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    558 - Eggs

    they keep half-hatching and then the boys go "no no no", we haven't decided yet. I'll let them bake a while longer.
  2. Innocent Sacrifice is complete. Final chapter is up for you. Go enjoy!

  3. Zhihao groaned, his deep chest vibrating with the noise, as Su Yin took as much of his length as he could manage. He kept his hands on his knees, resisting the temptation to touch himself, knowing that the pleasure his lover would bring him would be so much sweeter for his patience. He moaned around the hot muscle between his lips as Zhihao wrapped his top knot in his huge fist and began to guide him along his cock. Su Yin loved the way the demon expressed his pleasure when he sucked his cock; no longer was he able to keep his instructions crisp and clear as he had at their first time in the temple high on the mountainside in Laoshan. The yaoguai groaned and grunted half words and incomplete adorations as Su Yin did his very best to bring pleasure to the demon he loved. He knew Zhihao would regain his composure all too soon, but as he pressed his tongue tight up under the head of Zhihao’s heavy erection, Su Yin purred in pleasure that he could make his lover lose control. He drew back just as Zhihao’s grip in his hair tightened in a deliciously painful manner, and made sure to lock eyes with his demon lover as Zhihao painted his tongue with his thick, hot seed. “Ohhhh… beautiful.” Su Yin swallowed, kissed the tip of Zhihao’s cock again, and rested back on his heels, waiting as the yaoguai tracked his green gaze all over him. Su Yin knew the length of the tunic revealed part of his behind as he knelt and his ignored penis stuck up between his thighs lewdly, but he also knew Zhihao liked that look in him. He smiled as Zhihao offered him a hand and pulled him to his feet. “And this is all for me?” Zhihao asked, his voice soft as smoke. “Yes, Zhihao.” “Well aren’t I the lucky one?” Zhihao reached for Su Yin’s eager cock and swiped a broad fingertip across the tip, making the boy gasp. “And you-“ Zhihao lifted his finger, shiny with Su Yin’s precum, and painted it onto Su Yin’s open lips, “-are going to feel the full force of my appreciation for you.” The red demon settled himself on the edge of their bed, and beckoned Su Yin to come and stand beside him. Su Yin did so and watched, his whole body quivering in anticipation, as Zhihao opened his tunic and smoothed a hand down his chest, stopping short of touching his genitals. The silk was slid from his shoulders, and Zhihao bunched the smooth fabric in his fist, using it to rub gently over his mate’s body. It was so soft a touch that Su Yin nearly cried out in frustration as the fabric covered hand of his lover moved over him, brushing oh-so-lightly at his nipples, grazing the top of his buttocks, sweeping far too quickly over his aching erection and heated balls. Then he felt pressure in the small of his back, and as Zhihao discarded the silk tunic, Su Yin found himself bent at the waist over Zhihao’s broad lap. “Hold my leg with your hands,” the demon commanded. Su Yin wrapped both hands as much as he could around Zhihao’s muscled calf, the sudden weight of what he had asked for jumping into sharp relief as his legs were parted, and Zhihao positioned his erection for best display. “There’s a good boy.” Zhihao bent, and Su Yin felt his warm lips and the cold of his long fangs against the back of his neck as he was kissed. “I love you, Su Yin.” In that tiny, tender moment, Su Yin was about to say the words back to the demon he adored, but as he opened his mouth to speak, Zhihao’s big hand landed on one cheek of his arse with enough force to make him cry. “Ahhh!” His flesh stung, and just as he blinked away the pain of the first slap, another landed on the other side and he whimpered in surprise. Zhihao rubbed his behind, smoothing away the pain, and Su Yin felt his cock twitch against Zhihao’s thigh. Then he was slapped again. “UNGH! Ahh… Zhi…” “Yes, dear one?” Zhihao hit him again, every inch of his broad palm landing against Su Yin soft flesh with a noise which seemed to echo in the big room. “Ughhh…” The red demon stroked him gently again, and Su Yin practically purred against him. Zhihao pressed his spine, reminding him to present himself properly, and when the next slap landed, Su Yin was ready. He whimpered in sudden disappointment at the light little tap he received, one on either cheek, and automatically pushed himself toward Zhihao’s hand. “Good boy.” Zhihao’s hand returned with force, and Su Yin gasped in shock and pleasure. “Ohh! Mmm…” “Hmm… Good boy.” Zhihao’s pleasure was evident in his tone as his thick cock twitched, trapped beneath Su Yin’s abdomen. “I’m so proud to call you my own.” There was no time to bask in the softness of Zhihao’s words, because his hand returned, smacking the exact same piece of his skin, making Su Yin buck and cry out beneath him. His eyes were watering, but with each continued blow his cock twitched and bobbed excitedly, and Su Yin could feel the heat of pleasure and pain mingling together, burning deep in his belly even as he whimpered. Just as Su Yin thought he could take no more, Zhihao’s palm switched to stroking his flesh gently, causing him to whine in frustration. “Don’t fret, beautiful, I’m far from finished with you.” The yaoguai massaged the hot cheeks of his rear softly, tickled him with the tips of his claws, and then slid a bold finger down the furrow of his arse. “Oh, Su Yin...” Su Yin glanced up in time to see Zhihao’s fingers close around the jade toy he had left out beside the bed, and he flinched as the cold stone touched his entrance. There were so many sensations vying for his attention, it was almost overwhelming: his cock throbbed almost painfully; Zhihao’s erection was like an iron bar beneath him, and he could feel his lover’s pulse through the heat of it; his arse was on fire, and every time Zhihao touched him he wanted to simultaneously pull away and press into the contact; there was pain as the tight ring of muscle of his entrance stretched in a manner which was now becoming familiar, but it was pleasurable too as his body was invaded by the stone phallus. Then the pleasure centre inside him was nudged by the toy, and suddenly nothing was as important as that contact. He shuddered. “Zhi!” “Eager, are we my love?” Zhihao pressed the length of stone slightly, and Su Yin bucked under his hands. “Now, now… we can’t have you wasting the rest of a perfectly good evening, can we?” “Please…! Please sir!” “I said you were going to have to take everything you were given,” the yaoguai’s voice was close and husky in his ear, and Su Yin shivered. “Can you do that?” Su Yin nodded vehemently. “There’s a good boy.” The demon twisted the phallic toy inside him again, but when Su Yin felt his balls contract as he edged closer to his orgasm, Zhihao slapped him forcefully once more. “Ah!” “Such a sight to behold. Your flesh is so pink, so tender.” Zhihao stroked his arse gently, but then slapped him twice in quick succession before a third hit which made Su yin bite his lip to keep from crying. “I love watching you opening like this, and displaying yourself for me. Have you been thinking of this, sitting so prim and proper with your books, but hoping I would come home and spank you? And later on, I wonder what you shall do to me in return? I’m sure you’ll be able to think of something appropriate…. Tell me Su Yin, would you like to come now?” “Nngggh! Yes! Yes please, sir… Zhihao, please!” Each slap made him whimper, and between them Zhihao used his other hand to massage the jade phallus in tight circles against the place inside him which made Su Yin’s crotch burn with the pressing need to lose control. The big red skinned demon never once touched his aching hard on, but it didn’t matter, and Su Yin’s short fingernails dug into the muscles of Zhihao’s calf as he gasped wordlessly, and came without warning. “You are beautiful, Su Yin.” Zhihao slid the toy from his opening, and Su Yin whimpered at the sudden sense of emptiness after having been so full. Then he whined as he felt Zhihao gather the wetness of his seed from between his thighs, the clawed fingers spreading his orgasm across his entrance. Somehow the idea of Zhihao’s fingers slipping into him, lubricated with his essence made him even more aroused. Su Yin didn’t have the chance to say so before his arse stung once more with a light, well-placed slap. “There are other things I could use on you, my beautiful. I do so love your arse so pink… I wonder what else we might find in stores? A little paddle maybe… nice smooth wood. It would be perfect for raising that blush to your soft skin.” Zhihao punctuated his musing with little slaps as he fondled Su yin with his other hand, fingers sliding inside him even as the demon rolled his scrotum with the palm of his big hand. “Or I’ve heard tell a willow switch is just the thing, if used properly. We could have you striped from waist to knee and begging for more...” Zhihao felt Su Yin’s body clench around his fingers, smiled, and rolled his lover in his lap. Soon as he had lowered himself to kiss the boy, Su Yin had wrapped both hands into the demon’s thick dark hair, pushed his way between his black lips, and come messily all over himself. They kissed for what seemed like forever, Su Yin’s tongue hot and eager in the demon’s mouth, never seeming to notice the press of his long fangs, the boy whimpering into his lover as the yaoguai touched him intimately and used his emission to draw swirls over the soft skin of his belly. Eventually the demon drew back enough to look his lover in the eyes. “Did you enjoy it?” “Oh yes, Zhi.” Su Yin smiled warmly into the demon’s green gaze. “Very much. Thank you.” “My pleasure. You are the most perfect boy I could ever have imagined.” “You wouldn’t change me?” Su Yin couldn’t help but think about what Zai had said in the library.” “Not a single thing, my treasure. Do you wish to sleep now?” Su Yin squirmed against his questing fingers in a manner neither of them could misinterpret. “Not just yet.” Su Yin kissed the demon he adored again until he could barely breathe. “Mmmm… tell me what you want, my darling. I do so love to hear you say it.” “Zhihao...” Su Yin blushed softly, because even with Zhihao’s fingers inside him, he was still embarrassed by the words in his head. “I want you to fuck me, again and again, until I can barely remember my own name.” “With great pleasure,” Zhihao purred. “Up on the bed, my darling, on your knees. That’s right. Lean forwards...” Zhihao reached over his lover to collect a squishy pillow and Su Yin automatically wrapped it in his arms, laying his head down even as he presented his tender pink arse for Zhihao. The yaoguai lined up his cock with the boy’s slick, honey-coloured entrance, and pushed into him with satisfaction. Nothing was quite like being buried to the hilt in the tight body of the boy he loved. Su Yin moved against him and moaned softly, hints of exhaustion slipping into his lust, and Zhihao thrust back twice as hard, accompanying the movement of his hips with a short hard slap to the boy’s already sore buttocks. Su Yin gasped in pleasure and groaned, and Zhihao smiled to himself. No one in the little town could have known the boy they’d chosen to be their sacrifice had such depths ripe and ready to be plundered by the right partner. Zhihao couldn’t help but feel incredibly lucky that partner was him. He fucked and spanked Su Yin’s perfect arse to completion, and then because the boy begged him so beautifully, fucked him again as hard as he could until he was snarling through his orgasm and Su Yin was moaning incoherently beneath him. With soft movements, Zhihao removed himself from his lover. By degrees of shuffling, they lay together in a sweaty, satisfied heap on the silk covered bed. “How do you feel, my love?” Su Yin inhaled deeply before he replied, a serene smile spreading across his features. He stretched languidly and wrapped himself in Zhihao’s arm, cuddling close to his chest, despite the heat they both radiated. “Complete.” Su Yin traced the line of Zhihao’s jaw, then his fangs, then his dark smile. “Honest. Until I met you, I’d never told anyone what I really wanted. Not ever.” “Oh my darling...” Su Yin kissed the demon he loved. “I want to be with you always.” Zhihao smiled again, knowing he was reading his lover correctly when he spoke. “Forever is a long time.” “Yes.” Su Yin held his gaze, and Zhihao had the distinct feeling that nowadays, Su Yin could win a staring match with a mountain. “And won’t that be fun?” * Su Yin used a little flat-ended wooden stick to clean under each fingernail in turn, then took up the toothbrush Zhihao had brought him from some other version of Upstairs, and scrubbed at the inside of his mouth until his teeth felt smooth and shiny under his tongue. He finished his ablutions, tied his hair into its customary top knot, and shrugged back into the simple robe he had worn to cross the house from their room to the bathroom. Zhihao smiled at him in the mirror as he finished tying his own hair in a complicated manner. “I found you a new outfit.” “I have plenty of clothes now, Zhi. You don’t have to keep… oh!” The yaoguai grinned happily. “What was that, my darling one?” “Nevermind!” Su Yin replied quickly, hugging the clothes tight to his chest. “Thank you, Zhihao.” “And may I dress you?” the demon asked with a broad smile. Su Yin held out the many pieces of his outfit with a soft frown. “I think you’ll have to. I’ve never worn Hanfu before. I wasn’t important enough.” “Never think that, my dear one.” Zhihao took his chin and kissed him swiftly. Su Yin melted against him with a happy sigh. “You are the most important thing in my world. Come, let us make you ready.” It was a very different experience from being dressed as a sacrifice by the monks of Laoshan. Su Yin did not have to stand