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  1. @Headstall said it perfectly. That's how I write. You can thank @Valkyrie that my characters don't have an accent.
  2. Ah, shit, er..shoot. I totally missed it.
  3. Lash out in anger of course. As soon as it's back in fighting condition.
  4. My thoughts exactly. A suffering, half-dead Ent.
  5. When I first came across 'redaction' , I was baffled. ' Redaktion' is the editing department of newspapers, radio shows, news etc. in German. In English the meaning feels more like hiding something or censoring.
  6. Josh Lanyon is a favorite of mine. I just finished the All's Fair Collection. A difficult question and interesting answers. Thank you!
  7. Every 'suddenly' is all of a sudden consciously chosen now, nods vigorously. And I stopped the eye-rolling.
  8. Not at the moment though.... But one can dream.
  9. Did you ever try red cabbage salad with apple and a dash of horseradish? Sehr lecker. Very tasty.
  10. Nice dragon! Mine is more beautiful! My motorcycle 's name is Giovanni.
  11. the cousin is having lots of fun.
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