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  1. Thanks so much Valkyrie!! And thanks Mikiesboy!!! I'm glad you enjoyed it. I hope others like it as well.
  2. They are fantastic manipulators, and they aren't to bad at training as well!!!! Thanks Parker!
  3. Hahaha!! Yes, I'm thrilled it's coming across so realistically. I wanted them to appear natural so the other aspects don't seem too crazy!! Thanks Addy!!
  4. I once heard that dogs have masters. Cats have staff.
  5. I think dogs and cats can speak together quite fluently. I'm glad the convo came across naturally. I swear our cats chat us up all the time. Thanks for the lovely comments!
  6. No, they're not douche-y cats at all. I think they are probably the best of friends. However, they are very curious cats. Very curious indeed. Thanks for the comments!!
  7. They are sort of like them, but are modeled on a couple of felines closer to home. I've changed their colors to protect their anonymity. Thanks for reading!!!
  8. It's not confusing. We have a woman with headaches and a couple of cats who talk, well, sort of. What could be more straight forward!!! The cat is rotund, but happily so. I'm not sure anyone needs to teach overeating. I learned by practicing all on my own!! LOL!!!! Thanks for reading!
  9. The next chapter of Confessions of a Diabetic Cat is out.  "The Date" has the boys commenting about Hunter's love life.  



  10. The Date Hunter slammed the door behind him as he entered the room, “I’ve got a date bitches!” The orange cat, resting calmly on a pair of socks, quickly jumped up and darted from the room. Antonio watched as his mate’s belly swayed with each hasty step. “Can you believe it?” Hunter said excitedly, bending over and petting the slim black cat rigorously. Obviously with too much relish because the black cat also scampered off to the kitchen. Snuggles was in the corner carefully watching the entrance to the doorway when Antonio scooted through it. Antonio sat down, arched his neck, and looked back to make sure the overly rambunctious human wasn’t following. When Hunter didn’t appear, the orange cat lay down and closed his eyes, purring loudly. Antonio watched him for a moment, then returned to see what would happen next. Above their heads, upstairs, both cats could hear closet doors banging, a shower turn on, some bad singing. A poor rendition of ‘We will rock you!’ punched through the ceiling. Both cats looked up when the water sounds, and singing, stopped. Antonio trotted up the stairs and slinked into the bathroom. He watched Hunter warily and he gave the man a wide berth, finally reaching his objective. The black cat hopped onto the side of the tub, saw the trickle of water still spilling from the spout, and jumped to the bottom. He licked at the cool running water as he listened to the man continue his bizarre rituals. Hunter turned on the hair dryer, which he rarely did, and the angry squeal of the motor made Antonio pause from his drinking. It drove him from out of the bathroom and back down the stairs, in the process passing Snuggles, who was on the landing. The orange cat was staring up the stairway with an ear cocked. He wasn’t scared of the horrible sound of the appliance for some reason. In fact, it was a bit soothing. Antonio escaped down to the kitchen where the sound was the least annoying. Hunter turned off the dryer and hurriedly dressed into his Queen concert t-shirt and black jeans with a silver bell embroidered on the back pocket. Snuggles watched and mewled at him. Maybe they could play with the laser pointer before he left. The man bent over and rubbed the orange cat’s broad back. “I’m on my way. Be a good boy.” Hunter skipped down the wooden steps and after grabbing his coat and jangling keys, he was out the door. Both cats heard the lock click into place. “Serapis,” the black cat called. “What the hell is he doing now?” “He’s gone,” the orange cat responded. “Something about a hot date.” “He was so excited,” Shai said coming in from the kitchen. “I don’t get why humans get so agitated about it.” “Humans are big into their social events,” Serapis said casually in between licks of his bright orange fur. “Personally, I don’t get it.” “This isn’t just an ordinary social event,” Shai said, sitting on his haunches and sniffing the air. “He’s got a date. That’s why he was so animated.” “Why do they get so excited about copulating?” Serpis said, pausing and looking at the black cat quizzically. “ “That’s right,” the black cat mused, stretching his long, slim back into a hump. “You’ve never had sex before, have you?” “Naw,” the orange cat answered. “I was fixed as a kitten.” “Sex is fun. It feels good, but not that good,” the black cat answered, sitting back down and twisting his neck to the side. “I did it a couple of times before I got snipped, but it wasn’t all that thrilling. Birds are much better to watch, I think.” The orange cat seemed to