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  1. I can see things keep moving into interesting directions. Mr. Archibald. I always loved the name.
  2. How else to explain the sudden appearance of this handsome caring man whose honest friendship, love and need for him had poured out in waves which threatened to overwhelm his senses. Yes. How else. I liked this chapter. Important things have been cleared away. On to the next.
  3. Michael wants to know if he can call you Papa Wow.That's fast. Patrick's family is getting bigger. I'm happy for him.
  4. Hach! All warm and fuzzy. I loved the teasing.
  5. Very sweet chapter. I loved that Peter switched languages while talking to his sister.It's impolite and annoying to talk in a language others in the room can't understand.
  6. “What are your plans? I mean for now, but also for the future? Very straight forward. Mannaz, the company which employs me, has an office in London, and they have a position open. Heavenly intervention? Coincidence? Anyway, Yes!
  7. The title of the chapter has been very promising. He couldn't help the two tears of joy that slipped out and started their trek down his face. But they never got far, because Peter's fingers caught them, his touch on Patrick's cheek tentative and careful. With a look of quiet wonderment the blond man brought the fingertips to his own mouth as if tasting the salt drops would confirm the declaration. Awww. they were compatible in so many ways. I agree.
  8. This seems to be the right story to enjoy rolled up on the couch on a rainy, windy day. *looks out the window* Like today.
  9. Monk, level 3, Shadar-Kai, lawful evil.

    Can't wait

  10. I agree. Annual means once a year. Ergo, biannual means twice a year. The Biennale in Venice happens every two years. ("biennial" is Italian for "every other year)
  11. Or he turns up in my new story. What do you think @Valkyrie ? Kain?
  12. The wolf hates coriander leaf. It tastes like soap. Blech. Here is an interesting link: Nature
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