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  1. THE DARKEST NIGHT By Davey I sat looking out the living room window, watching the rain slowly snake its way down the glass. Tonight was Halloween; I’d been invited to my friend’s party across the street. Christina, my friend, had excitedly told me that tonight was to be the night I would open myself up to people again, saying I’d shut myself off from the world for too long. I just silently agreed to save any argument. Two years had passed since the night that changed my life. It had been Halloween then too. My partner, Jamie, and I had decided
  2. Davey

    Alright so...

    ...Update time I found out today that: My Dad has cancer. My Mum is a basket case. We're moving for the fourth time in 12 months. Chris is an ass, but I love him. and to top off a great day I bruised my ass. Thats all.
  3. Davey

    If there are any typos...

    I'm still alive I got told off by my doctor for not taking action earlier, it seems asthma attacks are an issue you shouldnt wait on.... well my blood oxygen levels are back to normal levels and my lung capacity has increased by 78% seriously when he told me that I was like huh? How was I still breathing? lol anyway Im alive and I got a neat aero chamber thing outta the deal
  4. Davey

    I like to complain!

    Do you ever feel that you're the only one to make contact? I'll use my mother as an example, I decided that I wanted to see how long it would take her to phone me, so I held off calling. Three weeks later she calls to tell me off for not keeping in touch. I ALWAYS make the call. It happens online too. Like with some friends if I don't bother to send the hi message it never gets done. I've left it with some contacts before for weeks and finally I get a message all pissed off asking why i'm not talking to them. As you can probably guess i'm in a bad mood lol Anyway this blog ma
  5. Here in the UK when speed cameras were first installed it was all about safety. Since then we've moved along a little, now the police are using them to boost they're funding. We have the standard roadside versions along with the average speed ones on motorways but now we have these great moving ones that are hidden in vans. All they have to do is pick a layby, park up and start collecting the cash! They publish the locations online here, however they dont actually say which ones will be in service. I've also never heard what they do with the money collected, I would hope they spend it on ac
  6. Has an Important meeting in the morning and should be sleeping..

    1. Zeoanne


      Happy Birthday ~!!~ I'm leaving a message here since you don't have your comments section up. Hope you have a fantastic day!

  7. Davey


    Haha yeah, seems it's coming back to me... Hey.. you heard from Vance at all? Ive not seen him in like 6 months?
  8. Davey


    I should be sleeping... But I'm not UGH! back to work in 5 hours Thats all
  9. Davey

    Amazing people

    So just for the record before you read/ watch this I'm not American. I may not agree fully with the war, but I have the up most respect for all the service personnel, regardless of the country they come from. I saw this and it touched my heart, I hope it does yours too. The way we get by As I'm in the UK, I don't get PBS programming, so the trailer and story are all i've seen, but its still pretty amazing I think. Enjoy.
  10. Davey

    Moving.... Again

    We're moving again because of my Job, which sucks. I like living here, its a good place with good people that have been great with us. I've never heard a single negative comment about gays the entire time we've been here and that's pretty great I think. But sadly the time has come for me to move stores again and where I go Chris is sure to follow lol So we're back to not knowing how people will react. I hope that it'll be an easy transition again, but time will tell. --- My Dads a plumber, always has been ever since he started working. I never really thought about it but I've
  11. Davey


    Oh my..! I find that.... disturbing.
  12. Davey


    Hey, It's been a while since I last wrote anything in this. Mainly because I can never think of anything I want to say. I feel like I've lost touch with this site, that's all my fault I know, I guess I've just allowed myself to get distracted. I'll write this out and if I can be bothered I'll post it, if not meh well at least I'll have written SOMETHING for a change! I guess I should update on a few things. Chris is doing good. He's busy pretty much all the time but then so am I. We make time for each other everyday so we're still as strong as ever. When we moved here for my work i
  13. Much like Colin said, Chris and I are in love, its that simple, we're committed to each other in sickness and health. So regardless of circumstance we stay and work with it. I'm in this for life. Davey
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