blank and motionless while he was attended in silence, but kissed and touched Zhihao just as much as the demon touched him, the two of them trading back and forth comments about the richness of the silks, the drape of the fabric, and Su Yin’s excited nervousness about their destination. First there was the under robe, the silk gossamer thin and incredibly soft, tied around his waist with a simple white strip of cloth. The zhiju robe was such a dark red it almost appeared black against Su Yin’s pale skin, but the broad edging had been done in the same bright shade as Zhihao’s skin. Zhihao folded over the right side, then the left, ensuring that the broad collars were even and displayed the gems of the Chain of Protection prominently at his throat. A second band of red slashed diagonally across his knees, going the opposite way from the collar. As Zhihao drew the wide sash tight around his waist, tying its many thinner strands to cinch his waist, Su Yin couldn’t help but stare at himself in the mirror. All he needed was a sword, and he would have looked just as imposing as the guards who had come to take him away that fateful day in the dormitories of the foundling home. But Zhihao was far from done. He added a richly embroidered panel of gold cloth which folded into the sash and hung past his knees at the front. Su Yin had to resist spending the whole time tracing the outlines of the phoenix and dragon, picked out in so many shades of red he couldn’t count them, and their accompanying lotus flowers sewn in yet more golden tones. The yaoguai tied a corded belt over the top of the bixi from which hung a long red tassel, topped with a green jade carving. Su Yin took the little stone in his hand, and was surprised to find a Guardian Lion, perfect in every tiny detail. But hidden under it’s great paw where there usually rested an embroidered sphere, was a miniature replica of the jade toy which had, the previous evening, been used to bring Su Yin to three rather messy orgasms. He gaped at his lover. “Zhi!” “Our little secret, my love.” “Hung around my waist… someone is bound to see. Where did you get it?” “Oh, you can find anything in the ‘verse in Stores if you’re willing to spend all day looking.” Zhihao smiled. “Come, Su Yin, you are nearly ready.” Su Yin shrugged into the zhaoshan, a calf length open fronted coat with wide sleeves, and each of those sleeves was richly decorated with embroidered clouds in grey and silver. The coat itself was white, stark and brilliant against the dark zhiju, but with the same red edging. Su Yin clasped his hands, and the broad sleeves hid his hands completely. He had never seen himself look so formal. “And what are you wearing?” Zhihao had trousers styled just as his usual ku were, but in the same white and red combination as Su Yin’s coat. Su Yin rolled his eyes, half wondering why it was his lover could get away with wearing so little, and half grateful that at least Zhihao’s clothes were easy-access. “This is going to take forever to get out of later, you know.” He mentioned as they left their bedroom and started down the stairs to the entrance hall where Su Yin’s shoes were waiting. Zhihao helped him into them with a wicked grin. “Who said I was intending to undress you first?” “Zhi!” “I do so love the way you blush, my darling. Please, never lose that.” They did not see many people as they made their way through Hell. For Su Yin, he felt once again lost. The paths from Xingjhao to the library, stores, and Snakes and Snakes were ones he knew well and trod confidently. But in all his time in Hell, Su Yin had never taken the steep path which twisted and turned around boulders bigger than the house which they shared, and led to the Palace at the very centre of the Inner Circle. At first sight, the Palace did not look at all like the palaces and temples Su Yin had seen in paintings and scrolls, but Zhihao reminded him that in Hell, not all was as it seemed. As they drew closer, Su Yin could feel the power which emanated from the building with its many spires, towers, and domes. It sat in the landscape as though it had been moulded from it, pulling all attention and focus, like a great stone in the centre of a pool. The huge gates of the palace stood open, and they were met by a man who was half ox, and built to proportions that dwarfed even Zhihao. The yaoguai bowed politely and Su Yin copied him. “We come for the consideration of his Highness, Prince Nassau.” “His Highness is holding Court in the great hall today.” “We’ll take them, Graccas. Thank you.” Su Yin turned in surprise to see Zai and Tobias behind them, both dressed in totally different but apparently formal styles. Tobias nodded to them each in turn, but Zai smiled in a warm and dangerous manner. “It’s about damn time you showed up here. I lost a bet to Sitka of all people. I was sure you’d have brought him right after he gave you that letter.” Zhihao arched a dark eyebrow at his lover, his black lips twisting into an interested smile. Su yin glared at both demons quickly. “Zai… helped. Don’t worry about it.” Holding Zhihao’s arm, Su Yin fell into step beside the grey furred demon with the slender horns. “So what are you doing here?” “Oh, Tobias has come for a chat with the Prince, which they will both do without speaking very much at all I’m sure. I am going to beat that bastard Lahja at Fourchess if it’s the last thing I ever do.” “It might well be,” Tobias sighed. “The newest member of Court is unnaturally gifted, even for a demon.” Zai snarled, but without force, then turned to Su Yin. “Excited?” “Not really. I’ve never met a Prince before.” Su Yin squeezed Zhihao’s arm and smiled up at his lover. “But I know it’ll be alright.” “Fuck, but I wish I’d been as confident as you the first time Zai brought me to the palace. I was a nervous wreck.” Tobias sounded faintly jealous. “Of course, it didn’t help that I let Zai pick my clothes.” “I still maintain that you look gorgeous in a loin cloth.” “Never again.” Tobias admonished his mate. “You leave my jeans alone.” “And Court in session in the Great Hall… it’s your lucky day boys.” Zai turned to him as they reached a pair of double doors three times the height of Zhihao, but only just wide enough for two of them to pass through next to each other. The doors shimmered slightly as Zai opened them with his shoulder, and it took Su Yin a moment to realise they were made of some kind of crystal. “Just be yourself Su Yin: Nassau’s going to love you. Our Highness has a soft spot for proud young men who can stand up for themselves.” Zai bowed for his mate. “After you, my love.” The Great Hall was just that, built to enormous proportions Su Yin couldn’t even guess at. The roof, so far away it was like the sky, was supported on enormous carved pillars showing animals he didn’t recognise. The room was dotted with mingling people of such a variety of shapes and sizes that Su Yin couldn’t work out what to focus on first. In the centre of a loose ring of chest high gaming tables was a stepped dais upon which stood an elaborately carved, black lacquered throne. It stood unoccupied. As Su Yin watched, a tall dark figure standing nearby turned to survey the room, and Su Yin felt – with the same part of his mind that always knew when Zhihao had returned from Upstairs – the wash of power move over them. “Is that him? Is that the Prince?” Zhihao chuckled softly so that only Su Yin heard him as he turned his lover’s chin to look at the figure the dark-clad person had been standing with. The boy with the bronze wings was grinning smugly and making a symbol with his fingers which even Su Yin recognised as being ‘pay up’. “No, that’s him.” “He looks too young to be...” Su Yin stopped himself, and smiled up at his lover. The yaoguai was just as massive and awe-inspiring as he had been the day they’d first met, but now Su Yin knew what was under the claws, the long fangs, and the red skin. “Most things are never as they appear though, are they?” “I always knew you were smart, my darling. Come, let’s go introduce ourselves.” Though Su Yin still found the sensation of wearing shoes indoors strange,, especially in so rich an environment, he walked arm in arm with his mate toward the dais. Without appearing to have looked at them, the slender young man - not much more than a boy really – crossed to the throne and rose to settle himself within its arms. Suddenly, in the space of half a dozen paces, everything about him changed. The fingers that settled on the black wooden arm were slender and strong; the bare arm pale, tense, and scored with bright flames. The boy wore a tabard of dark wool with a high, open collar, a garment Su Yin recognised as a kilt, tall leather boots, and a small, curious smile. He settled his great wings, his wave of silky hair sliding over his shoulder almost like a living thing, and as they bowed at the foot of the steps, he inclined his head politely. Su Yin felt something wash over him once again, but this time it was stronger, deeper, and he jerked up from his bent position to stare at the grey eyed boy. There was a quick snap of power, like lightning going off just outside his field of vision. Su Yin suddenly understood that the boy in front of him, who could appear unremarkable and smug, held more power in his gaze than Su Yin could imagine. And then he smiled gently, everything about his expression open and relaxed, and turned to the yaoguai. “Guanyu Zhihao, isn’t it? From Xingjhao.” He nodded to himself, as though remembering something. “You would be the trickster? Hmmm… you invented the trick that makes washing machines eat socks.” “Yes, your Highness.” Zhihao bowed again, and gestured to Su Yin. “I present to you my mate, Su Yin. We would like to petition you for your consideration of him.” “Greetings, young one. I am Nassau, Prince of Hell. There are other titles, but it gets a touch lengthy in conversation.” Su Yin frowned as he felt the Prince’s power sweep across the room once more, carried it seemed on the soft motion of one wing which bobbed and flickered. “My name is Su Yin, your Highness” “You are not scared.” The Prince observed. “Would there be any point, sire?” Su Yin felt his mate stiffen beside him, and squeezed Zhihao’s hand. He was proud, but not bold enough to drop from the rigid formality which helped to control the conversation. He was not expecting Nassau to laugh. The Prince’s laugh was like his hair, a living thing which weaved through the room and changed the atmosphere within it. Suddenly Su Yin heard conversations around them move into more gentle tones. People chattered or giggled, making jokes and playing games far less intensely than they had been before. Even Zhihao was immediately less tense. The awe and sense of majesty was still there, but it was tempered now by the most honest smile Su Yin had yet seen on the Prince’s beautiful face. “No, Su Yin, there would be not much point in being scared. But then, I did not expect you to be.” he chuckled warmly. “You are friends with some of my most favourite people in the whole ‘verse! And you are new and shiny, and everyone has spoken of you.” And it is hard not to overhear things. Even the naga – the words which slid into his brain unbidden were accompanied by the image of Inai in Snakes and Snakes, holding a glass and looking pleased with himself – likes you, which is no small victory. Your petition has been made on your behalf by half a dozen others already. Though I am interested in what your mate has to say. Aren’t you? Su Yin blinked, and then broke the gaze he held with Nassau. He looked up at the demon he loved. “No demon of your class has ever successfully recruited, Guanyu Zhihao. Are you sure you have enough power to support your mate? Why should it work for you, when such wishes have failed for so many others?” Zhihao did not pause, did not consider his words or his audience, and Su Yin felt himself speared right through by the words which fell from the black lips he had already reached up to kiss. “Because I’m here for him. He is my purpose. I love h-.” Whatever the yaoguai had been about to say, Su Yin drowned with his tongue. When Zhihao’s arms loosened enough to let him slide back to put his feet on the ground, they both turned when the Prince coughed politely into his hand. “The boys were right about you. I’m so glad. Come closer, Su Yin. Don’t worry – I do not bite.” Su Yin gave Zhihao a last, long look, already thinking about the way the demon looked in his new, pale trousers, and how interesting it might be to be fucked in his complicated outfit in front of their long mirror, and stepped up to stand on the platform of the throne. Nassau stood too, his wings suddenly massive, and he brought one around them to very carefully pluck a bronze gold flight feather almost as tall as Su Yin. “I must remove the Chain of Protection he gave you. Should I change you with it on… well, you will lose your free will. Though I very much doubt your Zhihao would ever use such a power against you. Better to be safe.” Su Yin lowered his head obediently, and felt the smooth, surprisingly cool fingers of the Prince across the back of his neck before the weight of the gems was lifted from around his throat. He rubbed at the place where they had been. Already he missed the feeling he’d grown so accustomed to. The Prince handed the necklace with its central green stone over to him. “Keep it. The colours suit you.” Nassau exhaled deeply, and when he looked back at Su Yin, there was a resonance of unmasked power which made everything in the room still. “Do you wish to be immortal, to live in Hell, and become the mate of this demon?” “Yes.” The Prince smiled again, and blew on the feather. It began to crackle like dry wood and smoke gently. “And is there anything else you want, Su Yin?” Su Yin smiled, and thought of the scroll hanging so proudly on the wall of the room he and his mate shared together. “My own set of calligraphy brushes?”
  4. Sasha Distan

