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[Jian Sierra] Confusion

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I probably won't be able to explain what this is all about, so I'm not even gonna try. The important thing is that I felt better after writing this.


More means less


When understanding




Over and over


Yet still the same


Knowledge is beyond




Tossing, turning


Frustratingly damning


Whoever said


Older means wiser?


First a thought


Then another


Before long


A thousand thoughts


In one small vessel


Wondering what




How did this




Tired of thinking








It’s a win-lose




Tried to be busy


Worked for a while


Worked less and less


Not working anymore


Nothing goes right


Everything feels weird






Even weird sounds creepy


Which in itself is weird


Don’t know what to do


A real cliffhanger


Something like





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Sam is right: nothing like being creative to make you feel better.


However, the poem will only give answers to the questions you ask yourself, and not to those a third-party would ask. There are great listeners around this site if you need to chat. They might be able to help. :)

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