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  1. And decaying mummies only exist to use up vital supplies of loo roll. Got and rot somewhere else. Meanwhile the shiny's mine.
  2. These have the lilt of a folksong about them. Maybe it's the nearly repeated first lines. Whatever it is, they're lovely.
  3. Really? I would've thought me snatching the shiny from you (aka the ex-despot) would be worthy of a mention. Yes? Mine
  4. I'm currently staying in Eric's part of the world, or maybe, Rob Bairstow's would be more accurate. Chapter 10 is well on its way. Eric and Rob have reached a pivotal point... I hope the good progress I've managed over the past few weeks will continue.
  5. They are very fortunate to have you and your poetry. And your love. I hope they get the chance to read this. The title makes me smile - it conjures up all kinds of strange thoughts and images.
  6. northie

    Chapter 1 The Wake

    I loved your other western despite hating the genre as a whole. So the answer to your question is... maybe. You know I'm bad at following stories. 🙄 As ever you give a masterclass in dialogue.
  7. 🤢 *gags the deposed despot and removes his device before he can spread any more lies.* The shiny is mine. The only sensible option.
  8. *slips the overgrown puffin half a bottle of schnapps in some coffee* Mine
  9. northie


    Proper friends don't push or harass. They don't make you a object of ridicule or contempt, and they certainly don't treat you like a piece of available meat. Places can hold such vivid memories. You made us unwilling but enthralled witnesses to Rick's memories of his vile treatment. My anger and disgust is a testament to your ever-wonderful writing.
  10. Well, that's got rid of all those pesky puffins. They've all fallen a little flat. Mine
  11. northie

    Rainbow Colours

    Thank you! If you venture to read more of my stories, you'll realise that I don't usually write about teens (there's the odd exception). A number of my main characters are older - they interest me much more than young people. Quite unusual for this site, I know.
  12. *When the wind stops...* Oh, dear. Better make sure the shiny's OK. Can't have it getting flattened. Mine.
  13. It's just a tad windy where I am today. Not quite as bad as @Marty was describing earlier, but bad enough.  :huh:  :lol:

    windy GIF

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    2. northie


      @Marty Thanks.  :)  Fortunately it's a work from home day. Phew...

    3. ancientrichard


      :kiss:  It's very windy in South Leicestershire too

    4. Valkyrie
  14. That's more like it. . Meanwhile the shiny's mine.
  15. While the over-sized puffin watches for inspiration, enter me to steal what's worth it - the shiny.
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