    Chapter 8

    @hohochan657 helped me out with the translation! Just cause I married into a Chinese(ish) family doesn't mean I can deal with the language. Don't hate on the Yaoguai, Zhihao is plenty sexy . I'll grant you, some of my guys are white and blond and blue-eyed (*cough*ahem* Jahke), but I like to ensure we have a good representation in Hell too.
  5. Anyone else realise Sitka could play the lute? no, me neither. The demons are full of surprises.

  6. Sasha Distan

    Chapter 8

    He grows on you, certainly! I never saw that strong, confident side of him until I was already 'in-flow' as it were and it was a done deal. It was surprising to be sure. At least with Jeremiah, I knew he was full of his own self worth before hand!
  7. new Torturous Love (v3) 40K words in three weeks. That'll do.

  8. all pizza is good pizza. But especially thin crust pizza cooked in a woof fired oven in a converted van as made by our mate Andy. And eaten in the pub garden, accompanied by Dashi and the pub dogs. In fact, I will go so far as to say that all other pizza is inferior to this pizza.
  9. Penultimate Innocent Sacrifice chapter is up!

    and we get to have a chat with Zai of all people.

  10. “Nami? Where did the Alan Hollinghurst books end up?” The fawn leant over the bannister; already half hidden behind a stack of texts balanced precariously under one arm. “Don’t you still have them back at the house?” Atoki called up to him. “Jeez, Jahke, be careful! Either you’re going to fall off there, or you’re going to knock me out with… is that my copy of the Norton Anthology? What the fuck are you going to do with that? Prop up the bed, or throw it at Sitka and kill him?” “There’s a poem Tobias recommended….” the boy mused as he browsed the high shelf. “Oh, got it. SHIT!” Su Yin jumped away from the centre of the mosaic floor under the dome as a book tumbled from the upper floors and landed with a smack exactly where he’d been standing. There was the distant noise of Jahke dropping yet more books on the carpeted floor as he hurried to see what had happened. “Oh gods! Su Yin, I’m so sorry! Are you OK?” “We can always trust Jahke to try and invade the new guy’s personal space.” Tobias appeared from a dimly lit side passage next to Su Yin, and rolled his eyes. “Only he’s usually much more direct. Have you come to help me whup their butts again at cards? Winning is such good fun.” “No.” Su Yin bit his lower lip softly, hoping he hadn’t misread the easy conversations of the evening he’d spent with the former humans of Zinkara Rumah. “I was hoping for some advice.” “You want those two fools as well?” Tobias’s words held no derision, and he stepped around Su Yin to shout up the spiral staircase where Atoki and Jahke were bickering good naturedly. “Boys! Come on, Su Yin needs our help.” “How exciting,” Jahke said as they all finally settled in one of the smaller reading rooms off the main spiral of the library. The fawn seemed perfectly at ease lounging around in nothing but a slim loin cloth with a woven belt wrapped around his hips, but Su Yin knelt carefully on the firm cushion of the chair Atoki had gestured to before he set out the tea. Tobias poured a steaming brown mixture into a large mug, and began to stir in heaps of sugar while Su Yin sipped at his own delicate cup. Su Yin watched him with a frown. “Is it very different in Zinkara Rumah?” “From your house?” Tobias queried. “I don’t think I’ve ever been to Xingjhao, though you certainly have better architecture.” “I like our architecture,” Atoki interjected. “You would, you have the giant fireplace.” Jahke turned to Su Yin with a smile. “I’ve been to Xingjhao, just after Jin-Ha moved in – he invited Sitka and I to visit.” “He was limping for three days after that,” Tobias recalled. “You just can’t keep yourself to yourself, can you Tobias?” The fawn rolled his blue eyes and sighed. “To answer your question, yes, our house is very different from your house, and not because of the way it looks. Xingjhao is a very private place, you’d love it Tobias, no sex in the kitchen.” Su Yin yelped as his cup slipped from his fingers, remnants of his tea staining the front of his jacket. He wiped at the spillage with his hands, and placed the fallen vessel back on the tea tray. “I’m sorry-” “Don’t worry about it, we’ve made worse messes.” Su Yin had the distinct feeling Atoki wasn’t talking about spilling tea, or any other foods. “You’ll have to come visit sometime and see for yourself. After all, if Zhihao takes you to the Palace for consideration, then you’ll meet Kiorl and Lahja sooner or later. You’ve pretty much met everyone else.” “Zhihao says everyone in Zinkara Rumah is like us… that you all prefer… um….” “We all like guys?” “We’re all gay? Yeah,” Jahke said at the same time. “It’s kinda useful.” “Useful for you,” Tobias shot him a dark look. “You’re such a prude Tobias.” “Did we not all agree, a long time ago now, to just get along?” Atoki glared at his housemates. “Sorry Su Yin, but since Tobias doesn’t share, and Jahke is the most promiscuous demon in hell-” “I resent that.” “So noted,” Atoki smirked. “They butt heads rather more often than necessary about their different tastes. Did you want advise about… that?” “Yes,” Su Yin admitted softly. He squirmed in his seat, aware of the way the other three men looked at him. Their confidence with their bodies – so evident in Jahke’s near-nudity and the way Tobias held himself brimming over with subtle strength and power – made Su Yin jealous. Zhihao said he was beautiful, and Su Yin believed his lover, but he couldn’t imagine taking that pride out into the world with him and showing it to others. He wished he was more forward, like Jahke was, so he could simply ask for their advice and get an answer to the lingering feeling the dream had left in his head, but he wasn’t, and he couldn’t. “Well, between us, there isn’t much we haven’t done. Ask away.” Su Yin looked across at Tobias and shook his head. “I don’t know how to talk about… that.” “About sex?” Jahke queried. “Yes.” “Zai always says Asian’s are very reticent to discuss sex openly. Maybe he was right for once.” “Zai is your mate?” Su Yin asked his friend. “Yes. We love each other, he’s the only one I’ve ever been with.” Su Yin didn’t miss Atoki’s look of surprise, as though this was new information to him as well. “How did you meet?” “Are you sure you want to know? It was hardly as polite as you and Zhihao’s relationship appears to have begun. I came to hell because I didn’t have a choice, and I learnt to love Zai over time because he brought something out in me I’d never known before – but it was not always a pleasant experience.” “Oh….” “You’re not really here to ask about me, though, are you?” Su Yin took a deep breath, clenched his jaw, and decided there was no point being shy in front of the few people he’d ever known who he considered to be friends. “I don’t know how to ask him for what I want.” “More sex?” Jahke queried. “Different sex?” Atoki guessed with rather more accuracy. “Just tell him. That guy will do anything for you, plain as the fangs on his face.” “What, specifically, is it you want, Su Yin?” Tobias asked carefully. Su Yin blushed. “I can’t say.” Tobias arched an eyebrow at him, and then leant over to whisper in Jahke’s ear. The pale fawn giggled. “Is that all? Oh honey, just ask him! He’ll love the idea, I’d bet on it.” “Huh?” “Sorry.” Tobias shrugged, he wasn’t very remorseful. “You were thinking rather loudly, and I am an empath.” Jahke beamed. “I thought it was going to be something really kinky….” “Jahke!” “What?” “Just try to remember not everyone gives the Prince of hell a blowjob on their first meeting, yeah? What counts as kinky is different for him, and me.” Tobias’s voice was stern. “Whether you enjoy the company of my mate or not is none of my concern, but I know he doesn’t do to you what he does to me. You wouldn’t like it.” “But it’s only a spanking!” “Jahke!” Atoki rolled his eyes in despair, but Su Yin clamped his hands over his mouth, and tried to hide inside the high collar of his jacket. He laid a hand, very gently, on Su Yin’s shoulder. “Is that what you want Zhihao to do to you?” Su Yin nodded mutely. “You have nothing to fear from asking him. He has asked you to do things before too, right?” Su Yin couldn’t help remember standing before the red skinned demon, still a stranger, obeying the command to wet his lips, watching the desire flame in Zhihao’s eyes as he’d obeyed. But he remembered the unpleasant pain of the only time he’d tried to take control of their actions, how Zhihao had needed to support him and soothe him afterwards, and how immature and inexperienced he’d felt in not knowing what to do. “I can’t ask him. We don’t talk about things like that.” “Seriously?” Jahke looked shocked. “I know it might sound rather old fashioned,” Tobias began with a smile, “but you could always write him a letter?” * Su Yin set his brush down on the rest, and looked at what he had written. It was the tenth time he’d written it, having been left alone in Atoki’s office with all the supplies Jin-Ha would lend him, and Su Yin was finally happy with his work. The strokes were well proportioned and strong, bold, sharp, and decisive. He was not begging with his words, not asking for what he wanted, but demanding it with just as much confidence as Zhihao had when he commanded Su Yin in their bedroom. It had taken him a long time to get his meaning and intention right, but finally the four symbols were presented perfectly on the thick scroll of paper, and Su Yin simply had to sign it, and let the ink dry. He left his work, and went in search of his friends. To his surprise, coming towards him down the passageway was the taller grey-furred shape of the demon he had first met whilst walking with Zhihao through hell. “Zai?” “Well remembered. I had so hoped you had finished your writing, I did not much feel like knocking on the door and disturbing you.” Zai smiled, but when his muzzle split, it revealed a row of sharp tipped fangs which seemed much scarier than Zhihao’s long teeth. “Tobias asked me to fetch you something. He thought you might need it.” Zai used his long tail to un-hook a soft fabric pouch from the many belts he wore across his waist and hips, and delved inside it to bring forth a small square pillar of smooth grey stone, and a double ended metal tool of the sort Su Yin had seen used for carving. “Have you ever carved a seal before?” “No. Is it hard to do?” “Can take a bit of practice.” Zai shrugged. “Just like anything else. I brought you some spares.” He withdrew another handful of square stones from the pouch. Su Yin stared at the way he simply stood holding it with his tail, unable to look away. “You’re wondering how I do that, too. Come on Su Yin, let me help you with your carving, and I promise I’ll let you ask all the questions swirling around in that head of yours. I’m not nearly so sensitive as my mate.” “Tobias is your mate?” Su Yin bowed Zai into Atoki’s office automatically, but the other demon did not go directly to the low writing desk and peer at what he’d written. Zai simply sat and laid out the seal stones on the bare floor. Su Yin joined him. “He said your first meeting was not… civilised?” Zai laughed. It was a very different sound from Zhihao’s booming joviality, and Su Yin felt the back of his neck prickle: Zai was dangerous, he could tell. “I attacked him in the dark, raped him, and almost killed him. More than once.” Zai did not sound embarrassed by his statement. “Why?” “Seemed like a good idea at the time. I didn’t know I was going to want to keep him then. It was just for fun.” “You wanted to kill someone… for fun?” Su Yin clarified. “Sure. I still nearly kill him sometimes, though it never gets to the scary stage where he could actually slip away.” Zai arched an eyebrow spot at him. “I can, and do, heal him. Some of us have rather special skills. Not all demons are as sensible and pleasant as your Zhihao, Su Yin. He’s