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  1. Cole Matthews

    #893 Ooops

    That was an Uber tale of going viral. I loved the uncle putting up with his niece’s antics because that’s exactly what uncles do. I’m glad Summer and Craig split up because I never did like them together….🤓
  2. That is a lovely story and I love the smashed attic revealing it’s treasure. Wayne would have loved the surprise and the next great mystery hidden in those volumes and drawings. Great job honoring our friend.
  3. “Gross,” the beautiful man sneered. “Pride is the ancient splinter that wedged into a person festers and pollutes the soul,” was the reply.
  4. Cole Matthews

    Jenny and Greg

    What a lovely final gift. Music is the balm for the troubled soul and this was such a wonderful tableau. Reminded me of the O Holy Night we heard at our Christmas in Arizona. Beautiful song. Thanks for sharing with us Valkyrie!
  5. I loved the story of the sad toys looking for people to play with. What a delightful way of looking at it, wonderful job. Thanks so much Addy!
  6. Cole Matthews


    What a sweet story. I relive Pink Floyd and was humming the song throughout the story. Great job!
  7. I’ve never named my vehicles. However, I once had a light blue small pickup that Ran called my Lesbian-mobile because every other gay woman in the neighborhood had a similar truck. I miss that truck.
  8. Cole Matthews

    Kater and Pearl

    What a delightful story and a wonderful Christmas gift. Very well done! Thanks for sharing Addy!
  9. Cole Matthews

    The Apostles

    There is still a lot of hidden and secret sexuality out there. Jason’s boss loves his cousin and wanted to make sure he got his due. Jason used that idea to confuse the neighbor. It worked and then it’s over. These characters may never meet again. We will see. But Jason’s story is only beginning. thanks for the wonderful comments!
  10. Cole Matthews

    The Apostles

    I loved doing the slow reveal. Jason and Tom are probably two sides of the coins because both are outlaws, one hides, one revels. Thanks so much Valkyrie!
  11. Cole Matthews

    The Apostles

    It really is a character sketch and set within a story, that’s absolutely right. We are sexual animals and for some the hunt is as addicting as the capture and release. thanks for the awesome review.
  12. Cole Matthews

    The Apostles

    Definitely yes. The self destructive quality that exists in us is fascinating as well as powerful. The cousin didn’t want to be found because of his profound shame and we don’t know what that comes from. For this man, it’s not his sexuality, but something more primeval. Thanks for the insightful comment.
  13. Cole Matthews

    The Apostles

    Thank you so much! I had a lot of fun writing it.
  14. What a treat! Thank you so much Timothy M.! I will be revisiting these. We had a fantastic time doing these.
  15. Cole Matthews

    The Apostles

    Thanks so much! Yeah, I’m fascinated by how the twists of perspective can make things appear one way and the prove innocent or suspect when the facts are revealed. I’m glad you enjoyed it.
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