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MDBCs 01 Sep 2023



September 1st 2023 - Holidays and Observances


(click on the day for details)


Observances (click on the day, BD, or week for details)

American Chess Day

Bring Your Manners To Work Day

Building and Code Staff Appreciation Day

Cherry Popover Day

Chicken Boy Day

College Colors Day

Ginger Cat Appreciation Day

National Tofu Day

National Acne Positivity Day

National Chianti Day

National Child Identity Theft Awareness Day

National Food Bank Day

National Lazy Mom’s Day

Pink Cadillac Day

National Little Black Dress Day

National Monterey County Fair Day

Slovakia Constitution Day

Uzbekistan Independence Day

World Letter Writing Day


Rapunzel ASMR’s Birthday

Zendaya’s Birthday

Gloria Estefan’s Birthday

Jungkook’s Birthday

Dr. Phil’s Birthday

Chanel West Coast’s Birthday

Barry Gibb’s Birthday

Alexis Olympia Ohanian Jr.’s Birthday

Aleksandr Vitaly’s Birthday


Observances (click on the month for details)

National Guide Dog Month

Whole Grains Month

International Square Dancing Month

Leukemia and Lymphoma Awareness Month

National Suicide Prevention Month

Read A New Book Month

National Piano Month

Sepsis Awareness Month

Sourdough September

Friendship Month

National Honey Month

National Chicken Month

National Childhood Cancer Awareness Month

National Mushroom Month

Chiari Awareness Month

National Ovarian Cancer Awareness Month

National Sewing Month

Happy Cat Month

National Preparedness Month

National Library Card Sign-up Month

Pulmonary Fibrosis Awareness Month

Shake Month

Hunger Action Month


Fun Observances (2)

Emma Nutt Day

Emma Nutt Day on September 1 celebrates the world’s first female telephone operator, Emma M Nutt.

Girl in a robotics laboratory.

Like almost all professions, telephone services began as a man's world. The first telephone operators were all men, though very soon managers and customers realized that they were often impatient and rude with their customers.

To avoid more unhappy customers, the Edwin Holmes Telephone Dispatch Company in Boston, Massachusetts decided to hire women. So on September 1, 1878 Alexander Graham Bell himself appointed Emma as the world's first female telephone operator. Her trailblazing career lasted for almost 35 years.

Pioneering Women

Emma's appointment was pathbreaking in many ways. She spearheaded a drastic change in the face and the tone of the telecommunications industry in the United States - by the mid 1900s, a majority of telephone operators in the country were women. Additionally, her employment strengthened the slowly pervading notion that women could work outside their homes and also contribute to the society and economy.

Other annual holidays that celebrate pioneering women around the world include Helen Keller Day, The Duchess Who Wasn’t Day, Frankenstein Day, Ada Lovelace Day, and Jane Addams Day.

How to Celebrate?

  • Like Emma, there are many other women who paved the path for future generations of girls to opt for careers and professions generally only reserved for men. Learn about their lives and their contribution to the society.
  • Read more about the telephone industry and the science behind telecommunications.
  • Pick up the phone and call the women who inspire you, and let them know that they are your role models.

Did You Know…

…that Emma Nutt and her sister Stella were the world's first sister duo to work as telephone operators?




No Rhyme or Reason Day

September 1 is No Rhyme or Reason Day. The unofficial holiday is dedicated to the English language idiom, no rhyme or reason, which means something that occurs without any purpose or explanation.

Slices of oranges.

The idiom is thought to have first found its way in the English language through the 1460 book The Boke of Nurture by John Russell, though it is most famous for its appearance in the 1590 Shakespearean play Comedy of Errors. It once again showed up in Shakespeare's 1600 play, As You Like It.

The holiday is also known in the United States as National No Rhyme or Reason Day or National No Rhyme (Nor Reason) Day.

How to Celebrate?

Do you need a rhyme or a reason to celebrate this fun holiday? Here are some ways you can honor this expression:

  • What about celebrating this holiday by tapping into your creative side? Spend the day writing free verse - poetry without any rhyme.
  • Have a no rhyming contest with a friend or a co-worker. Find words that do not rhyme with anything else. Whoever finds the most words wins a copy of a thesaurus or a dictionary!
  • Do something nice for someone for no rhyme or reason. Sometimes the most generous gestures are the ones that are undertaken without any cause or purpose.

Did You Know...

...that in literature and poetry, words that are spelled similarly but pronounced differently are called eye rhymes?






A man vacations on a tropical 
island, and the first thing he hears 
is drums.

He goes to the beach 
and hears the drums; he eats lunch, he hears the drums; he tries to sleep, he can’t—drums.

Finally he storms over to the manager. “I’ve had it! Can’t you stop those drums?” he begs.

“No!” says the manager. “It’s very bad if the drums stop.”


“When the drums stop, the bass solo begins.”




My husband was driving home from work when he was pulled over for not wearing a seat belt.

Two days later—same ticket, same cop.

“So,” the officer said, “have you learned anything?”

“Yes, I have,” said my husband. “I’ve learned I need to take a different way home from work.”




After 12 years in prison, a man 
finally breaks out.

When he 
gets home, filthy and exhausted, 
his wife says,

“Where have 
you been? You escaped eight hours ago!”




One spring day I was taking the roll in my secretarial class at our local technical college. One of the sun worshipers was absent.

"Cindy won't be here this afternoon?" I asked.

"She went home to lay in the sun," a young woman in the front row answered.

Trying to correct her grammar without embarrassing her before the class, I whispered, "Lie."

"Okay," she replied in astonishment. "Cindy got sick and went home."







In case you needed any more arguments in favor of buying a car and taking it alone everywhere you go for the rest of your life.





I don't know about you, but I'm pinning  all my hopes on 2038!!







































02-bullish-customer-service-af-Dan Reynolds for Reader's Digest




09-being-courteous-af-Mary Nadler for Reader's Digest




10-flirting-with-death-af-John Caldwell for Reader's Digest












john caldwell











16 Travel Cartoons That Find the Funny in Everything
















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