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  1. Bad storm last night resulted in chickens on the loose this morning. Thankfully the only damage to the chicken tractor was the lower hatch blown inside.

  2. I was last home in 2012. Driving through the two townships, very little had changed. Same 100-150 year old buildings, with the same businesses. Newer buildings had changed. This morning one of the 120+ church caught fire. All that is left is 3/4 of the street front wall. 

  3. The school remideled and I have a larger classroom. It's supposed to be my space. However the director of the school assigned a teacher to help me decorate. Our tastes are very different. I'm feeling like this isn't my space after all.

    1. Defiance19


      Oh, I’m sorry.... that’s just wrong. Will she be in the classroom with you? Why do you need someone to help you decorate your space? 🤯 I’m hyperventilating on your behalf, only because I’m so anal and controlling of my room🙈


      I hope you can reach some kind of compromise.. 

  4. Back in Texas. Had a great time with Nostic and Sammy Bleu. The North Sea was amazing

    1. Valkyrie


      Welcome back!  Glad to hear you had a great time :) 

  5. Came back in to get my cowboy boots on before I check on the chickens. I had stepped on the bottom stair when I saw a long scaled tail zipping under the deck. Trying to convince myself someone lost an iguana. Not working.

  6. DynoReads

    Seeing double

    I’m seeing double of everything in forums and statuses, including responses. I’m using an iPad Air. The op system updated resently, which may be the issue.
  7. My flight to Austria laves June 24. I’m still getting random tendinitis from hip to foot in my right leg, and back aches. I really hope the therapy fixes this soon.

    1. Show previous comments  2 more
    2. Valkyrie


      Nice! Sounds like a wonderful trip :)

    3. Puppilull


      Wow! That's quite the tour! Not sure where you're stopping, but both Vienna and Berlin are wonderful cities. 

    4. DynoReads


      I believe we fly into Vienna and go to Saltzberg. I’m flying out of Berlin, but won’t see much. In between is Munich and Dachau and Heidelberg 

  8. One more payment to go on my trip to Germany. Hubby let me extend the tour so I can meet Sammy Bleu and Nostic, plus their princess. All I have to do now is book a train from Frankfort to Berlin

    1. Puppilull


      You'll love Berlin! Such an interesting place. 

    2. Valkyrie


      How exciting!  I'd love to visit Germany some day.  :) 

  9. lost 4 chicks. Just spent an hour cleaning the bottoms of 3chicks. Hopefully that ends the loss

    1. DynoReads


      All 6 accounted for an alert this morning.

  10. DynoReads

    Our tiny flock

  11. We bought chicks, 10  assorted. All lay brown or green eggs, all under a week old.

    1. Defiance19



       my neighbor brought me over these this morning fresh from his chickens. 

    2. DynoReads


      Our landlord gave us eggs when we paid last week. It will be a while til we have eggs though.

  12. I was teaching density and buoyancy/displacement this week. Used an example the difference between a 50,000 ton block of steel and an aircraft carrier ( further research showed aircraft carriers weigh a lot more).  The students understood the block of steel would sink, but could not comprehend the size of an aircraft carrier or that it floats. So I demonstrated the size by telling them of the USS Belknap colliding with the USS “can-opener” Kennedy. The Belknap’s top deck was sheared off by the Kennedy’s flight deck. Found out this happened on  Nov 22, 1975 - 12 years after the assasination. The 22nd must be Kennedy’s Ides.

  13. Feeling dumb - Dr prescribed something for my cough, assumed it was cough suppressant. Just took the pill, but had to cough before I swallowed. Bit the capsule by accident. Left side of my tongue, mouth and lips are numb. Guess the Benz in the name stands for benzocaine

  14. DynoReads


    Congrats on the newest pixie! All well there?
  15. DynoReads



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