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  1. I do remember his black hair like a raven's wing... A lovely, wistful poem, Gary.
  2. aditus

    The Temple of Doom

    Are you sure his name wasn't Marlowe?
  3. aditus

    Family Ties

    WTF is Corelle whatever? Ask aunty Google ....Ahhh here it's arcoroc or arcopal. Anyway it's funny we always look for familiar elements that enable trust. I liked this.
  4. aditus

    Climate Change

    Ha! I knew it!
  5. aditus

    Abandoned Stacks

    I hate the image of burning books with a passion, it stands for cowardice and stupidity. An repressive tale.
  6. aditus

    Naptime Tragedy

    After the last one I'm so glad this ended with a *smile*
  7. This was a nightmare upon a nightmare, upon a nightmare up...
  8. I hope he has a broom at the ready... Now I can start breathing again. Whew!
  9. In celebration of finishing the TKM series and Kabal, I will do both prompts while polishing the last chapters. *happy dance*
  10. Yes, yes, but I hear the Earth Band...
  11. aditus

    Mission to Mars

    Holy shit! Um, can I say I always have vampires on my mind when I read Vlad? Definitely no vampires though, more Jenova from Final Fantasy VII.
  12. Something to think...and now I have Manfred Mann's 'Blinded by the Light stuck in my head'
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