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  1. DynoReads

    Religion and manners (or lack there of)

    Everything I’ve read says be specific, like ask if you can make dinner for them, give them a ride. Don’t take it personal if they overreact, this is overwhelming at times. You know your friends, cancer hasn’t changed their personality, so keep treating them as before. My biggest unmet need was someone to talk about the negative aspects, fear of death, etc. I found a program that links people with my particular cancer with an oncology social worker. Maybe you can find a similar program for your friends.
  2. DynoReads

    The Strong One

    Reaching for help isn't a sign of weakness, but strength.
  3. Going through chemo I haven't minded too much the physical changes happening. Well showering when my hair was falling out was a nightmare - very fine hairs that I could feel but not get off. How others are reacting is getting to me. At work I've had to report two cancer survivors to administration. Both tried to offer me support, before I had announced my cancer. One chose to discuss it in the public bathroom where students were present. The other thought it was a great idea to tell me her horrible experience with the IV port on the day I was getting the port, then the day before my first infusion with it. There are also all the people wanting to pat me somewhere. I understand the need to touch. But chemo doesn't just kill cancer and hair follicles. It also kills bone marrow cells, the ones making blood cells. So chemo patients get sick and bruise easily. Now I have complete strangers wanting to give me blessed or annointed religious objects, while I'm on my cell phone.
  4. DynoReads

    Beware Gremlins

    Gremlin Bell Find your local motorcycle delearship or supply shop and ask for a gremlin bell. My husband’s Harley and the “miracle” pickup, as in it’s a miracle it keeps passing inspection, both have a bell. I carry mine on my keychain. I rode a Japanese bike, the only gremlins I needed to ward off had 2 legs and didn’t look for bikes.
  5. DynoReads

    Challenge accepted - recipes needed

    Thank you. I’ll print that recipe for the kids
  6. DynoReads

    Challenge accepted - recipes needed

    I work at a school where one core value is “non-judgmental.” One teacher commented on the social studies annual north/south lunch that southern food is just better than northern. I’ve lived in Texas 22 years and southern food seems to be deep fried or boiled. Share our recipes for god northern food. The recipes need to be simple enough for students to make.
  7. DynoReads

    Feeling down tonight

    Preliminary pathology reports back. The cancer was in both ovaries, but no where else. It appears to be borderline, or less invasive. Tissue was sent to another lab, so still waiting. NIH released a study summer 2018, linking ovarian and testicular cancers as hereditary, with a possible link to FAP cancer syndrome. Oddly I have a second cousin, on the side with lots of colon cancer, with glioblastoma also linked to FAP cancer syndrome. So I requested genetic testing. The doctor tested from BRCA and Lynch but not FAP. Lovely
  8. Merry Christmas / Happy Holidays

    1. Dmrman


      Good morning... 😗 same to you...enjoy your Christmas and family. .?🎅🎅💖

  9. It hurts too much to laugh or I would by roflmao. Actual conversation with my 19 yo boy just now: 

    Son: mom, do onions have a natural defense?
    Me: yes (as a question)
    Son: is that what causes us to cry when we cut them?
    Me: yes
    Son: that’s f***** awesome! Onions have tear gas

  10. DynoReads

    Is there a way?

    Find new challenges? there is a school of thought that believes that the struggle/journey to achieve our dreams is what makes us happy, not the achievement.
  11. DynoReads

    Feeling down tonight

    Warning guys - female reproductive issues This past Tuesday I had a total hysterectomy after 10 years of dealing with endometrial hyperplasia. After the surgery, the gyn examined a suspicious ovarian cyst and determined it is cancer. Good news, the cyst was intact and he believes he got it all, but sent everything off to a lab to be sure. Waiting on the results is wearing me down. Hormone induced mood swings probably aren’t helping. And no, I’m not a candidate for hormone replacement due to a high blood clot risk.
  12. Bad storm last night resulted in chickens on the loose this morning. Thankfully the only damage to the chicken tractor was the lower hatch blown inside.

  13. I was last home in 2012. Driving through the two townships, very little had changed. Same 100-150 year old buildings, with the same businesses. Newer buildings had changed. This morning one of the 120+ church caught fire. All that is left is 3/4 of the street front wall. 

  14. The school remideled and I have a larger classroom. It's supposed to be my space. However the director of the school assigned a teacher to help me decorate. Our tastes are very different. I'm feeling like this isn't my space after all.

    1. Defiance19


      Oh, I’m sorry.... that’s just wrong. Will she be in the classroom with you? Why do you need someone to help you decorate your space? 🤯 I’m hyperventilating on your behalf, only because I’m so anal and controlling of my room🙈


      I hope you can reach some kind of compromise.. 

  15. Back in Texas. Had a great time with Nostic and Sammy Bleu. The North Sea was amazing

    1. Valkyrie


      Welcome back!  Glad to hear you had a great time :) 


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