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Oh I have an Xbox 360 as well. What games do you play? I have Halo 3, Guitar Hero II, Mass Effect and a bunch of others.



I play Halo 3 (luff it, :wub: lol); Call of Duty 4 (It's covered in Awesome Sauce); Dead Rising (basically a Dawn of the Dead video game, lol); Bioshock (tons of nifty features); and Blazing Angels (Awesome WWII air combat simulator)


I also downloaded off of Live Arcade the classic Castlevania: Symphony of the Night.


OH! and I just reserved Devil May Cry 4 at Best Buy, lol. Nero (main character in DMC4) is SO cute!


Also, you should register with mygamercard.net so you can have a neato gamercard signature too!





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