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Do I have a twin?



So if Soul Mates are our spiritual family, what are Twin Flames? Twin Flames are ourselves in another body. When Souls chose to enter into physicality, they were split into masculine and feminine aspects. Please note, I did not say male and female, because throughout our incarnations, we will be in both genders of bodies. When we first leave the Light to enter into physicality, we will connect with our Twin Flame. This is done so we will not feel so totally alone in the human experience. After this we go our separate ways and grow lifetime after lifetime in experience and wisdom until we are ready to break free of the bonds of physicality and mortality. When we have reached this stage we have the opportunity to reconnect with our


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So... ummm, have I told you lately tht I love you? :wub: Cause I do...! And, thanks God you're cute cause then maybe if we are identical... so am I :P But really... I can't think of one way that whole passage you posted didn't apply to us and I'm so happy it's you that is my twin! :hug: I love you little brother! I guess that means I was born first right?




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Great, where is mine? :huh:


I need my tiwn... it's driving me nuts that my twin isn't with me. :(


That's a cool artical Dave, where did you find it?


And I'm happy you and Vivian found each other. Can I play the role of wanabe twin?!?


PS. Friday I ripped my pants but not on the back... it was the left front leg. :thumbdown:



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