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It's still winter in Wyoming.


Last night I picked up a trailer headed for South Carolina. I have to be there Tuesday.


I stopped for breakfast in Sinclair, Wyoming. If you're familiar with Sinclair gasoline, this is where it comes from. From what I understand the downtown area is quite picturesque from when this was a company town.


It was snowing a little when I stopped. Just a little. I took a little nap. I ate a breakfast cookie, banana, drank an orange juice, and swallowed my meds.


The snowing got worse.


It might have been easier if my CB worked, but it doesn't. I don't know if it's gone to CB heaven or if it the Volvo isn't feeding it the right stuff. Whatever the case I can't hear what's going on on the road.


So, I cranked up the laptop and to check the weather. I was wondering if there was an end to this cloud full of snow. The sun does wonders with snow, especially if you don't want it.


Unfortunately, it's roaming here in Sinclair so my mobile broadband connection speed is close to dial-up, maybe a little slower. The loop on the weather site was taking forever to load so i went over to the Wyoming highway department and found out eastbound I80 is closed. I'll be stuck for awhile.


If I was tired, I'd sleep. I'm not that tired though. I suppose now is a good time to work on Chapter Six.



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