a trickster, I’m not.” “What do you do?” “I’m an enforcer. I beat up people who piss off the Palace, or who cause havoc Upstairs.” Zai held out one of the blank seal stones. “Shall we?” Su Yin took the stone from Zai, and the tool, and began to follow Zai’s instructions, using what he remembered seeing to help him lay out the characters of his name on the small block of stone. Zai gave very clear directions, and didn’t interfere unless Su Yin asked him directly for help, but simply lounged, cat-like, on the floor, and answered all the questions Su Yin didn’t have time or confidence to put into actual words. Su Yin wasn’t entirely sure how it was done, because Zai wasn’t reading his mind, but he got the flavour of what Su Yin was thinking about clearly enough. “Liking pain, in various forms, isn’t all that unusual. Not just down here, but in plenty of places across the ‘verse. There aren’t many who take it to the levels Tobias and I enjoy, but then, we share a special sort of bond not many can share in. I feel pleasure through him feeling pain, and he can feel my pleasure too, and so we keep going, and going… usually until the point where he blacks-out. “The boys didn’t understand why you want to ask for what you’ve asked for, did they? Jahke especially, I’ll warrant. They’ve all become pretty twisted from spending time with us lot. Even Atoki, who will maintain until the ending of the universe that he is exactly the same as he was when he first arrived – don’t believe him. Kid is fucked up in all manner of ways. You’re new, you’ll get twisted eventually. “Unless you were already twisted anyway? Hmmmm… hard one that. You’re young, younger maybe even than Jahke was when Sitka brought him home, and you’re a sacrifice, so you were a virgin. What your brain and body are going to find natural, the things you are going to desire, want, and need… these are all likely to change as you get older. Not that you’ll get physically older, not unless Zhihao never takes you to meet Nassau – which I doubt. “Who’s Nassau? The Prince of Hell. He’s the only one with the power to grant immortal life to recruits. He can give you more than that too. Jahke didn’t look like he does now when he first arrived. He was just human, like you. Jeremiah chose to be warm, really warm, after all he married a snake. I wonder what you’ll pick. Will you want to look different? I think maybe not…. Ohhh, now, don’t do that. You can’t get rid of such pretty big brown eyes. Well, what was unusual Upstairs doesn’t mean much here. I’ll bet Zhihao loves just about everything about you. How do I know? Have you seen yourself? “Su Yin! My, my, my… you are a kinky thing, aren’t you? Nice trick with the mirror. I’ll have to find out who got it for him. Well if you’ve been doing that from the start, you’ll fit in just fine. Are you going to repay me, and let me know how it goes once you give him the scroll? No, I thought not. You’ll have to work on keeping your secrets to yourself then. Hahaha! No, I’m not going to tell you how it’s done. Jem’s good at it though, you’d better ask him. “All finished?” Su Yin held out the little stone block, the third one he’d started, and Zai traced his short sharp claws across the grooves with a smile. “Very good. Here.” It took Zai all of two minutes to drill a hole through the top of the stone with a combination of his claws and the tool, and he brought out a twisted red cord from yet another pouch, strung up the stone and handed it to Su Yin. “I’ll leave you to your writing. It’s been very nice to talk with you, Su Yin.” “Thank you.” “Please do say you’ll come visit us at the house one day soon? Tobias cooks, and I can guarantee he’ll want to show off for guests.” Su Yin bowed low, and watched Zai’s swishing tail as the demon departed. His scroll had dried in the time it had taken him to carve the seal and listen to Zai’s voice. It had been sort of pleasant not to have to find the words to ask Zai his questions, to sit quietly while Zai told him things which whilst not secrets, were certainly sensitive. Su Yin wondered if there were things he didn’t know about that he might want in the future, and whether Zai was right, and he would change from being around demons. Su Yin knelt before his writing, pressed his seal into the red paste, and signed the scroll on the left hand side. He cleaned the seal, hung it around his neck where the stone clicked happily against the red beads of the Chain of Possession, rolled the scroll, and made his way out of the library without running into anyone. * All afternoon, Su Yin sat in the main room at Xingjhao, reading the copy of Journey To The West he’d been given, the scroll curled at his side, wishing Zhihao was home. He’d always been good at his studies, attentive and diligent, but now that he’d had allowed himself to think about what would happen later – or might happen, if Zhihao accepted the scroll – he couldn’t keep his mind on the page in front of him. He turned the pages of chapters eight and nine slowly, not focussing on the words, but brushing his fingertips over the illustrations which showed Tang Sanzang and the Buddha planning Tang’s journey to find someone to take the Buddhist sutras back to the east. Su Yin traced the larger characters for transcendence, good will, and persuasion, then glanced back at his tightly wound scroll. He breathed deeply, remembering the way he’d held the brush, the deep contrast of the black ink against the pale, thick paper. It made him think of the disparity between his own pale skin and Zhihao’s rich red shade, and Su Yin bit his lip as he felt his cock stir against the silk of his tailored outfit. “Good afternoon Su Yin.” He looked up to see the sweeping, elegant figure of Fan He Ling standing before him. Even though her eyes were blank, Su Yin had the sensation she was looking right into his heart. He shivered, momentarily petrified, terrified of what the demon might be able to see inside him. Su Yin moved to bow his head, and heard the clink of the seal he’d carved touch the bright gems of his necklace. His life in Laoshan had been governed by protocol and formality, and now felt like a good time to rely on those routines. Su Yin bowed deeply, his palms flat on the floor with his forehead nearly touching his knuckles. “Greetings, my lady. I hope the noon-day sun finds you well.” Though her face was an expressionless mask, she hesitated, and Su Yin realised his lack of audible fear had surprised the demon. “My lady?” “Yes. Thank you Su Yin. I see you have been to the library?” “I had a very instructive time.” “I don’t doubt. The major demon of the house of Zinkara Rumah is well known to me, and his house is a favourite of the Prince. You will do well to cultivate friendships there. Our Zhihao could do with friends in high places.” She paused, and her dark gaze fell on the scroll at his side. “And what have you there?” “A letter, my lady.” “For your Zhihao? He is lucky to have you.” It was Su Yin’s turn to be taken aback. “Thank you.” Fang He Ling inclined her head, her beautiful hair adorned with its huge nodding flowers. If anything, the natural movement of the petals only served to reinforce the stillness of her face. “A happy demon does good work. You make him happy, and that brings glory to our house. Good day to you Su Yin.” Su Yin bowed again as she left, and as he sat up he had the feeling once more, like warm sake sliding down his gullet, that his lover was once again nearly home. He wondered if it was an unusual skill, or if every boy who’d ever loved a demon acquired the talent of knowing when their mates had returned from Upstairs. He made a mental note to ask Atoki or Tobias about it, and smiled as Zhihao appeared in the wide entranceway. “My love.” Zhihao beamed when he saw Su Yin waiting. “I am sorry I was so long. How was your day?” “Very educational, thank you. How was Upstairs?” “I stole one left shoe from everyone in a small town and hung them from a tree. Should cause a lot of grief in the long run.” “I have something for you.” Zhihao arched a black eyebrow as he took the scroll from Su Yin’s fingers. The boy watched closely as his demon lover read the scroll, his green eyes going wide as he took in the meaning of the four logograms Su Yin had spent so long perfecting. Intention was everything, after all, and Su Yin knew his request had had the desired effect when Zhihao looked back at him, lust banked in his bright eyes. “Go to our room and make ready for me.” “Yes sir.” Su Yin licked his lips in exactly the way he knew Zhihao liked, and had the pleasure of watching the yaoguai shiver. He turned on one heel and ascended the staircase as quickly as he could. The house had remade their bed in a new set of clean silk sheets. These were a deep green like wet moss and embroidered in yellow and gold with a carpet of tiny flowers. Su Yin went directly to the paper screened wardrobe, and took out a short tunic of plain dark red cloth which had been the closest thing he’d found to Zhihao’s skin tone. He’d scrubbed himself clean before he’d assumed his position of waiting and tied his hair into a tight, simple top-knot. Now Su Yin watched himself in the mirror as he removed his clothes, his fingers shaking on the knotted frogs of his jacket. He redressed wearing only the Chain Zhihao had given him and the short tunic which matched his lover’s colouring. He stared at himself for a long breath, wondering if Zai was right. Was he twisted in his desires, and might become more so by being surrounded by demons? A fast little thought flitted across his mind as he reached for the bottle of sweet jasmine scented oil they kept by the bed: what if he was twisted? Did he actually care? Did it actually matter when he was so happy? Making sure to keep his oily fingers clear of his tunic, Su Yin spread the lubricant over himself, probing his opening carefully, hating that the action still made him blush so hard. He didn’t mind when Zhihao did it. Just the idea of his lover had him nearly panting again, and Su Yin quickly placed the vial back on the little lacquered table, set the jade phallus next to it, just in case, and knelt serenely by the bed just as Zhihao slid back the door. The red demon smiled broadly, and unrolled the scroll in his hand once again. “Da wo pigu… I’ve never received such a letter as welcome as this one. Your brushwork is excellent, Su Yin.” “Thank you, sir.” Su Yin watched the yaoguai cross the reed matting to the far wall, where there now hung strings and two lengths of bamboo, already cut for holding such a scroll. How the house had known, Su Yin wasn’t sure, but as he watched his lover display the personal letter so proudly, he forgot to feel ashamed. Zhihao stripped slowly, his bright eyes on Su Yin, knowing how closely the boy watched his movements, and came to stand in front of him, his thick red cock already hard. “You will take everything I give you,” he stated calmly. “Yes sir.” Su Yin smiled, wet his lips, and took his lover in his mouth.
  11. for those of you who know me on twitter, you will know that I am, finally, rewriting Torturous Love (partly to get it in chronological order, and partly because the current version sucks). Thus, a teaser: Just as Tobias thought it, he felt the heat of Zai behind him, and the demon wrapped an arm round his side and pressed his hand across his chest. “Zai… don’t.” “I’m sorry.” “No. You’re not.” Zai rumbled something indistinct which Tobias couldn’t make out, and kissed the side of his neck. It was such an unexpected motion, because Tobias had been expecting teeth and pain, that he whimpered and leant into Zai’s touch. The demon kissed him again, his soft lips moving down to the join of his shoulder as his neck, and his other hand began to smooth down Tobias’s spine. He hates it, and somehow that makes it all the brighter. You’re fucked up Zai, even for a demon. No wonder the guys never want to share their prizes with you.
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  15. Sasha Distan

