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  1. You found the words I could not.
  2. aditus


    An aromatized drink obtained from dry white wine and asperula odorata plants (woodruff))
  3. aditus

    Pick 'n mix

  4. aditus

    frozen yoghurt.jpg

    Turns out the ice cream-yoghurt -maker makes a terrific frozen youghurt too.
  5. And in my head I fill in -- membranes, can't help myself.
  6. aditus


    A good friend calls them Korken! It's their official name now.
  7. Finally someone explained this to me. Thanks!
  8. I always found the word funny... but that's the non native speaker talking. Laie is probably similarly funny / strange for you guys.
  9. Okay, I read diva-gate. Several people immediately came to mind.
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