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  1. aditus

    Chapter 29 Giver of Life

    I'd love to read more!
  2. The blood moon was cool indeed, I was freezing my behind off.

  3. aditus

    Weekly Wrap Up (Jan 13. - Jan 19.)

    It worked this time! Thank you!
  4. aditus

    A Winter's Hike: The Tanka Challenge

    I'm cold, waiting for the Siberian cold.
  5. I like the Japan connection and I hope we'll get to hear more about it - Considering where I live it's obvious to throw a little Japan into the mixture every now and then. I'm glad you like it. I won't reveal too much when I confirm he will use those swords. I'm so glad you remembered Tristan! Nico wasn't sure how he would be welcomed, I think. Sadly there are no Japanese gardens at the summerhouse -- but the sea. I always found watching the waves and the endless horizon helps sorting stuff out.
  6. Okay. The first three chapters of the third book Kabal have been posted. After reading your comments I would love to talk a little more. And when I think of all the things I have planned there might be a need to rant/ speculate/ or question my mental state of mind occur.This will be the place.
  7. aditus

    Author Guess Who - #1

    So, what happens IF we can't guess the author? Do they get a couple of additional questions? Or did we lose this round of the game?
  8. aditus

    Downy Woodpeckers and Nuthatches

    I had nice thirty minutes or so with my dictionary and google showing me bird pics . Thank for this. from which he comments with a snark I can totally relate.
  9. Chapter 3 Of Kabal is live since yesterday. I got some awesome comments. We talked about chocolate, giving food to your characters, and who channels the author best. I almost feel like opening a discussion thread for the story after all.

    1. Timothy M.

      Timothy M.

      We could just go on with the discussion in the thread for the first story. I can go and start with a small rant. :lol: 

    2. aditus


      Good idea!  Rant away!

  10. aditus

    Chapter 3

    He is a very insecure king right now, even it might to be contradiction to be 'king'. Seeing what happened in books one and two, I think we should be understanding. Thank you for taking a chance at reading The King's mate series, Wayne.
  11. aditus

    Chapter 3

    Excellent chapter! Thank you, Parker! I love writing conversations although they need lots of commas. sorry @Valkyrie.
  12. aditus

    Chapter 3

    Kings get afraid too Yes! Thank you!
  13. aditus

    Chapter 3

    You think Ronan channels the desperation of the author with himself and his characters? Thank you, Gee for reading and taking time to comment. 'should' is the word of the hour.
  14. aditus

    Chapter 3

    Don't say Jonah! This is a whole new ballgame.
  15. aditus

    Chapter 3

    A plan.

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