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    Biking, travel, gardening, cooking, and of course eating. Has two adorable cats who make surprise appearances occasionally.

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  1. happy birthday GIF

    1. Headstall


      Happy Birthday, Cole! :hug: 

  2. That’s awesome! Thanks Valkyrie!
  3. This is a great series that shows off Addy's creativity. I loved 3:00 PM the most because its shows the perversity of humanity so well. We want so badly, sometime we almost screw up the reward. Awesome group of stories.
  4. Cole Matthews

    Epic Revenge

    This is an interesting study in ethics. Monty was absolutely wrong engaging in retribution against someone due to a tip. I’m not surprised he was found out because he would have been. Jeremy made the right call. Monty seems to be quite young without much experience. He should learn from it. Nice job!
  5. It's certainly a favorite of mine as well. Thanks so much!
  6. Thank you so much!!! You are so kind.
  7. Thanks Addy! The little rocking horse is still one of my favorite ornaments. It was quite the inspiration.
  8. Thanks so much! Yeah, I'd have to agree, though Randy loves the 1550 Loring stories a great deal too.
  9. Thank you so much for this wonderful honor!!! I really appreciate this feature. I'm very proud and thrilled to be part of GA and very grateful for the opportunities it gives us. I hope you enjoy some of my stories. Thanks to Valkyrie and Aditus and to so many other people who've helped me with my writing here. You're very special to me.
  10. Cole Matthews

    Mark Weber!

    So true. When we dig deep, we find in adversity there is growth, healing, and peace. I am big on communication, and that means we need to be honest. That’s not always pretty. Thanks for some awesome insights.
  11. Cole Matthews

    Mark Weber!

    Very true, but we grow from showing how to heal and giving comfort. Being sensitive has its place but so does moving forward. We must be brave and wise. 😌
  12. I finally got home and well enough to answer comments to my stories for Our Christmas Cookbook.  Hopefully you enjoyed the stories and will try out some recipes.  I got two adorable ornaments for my tree.  One is a little black kitty with a lovely red scarf and the other is a gardener!!!  What fun and thanks to my cowriters, Aditus and Valkyrie, for the fun we had.  It was a great experience!!! 

    1. Valkyrie


      I got a chicken wing ornament and a cat with a heart :) 

  13. I don't think Dean's parents are bad people. I think they're just caught up in making sure their little boy is happy. Sometimes parents can have the right intentions but the wrong practice. I think they were embarrassed their behavior so upset Pam. In any case, thanks for the lovely comments!!
  14. No, that sounds delicious!!! That's basically just a stuffing recipe with fruit and nuts.
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