consider the idea. He finally responded, “I prefer mice and flies myself, but I like watching birds and figuring out how to catch them is fun. Flies are pretty entertaining as well.” “Not to mention tasty,” Shai said, hunching down on all four paws. “So, why do you suppose he was so excited?” “Well, I’m not sure. A date can’t be nearly as exciting as when he watches those shows with all the cars racing and crashing. Or when he playing with the game with shooting and such. What’s it called? Police-something?” The black cat considered the comment and question that followed. “It’s called Police Chase, but he seemed excited in a completely different way than when he watches movies and plays games.” “He smelled different too,” Serapis said, twitching his nose. “He smelled kind of soapy and leathery.” “Maybe the person he’s meeting likes leather things or being extra clean.” The black cat snorted. “Though why he had to use that awful hair dryer thing is beyond me.” “He wanted to look nice,” the orange cat sighed. “I’m tired.” “I am too,” Shai said, and the two cats plopped down on the rug. The orange cat lay his head next to a book with a heart on the cover. It was something Hunter kept on his side table, but it was better on the floor. Snuggles made sure it got pushed off daily. Both were dozing in seconds, in a way only cats can. *** Hunter’s return wasn’t late, in fact it was only about an hour or so later. His face was drawn, and his affect was flat. The big orange cat awoke immediately and sensed that something was not right. He got up, stretched, and trotted over to the man who was taking off his jacket and rubbing his eyes. “Snuggles, did you miss me?” Hunter asked. He bent over and stroked the big, fat cat’s back, which caused the feline to meow with delight. A loud purr rumbled from deep within his chest. He rubbed against the man’s calves lovingly. “Didn’t show,” Hunter said, falling back into the couch. “So rude.” He said looking at both Antonio and Snuggles. The orange cat meowed again loudly and crouched down, showing the man he was ready to play. Hunter chuckled in a low voice and reached over to the coffee table. He grasped the laser pointer and shook it at both cats. Antonio and Snuggles immediately got into position. “Time to play dot,” Hunter exclaimed and the two of them chased the phantom spot of light, never catching it, but always trying. After a couple of minutes, the two cats were done playing and watched as Hunter arched the light back and forth. “If you’re done, I’m done,” he said, whipping his cheek again. “I’m going upstairs.” He sighed, and then got up. The man walked quietly, and slowly up the stairway. The two cats watched in tandem until he disappeared from their sight. They heard a gasp, and then a couple of soft moans, and finally sobs. “Is he crying?” Shai asked his fluffy orange friend. “Yeah,” Serapis responded. “I better go up and comfort him.” “So it was that bad, huh?” the black cat mused. “I just don’t get it.” The orange cat stood up and started toward the stairs. “Maybe we’ll never understand, but we can still help.” Shai nodded in agreement and watched as his friend walked carefully up the stairs to aid the hurting man.
  11. The second chapter of Confessions of a Diabetic Cat is posted.  We meet the boys.  They are very cute!

    1. Valkyrie


      Ooooo I can't wait!  *runs off to read* 

  12. Chapter 2 – Snuggles Prompt #726 – First Line ‘The sound of heavy boots and crashing furniture woke you from an uneasy sleep’. Hunter’s full-body thrust against the stuck door causing it to fly open and bang loudly. The bag of groceries cradled in his left arm tilted, spilling the eggs and the loaf of French bread onto the floor. The egg carton popped open and four of the dozen went flying, smashed, and splattering all over the book case and onto some of his favorite novels’ spines. The bread plopped at his feet and he stepped onto the middle of it. “Shit!” he said, slipping on some rivulets of egg and dropping the rest of the contents of the bag. A container of cat treats hit the wood floor, popped open, and much of the contents flew in all directions. A large orange cat waddled up and began noshing on the scattered treats. Chowing down one after another, he was like a big, fluffy, rotund vacuum cleaner making the niblets disappear quickly. “Snuggles, stop that,” Hunter yelled. The cat ignored him and continued chowing down even more ravenously than before. “Snuggles, you can’t eat that many treats. They’re not good for you.” The man set down the other bag and picked up the orange ball of fur. The cat hissed and wriggled trying to get down, but the young man petted him, trying to calm his pet, and carried him into the other room. After placing Snuggles in the half-bathroom right off the kitchen, Hunter closed the door. It didn't latch, but he didn't notice. Hunter returned to the living room and started cleaning up the mess. Antonio, his