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I got that Fable. I've been playing for a little over 11 hours and I'm fighting Jack of Blades.

I got to the burning guild and saved it. My bad! I dont have anything to get more life and I can only respon one more time. Jack is kicking my ass. My game is saved so restarting would seem well against all of what I want to do. He keeps on trashing me and I was wondering if anybody had any suggestions or knows of a way for me to somehow get some more life. Im desperate here and I will do anything for information.


P.S. I havent played Fable in like a day and its driving me nuts! I need your help or advise. If you help me I am your sex slave for life. :worship:



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Fable... what can I say about Fable... aside from the fact that it was only game I've gotten, then gotten RID of within 3 days. But... *shrug* that's just my opinion. Oh, and this is a prime reason why I save on multiple files - that way I usually have at least 1-2 other saves that I can reference.

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