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Featuring everything new and experienced authors need to develop creative and technical skills. Check out writing development articles, our Word of the Day, writing prompts, anthology opportunities and more!

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Wayne's Prompts #6

Well, well, well, we are back again this week with another one of a favourite prompt that Wayne presented to us.  Last week we looked at one of @Mikiesboy favourite prompts and it's partner. Here is what Prompt #500 brought us: https://gayauthors.org/story/mikiesboy/onlyprompts/5 Sorry I can't make a box like below .   This week, lets look at a couple of prompts from @Headstall. One of his favourite prompts that he wrote a story for was Prompt #801. His submission to that one can


wildone in Prompts

Wayne's Prompts #5

(Oops, was supposed to post this last night  ) It is the Friday on the start of a long weekend I think everywhere in North America  If you live elsewhere and have one as well, just remember you don't have to do a prompt response this weekend  Maybe let it digest for a bit and maybe something will happen over the weekend that will have you saying DAMN, that was a prompt suggestion. Then you can write your story. Unless it is being stuck in H E double hockey sticks or any other macabre settin


wildone in Prompts

Wayne's Prompts #4

Good Day All   Apologies for last weeks miss on getting up a couple more of your favorite prompts from our guru, Wayne. Two weeks ago we had featured @Valkyrie's prompts. Next up, we have featured them recently, but @Ivor Slipper took advantage and wrote a piece using Prompt 892. And for you prompt enjoyment, we have added in Prompt 893 as well. @astone2292 also did a response as well! Prompt 892 - Creative  Tag - List of Words Use the following words in a story - a stor


wildone in Prompts

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