jet-black cat, was sitting on the coffee table as the man dropped to his knees. The feline sniffed imperiously in Hunter’s direction and watched him carefully, but he didn’t make a move towards the spilled treats. Instead, he surveyed the tableaux beneath him with calm and careful aplomb, at least that’s how the man saw it. “Your brother is a pig,” Hunter remarked to Antonio. Antonio meowed and stretched. His body was long and lean as he arched, his physique the polar opposite of Snuggles. “He needs to lose some weight.” Hunter, smiled, patted his belly a little and winked at the cat. “though, I could stand to lose a few pounds myself.” Antonio simply sniffed the air and sat back down. He watched Hunter crawl around trying to find all the cat treats. Several were lodged under the bookcase, and he didn’t see them. After picking up what he could find, Hunter left the room and returned with a wad of paper towels. He wiped up the smashed eggs. He picked up the mushed loaf of bread, the one he’d trod on, and left again. Having escaped the bathroom, Snuggles came trotting back into the room and sniffed the floor. He quickly found the errant treat under the furniture, and pulled them out carefully with a paw. He ate with a satisfied smile and a faraway look in his eye. Hunter returned with a small bucket of soapy water and a sponge. Over his shoulder was a dry towel. He ignored Snuggles, annoyed, and turned to the aloof cat, still poised above him. “Are you going to help me Tony, or just supervise?” the man said, addressing the black cat still eyeing him closely. The black feline didn’t respond, but Snuggles meowed loudly. He rubbed his side against Hunter’s leg. He swiped his nose on his skin, and mewled again looking up. “You’ll help me, won’t you Snugs?” reverting his attention. Hunter affectionately stroked the fat cat. The orange Butterball wiggled his tail and haunches excitedly. Hunter tossed the sponge into the bucket and then set it on the floor. He rubbed Snuggles broad back, making the cat purr in delight. “I’ll clean up the floor and you find the rest of the cat treats, okay, chunky monkey?” The man laughed at his joke and then pulled the wet sponge out of the water, wringing it out. He started washing he floor and whistling a tune. Antonio’s ears pricked up. He bounced off the coffee table and scurried out of the room. Snuggles watched Hunter for a few moments, then he sauntered more slowly towards the kitchen. As he rounded the corner, he saw Antonio slowly munching on something. He pushed past his feline housemate and began eating from the same dish. This caused Antonio to back away and hiss, but half-heartedly. He watched Snuggles for a moment and then sighed in resignation. The black cat started purring and walked away into the hallway. No doubt, he’d curl up in the bedroom on the comforter that Hunter never picked up from the floor. The orange cat preferred the clothes hamper. It smelled delightfully and cozily of Hunter and besides, the surrounding enclosure was comforting. “All done,” Hunter announced as he walked into the kitchen. He emptied the bucket into the sink and rinsed it out. “Are you ready for some supper and your go-juice?” Immediately, the orange cat got excited, meowing loudly and rubbing up against the man’s leg again. He purred deeply with the satisfaction promised by the dinner that awaited and with it the calming feeling of fullness. Hunter pulled a vial out of the refrigerator and was rubbing it between his palms. He had a syringe on the counter. As he watched Snuggles excitedly stare up at him and chattered; he paused to think. Did insulin make the cat feel better? He didn’t seem to mind the shot and in fact most of the time it laid down expectantly for the dose. Not always, of course, but many times it seemed the orange cat got into position deliberately. Now, Snuggles was eating his dry food and in between bites, snorting and mewling at him. Hunter was jolted from his wonderings, and he opened a can of moist food, spreading it on the plate. As soon the he put the plate on the floor the orange cat turned from the bowl and began chowing on the moist mound of pate. After only a moment, his feline housemate came bounding in from the hallway. Antonio started slurping up and munching on his side of the plate. Hunter walked away continuing to warm the insulin bottle. Out of sight and ear shot, the black cat turned and looked at the orange one. ‘Fish and shrimp, I think. Right, Serapis?’ the black cat asked. ‘Oh yeah,’ the orange cat said. “Much better than the beef,” he added. “Though I know you prefer chicken, Shai.” The black cat nodded his agreement and they both continued eating.
  13. Thanks Al! I hope you enjoy! It's more of a fun story than anything else.
  14. That's very true! I'll keep the ruby idea in mind going forward. In the meantime, let's meet Snuggles!
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