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How do I submit a story to post-date and publish at a late date and time?


What is the Post-Dating System?

  • The post-dating system allows an author to schedule when their story or chapter will post.  They can set it up for a specific date and time rather than having the story post when they actually upload it. Authors in the moderation queue should not use the post-dating system.

Why should I use the Post-Dating System?

  • If you wish to upload a number of chapters at once (for a completely written story, if you're unavailable during the usual posting time, etc...), you must use the post-dating system so that not all the chapters will post at once. Posting guidelines allow authors to post (2) new stories or chapters per day spaced at least 8 hours apart. To prevent your story/chapter from posting immediately, you must ALWAYS uncheck the Publish Immediately box. You CANNOT edit a post-dated chapter or story or it will not announce it the recent updates list, and the publish date will show up as the edited date. 

How do I use the post-dating system?

Posting a new story unpublished:

  • If you are posting a new story, you will need to add the correct date and time in the provided fields and ensure the “Publish Immediately” box in Step One is unchecked.
  • When you add the first chapter to a new story in Step Five, you must also add same date/time as the story and ensure that you uncheck the “Publish Immediately” box located just below the chapter text editor. 


Adding an unpublished chapter to an existing story:

  • When adding a new chapter, select the needed date and time in the provided fields and uncheck the "Publish Immediately" box. This may be done for multiple chapters at once as long as they adhere to the (2) updates per day (8) hours apart guidelines.


To prevent your story/chapter from posting immediately, you must ALWAYS uncheck the Publish Immediately box.


I made a mistake when setting up the post-dating, can I change it?

On a story that published: If your story published, and you try to unpublish it to post later, the recent updates information will remain live and this can confuse readers. If it's vital the story/chapter not be published, please contact Cia to have it deleted so you can post again.

To fix an unpublished story's date/time:

  • Click on the 'Edit Story' option in the Manage Story drop menu.
  • Make sure the Publish Immediately box is unchecked.
  • Change the date/time and save the changes. 

To fix a unpublished chapter's date/time: 

  • Unknown at this time (3-19-2017). This will be tested and the FAQ updated after the story bugs are fixed. 


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