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  1. Still Not Dead 👋

  2. Sasha Distan


    i did not know abojut voltron then, so no. gundam probably.
  3. Sasha Distan

    Chapter 16

    hahaha, yes, let's pretend that was deliberate XD
  4. Sasha Distan


    oh sweetie. thank you!
  5. hahahaha! take some time for yourself, dinner can wait XD thanks darlin', you're the best kind of reader xxx
  6. thank you! my giftee wanted bottom shiro and one of them being a werewolf and hiding it, and i just had to take it in a hot and sweet direction.
  7. “-good?” “Hnngh?” Keith only tunes into the very end of his boyfriend’s sentence. It’s not as though he isn’t paying attention, but it’s really hard to focus on the words Shiro is saying when Keith is currently fully captivated by the sight and experience of sinking his cock down to the root in his boyfriend’s plush arse. Everything about the position is perfect, from the way Shiro bows his spine to the way he leans on his elbows and knees, presenting himself beautifully for Keith. Kei
  8. Keith is still discovering fun new things to do - both in bed and out of it - with his boyfriend. They're in love, and it's awesome. Shiro has met his family, Keith had met Shiro's family, they've found a place together, Keith knows he wants to marry the guy one day. But, Keith has a secret... and he doesn't want to keep on keeping it.
  9. Sasha Distan

    Chapter 13

    thank you! I do love it so much, and yeah, there's a lot of personal stuff in there. time for a game of "spot the sasha" in amongst Marty and Hrishi's experiences.
  10. hey look at that. I'm in a CSR blog 😁

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    2. ancientrichard


      Thank you. I'm definitely a CSR person person when I see your stories :-)

    3. Sasha Distan

      Sasha Distan

      awwwwww. thank you sweetie

    4. Efmaer
  11. Sasha Distan


    thank you Jeff. I doubt this AU will be up for a revisit. My WIP list is longer than Shiro's dick... thank you darlin'
  12. Sasha Distan


    thank you darlin'
  13. Sasha Distan


    "completed work"
  14. Sasha Distan


    Keith quite likes his regular job as a life model. It fits well between other seasonal gigs, and the opportunity to sit still and do nothing but empty his mind is relaxing. It’s like meditation which pays. He doesn’t always talk to the artists, because he understands that for some of them, it’s kind of weird to spend so long staring at him naked and then have to not think about that when speaking face to face. And so often he finds the comments run in the direction of ‘oh, I could never do that’
  15. Keith likes being a life model - it pays well and it gives him time to think - but when a new artist joins one of the evening classes he works for, Keith cannot help but want to stare back. He is captivated by the handsome man who moulds clay with his one hand, and Keith wants to be moulded too.
  16. everyone tastes good all over in fiction.
  17. omg please don't die. read something more soothing! no mercy, only orgasms.
  18. Sasha Distan

    Play Time

    omg why are you raising your blood pressure with this when you're in hospital! omg, go and rest dammit.
  19. Keith has his brother bent over the back of the couch, legs spread, toes barely touching the floor. Shiro smiles. “Morning boys.” “Morning, Daddy,” Keith replies conversationally, even though he has two fingers sunk up to the knuckle in his twin’s upturned ass. “Kitten can’t talk right now.” With his face half buried in a cushion, Akira mewls plaintively. Above him, Keith’s free hand pets ticklishly over the smooth curves of his butt and thigh, but he’s clearly not giving his brot
  20. Akira makes a very good Kitten for his lovers, but in heat he's insatiable. It's a good job he's got both his brother and his Daddy to handle him... (additional tags: pet play, breeding kink (no mpreg), voyeurism)
  21. Sasha Distan

    Play Time

    thank you. there's a second one...
  22. Did Sir order some gratuitous smut for the weekend?

    1. ancientrichard


      Just tell us where to find it. A very close friend of mine would love to read it.

  23. Sasha Distan

    Play Time

    “How about a challenge?” Shiro offers with a smirk. The twins regard him with perfectly matching arched brows. They are arguing over a video game, both wishing to be the best, both having already achieved perfect scores. There’s no settling this argument without assistance. Shiro takes a moment to appreciate the long, lean lines of his lovers bodies, and his cock stirs at the sight. They both notice, of course: it’s Sunday, and the house is warm enough not to require clothes. “Let
  24. Keith and Akira are trying to best each other at a video game. Shiro is able to provide a higher level of challenge for their competition. winning is it's own reward...
  25. It's my name. I picked it out a long long time ago because it sounds good on the tongue and it's nonbinary and S is a really fun letter to write in calligraphy. That's it, it ain't that deep
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