    Chapter 4

    Pull, pull, pull, turn and breathe, pull, pull, pull…. Marcus thought of nothing, just the speed, the distance, and the chill of the water around him as he swam. He was exhausted, he was cold and hot all at once, his muscles ached with the burn of anaerobic exercise because there wasn’t enough time to breathe properly and go fast, but somehow he found the energy to keep going. He made the turn, pushed off against the wall, and pulled more strength out of some secret stash and cut through the water with ever more power. He was still accelerating when his palm hit the flat ledge of the pool side, and the world around him erupted. Marcus was desperate to breathe, but he didn’t want to leave the solitude of the race for the cacophonous masses up above, and he sank below the surface. Splashes and ripples around him appeared where other competitors were finishing and removing themselves from the pool and Marcus knew all eyes would be on his lane. Then he opened his eyes at the sensation of movement to find Tiago under the water with him, bringing him a smile and a kiss made of oxygen. Marcus clung tight to his boyfriend beneath the waves, and then rose as they parted, and allowed himself to be hauled from the pool by the rest of his team. “YEAHHH! There’s our boy!” “I knew you could do it! What a show, Pony!” Marcus let himself be pulled into Harper and Eric’s solid embrace, then Tiago was behind him, whispering love into his ear, the air was full of applause and cheering, and Marcus realised he’d won. In the ring of his teammates, his boyfriends, he raised his arms and shouted wordlessly in victory. The coach slapped him on the back and wrapped a towel around him just as Marcus realised he was shivering. Other swimmers, already mostly dried off, shook his hand with a range of expressions of the gracious loser. The guy in second place looked pissed, and nodded tightly across the space between them as Marcus lost himself under a towel, his hair scrubbed by his captain even as Eric helped him into his sweatshirt. Just as the coach was praising his technique, a klaxon sounded, and Marcus stared up at the judges in trepidation. He knew he hadn’t done anything wrong, but the bottom had fallen out of his stomach as the head judge rose. “We have an announcement. Marcus Browning has just set a new record for the fifteen-hundred meter freestyle! No student has ever swum faster! Congratulations to Marcus and the team from Ball State!” The noise was immense; even the teams and swimmers he’d beaten cheered and shouted for him. Marcus blushed and hid behind Tiago’s broad brown back until Eric grabbed him under one thigh, Harper took the other, and they hoisted him onto their shoulders. Marcus used the opportunity to stroke the back of Eric’s hair, grounding himself with the familiar texture of the man he loved as every person in the stands cheered for him and his new record. He’d swum as hard as he could for slightly over fifteen minutes, thirty lengths of the Olympic pool, and he couldn’t imagine ever being so tired again, but as Eric and Harper put him down he was vibrating with energy. “Eat this.” Marcus took what he was handed, half inhaling a handful of jelly beans before stuffing the energy bar into his mouth. “Drink.” Harper took the bottle from him when it was nearly empty and replaced it with water. “Crumbs.” Marcus wiped his face on the towel and grinned at his captain. “Go get a big gold medal, there’s a good boy.” “Yes Captain.” “Put on a good show for us, Pony.” “Yes Captain.” Marcus’s grin was huge, but it wasn’t for winning the race. He knew that later, he was going to get everything and anything he wanted from the men he loved. Second and third place were already waiting for him as he stepped up the plinth in his still-damp trunks and half open sweatshirt, and he smiled at the judge, bowed his head for the medal to be placed around his neck, shook hands, then held it up and waved to the stands. There were a few minutes of press photos, but the coach answered most of the technical questions about training schedules and dietary choices, and Marcus simply thanked a lot of people and told several reporters he felt great before the coach called a halt and told him to go hit the showers. The team was waiting for him with more high energy sports drinks and snacks. “I don’t know how those endurance swimmer guys do it,” Marcus managed between bites of chocolate as he walked. “I swear I’m never swimming that far again.” “Yeah you are, babe.” Tiago smiled at him. “You’re gonna have to do it every time now.” “Wait… what?” Marcus stared at his boyfriends with a crestfallen expression. Harper’s grin was the broadest. “You broke a national speed record, Gorgeous. They aren’t gonna wait until you graduate, the National team and all the big clubs are going to be calling coach and wanting you.” “I told you he was more part-fish than even the Captain is,” Eric boasted to no one in particular. “You’re a star, Marc.” “But, what if I can’t ever do it again?” “Remember the first day we met, at try outs?” Harper looped an arm around his waist as he steered Marcus into the shower. “You remember what I said we were looking for?” “Speed and stamina.” Marcus replied crisply as Tiago started the water. He didn’t know if it was a good idea to tell his boyfriends he had replayed every moment of that first meeting in his head more times than he could count, every word, touch, and expression inked indelibly into his mind. “A rare and expensive combination.” Eric purred. “You’re gonna be the Secretariat of the swimming world.” “You did good, babe.” “Thanks Tiago.” “Now get in the damn shower before you freeze, and we’ll take you out for dinner.” “Can I have ribs and wings?” “Sweetheart, you can anything you want.” They turned to leave, because early on they’d established that making out in the showers at meets was a stupid idea, and it was better not the risk temptation. It was Eric who stopped at the doorway with an impish grin. “Can I tell him now?” “Tell me what?” “Go on then,” Harper agreed. “We found a house!” “Wait! What?” But they’d already gone. Screw being tired and shaky and so fucking exhausted he couldn’t move: Marcus had never had a quicker shower. * Marcus loaded his suitcase into the truck Tiago had borrowed from a friend so they could move into the house, and hopped back up to the stairs to get his last bag. He glanced around at the blank little dorm room, but already he was finding it hard to remember where his things had been. He hadn’t really ever lived there: it had been a place where he’d slept, and none too often, and Marcus wasn’t sad to say goodbye. He reached into his bag for the little velvet pouch he’d hidden there, and weighed it in his hand. It was heavy, clinking gently in his palm, comforting in its solidity. Marcus slipped the pouch back into the bag, hoisted it on his shoulder, and waved to a few of his hallway friends as he passed for the last time. His boyfriends were waiting for him, hanging out of the truck windows, all of them grinning like the sun shone from their sides. “Show Pony!” “Hey Little Fish!” “C’mon Marc!” Marcus shook his head and grinned at them. “I still have to go back to the Accommodations Office and drop off my key.” He dangled the little slip of steel from his finger. “I’ll walk. Meet me on the field by the Arena?” “You sure?” “Yeah. I bet I can beat you there too!” Marcus didn’t wait to listen to their cries of disbelief, but took off running across the campus. He knew his teammates would have to take a longer route, and deal with the traffic on McKinley Avenue, whilst he could cut through the buildings and take the shortcut through the parking lot behind the Arena. He still hadn’t seen the house. Harper thought he was slightly mad, and Eric had asked if the pressure of breaking the freestyle mile record and the subsequent phone calls asking him to come and train with other teams had given him too much stress, but Tiago understood, smiled, kissed him and told the others not to worry, and it was time for them to put on a show for their boy. So Harper had overseen all the paperwork, Eric had been there for the installation and delivery of the bed Marcus had chosen, and Tiago had assured him there were indeed cushions on the couch. The boys had told him the house was perfect, and Marcus believed them. He dropped the key at the office and signed a few papers officially releasing him from his lease and redirecting his bills from the school to the new house, and jogged over the field just as his lovers pulled up on the opposite side. Marcus half leapt into the door which was opened for him and flung his arms around Tiago’s neck. “I’m ready now.” “You guys realise we’re gonna spend the rest of our lives doing everything on his schedule, don’t you?” Eric laughed. Harper rubbed Marcus’s shoulders from the back seat as Tiago pulled away. “You know, I kinda like the sound of that.” It was only ten minutes in the truck to the house, and Marcus jumped out onto a bright street of mostly unfenced grassy lawns and white boarded single storey houses. Marcus tapped his fingernails over the top of a slightly rusty mailbox, already decorated with four sets of stick on names, and grinned up at the house with the wide porch and broad steps leading to the front door. “After you, Beautiful.” Marcus turned on the lowest step with a frown. “You guys just wanna stare at my ass.” He was answered with a series of happy nods. After that Marcus all but ran through the house, chased by his lovers, and the four of them crashed together onto the Texas King sized bed. “I’d forgotten how big this was!” Marcus gasped, as Harper began to kiss his collarbone, rolling up his shirt at the same time. “I’d not.” Eric grinned cockily, hands opening his own fly. “Go make him whimper for me boys.” Harper and Tiago stripped him with quick efficiency, and Marcus let himself be laid out on the bed, Tiago pulled his hands up to grip the bars of the headboard behind the pillows as Harper knelt between his thighs. The bed was plenty huge enough for Eric to lounge alongside them, casting his gaze over the tableau they were creating. Harper snuck a bottle of lube out from under the bed with a happy grin, slicked two fingers and slid into Marcus’s tight sheath without warning. Marcus arched his back at the sudden invasion, every muscle taught until the Captain stroked his prostate and he fell, supine once more against the mattress with a groan. “Mmmm… that’s good. Does he feel great Cap?” “Just as fucking fantastic as the first time,” Harper replied, holding Marcus’s gaze as he spoke. “Our Show Pony knows how to look after us.” “Tia my love,” Eric stroked a hand down the Latino man’s thigh as he spoke, “give our boy here something to do with that pretty little mouth. We wouldn’t want to