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I am only your boyfriend some of the time.

The rest of the time I am nothing.

My voice has no words

My mind is without content

My heart has no value

I exist, as only a broken shadow in your mind.

For I am only your boyfriend some of the time.


I look back through my blogs here, public and private... I look back through e-mails, many I never sent... I look back over my life and for so... so long I have been unhappy - in a desperate struggle with my boyfriend to get him to show the love he once did.


I never win that struggle.


Why do I still bother? I don't even know anymore.


Real happiness is only a shadow of a dream I had a long time ago.


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Sometimes, real happiness only occurs after letting go and seeing your future present in the freedom it represents.


Sometimes, love is fleeting, only a shadow of what it once was.


Sometimes, real love and happiness are but a step away. The courage of love comes in taking that step. There is no happiness in rending the heart apart, but birds sing, flowers bloom with sweet scent, and love grows upon the smile of true happiness.


Love is but a journey. A simple journey from one smile to the next.


Carl :boy:

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