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It is hard to belive that three years have passed already. I don't think I will ever forget that day.


I was on line chatting with Myr when I turned on the TV just in time to see the second plane hit the tower. I pretty much live in the middle of nowhere, but you always see plane contrails in the sky, and hear the traffic on the freeway. But for the next two weeks it was unearthly quiet here.


It was a couple of weeks before I caught Myr on line again, and when I pinged him, he asked


"Do I dare chat with you, look at what happened the last time we talked"

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Yeah... I remember that day all too well.

I had taken a break from writing PoD and chatting with Sparhawk. I took a quick shower and came back to find my screen flooded with messages, including urgent ones from Sparhawk, all telling me to go turn on the TV. Which is what I did.


Every single channel (all 70 of them) where the same bloody nightmare.


I watched the first tower collapse. Then I stood around in disbelief. I jumped in my car and drove over to school, so I wasn't alone and I could talk to other people.


I got to my department and found the office crammed tight. Over 50 people surrounding a 13inch tv. 3 engineers (profs) were discussing the collapse and trying to figure out why. We engineers design against the pancaking effect we saw on those towers.


I watched as students exited isolated classes and found out. The campus closed and students started to gather in front of the large screens and small screens all over campus.


That night, I watched our president on the moviescreen in the main auditorium at school with over 1000 of my schoolmates.

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It was in the afternoon here in the UK, three years ago that my mother and I had just finished dinner, which I always cooked for her, since she was 92. My sister rang us and told us to turn on the TV.

The first plane had already hit and one of the towers was surrounded in smoke, and as we watched the second plane arrived and hit the second tower. We could not believe our eyes and wondered what the heck was happening.

We sat in tears and silence watching the horrific events unfold.


Yes, even here in the UK we have not forgotten the trajedy of that day. Sadly my mother died the following year, but I shall never forget that day, when together with most of the rest of the world, a feeling of outrage took us as the reason for this terrible act became evident. We will not forget either.



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I remember where I was when it happened. I was just waking up for another day of job hunting and got the itch to turn on the tv. I had just turned on the Today Show on NBC, when the second plane hit. From what I remember, I spent much of the day in sort of a daze; one minute, cursing the fiends who did it and the next, wondering how it could have happened. I do know that for the next several days I stayed glued to the tv for updates. :angry: :nuke:


And no, I didn't stay in bed the whole time.

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I was on my way to work when they interupted the music ... I missed the first couple of things as I was in traffic ... and then when I listened in, I was confused because I couldn't figure out what they were talking about.


Then when they repeated that a plane had hit the world trade center, the first thing that went through my mind was the Columbine Incident ... and the diary they found of where the young men wanted to hi-jack a plane and fly it into the Sears Tower.


So I was fearful that something along those lines had happened ... and then I heard it was a jet.


When I got to work, others had the radio on, and we were walking around in a daze. When our boss got there and we told him, he went out and got an antenna for the little tv/vcr player that we used for product advertisements. He got it hooked up in time for me to watch the second plane fly into the second tower (though it could have been a replay, I don't think it was).


I was close to tears when I saw the first tower collapse. I know I said, "OH MY GOD."


I don't think the people believed me when I told them ... but when they saw the replay and heard it for themselves ...



It was a horrible day.


Boy on a String


(And remembering this, and telling about it, still brings tears to my eyes ...)

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I was on my way to school I used to have to walk to school two and a half miles. I was walking to school and this kid I used to alway walk to school with ran up ranting something. He said how there was this tower that a plane had hit it and as they were watching another one hit it. I was picturing some far away country that nobody had ever heard of before and theese little towers with one person planes crashing into them. It didnt even cross my mind that something that horrible could happen exspesially here in the united states.


I saw that kid two years later when we were both working at Lagoon (its like disney or four flags but not as fun and its in Utah). Well I saw him and randomly we both embrased each other in a hug. We didnt have to say anything. We saw each other, remembered each other then we were hugging. It was kind of amazing and sad at the same time.


We talked to each other for over two hours after that missing our rides. We were both there for over an hour after everybody left and then we both went our seperate ways. It was a very emotional time we both cried and I havent talked to him since.

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