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MDBCs 24 Jun 2023



June 24th 2023 - Holidays and Observances


(click on the day for details)


Observances (click on the day, BD, or week for details

Farmer Day

International Fairy Day

National Kenneth Day

National Le Day

National Pralines Day

National Relationship Equity Day

National Summersgiving Day

St John's Day (Venezuela)

Upcycling Day

UK Armed Forces Day


Tana Mongeau’s Birthday

Mindy Kaling’s Birthday

Stassi Schroeder’s Birthday

Lionel Messi’s Birthday


Fun Observances

  Swim a Lap Day

Dive into a pool and swim a lap or two for your health on June 24 or Swim a Lap Day. The unofficial holiday celebrates the ancient sport of swimming and encourages people to engage in it for the purpose of exercise.


Humans have been swimming since antiquity for survival, recreation, and exercise. Historians and archaeologists have found cave paintings and written scripts that depict swimming as a common and enjoyable activity.

Swimming emerged as a competitive sport in 19th century England, though there is historical evidence that the ancient Japanese were responsible for inventing it. Today, swimming is one of the most popular Olympic sports around the world and includes four kinds of swimming styles: the front crawl, backstroke, butterfly, and the breaststroke.

Swim your Way to Health

Studies have shown that swimming offers many health benefits. Because a swimmer uses all of his or her muscles while swimming, the activity is considered to be an excellent all-around workout. Not only does it burn substantial amounts of calories, it also increases heart activity and builds muscle strength. In addition, swimming can reduce stress and help people relax.

In young children, swimming can help build posture, increase coordination, and flexibility, and can help with motor development.

How to Celebrate?

  • This one's easy: get into your swim gear, take a dip in your local pool, and swim a lap or 2.
  • If you prefer, go swim in a lake, river, or the sea. Make sure you take all the necessary precautions one must take when swimming in nature.
  • If you have never learned to swim, today is just the day to begin. Many community pools hold adult swimming classes. Join them and get started.
  • Organize a pool party with family and friends and have your own mini-swim meet.
  • Have children? Take a class on pool safety and how to supervise kids around pools and other bodies of water.

Did You Know…

…that swimming is the only sport that could save a life?






Martians land on Earth, and the first thing they do is seek out a doctor to discuss reproduction.

"Martian forms come down an assembly line, and robots add the head, arms, and legs," the head Martian begins. "At the end of the line, they receive a power surge that activates them, and they walk away to their first assignment. Now, how do you humans do it?" The doctor whispers in the Martian’s ear. His eyes grow huge in disbelief.

"That’s incredible," he says.

"Why?" asks the doctor.

"Because that’s how we build cars."




I’d just sat down at a Manhattan diner when I noticed schav on the menu. Since I hadn’t had a bowl of the cold, sour soup in quite a while, I ordered some.

"We don’t have it today," said the waitress.

"Oh, you have it only on certain days?" I asked.

"No, we never have it."

I was confused. "Then why is it on the menu?"

"Oh," she said with a shrug, "some people like it."




Experience is a great teacher, especially if it’s someone else who’s learning from his mistakes. These examples were sent to learnfrommyfail.failblog.org:

"When holding a DVD in one hand and food in the other, remember which hand has what when you take a bite."

"When running errands where one stop involves going to a bank and one involves dropping off a firearm, drop off the firearm first."

"If you’re prone to impulse purchases, stick to shoes, not tattoos."

"When attending a funeral, never clap after the eulogy, regardless of how meaningful and heartfelt it was."




After I was widowed, I moved to Wales. My neighbor asked me where my husband was. "He’s gone to a better place," I said.

She looked amazed. "Better than Wales?"








































































Johnny Cash's Love Letter To June Carter Cash Is One For The Ages | HuffPost Life
























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