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A loss shared

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*** As was posted on Timmy's Treehouse Nov. 5, 2013 ***


Tonight, I am the bearer of tragic news.


The world has lost a great man tonight. D, of D&B, passed on to the next life. Not only was he a great writer; but he was a great friend and a caring father figure to quite a few people who owe what they have become to his generosity with his love.


His wit and friendship will be deeply missed; his puns might take a little longer, but they will be missed too. He was always there to lend a hand however he could.


All of us will miss him, not just the CSU authors that worked with him, but all of the readers and board members over the years who have interacted with him.


Please feel free to leave comments and memories below, if you can.


Please keep Barb (the 'B' in D&B ) in your prayers; during this time she needs all of the support we can give her.


Dave, give Kyle a hug when you meet him at the Pearly Gates. I’ll see you there!




Please pardon the delay in sharing this; it's taken us most of the week to recover from the sudden shock. (TheEggman)


The family has requested that memorials be in the form of donations to a local LGBT organization in memory of David Wilbur.

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