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  1. aditus

    Week Three

    #15 broke my heart. #19 is my favorite. You did very well this week.
  2. aditus

    Week 3

    Thank you, Gary. I'm sure that is one of those unrivaled moments in a father's life.
  3. aditus

    Week 3

    I'm glad you enjoyed those two, they are the result of some new vistas of time I found. Thank you, Parker.
  4. aditus

    Week 3

    Thank you, Val! I can't wait for the berry summer to start.
  5. aditus

    Week 3

    Foolproofed-Week 3 Day 15 I was like the needle in a compass carried through the forest by an orienteer with a thumping heart, you, I pointed us firmly north, nothing deterred me on our way in the right direction, uneven ground, rivers, rocks and fallen trees, obstacles appearing out of nowhere, nothing. Then a pole shift happened. Now you lead us. Going South, somehow feels like going downhill. (Let’s start our poems today with a Tranströmer epigraph, [and finish with a Tolkienish quote].😉) Day 16 Rain water collects
  6. Welcome, foxkidsgayboy, you came to the right place.
  7. Oh my, I can't decide which I like the most. April thirteenth, made me smile and remember the Valle dei Templi Valley of Temples in Sicily, a delightful place, especially at dawn. April fourteenth I stare wide eyed, a movie in my head. April fifteenth. Found it! I so love the imagery. April sixteenth. Hat tip. April seventeenth, a mathematical detour from bagel to arithmophobe (nice word BTW). What an arch, I'm impressed. April eighteenth. Very educational for the foreigner from distant lands. I had fun.
  8. aditus

    Week Two

    I know we joked about a sump pump poem, I think it came out very well, as sad as it is. I can relate to #11 and #14, especially the love and fellowship part.
  9. aditus

    Week 2

  10. aditus

    Week 2

    Thank you for sharing your thoughts and feelings, Gary. I loved it. Cliche...who cares.
  11. aditus

    Week 2

    Strawberries have always been the epitome of not-winter to me, even in times where we can get any fruit at any time, imported from warmer countries. I'm happy you found things to savor in my poems, enjoyment is a very important part of life IMHO.
  12. aditus

    Week 2

  13. aditus

    Week 2

    I'm glad you enjoyed these and I could make you laugh.
  14. aditus

    Week 2

    Thank you, Val. Did you find lime green tiles ?
  15. aditus

    Week 1

    Thank you for reading, northie. I love that you think my thoughts jump rhythmically in contrast of erratically. Avian poem, I like this.
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