  Couldn't resist...  😉 😄


    1. Valkyrie


      How'd you get a picture of me as a kid?  :unsure: :rofl:  

  3. They're due the end of October according to this blogpost from Renee.
  4. Here's mine: Forgot to say in the story, it's for Laughter is the best medicine.
  5. Flashbacks have to keep the story moving. You can't just hit pause and spend the time filling in stuff better covered in other ways. They have to form part of the overall structure. I quite like using them in the right context. They add depth or indeed take away things from a character. They might tell a part of the story that otherwise won't get told. One story of mine on here is centred around flashbacks. Without them and what they tell, there would be no story.
  6. Don't think I've ever been so happy to receive a hair appointment reminder. Only four and a half months since the last (official) cut. Tomorrow, I get shorn.  😊

    Hair Wind GIF

    1. Show previous comments  8 more
    2. dughlas


      Uhm, well gee, now I feel guilty/fortunate. I've been getting regularly shorn for the last 10/11 months.

    3. northie


      @dughlas Lucky you... 🤨 😄 

    4. Marty


      @northie I had actually let my hair grow for a few years and had it in a pony tail before the pandemic. Just before the first lockdown I had decided to go back to the short hair again, and got it it cut shorter, intending to decide on a style by the next cut. But the hairdressers were only open briefly in July and August, so it's looking very unkempt again now. :/ 

  7. northie

    Week 1

    I loved the stream of consciousness represented by the prose poem. The rhythm and the way your thoughts jump, punctuated by 'Again', feel familiar only they're your thoughts, not mine. The heron is perfectly observed. I don't have any locally but I've seen them often enough to recognise your avian poem for what it is. 😉
  8. northie

    NaPoWriMo lite

    Thanks for reading, Adi. It has been a long since I last tried to write verse.
  9. northie

    NaPoWriMo lite

    Thank you! 😘 It was the one I enjoyed writing the most.
  10. northie

    NaPoWriMo lite

    Thanks, Gary. You're very kind. 😊
  11. northie

    NaPoWriMo lite

    Thank you for listing them. No prompt = no poetry, I find. 🙄
  12. I never attempt NaPoWriMo properly and last year, not at all. However this year, @Valkyrie's prompts struck a chord. Find my rusty attempts here: https://gayauthors.org/story/northie/re-verse/11 There may be more to follow... 🤨 😄

    1. Valkyrie


      Cool!  I'll check them out :) 

  13. northie

    NaPoWriMo lite

    This poem... This poem is Instant brainfreeze Vacant mind devoid of Words This poem is Tuition unlearnt Both metre, rhythm, and Voice This poem is Muscle memory Slowly wheezing into Action This poem is Synapses stalling Imagination boost Required This poem is Joy rediscovered Melding whims and wisps into Craft April à la carte Apéritif Fresh spring water (mini ice pellets optional) Rainbow shower (umbrella not necessary) Starter Curried spring vegetables (fresh from Tesco) flavoured with saffron Candied q
  14. When adding a comment to @Parker Owens latest poetry chapter, I noticed something odd. Right down at the bottom of the page was a member's details like you get if you hover on their avatar. I cropped it so only part of the details are there. @AC Benus had previously liked the chapter so maybe he was the last person to interact with page or to view it? I noticed the phenomenon yesterday as well but dismissed it as a momentary glitch. Laptop running latest Windows 10 and Chrome.
  15. 'I sing a song' - you do indeed. Both this and your first beg to be set to music. 🎵 They both have that ballad lilt. Your set of skyscrapers made me smile in different ways, the last making me grin. I'm sure one of these days, you won't be able to get in the house for books. 😄 Older age gets us all, dear friend. Be grateful, I suppose, that you have got so far.
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