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  1. I am one of those peeps who is responsible for the millions of dvds delivered by Netflix. There are times that they come in with fingerprints on them. Is it ok to use windex to clean them? Thanks Boas
  2. Have a Fantastic Birthday!

    1. sandrewn


      Wishing you a Happy Birthday, PM to follow.

  3. I have no idea what a RSS feed is. I tend to read completed stories for the fact that I have started way to many stories, really get into them, and for whatever reason the author doesn't complete them. Also, there are times when it takes so long for an author to post the next chapter, that I lose interest, or forget about the story. (Best example of this would be Finding Family on Nifty. Great story. However there weren't any updates for over a year. Another example is The Scrolls of Icaria by Jamie. It is another great story, and the author has been on Hiatus for a long time.) I kn
  4. Wow. What a story. I had two problems with it. The first was when Garret and Masako left for the Bolt Hold. Masako was due in two months. Garret spent a week in the bolt hold, then 'months' (don't know why, but that sounds like more than two to me, though maybe it was only two months) and then three weeks at the Capital of the Republic before heading back to Calos. After arriving, an indeterminate amount of times passes (a week or two?) before she finally gives birth. The second problem I had was with how it ended. I KNEW that BASTARD wasn't going to keep his word. I am surpr
  5. Well, I wonder if Dan writes another sequel if it will be called, "Got it Right"? Fantastic story. I really hope you will write another sequel, with a "Happy Ending", but not sure if that is feasible. It would be interesting to see the Dan break the 'Butterfly" effect. I think he is one of the very, very few who could do it. Thank you, Dan for the great ride. I started reading this story line ... and lost sleep to do so ... well after you started "Lets Do It". I only had to wait for the last two chapters, so I feel fortunate. Hope your vivid imagination continues, and that
  6. Hi, I am looking for some stories to read. Because of time constraints, and how long it can take chapters to be written/posted, I was wondering if any of your stories have been completed. I am interested in Tim and the Corsair. Thanks for your time. Boy on a String
  7. Hi all. I am an avid reader. I usually like to read completed stories, for there are times that there are long wait between chapters, or worse, something happens and the author never completes a story (I have found this true on Nifty, and at times in the story archive here. I notice on Dan Kirks site, that his stories have a status that states whether the story is 'complete' or 'in progress'. I have only checked a few of the authors, for there are now so many of them, and I have noticed that the authors that I have checked don't have this on there pages. It would be nice, when I
  8. I have just read the Do-over series. I really like the stories ... and the horror that Dan did with the end of the world. It was really a fun series to read. Having finished Lets Do It, I like how this time it is Brian who is the narrator and who went back in time. I also notice that on the 'chapter page', it says the last update for 'Let's Do It' was in Sept. 7, 2007, in on the 'story title' page, it says that the work is in progress. Will there be more chapters coming out? Or is the story finished? I am most interested in how the CIA will view them staying? Of course tha
  9. Hi, all. I just read Rider's Pride. I really like the way Dan can weave a yarn ... it is incredible. And I am glad that he did a fanfic of Pern. I have always liked these books. I would like to thank those that posted about all the Pern books and short stories out there ... I now have a couple more to read. I would like to mention that when I first read the second book, Dragon's Flight, while I didn't pick up on the point that caught Dan's eye, I did pick up the point near the end of the book where F'lar repramanded the Blue and Green rider who where weyrmates. They were o
  10. I found it interesting. While I don't believe in the choice theory ... people don't chose to be gay, I do believe that it can be several factors combined. Part may be genitics, part may be hormones and part may be enviornment. All these factors have an influence. I am worried about how someone who is seen as 'efemininit' now that this has aired being bullied even more by family and peers. The one twin at the begining of the show may find his life taking a really rough turn when he enters puberty and or high school. Boy on a String
  11. What happened to Dan Kirks HP stories? I went to his hosted site, and couldn't find his fan fics of HP. Boy on a String
  12. I noticed that when you put the curser on Chapter 27, Chapter 28 also highligts. Chapter 28 opens up. I have not been able to find Chapter 27. Boy on a String
  13. http://www.comcast.net/entertainment/index...cvqh=itn_doogie I found this interesting. Boy on a String (I wonder if he will continue to play his current roll on CBS or not)
  14. Couple of days late ... and several dollars short ... HAPPY BIRTHDAY, MYR hope you had a good one Boy on a String
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