disturb the neighbours now, would we?” Marcus craned his head to look up at his boyfriend, but Tiago had gotten naked whilst he was distracted, and Marcus instantly opened his mouth to swallow him down. He inhaled the clean, citrusy scent of his boyfriend, and looked to Eric as he started talking and giving instruction in a husky tone at least an octave lower than his usual speaking voice. “That’s beautiful. Good boy, you take all that in. Such a pretty mouth…. Mmmm… Feed him your cock Tia, ohhh… there’s good Show Pony. What do you think Cap, is he ready for you now?” “Mmm hmmm.” Harper’s eyes were glazed with lust and adoration, and Marcus felt his heartbeat pound at the sight of the Captain drunk on love and ready to screw him senseless. “Make sure he’s not too loud, Tia.” Tiago pushed into him deeply, Marcus’s nose brushing against his pubic bone just as Harper withdrew, lined up, and ploughed into him in one smooth stroke. Never mind scream, Marcus could barely breathe, and he whimpered with pleasure and fullness and no small amount of discomfort as he was manhandled. Harper fucked him for what seemed like forever, Eric’s litany of smooth instructions and descriptions serving to keep all them right on edge until they came within moments of each other. Eric took Marcus in hand alongside himself at the same moment, and Marcus had the rare pleasure of watching their mixed emission splatter across his boyfriend’s super smooth abs. They fell back, panting and kissing, and Marcus realised the bed had been the best thing he’d ever bought. “Please tell me the bathroom is bigger than a postage stamp?” “It even has a window babe.” After cleaning up, Marcus left the three of them horsing around under the water and went to collect the little pouch from his bag. He’d been buying presents too, and he thought it was high time he gave them away. The boys returned to find their lover sitting crossed legged in the centre of the enormous bed, looking serious. “Marc?” “Everything OK, darling?” Marcus chewed his lower lip for a moment. “Do you guys love each other?” “Yes. Of course.” “So, you accept that this relationship existed before I came along?” Marcus frowned gently. “Marc, what are you getting at?” Eric looked troubled. “Just- well, was it?” It was Harper who shrugged. “Probably, though we wouldn’t have known what to call it. And we all knew something – someone – was missing. We knew we needed you from the moment you first smiled.” “So… it could have been any pretty, sexual flexible boy?” Tiago snorted in surprise. “No. It had to be you.” “Besides,” added Eric, “Just how many smart, funny, sexy, beautiful, talented, brave, record-breaking, sexual flexible boys do you think there are out there? It was always you. Lust aside-” “-if such a thing is possible.” Harper purred. “-everything we found out about you just made us want you more. Everything. Whatever puzzle this is we’ve made between us, you’re part of it. We still all fit together, but there’s perfect Marcus-shaped notch in each of us.” “You’re sure?” “Am I missing something?” Harper arched an eyebrow. “Did we not just all move in together and buy a massive bed in order to spend all our free time together? Marcus took a deep breath, and placed the little velvet jewellery pouch in his lap. “I can’t ask you guys to marry me.” None of them interrupted as he took another steadying breath. “Literally I can’t. Until someone can redefine marriage as something between more than two people… we can’t get married. So I won’t ask. But I love you all, and you love each other, and you love me.” They were nodding in happy agreement, and Marcus smiled. “And we got a house. For now, this is going to have to do.” From the pouch Marcus pulled four necklaces, all matching, yet all slightly different. Marcus took them by their chains, and handed them to each of the men he loved in turn, saving one for himself. “They are French Latch Lifters, a type of key. I had them silver plated and engraved. I thought since maybe ‘cause we’d got the house-” But Marcus couldn’t finish speaking, because he was knocked back by the force of Tiago’s embrace. “They’re perfect.” “They have words on...” Eric had looped the chain around his neck, and was now reading the tiny cursive script that ran around the out edge of the key. “The Knave of Hearts. What’s yours say, Harper?” “King of Hearts.” Harper smiled softly. “Babe...” “Tiago’s is ‘Lord of Hearts’. Marcus explained as he righted himself once more. Tiago fumbled to read his key and put it on all at the same time. “And what about you, our beautiful, wonderful, fantastic Fish?” Eric purred. Marcus held his key out to them, and watched them as they read. “Four of Hearts.” “I take it back,” Harper said with a smirk, “Sorry Eric, but Marcus definitely buys the best presents!” * “And what about now?” Marcus glanced up from where he’d been playing with his necklace and staring at his lap whilst he’d talked. It had been a while since he’d finished telling the story of how he, Tiago, Eric, and Harper had got together, and the interviewer had been making notes. “Sorry?” “How would you characterise your relationship now?” She glanced back through her notes. “You’ve been living together four years-” “Nearly five.” “-living together nearly five years. What would you say is better, or worse, or different about your relationship?” Marcus chewed his lower lip thoughtfully. “We trust each other… not more. Hang on. I always trusted them if they told me they loved me, or when they said they loved each other. But now… it’s easier to believe, I suppose? I don’t doubt myself as much. Every now and then after we’d moved in together I used to find myself lying awake in our bed in the middle of night – usually the night before a competition when I was already stressed anyway – wondering if what we were doing was right.” “Right according to whom?” Marcus frowned. “I need a better word. No one’s approval has ever mattered to us, just our own. And yeah, it would be nice if my parents still spoke to me, but I’ve learnt to live with it. Eric says they’ll come around one day, or they won’t, and that’s fine too. Harper’s parents invite us all to theirs for every holiday and family get together on the calendar. Eric’s parents don’t understand but decided to ignore it, called us all his ‘friends’ and they’re all still on speaking terms. Tiago’s mother was worse than mine, but his grandparents are surprisingly cool, and they have us over to their farm in the summer. Tiago says it’s just an excuse to get four lots of muscle to help bring in the hay. No, I’ve never wondered if this relationship was the right thing – that was the wrong word – more that, I used to doubt it was possible. At least, in the long term.” “And what have you discovered?” “I love them all more and more all the time.” Marcus smiled easily. “Everything I learn about each of them just brings us closer. When we argue, we let it go afterwards, and you can’t hold the little things against each other. And we can make this work, we are making it work. Some days it’s hard, I suppose all relationships are, and some days everything ticks along like it’s supposed to. And sometimes everything is so perfect you just want to freeze it in time to enjoy that moment forever.” “Would you say there was a particular moment when you got over those worries that relationships like yours, polyamorous relationships, weren’t made to last?” “Yes.” Marcus closed his eyes, better able to picture the moment, and the way he’d felt the adoration of the men he loved reached out and take him in. “I got the call from the National Team when we’d been renting for about ten months. I barely asked them if they’d even consider moving, and Tiago just up and said we should start shopping for a club for me, closer to the East Coast and something with a better ranking to allow me to access higher level competitions. And that when we found one we should buy a house. Eric and Harper agreed with him before he’d even finished speaking.” Marcus smiled privately. “I went for try-outs with Swim Mac Carolina, and three weeks later all four of us signed a mortgage on a house in Charlotte, right on the edge of Lake Norman. That’s when I knew.” “They moved for your career?” The interviewer asked, carefully. “Yes. But it wasn’t only that. We’re all swimmers, even if we don’t all get to spend all morning in the pool any longer. They knew what that move meant, just like I did. A career with a really harsh routine, lots of travel, international competitions, stress and pressure beyond counting. It’s a job where people ask questions of you, all the time, and every aspect of your life can be picked over. And they were willing to put up with all of that, to help and celebrate it with me even, all for us to be together. We signed ourselves up for the next thirty years to pay for the house.” Marcus sat back with a satisfied sigh. “This is a relationship which is going to last. We decided that a long time ago.” “Well, thank you so much for the interview, Mr Browning. And good luck.” “I’ll tell the guys you said so.” “Thank you for your time, Marcus.” “You’re welcome. Good luck with your thesis.” Marcus slung his satchel into the back seat of the little eco-friendly car next to his swim gear and sweats, checked his mirrors, and pulled out of the lot to head towards home. Unlike Tiago’s attachment to a truck big enough to contain most of their kitchen, Marcus had never had the spatial awareness required to drive a big vehicle. But he did find many more parking spots in the centre of the city. It wasn’t a terribly long drive back to the house on Glen Crescent, and Marcus stopped along the route to pick up groceries and spices before parking alongside Tiago’s enormous truck, and the sleek Sedan which Harper and Eric shared. Everyone was home, and Marcus hadn’t realised how late it had gotten until he started up the steps to the big wrap around porch and heard the mixed laughter of his boyfriends from inside. Marcus leant against his own front door for a few long breaths, eyes closed and his fingers wrapped around the silver latch key at his throat once again as he imagined the men he loved inside the house. Harper would be sat at the table, paperwork spread out in the front of him, frowning at Marcus’s training schedule; Eric would be lazing on the sofa, some trashy paperback bodice-ripper romance in hand, changed into silky lounge pants and a soft textured jersey jumper; Tiago would be moving around the kitchen, maybe dancing as he cooked or cleaned, or he would lean over Harper’s shoulder with a sweet smile and kiss the Captain’s cheek as he worked. Through the door, Eric said something indistinct, and Marcus smiled as he heard the laughter of the other two. Inside the house was everything he cared about, and Marcus knew as much as he loved