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Kony 2012

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One of the comments said google "Kony 2012 scam"


so I did







Interesting issue ... the only thing I remember of Uganda is http://en.wikipedia.org/wiki/Idi_Amin

He certainly made NewsWeek


Well ... isn't this issue for the UN to solve?

There must be a reason why this problem is still going on?

I have no idea how Uganda functions and their role in our world.


The UN and Somila ... the UN sent troops around 30,000 and they couldn't handle four drug lords \ pirates.


I guess the UN needs to clear up its own issues ... but does the USA always have to solve every thing?

If the usa helps ... can we spare the 800 billion ... one of they Kony Scam articles mentioned oil ...




It seems to ring a bell about oil issues in 70s n 80s n "idi"


There seems to be many bad things ... kids used in the fight ... oil ... who buys it ... it helps the dictator

Gosh ... sounds a little like the middle east ... perhaps a boycott of the oil and UN troops need to move in


If the world moves in to reform the country ... what are we all getting into?


Some how it boils down to that Africa will never become a country that should take care of itself.

Lots of corruption, bribery, 419 Scams ... yeah a big source of 419 Fraud

( note many other countries also do 419 Scams ... phillipines ... )


Remember haiti ... there are people in our own country ... who count on these things to happen

So they can go ... create their own scams ... and then we read or hear about it on the news ...


Where is the greed ... follow the money trail ... the ones that take the money ... before it does any good

But by then ... it does a lot of hurt ... especially those that gave on an idea of a cause ...

and those that saw ... the easy money trail ...


what do you all think of this issue??

yeah I wonder what happens to 67% of the donations that didn't go where it went?

Makes you wonder were all donations go these days?


I do hear that CEO of charity organizations get paid between 200K to 400K ... that sure does mean money didn't go where it should.

Then I hear infrastructure absorb some of the money .... yes it does cost to send help ...


There's got to be a way to solve the delicate issue ... but there are lots of them

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Contest4jen and hh5 - thank you for bringing this up. It's a topic that has definitely exploded around the web in the past few days.


hh5 brings up a LOT of great questions, and on something like this, I've done a lot of thinking as well. I tend to be a skeptic and was one of the people pushing back on the initial onslaught. Looking over the information, I can see both the pro-"Invisible Children" side as well as those that wonder about the motives of the group and the allocation of their revenues.


I really think hh5 has put it best - there is a lot of information out there and everyone should sift through it to see where they stand. At the same time, I can see this topic potentially devolving and so I'm going to close the topic. I think Jen's intro of the issue and hh5's review are perfect. If anyone does want to debate the merits or any other aspects, I recommend you do so in the Soapbox.


Thank you,


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