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  1. Happy Birthday and we still miss you!

  2. Hi there, do you remember me? :)

  3. Happy Birthday! We miss seeing you around

  4. In the HP books you recognized there is a POV in the chapters but when you watch the movie can you tell if there is POV?
  5. I have some agreement n disagreement w what your saying. Christian faith is really a coupling of their faith, their local own community, and their pastor. I'd say its similar to community club chapter. However, those that believe the bible as studious as theology ppl would have better grasp in the faith than those that just have faith in bible and the local community and faith they've joined. Some just need the discipline of the faith to be strong to not drink, smoke, steal, murder, etc because faith becomes their new drug of choice. Replacing the bad faith with the good faith. Changing whom they commune with and bringing those the dark into the light of faith. Imagine that some of them just don't get that the stories in the bible may not be entirely accurate as like a history or science book. Imagine a writer reading and dissecting the themes, the characters, the protagonist, the relationships, the conspiracies, etc. Gosh the TV series Supernatural would put the Christian war into perspective. Each Book in the bible is a different POV of faith and yea I hear a certain book is a bit radical than the others. I guess its also about reading the companion books to understand who are the writers of each book. Perhaps in the community as long as those that believe in god should be following most of the requirements of faith may be in theory faithful to the religion. There could be more faith\trust in such a community than a mafia organization. Perhaps as one is immersed in the religion there is a form of personal identification. The more advance bible study and theology crowd can go about discussing religion in the different forms that is much different than church Sunday meeting. ie: They can discuss the character Jesus in more detail and point out how other preachers could be wrong in sharing who Jesus is. The ones that study the dead sea scrolls would have access to the unedited n un-simplified version of the bible including the missing chapters. The question you might ask is why aren't we teaching the real bible than the simplified bible. The simple answer, tradition n dogma has made its place to stay. lol, the movie Stigmata is interesting in pointing out the simple teaching of jesus and how the faith is shared. This would be a threat to the current dogma and tradition. In theory, it would hurt the global religion business if many people changed whats been in place for centuries. The missing part of the bible is really the lack of understanding of Orthodox Jews. I've been fortunate to have worked for unorthodox and orthodox Jews. The community is sort of tribal that is link to their community leader, their rabbi and their copy of the tora. The interesting thing learned from being able to ask some questions of them seems to help explain how ppl are in christian religion. Religion or no religion, people are people. Good and Bad in different individual makes n models. Yes, ppl have belief and yet they break the covenant or how they should be. It seems that is the human factor. More like you're in the club you get the club discount or you're not. Still one would ask where is the faith? Perhaps that's sort of directed by ones community leader and what one has learn over the years. Here's a funny observation. There are those who are naturally good and are trustworthy ppl. They seem to not need to go to church because they don't steal or do the bad things that the bible states is bad habit. They involve themselves in different communities other than religious ones. They do have simple faith of a higher power and understand the needs of family, job, and personal life. The isolated ppl are the ones that has fallen out of harmony of life with their family or community. Somewhere there is some form of incompatibility that disrupts their life or happiness. Some don't trust other. Some don't need others but they do need someone but would not admit it. Some need a predictable habit. Some need life to fall into stages of growth and responsibility. Gosh I hate dis-functionality but it does exist. ie: Working for a SB company that keeps you busy but doesn't promote a form of belonging, teamwork, and growth. Living in a family that has a similar format as well. Imagine the disruption between what TV, Religion, etc spell out how life should be and how such things don't happen in isolated ppl lives. It feels unfair. And yet that where one winds up depending on experience and the simple belief in god. Gosh we've become the Rodney Dangerfield (joke) Perhaps the isolated have become to be individual units that can be easily mated to an accepting community or person when the gamble of life throws the dice. Some of us get the lucky throw and some don't Yes, its human to learn, to strategize, to gamble ... its a matter that one has a good track record in being successful or learning from ones mistakes while rolling with the punches of life. Religion or no religion. Its fundamental to be human n have flaws to not be perfect human being. There is a matter of find ppl who are accepting of one's ability n place in life which leads to belonging to a community. lol, yes, I have met a weird Orthodox Jew or a weird religiousness or non-religious person. Yes, I have the non weird ppl. But somewhere there is acceptance or not. There is trust or not. Sometime there is belonging and there is not. Perhaps the question is? Is there faith n trust in someone or not. Is there maturity in someone or not. etc.The proof is how ppl are is the ppl you meet through life. Is this one going to cheat me? Does this person have a sense of humor? Does this person care what he does? etc? Does this person know what he's doing? etc. as Bill W said "Its a puzzlement:"
  6. There are gay sections in San DIego. I hear Long Beach, Ca is also a gay section of LA County as well as a college town. I'm surprise there wasn't any bumping into other gay folks?? Didn't you have any gay friends or GA friends in Ca you could have asked for vacation ideas??
  7. we can track a shark 9 FT but we can't track an airplane(mh370)??? hows that for the BS Bin, lol
  8. we can track a shark 9 FT but we can't track an airplane(mh370)??? hows that for the BS Bin, lol
  9. lol, (Man drives 1900) is also on washingtonpost website lol, (Great White Shark) is also on mirror.co.uk as far as finding out what is the super predator u have to watch the Smithsonian TV show http://www.smithsonianchannel.com/sc/web/show/3400292/hunt-for-the-super-predator "Hunt For the Super Predator" is to air on the Smithsonian Channel on June 25" just hope this same predator didn't eat the 240 passengers on mh370, lol imagine chasing the blackbox inside a creature
  10. i think there are predators that eat other predators n themselves it be scary if non predators become predator the closest story I know of is a litter of bunnies has just been born and the papa goes hopping crazy killing some of the babies but that be a case of separating the female n the male in captivity but in the wild I'm not sure if this ever happens another one is where the mama cat is hungry and can't wait for its turn for food, it might by accident kill one of the kittens to get at the food
  11. you got miss-associations in your eyes if yer thinking supermarket tabloids you have to google the keywords "National Examiner" or "National Enquirer" (tabloids owned by American Media, Inc.) it would be unnerving if a tabloid article comes up in a news feed ... so far I hate blogs coming up in certain news feeds
  12. paste the link in plain text then it should work
  13. I always seems to leave something out lol ie: nutritional values Also a lot of green, everyone see's green in one form or another Someone will release a study of its effects one day
  14. it has rejuvenating effects you can come back as the Spirulina Swamp Thing!!
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