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  1. Chatroom is gone again? :((

    1. Show previous comments  6 more
    2. Page Scrawler

      Page Scrawler


      This isn't an actual image of him, but it's just to show you what he looks like.  :P

    3. FieldMan


      Aww those tiny furr balls look so cute :wub::wub:

    4. Page Scrawler

      Page Scrawler

      So long as the scent gland is removed, of course.  :gikkle:

  2. Welcome back!! How are you?

    1. Show previous comments  2 more
    2. FieldMan


      Oh nice :) I assume your course is over now, right? Are you a proud licensed driver now? :D

      This year has been quite stressful indeed. Following my father death we had to sell the house, but shit happened, and I ended up somehow homeless for a few weeks. Now I'm living in a comfy flat, so all's good :)

      It was also the year I started working in finance, so I had little to no time - see how quick I answer to your messages... :$ On this side it's going quite good as well. My company is to be shut down within the next months, so it was kinda eating my brain because I didn't know where I'd go afterwards; but in the end, it allowed me to seize an great opportunity to  leave back-end to go front-end - essai transformé :D


      How about you? Last thing I remember (c'est peu dire), you were about to start as a "au pair". Are you still doing that or are you back in your hometown?



    3. clochette


      Not licence yet, exam on the 29th (good motivation the boyfriend is moving to St Quentin from Amiens). I can't wait! 

      What an eventful year you had instead! Glad to know you managed to come out stronger though. I remember we talked just before you started. Still liking it in finance? 

      I was an au pair last year just for the summer, went back to college in September, and back again in a couple of days. The joy of being a student :)

      Don't be a stranger :hug:

    4. FieldMan


      My fingers are all crossed for the 29th then!  I'm sure you'll do good. Just relax before the exam, too many people panic while they're definitely able to drive.


      Yeah, still in love with finance. It's demanding and stressful but never ever have I been so pampered in a company. Plus I get to work on the Grands Boulevards so...it's awesome! :D


      So how are the studies going? I take it the past year went smoothly. I hope it'll be the same for the year to come :)

  3. Damn, thats a shame... I hope you ll manage to make a great album (That you will share with us, of course ) despite this filthy scammer..
  4. Oh, my...the new website is really classy. I long for the day the chat will be up again! How y'all doing? @Page Scrawler (ow, even a tag system!) That's awesome! Congratulations for your marriage! wait, your post is 1 month old...so you're already married? long live the spouses!! @Valkyrie Joker's acting up again? I can't leave anything unattended, from tobacco to food, else mine will nibble it and eventually swallow it
  5. Wishing you a very Happy Birthday!

  6. Lisa said she misses you first, so I miss you second. Happy Birthday. Please come back. God bless.

    1. FieldMan


      Hell I hadn't even seen this. Thank you very much! How are you doing?

      I hope we'll chat again someday

  7. Happy Birthday, FM!! :) I hope you come on here for your b-day!! I miss you!

  8. I know the chat is out, but where the hell have you disappeared to? o.O

  9. Hey! Where are you? It's been ages! Hope the new job is good :)

    1. FieldMan


      So long indeed, my apologies :P The new job is great, how about you? How's life been treating you lately? :)

    2. FieldMan


      Oh, and I noticed the chat was off. That's saddening :(

  10. Hello Ms. Parisieene! Long time, no squake! Hiding behind the files I see.

    1. FieldMan


      Hey :) yea, been quite busy lately. I still haven't bought a new pc so..yea :) how about u?

    2. asamvav111


      No, I haven't bought a new pc either. :P Yeah am busy as usual. Life is boring and breathing is tedious. Any cuties in the new office? How goes writing?

  11. Hangover tip #1 : if you can't fit your toothbrush in your mouth, it's probably a hairbrush.

  12. You must be hella busy and drinking in with the cool crowd. take care. hugs.

    1. FieldMan


      Eh, not even! Enjoying the rest of the holidays. How about you?

    2. asamvav111


      Same old same old! Still beating junkies with a pink umbrella trying to keep them away from drugs and getting them to exercise. How do you have holidays? I thought you started something somewhere on a big table looking all important in a tutu.

  13. HAPPY BIRTHDAYYYYYY! (feeling old yet? )
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