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  1. Very rare view around here.
  2. I have to admit I have a slight obsession with her, because she made my niece sing I'm perfect
  3. Thank you! I had fun to read all your comments and thoughts.
  4. It took a lot of work, though. Very unruly the entire lot.
  5. aditus

    The Teacup

    I'm fascinated with your idea! The mender in me immediately began to sound out the possibilities to repair their relationship, but all I felt was a decided No! He left the teacup behind. It was a conscious decision, the relationship is beyond repair. On the other hand, your idea of a human aspect of kintsugi is inspiring. A broken relationship, leaves wounds. Do I want them mended without scars? Is this even possible? Or desirable? Should we accept the marks live leaves, maybe embrace them, emphasize them with gold powder? With all this in mind, I want to write a companion piece to The Teacu
  6. Oh, what a lovely surprise! And I solemnly swear, there will be something from me for the next anthology.
  7. That's what imagination is for.... Do tell.
  8. I'm reading this again thanks to @Story Reader and I have to agree with @Timothy M., we had tons of fun. We should do it, whatever it is, again.
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