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How do I post a story on GA?


I’ve purchased author/editor status and completed all my edits, so how do I submit my story?

*Important Notes*

  • New stories can only be posted with the first chapter, or the first chapter and prologue, added to the story. Do NOT add additional chapters until the story is approved. 
  • New stories must be posted with the first chapter (and prologue if applicable) published, or post dated to publish at the same date and time as the story. Failure to do so will result in the story publishing without any content for readers to actually read. 
  • All stories or poetry under 1k in length must be posted as part of a flash fiction collection.
  • Do NOT add photos, links, videos, etc... in the story text box. Photos can only be added in the cover photo area, and links and videos should only be added in the story or chapter notes. These must also adhere to GA content guidelines.
  • Do NOT post stories intended to be published. We understand that occasionally authors unexpectedly publish some content but removing stories from the site means authors cannot post later stories in the timeline if it is a series (becomes bait & switch requiring readers to purchase eBooks to understand series timeline/plot) and will prevent authors from ever becoming a promoted author on GA. One option prior to publication could be moving a story to our Premium Content subscriber only section to limit access without deleting the story from GA. Authors interested in requesting a review and possible move to Premium should contact Cia prior to publication. 


Where do I submit a story?

On the red menu bar, click ‘Stories’. Click on the 'Add Story' button below the story category list and just above the recent updates list of stories.


This brings up a pop-up window to select the story category. Use the drop menu to select the proper category (fiction, fan-fiction, anthologies, etc...). Click outside the drop menu box to close the drop menu, if necessary, then click on the Continue box.


There are now five steps on separate tab to complete:


Step One

  • Title: Your title will display everywhere, check your spelling.
  • Link Title: This will self-fill when you type in the title, don’t change it.
  • Series:  Only use if you are posting the 2nd story in a series. DO NOT PUT 0 In Series Number EVER
  • Publish Time:  Stories are set to auto publish.  If you wish to delay publishing, uncheck the Publish Now box and use the calendar icon to set a publish date and time.
  • Authors: Your name and you can add any co-authors.
  • Editors: You can add your Editor(s) if they are a GA Member.
  • Beta Readers: You can add your Beta Reader(s) if they are a GA Member.

Scroll up and click on Step Two


Step Two

  • Description:  This will tell people what your story is about in 500 characters or less.
  • Story Note: Similar to Description, but this is a personal message area to readers that will appear under the story information when the story is posted. This is also the field to use if you need to add relevant images that adhere to the site posting guidelines to the story detail page. Images should be hosted in a GA Gallery album and uploaded using the Insert Other Media option. 
  • Story Copyright:  Basic copyright automatically added. Change if you have a custom copyright notice. If you post fanfiction, please adjust this automatic notice to reflect that information.
  • Story Banner: Select browse to choose an image from your computer. This is the story banner promoted authors can use on a story.  *Images must comply with site content guidelines. 
  • Story Cover Image: Select browse to choose an image from your computer. This is an image that will appear below the chapter listing. Please limit your image to a reasonable size and follow the signature guidelines in regards to gif/animations. *Images must comply with site content guidelines. 

Scroll up and click on Step Three


Step Three

  • Genre:  Select up to three.
  • Audience Rating: Everyone = No sex; Teen= off-screen sex, or non-explicit touching/making out;  Mature = Graphic sexual content of any kind on-screen (Note: These ratings can be utilized for violent or graphic content other than sexual, but specific warnings should be included using the story/chapter note areas)
  • Status: Complete = Done; In Process = Working On It; On Hold = Currently Not Working On. Do NOT post a new story On Hold

Scroll up and click on Step Four


Step Four

  • Tags:  Select up to six.  These help readers find your story, so make sure they apply to the story content.

Scroll up and click on Step Five


Step Five

  • Prologue: Toggle the slide button to add a prologue. Fill out the prologue title/note/text as you would a chapter.
  • Chapter Title:  Defaults to chapter number, but you can change this to a specific chapter title. Chapter Titles MUST be rated for general audiences.
  • Chapter Note:  Notes to reader for each chapter.  These should be used to warn about explicit or graphic content. They appear above the chapter text.
  • Story Text Box:  Copy your story from your processor and paste directly into the box.  This is for story text ONLY.  All notes should be in the chapter note boxes.
  • Chapter End Note:  Place to leave a message after your story. The appear after the chapter text.
  • Chapter Publish box: Chapters are set to auto publish.  If you wish to delay publishing, uncheck the Publish Now box and use the calendar icon to set a publish date and time. *New stories MUST be submitted with the first story/prologue published, or post-dated to go live at the same time as the story publish date/time or there will not be a chapter for readers to actually read*


Click Save Story



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