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I'm bored... I'm all alone at home and nobodys online to talk to :(


Thats it.... just bored


p.s I got new shoes (YAY!) but their rubbing so my feet are all red :(


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So take the shoes off then!


Sorry you're bored :( how about ... writing a story?


Lots of help available soon with the launch of the ... ooops, nearly gave the game away.


Camy B)

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Alright! I'm up!! :wub: and now you're sleeping and I'm bored :wacko: Hmmmmm, whatever, LOL! Happy late anniversary sweetie! I love you lots and lots :wub:

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:angry: This is no fun.


Your still sleeping, Vivian no where to be seen and I'm home from work and now bored. :(


Wow is us. Don't you just hate time zones??? :wacko:

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