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  1. jian_sierra

    Chapter 1

    I enjoyed writing it so I guess it's not so bad for someone who's a frustrated poet
  2. jian_sierra

    Chapter 1

    Couldn't have said it better myself. Thanks for reading!
  3. jian_sierra

    Chapter 1

    Thanks, glad you like it.
  4. jian_sierra

    Chapter 1

    Memories Of things that happened, Good or bad Or something in between... I cherish them all. Like the stories I heard when I was still little, Which I never seem to forget No matter how long ago it has been. Memories, Like that song a once famous cat sings, Although usually cats can't Just as surely as they can't talk Wield swords Or change into human form. Or is it the other way around? But those are different stories altogether. So many things that happened in the past, Things that sometimes I wish I can forget Or relive. There are memories I've shared to just a few Bec
  5. jian_sierra

    Chapter 1

    Cheers, Gary. So very glad you enjoyed the theme of my story.
  6. jian_sierra


    Very well use of words and great imagery, thanks for sharing!
  7. jian_sierra

    The Scrapbook

    Cool story! Very well done. I love the whole premise of the story, especially about the part about making the most of the time that's been given to us. Thanks for sharing.
  8. RESCU Readers enjoy stories continuously updated STORI
  9. jian_sierra

    Chapter 1

    Hey Lisa, thanks for this very insightful review! I feel I should warn you that my other stories are not very good but they're here should you feel the need to read them. You've been warned though
  10. jian_sierra

    Chapter 1

    I don't know why but this story just got to me, I could feel every emotion. So thank you very much for sharing, I enjoyed reading this so much.
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