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the twenties...



What an eventful few days...!


So I got this really snazzy orange card in the mail that said I have a package to pick up at the post office from Davey :wub::D but I couldn't go get it cause Rich had my car :( so I went the next morning and picked it up. He made me promise not to look at the bottom of the package because the customs form was there and you have to list what is in the package and then I would know what my present is. I didn't peek! I swear! The instructions were to take the present out of the package and then immediately throw the package away so I did, but not before Tony read the customs form... so now he knows what my gift is :thumbdown: then later I was telling Rich that Tony knows what it is and explained the story so when he got home from work he went and found the envelope and now he knows what it is too! :o and... I have to wait 12 more days to find out... which brings me to...


The twenties...


My birthday and chapter 20! Not 20 years old... I wish :P but I'm thinking it would be fun to debut chapter 20 on my birthday which happens to be the 20th... could be fun 0:)


I also decided, just for fun, I would do a special birthday blog... sort of a 'who knows me the best' quiz. :2thumbs: So, start studying up :P giggle!


Only 2 days till my darlin's :wub: birthday and I hope... REALLY hope his present gets there on time... I HATE being late :thumbdown: STILL SO sorry Kev! :hug:


So my pal Beautiful :wub: and the boys are all heading out on a vacation and I am SO gonna miss him! but he BETTER have a good time and Josh... enjoy hun! You deserve it :wub:


SO last night at work Tony and I were taking our breaks together and this girl asked us if we were related and he told her I was his wife :o so then after I looked horrified... cause ewwwwwww! he said nah, just kidding, she's my mom :wacko: so I smacked him :P and told him he was grounded!


Hugs everyone,



PS. Chapter 20 is to the editor :wub:


PS again... Miss you lots angel! :wub:


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hmmm i coulda sworn you were only turning 20 :P I mean you look it and all

Hehe :P and you should let rich tell me what it is!! :D

;) can't wait for Ch 20 btw



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Hey Vivian...



I bet I can guess what's in that box... :lmao:


Sorry I just have to mess with your head a bit. In the mean time, I'll leave you wondering if I really know what's in that box of yours. ^_^


Now give it a rest and stop with the "I'm sorry bit" B)

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Hey viv!


i cant wait for chapt 20 !!!! Omg i know wats the gift ... Sike :P haha i hope you enjoy it !!


:wub: Nicole

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Hey Viv!


That sounds like such an awesome idea about releasing the 20th chapter on the 20th! It's like you're getting all of us a present for your birthday :P:boy:


Take care and have an amazing week! :D



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