swimming – cutting fast through the water, racing to the turns, the silence under the surface, the cold that bit his skin, and the lack of oxygen that made each successful breath flood his body with warmth and endorphins - he knew he would give it all up for the men he loved. Selfishly, he hoped he would never have to choose. Maybe he really could have it all even if his coach would rather he didn’t try for quite so many events and medals. Marcus sighed, and opened the front door. “I mean really, I don’t know how he stayed in them. I dunno what the designer was thinking.” Eric scowled at the screen of the laptop on his knee. “Fine for the bedroom, less good for jumping off a ten metre platform… Hello Gorgeous.” Eric turned to smile at him. “How was your day?” “Really good. I beat my own best time for the hundred metres.” “Again?” Harper came across from where he’d been leaning on the back of the couch behind Eric, and Marcus instantly tucked himself under his captain’s arm, hugging his chest tightly. “Congratulations babe.” “Thanks. What are you guys looking at?” “Oh, Eric was reminding us of terrible swim uniforms from competitions past.” Tiago answered from the big open plan kitchen. “You remember the London Olympics?” “Poor Tom. I wouldn’t want to have worn that to swim in.” “So do you want to know what you’re going to wear for the Pan Pacifics?” Harper asked with an arched eyebrow. Marcus stared at him for a long moment, blinking in disbelief. “My uniform is here? Where?!” “On the bed, it only arrived an- oh never mind!” Harper laughed as Marcus began to dash up the stairs toward their bedroom. “Such a Show Pony!” he shouted up the stairs after him. The parcel hand been hand delivered, and Marcus wasted two breaths being disappointed that Harper hadn’t called him sooner to let him know it had arrived. He knew it was self-indulgent, but there were few private pleasures Marcus enjoyed like trying on new swim gear for the first time, though he’d successfully trained all the men he loved to allow him first stretch on the bed when made with fresh sheets. The opened the parcel, laid out all the items of his new uniform for the National Team to represent his country at the upcoming Pan Pacific championships, and purred in happy surprise at the design. Carefully, he packed the spare items away into his kit bag, dressed, and padded downstairs in bare feet to find his lovers waiting for him on the couch. “My, my, white sweats. Oh we’re going to have to be careful with you, Pretty One.” “Eric...” Tiago rolled his eyes at his boyfriend’s salacious expression. “It’s OK, they sent me three sets.” Marcus turned on the spot in the centre of the living room, showing off the blue and red ultra-modern design on each of the shoulders and sleeves. The lower leg of the pants was coloured too, and it was just enough to offset so much bright and shiny fabric. “You guys want to see what’s underneath?” “When has the answer to that question ever been anything other than ‘yes’, ‘now’, and ‘please’?” Harper chuckled. “Never,” Tiago agreed, his attention rapt on the figure of his still fully dressed boyfriend. “Will you show us please, Marc?” Marcus made a show of unzipping his sweatshirt as slowly as he could, rolling and shrugging his shoulders to let the white fabric slip down. His boyfriends watched him intently, and Marcus could have sworn it was getting warmer in the room as they became more aroused. He hung the jacket over the corner of the flat screen television Eric had got cheap when a sports bar in the city had upgraded to a larger and more extravagant model, and paused with his thumbs hooked into the drawstring waistband of his new team sweats. “You sure you wanna see?” Eric let out an incoherent groan, slumping into the couch, and Tiago exhaled sharply, his hand landing high on Eric’s thigh with a squeeze. Only Harper leant forwards, elbows on his knees, chin resting on his knuckles, wearing the same intent expression Marcus had seen him use in dozens of business meetings when he was going after what he wanted. “Yes Captain, my Captain.” Marcus fingered the key on his sternum briefly, and then lowered his pants by an inch, enough to show the tiniest flash of his new trunks, grinned, and shucked them down quickly. He stepped out of the fallen fabric, instantly assuming the ‘ready’ pose he would take on the spring board. “Dark… my, my. Someone knows what suits you.” Eric purred happily. “Reminds me of our old Ball State uniform.” Harper added. “You look… fast. You look awesome babe.” “Thanks Tiago.” Marcus brushed his palm over the snugly fitted trunks, the tiny silver National Team logo on one hip and the silver designs on the other thigh similar to the sweats, but these stood out strongly against the dark navy fabric which was almost black. The waist sat lower across the top of his crotch than his workout trunks, but one look at his assembled lovers told Marcus they didn’t mind one bit. He turned slowly where he stood, and completed the circle by smiling at the men he loved. “Tia, go help him out. “Yes Captain.” Marcus draped his arms over Tiago’s shoulders as the other man came close enough to bump their hips together. They kissed, and then Tiago had the swimmer moaning against his collarbone as he felt him up expertly through the thin layer of lyrca. “Uh-uh… you guys are not fucking me in my new trunks.” “Spoil sport.” Marcus glared at Eric’s smug expression. “I’m not losing an international swimming competition because all I can think about is coming in my uniform. Not again.” “Well, if he’s sure...” Harper chuckled softly. Tiago had already slipped his hand into the pouch which held the heat of Marcus’s arousal, and he drew the other man out with gentle pressure. Marcus found Tiago’s skin underneath his t-shirt, pressing both palms to his super-warm skin as his lover felt him up. When Harper began to kiss a line along his spine, Marcus shivered and purred in delight. The Captain’s lips worked a trail down his body, and he rolled the trunks along Marcus’s tense thighs, taking the time to kiss each of his buttocks, smoothing his thumbs into the furrow between the muscles of his thighs, and tapping each heel in turn to remove him from the last remnant of his uniform. Marcus kissed his lover, and steadied himself on Tiago’s shoulder as the man sank to his knees to take Marcus’s erection between his lips. Marcus whimpered in pleasure. The four of them had spent the last five years learning all of each other’s weaknesses, and now Tiago and Harper were using the knowledge to turn their boyfriend into a whimpering mess. He purred and whined alternately as they pleasured him and in return Marcus did his best to make them lose their self-control. He succeeded, and moments later the three of them lay in a tangle on the floor, groaning in tandem as they brought each other right up to the edge of ecstasy. Only when Eric crossed from the couch to join them did Marcus give himself over fully to the many talents of the men he loved, and came messily all over himself. “Oh my, Show Pony, what would we do without you?” Eric smirked. “Have less - ahh nghhhh - interesting sex?” Marcus managed as Tiago reamed him the moment the Captain had finished. Harper’s kisses trailed between the two of them, and Marcus watched over his shoulder as his lovers shared a complicated kiss, all their hands never leaving him. Tiago edged him right up against a second orgasm before he came, and then it was Eric who placed him on his knees, held him up with arms locked around his shoulders, and fucked him until he screamed with pleasure. New competition uniform or not, Marcus knew he was going to have real trouble thinking about anything else during morning training for a while. Eventually Marcus managed to get to his feet, though his thighs quivered and complained about having to do anything useful at all, and he smiled down at his lovers, sated, happy, and smiling, lying in a collected heap on the floor. “My, my, what would the neighbours think?” “That none of us should ever move again?” Tiago offered. “Holy fuck, that was good.” “Mmmmm….” Eric wasn’t much for conversation and witty comments, he’d used most of them up during their sexual exploits. Harper leant up on one elbow and leered at his boyfriend. “Young men with semen dripping down their thighs should not cast the first… um...” “Condom?” Tiago suggested. “Ha!” Marcus shook his head. “I think the ones your grandparents left out for us all ended up as water balloons.” He stretched and sighed. “You guys stay there and look pretty. I’m gonna go clean up. What do you all want for dinner?” “Sex.” “Blowjobs.” “Rimming.” Marcus rolled his eyes, but smiled to himself. The three of them were still nude when he returned, and Harper cocked his head to one side. “Please tell me you’re not wearing anything other than that apron?” “You guys are insatiable. “It’s not our fault,” Eric groaned, “you’re just so damn fucking sexy all the time.” Marcus scooped up his groceries, and went to the kitchen to assemble pots and pans. “One day I’m going to say ‘no’ to you guys, and then where’ll you be?” The laughter of his assembled lovers was louder than the hiss of the first frying onions. “Oh, that ain’t never gonna happen. I’d bet you my dinner.” “Sweetie, you couldn’t say no to us any more than we could to you.” Tiago had pulled on Eric’s silky lounge pants, took up another knife, and expertly began to fillet the fish. “We love you too much for that.” “He’s right.” Harper came to sit on the other side of the bar to watch them. “This thing we have is the best. I have three amazing, gorgeous, sexy boyfriends, who I love and get to spend the rest of my life with. What could be better than that?” “Sex in the sauna?” Eric countered, and they laughed. Marcus tossed the stir fry, and smiled to himself as he watched his boyfriend’s enjoying themselves. Later he would get to tell them about his interview, and listen happily while they talked about their days. In the morning he would swim, go to the gym, get a massage, and swim some more, and then he would get to come home to the men he loved, chat and giggle, and find yet more ways of making their heads spin. Interviewers and sports journalists always asked the same questions, and they always wanted to know how he stayed engaged with his routine, how he stopped his life from getting dull when he did the same things day after day. Marcus always answered them as honestly as he could, and standing there, cooking with his lovers, watching Tiago feed hot spicy morsels to Eric with his fingertips whilst Harper laid his head on the other man shoulder with an easy smile, he knew what he’d said in dozens of interviews was true. He loved his routine because it brought him such joy, and he couldn’t imagine a better life.
  16. The chickens aren't laying.

