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totally awesome, dude



I had church and confirmation today. :(:angry: But that's all about that.


I had subway for dinner today. But sadly, I didn't go with my mom to pick it up, so I didn't get to see hot cross country guy. He has really nice abs, and I was just thinking aout how great they are today. He has a wonderful six-pack, all cute and perfect. Hmmmmmmm.


I have been talking to Snow Dog off and on all day, and right now he's off, but I want him to sign back on. I think he had to buy a dishwasher, or something.


So, today was the last day that hilarious roommate was here. She's going back to St. Louis tommorow. I'm sad.


Today I felt really good. It was a beautiful day and I loved it. Now I'm exhausted.


My entries are becoming less and less coherent every day.




-psychic psychopath

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