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    You need chaos in your soul to give birth to a dancing star
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    Photography, cooking, gardening, science, research and the obvious: reading, writing, dogs, cats, my Cali

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  1. Aditus


    This beauty is Vanessa atalanta
  2. Aditus

    butterfly II.jpg

    Also known as: Aglais io
  3. Aditus


    Enjoying the last rays of sunshine.
  4. Aditus

    Chapter 30

    Thank you for this wonderful story,Sui. I enjoyed it very much.
  5. Aditus

    Chapter 10

    I'm very happy for Jihan and Kastan. The wedding ceremony was perfect, beautiful a with a sprinkle of humor. How will empress Rushi react?
  6. Aditus

    Chapter 6

    Two different worlds, two different places, they did not have the right to meld into one, never would. *sigh*
  7. Aditus

    Chapter 1

    A war on two fronts, knowing you there will many twists and turns before love.
  8. Aditus


    The playing field is prepared... Can't wait for the game to begin.
  9. we make them from plastic collected from the ocean.
  10. It may sound weird, but I never liked that movie, I found it too unrealistic. Ghosts do have the power to possess human bodies. *shudder* LOL. I expect you to write a romantic, gay ghost story now. Proof that ghost are as cool as vampires.
  11. In contrast to vampires, you can't touch ghosts, or if you do it's rather unpleasant. I wrote a story with gay ghosts, and it even won a contest.
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    Ago I joined GA!

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      Timothy M.

      Tillykke :hug: 

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      Thank you, guys. :)

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      Belated Happy GA Anniversary!

  13. while they can contain sadness and anguish, they always have a kernel of hope or redemption This is is exactly what I'm looking for sometimes. I will definitely read this story. Great review,Tim.
  14. Saftig means juicy. Depending on your taste zaftig means juicy too.
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