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Clevo Laptops

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Howdy how!


Yesterday, my laptop crashed once more, and I realized it's way past time to change it.

Trying to find a good laptop at a good price is always a pain, there are so many brands and models that it's hard to find *the* one.


As I was browsing some specialized websites, I stumbled across a brand that's new to me: Clevo.

They have an interesting feature that allows you to customize the laptop *and* to choose between different OS (Windows 7/8/10, a few distro of linux, and without OS).


Do any of you know this brand? I've read good things about it, but some extra feedback never hurt!



By the way, maybe some would have a model to recommend?


I don't need a gaming laptop, merely one that allows me to:

- Browse internet

- Watch videos (not 4k)

- Use Microsoft Office (Word, Excel, Powerpoint)

Laptops with 2 hard drives are becoming more and more common, and I'd like a laptop with a SSD (to run OS) and a HD (for storage) ≥7200rpm.

A budget of 500€ max


I hope someone will be able to help me!

Thanks in advance





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I love my Asus Eeebook. Blazing fast start up. It's not a gaming computer by any means, but it's good for web browsing, word processing, and runs my virtual labs as well as the desktops. It only has a 32G SSD, no other hard drive. There is a micro SDHC slot which I have a 16G card in for storage. My only complaint is the size and location of the track pad, makes it easy to accidentally click on another window. I have a wireless USB mouse I use instead of the track pad. 

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This is the first I've heard of Clevo. They look like they're inline to compete with MSI and Alienware gaming laptops. Alienware comes at a premium cost because of the name, but they aren't bad machines. The Clevo laptops look pretty cool, as far as design and specs, and I haven't really seen anything negative about them. I've not seen them in the states, either. Are they more of a European brand?

Either way, it's a beefy looking product line, and if they are a reputable company, they look like decent computers.

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Sorry for the delay 


@Dyno, I had a bad experience with a eeepc, so I'm reluctant to give its older brother a try. Plus, the specs are unfortunately a no-no: the storage is basically inexistant :(


@Milos: Actually yeah, they have good specs and a rather good reputation, and that's what makes them appealing :D General public doesn't know it in France either - I can't really tell about Europe -, I think it's more of a niche brand. Anyway, I've been fooled like a newbie. They used the "Starting at xxx€" trick on me, and I failed miserably at noticing it! Although they're cheaper than Alienware & co, they still cost *way* more than what I'd Invest in a laptop.


Thanks you too for the pieces of advice :)

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