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So, 4th in the series of The Best Circle of Hell


This time we are following Atoki, a human with a complex emotional and sexual background, who sort of accidentally calls forth a demon from the biggest fire built in a small Sussex County Town on the 5th of November.


Vruuaska is a new demon, full of energy and life and adoration for his new Master. Their ride could be fairly interesting...


Posting schedule is Mondays, Wednesdays, Fridays, thanks to the wonderful editing talents of AnimalMorph. 


Expect cuteness and horror, it's what I do best!


In Flames

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Just a note :) half of the first chapter spells Atoki's name as Akoti.  Didn't know if you were aware. :)


It's OK, i got to chapter 4 and realised that Vruuaska had been Vuuraska and Vruusaka and another spelling i can't even remember. thanks, i will go and fix.

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