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  1. Do you want to read a story about the tenacity of love?  Would you like to see souls so committed they defy time?  Check out Valentine Davis's "Lighthouses".  It's really powerful and moving, yet warm and genuine.  

  2. Cole Matthews

    Lighthouses: Volume One

    Do you want to read a story about the tenacity of love? Would you like to see souls so committed they defy time? Check out this story. It's really powerful and moving.
  3. Cole Matthews


    The elation and pain of young love and the struggles of finding boundaries. Nice vignette. Very touching.
  4. Cole Matthews

    Chapter 1

    Very cute story. I'm glad Martin found happiness.
  5. Cole Matthews


    There are such though provoking stories in this anthology. The buildup of the jealously was very well done. It wasn't a flash in the pan, but a steady growing sense of anxiety that grew until it burst like a water balloon splashing everyone involved. This is exactly how the emotion usually works and these characters demonstrate it so well. Fantastic Job!!!
  6. Cole Matthews

    Chapter 1 The Tree

    Great job with the story because we see both men as they are and were. Mark is portrayed as the flawed man he was. He didn't know how to love properly and that comes through clearly. He was poisoned by circumstance and that made him act out abusively. You don't really excuse Mark's behavior. Chester is wounded deeply and it was at his lover's hand. The abuse Mark suffered and the neglect he felt both formed his sense of self, and it was probably too much for someone to handle gracefully. The isolation both Mark and Chester experienced due to this toxicity is so real. It captures the fear and reticence for those in abusive relationships. The isolation goes both ways; Chester hiding his complicity in the abuse and Mark hiding how he can't control himself. I'm not sure about the ending. Chester is so broken, I'm not sure he'd react so positively. Jordy may be a person who cares about him, but he'd be resistant I think. Regardless, it was a very good portrayal of the aftermath of abuse. It shows the humanity of both men and the tragedy as well. Thanks for sharing.
  7. Cole Matthews

    The Story

    It's a good story because it's so true. In the end, Tommy was sick and tired of being sick. I don't think I could have stood by as Tarek did. I'd have to fight for his life. I do understand the idea behind it, but when events unfold, the emotions aren't so easily set aside. That's not to say Tarek was poorly presented. I think you did a great job portraying his love and his efforts to help Tommy. I'm just not sure most people could accept it. Pain is pain, and it's something that when chronic becomes a burden. That being said, I'm not an advocate for this kind of relief. Very well presented, intriguing, and with round, three-dimensional characters. It is a very good story and yes, heartbreaking. Thanks for sharing with us.
  8. Cole Matthews

    Their Story

    Good story. I appreciate two things about it. First, it is a story about an older gay man and a gay immigrant, which are two groups we don't read much about. It wasn't a 'hookup' story, thank heavens, but a story about two souls who needed some help. Both characters reached out in spite of their worries and fears and became friends. Jack needed someone like Mukisa to get his bearings again. Mukisa needed a support system. They were able grow because of each other's help. I like that kind of symbiosis that is organic, as you presented it, and not forced. Very nice job!!
  9. Cole Matthews

    A Taste of Amnesia

    This story conveys the idea of creating art with life and soul perfectly. I could feel as anonymous began to wake up from his real-life coma. He's confused at first, then slowly his eyes began to open and at first he only sees shapes and vague colors. With each bout, he gets more acclimated to the world around him. Finally, his memory returns and the real writer discovers his life, his love and his passion. Very well done, and maybe one of the most powerful stories you've written. I repeatedly bow to you Mr. Benus.
  10. Cole Matthews


    Overall, the story was a good presentation of the situation in Nevada. (I read the CNN story and it followed the facts quite closely). It was very well written and paced nicely. You could feel the outrage and indignation. I''m going to offer a suggestion though. Rogelio's character shows only anger, and I'm not sure that's enough. Why was Rogelio so upset? What caused him to swear so angrily at someone who answered a phone? Why did he react so wildly about guns in his speech? I'm asking those questions, because it would be wonderful to know him better. There has to be a history of violence in his past or a fear of guns for some reason. Maybe he was mugged or someone he loved suffered from a gunshot. We are usually moved to anger by fear, and we just don't know what motivated him. Great job Carlos! You did get people talking about it.
  11. Cole Matthews

    One Little Snowflake - Full Story

    Very interesting story. The scenario was very well fleshed out and the future world as described was quite complete. I would have liked more about the alien invaders. I loved the dynamic with the team and the action and tension were both engaging and moving. Great job!!
  12. Cole Matthews

    Salix Babylonica - 6 - Feet of Clay

    Thanks so much!! Lots going on, but now Clay has a friend. We will see what happens with Ben's interview and the aftermath. I really appreciate your comment.
  13. Cole Matthews

    Salix Babylonica - 6 - Feet of Clay

    Yes, Clay is clearly a person who is learning from his past. Ben is being a bit too adventurous, and we will see how that plays out. Thanks for the insightful reflection. I appreciate the comment.
  14. Cole Matthews

    Salix Babylonica - 6 - Feet of Clay

    That's an intriguing notion. We will see what else comes up because we don't know much about Eddie yet either. Great comment.
  15. Cole Matthews

    Salix Babylonica - 6 - Feet of Clay

    Absolutely right! Both boys need someone to lean on, and I think they will be good for one another. Clay is gaining confidence, maybe even a little too much. Thanks for the comment.

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