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I'm in the Econo Lodge in Salt Lake City hoping I'll get my new truck today. There's a chance I might have to take a Kenworth W900 which presents itself a whole lot better than a Volvo 670, but it's a bear to back into tight docks. At this point in time I can't be too picky though. You don't have to take a W900, but it might mean sitting for another day until a Volvo comes out of the detail shop.


No, I haven't written anything. I meant to, I tried to, but not a lot came out. Chapter Six isn't hard, it just has a lot of emotion in it, a lot of unexpressed emotion and the characters this time around are turning out to be rather difficult with their emotional baggage.


I've been away from home for five days and the wife is already giving me the "I miss you so much" crap. She has zero ability to be anything other than totally dependent on me. We talked about me being gone for three weeks, which I need to do if I want to make any kind of money in this trucking job, and she was totally for it. Now that I'm gone, she's gone back to her "I can't do anything when you're not here" shit. Does not make for a calm mind.


Chapter Three is out being proofread and should be up for the weekend.



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