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"At Random"



The following poem isn't mine, but I did think it was special when I read it. This poem goes out to a few people in my life right now, but there's one person that I'm hoping will read this and understand it's for him.


At Random

by Cheeky

It was at random that we met,

A chance that not many get.

When I heard the "Uh Oh",

How was I to know!

That you would turn out to be my special friend,

Someone who could be there,

Until the end.


No matter how I feel or what I do,

I know, in my heart,

That I can count on you.


I've never seen you,

Heard you, or touched you.

Those kind of chances are very few.


To meet someone from far away,

Never knowing if they're here to stay,

Not knowing if what they say is true,

Of what they're doing and telling you.


So far away, but yet so near,

The "not knowing" is the fear.

Is it truth, or is it lies?

Will a heart grow, or will it die?

Either way, the bonds of Friendship's strings are tied.


One's needs are met,

Some with regret.

Some with hope,

Some with pain.

But still, the answer is plain.


If we hadn't met,

On that very day,

Things would be different

In every way.


The emptiness may be filled,

A life may start to rebuild.

A heart may be broken,

Or made to mend;

All because of that

"Random Friend".



(Who is sad to see bad things happen to good people)


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