    My new year 10s are total morons.

    I worked out that I'm spending the entirety of my wages on childcare and kennel fees - so I can go to work.

    It's been a very 'WHY DO I EVEN BOTHER' sort of day.


    sod it, I'm going to watch Grand Designs and keep company with my demons.

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    2. Daddydavek


      year 10 total morons...but such interesting ones too, I bet.  But maybe better to appreciate on a later day.

    3. Efmaer


      I can relate. I'm not sure if I need holy water or demons.  

    4. Saraband


      Oh, how do I know that sort of day -- except I don't have that many 'year 10' equivalents, and the morons are mostly weeded out by the time one gets that far in piano study. (My bonehead-of-the-week winners are more likely grade 4 or 5 boys who are selectively attentive to the notes, score markings and teacher instruction, would MUCH rather be playing a low brass instrument, and tend to take their attitude out on my instrument when they play.) I think I have spent a significant amount of my wages this year on some fairly involved action repair, which would be less necessary without their contributions.


      But you're on your own with the chickens. :)

  17. Sasha Distan

    Chapter 3

    I'm really glad you're engaging with the differences the guys bring to the relationship. It worked quite naturally for me - they turned up in my head knowing who they wanted to be and what their 'specialities' were - which was damn useful. One more chapter to go, but it's on hold with the editing team due to lack of time. soon, soon!
  18. The last chapters of Innocent Sacrifice are in for editing, and it's super busy at the barn. Be patient. It's coming.

    1. Kitt


      This getting home at bedtime is sort of holding me up. Things will improve shortly.  The high maintenance boarder leaves Saturday, and the barn hand with the broken hand has been cleared for light duty, so he gets some of his chores back on Monday.  

    2. Sasha Distan
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